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  1. This colossal collision brought to you by the Maxi/Claudio tie and the need to find Christie Montiero a new 2nd round dance partner. Luckily for me, even after using so many characters from these franchises there are still more that can be put in if needed.
  2. GAINING AN EDGE: A MASSIVE FIGHTING GAME CROSSOVER PART 154 Aboard the boat she had sailed with her partner for over a century (REF: MAXI VS. CLAUDIO SERAFINO), Darl Dagger took down Eddy Gordo with relative ease. (REF: DARLI DAGGER VS. EDDY GORDO) She pounded the recently crowned Brazilian martial arts champion (REF: CHRISTIE MONTIERO VS. ELENA) into the wooden boards of the ship and repeatedly raked her jagged saw sword across his back and chest. Eddy found it difficult to fend off Darli’s brute strength with his capoeira techniques. Within minutes, his continued loss of blood
  3. I did this for the old Round 2 matches so bringing them back now. Helena Moves/Combo Video Lidia Moves/Combo Video As Pizzaguy pointed out, Helena did win the 4th DOA tournament, the last one she actively participated in. As for Lidia, I have read that martial artists are a fan of her character because she utilizes a lot of legit karate in her moveset.
  4. I came in thinking of voting Mortal Kombat universe but this is probably true and the Red Rangers could use it to squeal out a victory.
  5. This was the first thing I thought of when I saw this match. I don't like either Selina's or Bond's chances in this fight. Curious to see where this goes.
  6. You picked up on that as well. If Tifa wins this round I am going to include Charlie commenting on the poor showing so far of the Final Fantasy men during a match that pits together two males. For the uninitiated and curious: Zell Intro showing off some moves and Limit Breaks. I tried to find more videos of Zell in action but everything else is just in game play and all the other cutscenes in FF8 mainly consist of some combination of Squall, Seifer, and Rinoa. I did find an interesting Character Analysis. On the other hand there are plenty of videos of Tifa in action. So
  7. In game, Honoka has unique moves from several other characters mixed in to her moveset so the implication is that she retains any technique that she mimics. This can make her very formidable. The big thing holding her back is that she is largely untrained and a bit if a ditz. She loses most of her matches early in the storyline. Still, she has a lot of potential. Perhaps potential she can realize in this arc if she keeps winning lol.
  8. THE FINAL FINAL FANTASY PART 4 World extermination is imminent. Commencing hunt for the ultimate adventuring party to save us. Only the best of the best. Our world’s only hope. Starting extraction of potential candidates "Moogle Representative" Team Member: Lulu Team Gunblade: Lightning Team Dragoon: Aranea Highwind Seventh Target: Tifa Lockhart Bar Owner and member of the Avalanche eco-terrorist group Martial Artist trained under the mighty Zangan Demure and cautious Took over temporary leadership of her group when Cloud Strife disappe
  9. Ah, the true of Song of Ice and Fire is upon us. One of the best pairings because once you see it, it seems so obvious. It does seem like Elsa would have the advantage since her power is directly a part of her whereas Daenerys's power is her dragons. You can't separate Elsa from her abilities, but you can seperate Daenerys from Drogon. Hmm, I wonder if Elsa would go full Night King and fashion an ice spear to throw at Drogon. Although, I doubt her javelin skills are anywhere near his level, lol. My heart wants to go with Dany (despite the horridness of the final 2 seasons) but my hea
  10. This may be one of my favorite installments in your arc so far, Pizzaguy. For one, I thoroughly enjoyed the Elle Driver/Hit-Girl write-up and secondly, I love writing and I love seeing fights like this where characters from two different IPs are fighting but there is an awkward familiarity because one of the characters is portrayed by an actor who is in both IPs. I am just a huge mark for these type of scenarios and I don't know why lol, so bravo! Also, my money is on Dwight to take out another Benecio.
  11. Yeah, it sort of happened almost exactly like that. Thanks for the comment and nice to see you again. If memory serves you are the one along with patrickthekid who entered a good chunk of these characters into the database. All good. I think there is a handul of us doing our best to keep everyone's stories active and encourage more partcipation on the CBUB.
  12. GAINING AN EDGE: A MASSIVE FIGHTING GAME CROSSOVER PART 153 On the Freedom Survivor cruise liner, Asuka Kazama sat on a deck chair trying to decompress after another hard fought battle (REF: ELiOT VS. LEO KLIESEN) before finding out where the next one would take place. To her surprise, she was joined by the long blue haired ninja warrior, Sogetsu. “May I have a seat here?” he asked politely. Asuka shrugged. “You can do whatever you want.” Sogetsu sat down next to her and regarded her with a warm expression. “You are the one that came with the blonde swordswom
  13. Totally agree with your frustration about ties. When I referred to Bonne Jenet's entertaining moveset in the previous fight I was specifically referring to her tried and true technique of taking off her heel and bashing her opponent with it. Granted, it doesn't make her appear to be the most serious fighter around, but it is hilarious. A little sad not to see it here, but you paid it good homage when she takes the Whack-A-Mole hammer as a weapon. As for the turtles' new opponents, I wasn't initally thrilled with the Ikari Warriors selection despite them being past KOF winners, mainly beca
  14. I figure Kimberly will assume the Wolfman is a Rita Repulsa monster (there is definitely precedent with old Frankenstein), morph, and then go after him. Luke will duel the Headless Horseman, and Scar and Cherry will battle to the death.
  15. Congratulations Versam! Sad I missed many of the semi finals matches but good job to Dskillz, Pizzaguy, and IKA too for doing so well with the varied challenges posed by this season. I really enjoyed it personally.
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