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  1. I am in the same boat, Dinsdale. I wanted to try to use rumbles and my last few matches to finish the arc that I had been working on for so long just cause it felt right. But, if Callisto is frozen till the end I may not get that chance.
  2. Yeah, the planeteers relied on the Captain as a crutch a little too often. But, Captain Planet needed his face time each episode. If I remember correctly they had complete control of their individual elements, just not on a massive scale, or in heavily polluted environments (of course).
  3. SOVIET BATTLE OF THE SEXES Rasputin has escaped the underworld and has used dark magic to control Colossus and Zangief in order to exact his revenge upon Russia. Can the three female heroes take down the Mad Monk and his brawny hitmen?
  4. GAINING AN EDGE: A MASSIVE FIGHTING GAME CROSSOVER PART L Chun Li entered Helena Douglas’s office on the Freedom Survivor ship with a smile on her face. “I may have had some trouble with my intitial recruiting for this mission (REF: LEI FEI VS. YUN, SERGEI DRAGUNOV VS. GUILE) but things are turning around quite nicely,†Chun Li announced. “What do you mean?†asked Helena. “After I had Lei Wulong brought in, I took a suggestion from young Eliot and arranged transportation for another fighter from your Dead or Alive tournaments that was not on your itinerary,†said Chun Li. “Really? Who?†“Mila.†A female MMA fighter with short red hair entered through the door. “Mila! So nice to see you again,†said Helena. “It’s nice to see you too. I hope I’m not crashing the party, I know I was not on the invite list,†stated Mila. “It was nothing personal, darling. I respect your fighting abilities a great deal. Zack told me that you wouldn’t be interested in helping with this sort of thing, and that pursuing you would be waste of time,†Helena explained. “Zack overestimates how well he knows me from our brief interactions during the last tournament,†said Mila. “I would love to help in any way I can.†“Wonderful darling, I’m sure Agent Li would love to show you around the ship and you can meet some of the fighters you don’t already know,†Helena suggested. “Sure thing. I do have one question though,†Mila stated. “What exactly are we doing on this ship?†“It serves as a base of operations more than anything else,†Helena answered. “We were traveling to the home of the Manji Clan, and according to intel the location of the ancient sword. But, my DOATEC scouts have informed me that the Manji Clan are no longer there. Most likely they are in hiding from M. Bison, Kazuya Mishima, and Victor Donovan.†“It has become a race to find out who can find Yoshimitsu first,†added Chun Li. “Exactly. So I have DOATEC agents looking everywhere and until we turn up the next lead, we wait. But, while we wait, we are strengthening our numbers to take on the villains from all sides,†Helena explained. “The one advantage we have is that we are not just looking for the sword, but also for the other pursuers of the weapon. We are searching for Bison and Donovan, and I have little doubt in my mind that our paths will cross soon enough,†Chun Li concluded. “Ok then. Sounds good. I suppose it is time to meet the others,†said Mila. Mila walked out the door, followed by Chun Li. “Agent Li, a moment if you please,†Helena called. Chun Li stopped and turned around. “Yes?†“I would just like to thank you again for bringing in Detective Lei and now Mila. Perhaps I should have put you in charge of recruiting all of the Dead or Alive fighters. It sure is taking Zack a long time,†Helena remarked. “Where is Zack now?†Chun Li asked. “According to our last communication, he, along with Jann Lee and Makoto are on their way to pick up the last fighter, Leifang. However, he also said that Kokoro, Hitomi, and some gentleman named Lucky have split from them and are coming back directly to us here. (REF: KOKORO VS. AOI UMENOKOUJI) So I imagine they should be arriving shortly,†answered Helena. “That’s good. I think we should be okay as long as no one else decides to mysteriously leave the ship like Paul, Law, and El Fuerte did.†(REF: MARSHALL LAW VS. LAU CHAN) Chun Li turned again to leave. “One more thing,†said Helena. “While my scouts found no trace of the Manji Clan at their former home they did find things left behind by the Mishima Zaibatsu. (REF: SETSUKA VS. NINA WILLIAMS) I believe we can officially add Jin Kazama’s name to the ever growing list of people who are after that sword.†Chun Li shook her head. “I guess it was only a matter of time.†---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Paul Phoenix, Marhsall Law, and El Fuerte walked through the streets of Hong Kong. Paul hung up his phone, and slammed it in frustration. “Man, no one I know can get a line on Lei Wulong or has any idea where he is,†said Paul. “We have to find him.†Marshall Law looked at his phone and his face dropped. “Uhh buddy, I think I’ve found him.†“What’s that?†asked Paul. Law handed his friend the phone. “It’s a message I received from Asuka Kazama.†Guess what you lying dogs? I know you didn’t leave to pick up Lei Wulong. He is already here, he was brought in by Agent Li. So just what exactly did you guys leave for? Another crazy get rich quick scheme or are you just cowards?!? Paul placed his palm over his face. “Ahh man, we are in so much trouble.†“Not necessarily mi amigos,†El Fuerte interjected. “We just need to locate Pai Chan as her father, Lau, suggested. (REF: ZASALAMEL VS. SAGAT) If she is half as skilled as she appears in her movies then those chicas will be muy thrilled to have her on our team and they will just forget about the whole Lei Wulong misunderstanding.â€â€™ “I hope you’re right,†stated Law. “I am. She is a big star, very big star, all we have to do is find some type of public itinerary and we should be able to locate her, si?†Paul chimed in. “Let’s do it!†Unbeknownst to the trio, Pai Chan was just a few blocks away making a public appearance at a famous restaurant. Also in attendance were Mishima High School students Ling Xiaoyu and Miharu Hirano, as well as Xiaoyu’s pet, Panda. Miharu gave her best friend a pleading look. “Xiao, have I told you lately how bad of an idea this is?†“Nonsense,†replied Xiaoyu. “When I beat Pai Chan in front of all these cameras, the whole world will see. And more importantly Jin will see it and he will realize how strong I’ve become and that I am the perfect companion to help him in these difficult times.†“I take back what I said before. This isn’t a bad idea, it is a horrible idea,†Miharu said in protest. “I’m doing it,†Xiaoyu stated. Without another word, she stood on a nearby platform and pointed a finger in Pai Chan’s direction. “Pai Chan! I challenge you to a fight right here and now!†The outburst caught Pai Chan off guard. Security immediately made their way toward Xiaoyu and swarmed around her. “Panda!†Xaoyu’s pet stood on her feet and roared at the frightened security. Pai Chan’s publicist whispered into her ear. “Beating up some crazed teenage girl fanatic in public would be really bad for your image.†A security guard made it close to Xiaoyu and was greeted with a thunderous kick that knocked him on his back. “I don’t want to hurt anyone, I just want to test my skills against the best Hong Kong cinema has to offer,†said Xiaoyu. “On the other hand, I’ve also heard that there is no such thing as bad press. And now might be an excellent opportunity to show off your new moves before the premiere next week,†said the publicist. Pai Chan smiled and approached Ling Xiaoyu.            
