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  1. Exceptional work, RakaiThwei. The unexpected turns in this group battle make it even more engaging in my opinion. Your fight descriptions are always top notch, I personally really enjoy the running commentary from both sides. I am not sure on who to vote for yet in the battle of the leaders, might have to puruse the respect thread again.
  2. Ah, I looked it up and yeah that's the one I'm thinking of.
  3. My only complaint is that Bebop and Rocksteady aren't on the same team as Batman. I want Bruce, with his infamous prep time, to be forced to find a way to make Bebop and Rocksteady useful lol. As the teams stand, I think Team Cap and Thor would be more cohesive. Cap is a natural leader, and I forsee Batman and Han Solo clashing. Would that be enough for Team 2 to win, maybe. But, the mutated warthog and rhino are major liabilites.
  4. I used to not think much of the kikoken, but it has definitely gotten more effective over the years. Thanks for the comments.
  5. I am mostly only familiar with MCU Starlord who I would never see solving The Riddler's riddles, but I read that comics Starlord is master tactician so he could probably figure out a way to take down Nygma.
  6. I was thinking this as well. Seasonal commercials for the different colors.
  7. Congratulations to Bery Berg, Magnamax, PeyPeyPeyPey, and Versam. Good luck in the semis. I am proud that my team at least had a mini run after going winless the first 3 rounds.
  8. GAINING AN EDGE: A MASSIVE FIGHTING GAME CROSSOVER PART CXVI A Mishima Zaibatsu helicopter dropped Eddy Gordo and Christie Montiero off on the roof of the Zaibatsu building. Jin Kazama stood there in anticipation of their arrival along with several members of the Tekken Force. Christie was the first to exit the chopper, followed by Eddy, and then a Tekken force soldier carrying the unconscious body of Elena . (REF: MOMIJI VS. VEGA) “I trust you were able to make the trip without incident,” said Jin.REF: “Yeah,” Eddy confirmed. “The sedative your people gave her has kept her knocked out, and no one has appeared to be infected.” “Jin, are you really able to help her? Help her with whatever malicious thing possesed her?” asked Christie. “I can if she has within her what I think it is,” Jin explained. “I have successfully extracted it out of another person before. Unfortunately the fragments were taken from me (REF: AYANE VS. NINA WILLIAMS), but I have some of my people tracking the thief down as we speak.” Confusion spread across Christie’s face. “People are being possessed by fragments?” “Yes. Fragments of an ancient sword imbued with evil power,” answered Jin. “Follow me.” Eddy and Christie followed Jin into the building and to a room with a large digital map of the world. Red dots of various sizes were sprinkled across the map. “Before we lost the fragments we were able to analyze its energy signature. What you see before you are different locations from around the globe emanating that same signature.” “More fragments,” guessed Eddy. “Exactly.” Jin pointed at a dot nearby their current location. “I already sent one of my people to this spot (REF: BENIMARU NIKAIDO VS. CRIMSON VIPER), but you notice how small the dot is now and how little it is flashing. It means what was ever there before is most likely no longer there” Jin’s finger traveled over to a large blinking red dot in Mexico. “This one is taking most of my attention.I had received information that the former captain of the Tekken Force, Lars Alexandersson, was involved in an incident at this location. (REF: LARS ALEXANDERSSON VS. ASTAROTH) I sent in Tekken Force reinforcements to back him up, but shortly after arriving I lost communication with the team, there is now radio silence. (REF: CAMMY WHITE VS. LEONA HEIDERN) I believe something big is going on over there and the amount of fragment energy pulsating from that spot can’t be a coincidence.” (REF: CHRISTIE VS. IVY) He turned toward Christie and Eddy. “I need your help.You have fought a fragment possesed fighter before (REF: CHRISTIE MONTIERO VS. ELENA) so you should know what to expect. Rescue Lars and see if you can’t bring in more of the malfested.” Christie hesitated, but Eddy jumped in and answered for both of them. “We will do our best.” “Excellent. I shall charter your transportation over there right away, and I will get the Zaibatsu science team started on the extraction process for that girl you brought in.” Eddy and Christie walked away; “I still don’t trust him,” Christie whispered. Eddy did not reply. Christie sighed. “I still wish there was more we could do to help that girl, Laura. (REF: LAURA MATSUDA VS. KATARINA ALVES) Eddy, Katarina is still out there doing who knows what and hurting who knows how many innocent people. We need to be out there looking for and stopping her before she does something she will regret forever.” “We are going to have to help Jin before we can ask him to use his tracker to find Katarina,” replied Eddy. