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  1. Lestat wins. Especially if he has QotD powers. Though there aren't much feats to go by in IwtV. Lestat's strength and speed puts him way above what a unisol is capable of.
  2. ADMIN EDIT: Attention, CBUB. This match has been plagiarized, and is the fifth nth such time in a row that this user has done so. Feel free to grade it an "F" now. Using others' work without permission for your own gain is never the route to go. Once more, for clarity's sake, this is the original match: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/battles-7/guile-vs-johnny-cage-1486192/
  3. All of the Earth Ponies, Unicorns, Pegasi and Alicorns of the land of Equestria (and any other misc citizens of other species) VS All of the Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins of Care-a-lot The plot gods of decreed that only one magical land of love and friendship can be allowed to exist. All out war between these magical lands of children's cartoons has been declared. Blood lust is in effect. Who will win?
  4. Kyo just might be Shredder's worst nightmare due to the Laws of both Physics and Thermodynamics. He could easily turn Oroku"s armor into an anatomically correct pressure cooker from well outside of melee range, avoiding all damage while causing nothing but damage to the Shredder. Don't forget that those King of Fighters (not to mention the Street Fighter's) all possess varying degrees of super strength, speed, and durability in their own right(s). I do agree that Shredder's armor has plenty of tricks, but it reminds me of Zero's, the boss of KOF 2000 whom Kyo has already beaten.
  5. Spawn has these powers. 1st - 3rd Age: Abilities: Hell Blast. - Can melt the gates of heaven. Super Strength - I cant calculate I think its around Coleuses level or more. Super Speed - Has bien shown to Fly, React, and teleport at vary, extremely high speed. Transmute- Like full metal Alchemist, he can transmute objects to his will - No seals! Reality Warping- He altered his own reality (himself), As king of hell he can alter reality of hell itself!. Super Healing, Has bien shown to heal at Deadpool, Hulk, Lobo rate. That’s not bad at all. He doesn't need to use his powers to heal. As long
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