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rose, Terry Bogard, Mai Shiranui, and Guy walked down a busy city street in Japan. Dhalsim floated closely behind them. “Rose, you seem troubled,” noted Guy. “What is wrong?” “I am starting to doubt myself if we are making the right moves,” Rose answered. “I am worried about Menat, (REF: MENAT VS. ZAFINA) and the fact that I still haven’t heard from her. Part of me wants to turn around and travel to Egypt to make sure that she is okay. But, I know we must move forward, there is too much at stake, I am even beginning to worry that we aren’t moving fast enough to confront the enemies at hand. Perhaps searching out Ryu first is a mistake.” (REF: HUGO ANDORE VS. GIGAS) “What do you mean?” wondered Terry. “The G Corporation is close to where we are now. They are one of the big three we need to stop from obtaining Soul Edge, The G Corporation is very powerful, and its leader, Kazuya, is one of the strongest fighters in the word. Which is why I thought we needed to recruit Ryu first before engaging them in battle. But, what if it is too late by then. Every hour wasted is another hour Kazuya could get closer to obtaining his goal, not to mention another hour of him committing horrible atrocities,” Rose explained. “Can you use your powers to see what he is doing now?” asked Mai. “I don’t need to. Mai, did you hear what those businessmen were discussing when we landed?” Mai nodded. “Something about a business merger after some CEO’s untimely death.” “They were discussing the sudden and mysterious death of Violet Systems CEO, Lee Chaolan (REF: CHRISTIE VS. LEE CHAOLAN) and how his robotics company was now being absorbed by the G Corporation. Kazuya is consolidating power and he is responsible for the death of Mr. Chaolan,” Rose surmised. “There is no doubt in my mind. And if he is already making moves like that, what other awful steps will he take if he is not dealt with as soon as possible.” “Then I vote that we go after him now,” suggested Terry. “Once we take down G Corporation, the Mishima Zaibatsu and Shadoloo will still be around for Ryu to help us with.” “I believe that is the right move, I just hope we are up to the task with the people we have.” Terry scoffed. “Have some more faith, fortune teller. I can’t imagine traveling up the G Corporation building would be too different from scaling Geese Tower. I have been dealing with evil organizations for a long time, So has Guy.” Terry pointed at the Bushinryu master. “Everyone in Southtown is familiar with the story of how Guy and Cody cleaned up Metro City from the criminal organization, Mad Gear. Plus we have you, Mai, and our stretchy friend.” Terry motioned toward Dhalsim. A frantic woman interrupted the group’s discussion. “Please, please, can you help me? There is an insane woman attacking every person in sight including my husband.” “Where?” asked Guy. “The restaurant down the street. She says we are all scum for protecting the G Corporation,” the woman informed. “Let’s go,” stated Terry. The five fighters followed the woman back to the restaurant. As they drew closer, Rose could feel the presence of Soul Edge and her concern grew. They walked inside just in time to see Katarina Alves driving her knee into an innocent bystander. “Morra!” she shouted. ‘Rose immediately took note of three men on the ground dressed in G Corporation jumpsuits. The orange glow in Katarina’s eyes suddenly shined brighter. “G Corporation is a stain on the world that needs to be removed, as well as anyone who allows them to roam free!” “That woman was right. I know bad news when I see it and this chick is bad news,” Terry remarked. “She has been possessed by fragments of Soul Edge,” Rose noted. “It’s a shame too because we share the same enemy and she is quite the looker.” Terry added. Mai gasped. “Shame on you, Terry. I am going to tell Mary that you are checking out other girls.” Terry defended himself. “Mary and I aren’t a couple, and there is nothing wrong with appreciating a beautiful woman. I am sure Andy would agree if he was here.” Mai was insulted by this assumption. “He most certainly would not.” “If we want to stop her from hurting anymore innocent people, someone should really step in,” suggested Dhalsim. Mai Shiranui sighed. “I’ll do it. I have some experience taking down crazy girls.” (REF: MAI SHIRANUI VS. TIRA) Mai placed one of her fans in her mouth and jumped toward the rampaging Katarina Alves.
  9. Lots of surprising twists and turns in this group match. First thought was double ko, but perhaps more realistically time expires before either fighter can secure a victory. Or the match is tossed out because of an accidental infraction by one of the turtles or more likely Mal. Or everything stops momentarily because of the sudden emergence of a turtle villain or KOF villain making their presence known for the first time. Ties are never ideal, but it could be fun. Regardless, there is now a lot of pressure on the team leaders with both teams 1-1-1.
  10. I don't think the first lady of fighting games needs much of an introduction, so I just wanted to drop a few links to videos showing Naotora Li in action from Dead or Alive 5 and Warriors Orochi to show why I think she is good matchup for the master of the Spinning Bird kick. Debut trailer and move comparison video.
  11. GAINING AN EDGE: A MASSIVE FIGHTING GAME CROSSOVER PART CXV Yang deflected Li Long’s attacks with his nunchucks, he then assaulted the elder warrior with a flurry of fist strikes before lifting him in the air with a bicycle kick and then sending him crashing into the ground. (REF: YANG VS. LI LONG) Li Long chuckled. “You win. You have certainly proven that you are more than capable of defending yourself.” Li Long lifted his hand so that Yang could help him up. When Yang did not react accordingly, Li Long shrugged and lifted himself off the ground. He then complimented his opponent. “You got some great moves kid. Have you ever considered adding nunchaku to your arsenal? I am an excellent teacher. One of my former pupils, a pirate, once used the techniques I taught him to help save the world.” (REF: MAXI VS. CLAUDIO SERAFINO) “I don’t care about any of that,” replied Yang. “Tell me what you know about my brother’s killer.” (REF: LEI-FEI VS. YUN) Li Long complied with this request. “Hundreds of years ago, the emperor outlawed all martial arts techniques that he himself deemed too powerful. To enforce this decree he created a secret clan of assassins that would eliminate anyone found practicing one of these forbidden arts. He populated this clan with Shaolin monks. Although there is no longer an emperor, this clan still exists and operates under the same principles as it did when it was founded.” Yang listened intently. Lin Long continued. “One of its most prominent current members is a monk by the name of Lei-Fei. He is a little less discrete than the others, as there are more than a few that know his name. I have no doubt in my mind that he is the man that murdered your brother. The real question is why? As impressive as your moves were I did not detect any of the old forbidden martial arts in your technique. Did your brother have a skill set much different than yours?” Yang shook his head no. “Then that would rule out Lei-Fei hunting him down because of his clan’’s edict. Unless they are increasing the range of martial artists that they are targeting. Or he was bribed. I wouldn’t put it past him or his clan,” noted Li Long. “Who would pay to have Yun killed?” Yang wondered incredulously.. “He may not have even been the main target of the kill,” Li Long cautioned. “What do you mean?” “His killing could have been used to get at someone close to him,” Li Long clarified. “Is there anyone close to you and your brother that would have those kind of enemies?” “We have eight godparents,” noted Yang. “All of them are leaders of influence in the Hong Kong underworld.” Li Long considered this. “That could be the missing piece. Unless there is someone else?” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chun-Li arrived at a small temple flanked by Interpol agents. She glanced back at the paper in her hands with the location that Gen had written down to verify that it was correct. “Are you sure about this?” asked one of the interpol agents. “Maybe your informant was making some kind of joke.” Chun-Li shook her head. “He is not the joking type. Just keep your eyes peeled.” She hoped that Gen was right, that whatever or whoever was in this temple would help her find her friend’s killer. The group entered the temple together and carefully inspected their surroundings. It became quickly clear by the interior decor that this temple was an offshoot of the Shaolin Monastery. “Interesting,” Chun-Li noted. They looked around, but could not find any inhabitants. It was silent. “There doesn’t appear to be anybody home,” said one of the agents. “I have a funny feeling about this place,” stated another. A yellow robed figure dashed away in the distance. “Over there,” called out one of the Interpol agents. “We are just here to talk,” shouted Chun-Li. “Hurry, don’t let him get away.” Chun-Li and the other Interpol agents gave chase to the robed figure and followed him throughout the temple until they arrived in an open courtyard. “Where did he go?” A woman dressed in red lacquered armor and bladed boots stepped into the courtyard. She appeared timid but determined. “I am sorry, but I must insist that you all leave this place,” said the woman. “We aren’t leaving until we get what we came for,” insisted one of the Interpol agents. “You don’t have the look of a Shaolin monk,” Chun-Li remarked. “I am protecting this order of monks. In exchange I was told by a man that he would help me find my way home,” stated the woman. “Well that opens up a wide array of questions. Why this order of monks? What man? (REF: KOLIN VS. LIEN NEVILLE) And where is your home?” Chun-Li inquired. The woman gasped. “Oh, my apologies. I haven’t properly introduced myself. I am Naotora li, ruler of the li Clan.” She bowed respectfully. Chun-Li’s jaw dropped. She knew the woman looked familiar, but not this. “That’s not possible.” “Are we supposed to know who this is?” asked one of the Interpol agents. “Only if you have studied Japanese history, it was one of my favorite electives in school.” Chun-Li regarded the red armored woman with confusion. “But, if you are really Naotora li, that would make you over 400 years old.” Another Interpol agent scoffed. “We don’t have time for this. The woman is obviously lying.” The yellow robed figure again appeared in the distance, “There he goes, after him!” “No!” shouted Naotora Li. “Again I am sorry, but I can’t let you pass.” Several agents moved in the direction of the yellow robed figure. Naotora Li cut them off and delivered a series of lightning quick kicks that blew back every single Interpol agent except for Chun-Li several feet. They slammed into the ground and groaned in pain. Chun-Li’s eyes widened and Naotora Li placed a hand over her own mouth in a little bit of shock over her own actions. “Hopefully your friends aren’t too hurt,” said Naotora Li. “Now you know I mean business. Please take this opportunity and leave.” ”I don’t know if you really are who you say you are, but if you are trying to intimidate me it won’t work,” Chun-Li declared. She lifted up her right leg. “I have some quick kicks of my own you know. If you are looking for a fight... I’m game.”
  12. Does he have a defense if Psylocke tries to mess with his mind?
  13. I think I'm going with Superwoman. Admittedly, most of my Kara knowledge is from the JLU cartoon which probably isn't fair to her. Great ideat for a fight, PizzaGuy. I'm excited to see what other groupings pop up from this arc.
  14. A great entry, RakaiThwei. Joe Higashi appeared more formidable in this fight than I have ever viewed him, which i know is due to the close vote totals. For the next square off, I am firmly on the side of Donatello. I was actually worried I wasn't' giving Andy enough credit initially. I've always found his character and gameplay very dull, to the point that I am convinced that the entire Mai Shiranui storyline was developed so that Andy wouldn't be completely forgotten about in favor of Terry. Unfortunately for him, I think both his brother and his love interest overshadow him in every way. Others may view him differently. So, I watched some more videos and read some more stuff to make sure I was giving him a fair shake, and I still don't see him defeating the Mirage version of Donatello. Keep up the good work.
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