  5. Hmmm, interesting. I have used all the same links before with no problem. I guess I could try with a different picture or something.
  6. On a United States visit to catch up with his friend and long time teammate, Wheeler, Kwame encounters an angry young mutant causing havoc in a coffee shop for messing up his order. So it is KWAME VS. X-MEN EVOLUTION VERSION AVALANCHE
  7. After receiving an unwanted lecture from Magneto, Pyro hits the streets to take out his frustrations on a city block. Wheeler arrives on the scene and does his best to protect innocent bystanders and subdue the angst filled mutant teenager. So it is WHEELER VS. X-MEN 3 MOVIE VERSION PYRO
  8. "Quality unaccepted by site editor"? Does anyone know what this refers to when trying to add to the database? Is it a battle image issue?
  9. Story Note: Aoi has been infected with Soul Edge fragments and subjugated to moderate J6 style brainwashing (For reasons to be explained later). Her abilities remain the same.
  10. GAINING AN EDGE: A MASSIVE FIGHTING GAME CROSSOVER PART XXXXIX Zack, Lucky Glauber, Kokoro, Hitomi, Jann Lee, and Makoto all left the Los Angeles diner together and traveled to where Lucky had access to a private jet. (REF: MARSHALL LAW VS. LAU CHAN) Zack’s mind raced as he tried to come up with an idea to get himself out of this situation. He did not want to abandon Helena Douglas and his job, but he could not stand the idea of traveling in close quarters with the man who beat him in public in front of several of his Dead or Alive peers. (REF: LUCKY GLAUBER VS. ZACK) Suddenly, an idea came to Zack and he was a little ashamed that it had not occurred to him immediately. “As simple as it would be to travel all together, I’m pretty sure Helena does not want me to just leave the company helicopter in Los Angeles,†Zack announced. Lucky Glauber and Jann Lee both looked skeptical. “So what do you think we should do?†asked Kokoro. “Well now that the ninjas have been spoken for. (REF: HAYATE VS. RAVEN) That only leaves one person left on my list. Leifang,†said Zack. “I suggest we split up in to two groups. One will go with me in the chopper to pick up Leifang and the other group will travel with Lucky in his jet straight to the Freedom Survivor ship.†“How will we decide the groups?†Hitomi wondered. “Everyone is free to choose which way they want to go,†replied Zack. “Great. In that case, I am going with Lucky,†Jann Lee decided. “I should have mentioned before, that everyone is free to choose but you, my man. It is a widely known fact that Leifang has a bit of a crush on you or some other bizarre hangup. I’m sure she would follow you anywhere. I’m going to need you to come with me to help recruit her to our cause,†Zack explained. Jann Lee shook his head in disappointment. Hitomi chuckled. “With Jann around, you won’t need me to convince Leifang. I’ll go back to the ship with Lucky.†Kokoro glanced over to Zack. “Would you be offended if I went with them? I have had a wonderful time being your co-pilot (REF: TINA ARMSTRONG VS. WOLF HAWKFIELD, FENG WEI VS. GEN FU, MAKOTO VS. YURI SAKAZAKI, FEI LONG VS. JANN LEE) but I am a little travel weary.†“Not at all. Make sure to keep Lucky in line when you guys reach the Freedom Survivor. I don’t want him embarrassing us in front of Helena,†said Zack. Makoto‘s eyes moved from Jann Lee to Zack. “I guess I should go with you two guys to make sure you don’t end up in a fight or something.†“You don’t have to feel pressure or obligated to babysit us,†Jann said with a smile. “We can play nice to get the job done.†“It’s no pressure,†Makoto replied. “I don’t get out of the Tosa region of Japan too often. I would not want to miss this opportunity to see more of the world.†“That settles it,†stated Zack. “We will see you guys soon aboard the Freedom Survivor with Leifang,†said Kokoro. Zack smirked in Lucky’s direction. “Wish us luck, Lucky. With our luck latley, we might need it.†Lucky did not respond. Zack, Jann Lee, and Makoto bid farewell to the rest of the group and walked in the opposite direction. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lucky’s jet was finally in sight for him, Kokoro, and Hitomi. “How can you guys associate with someone like that?†asked Lucky. “Who? Zack?†responded Hitomi. “He has his flaws, but he is mostly harmless.†“When he is focused and has his priorities right he is quite the skilled fighter as well,†Kokoro added. “In truth, we are doing this more out of respect for Helena than respect for Zack. Not to mention it has all the makings of a great adventure and the chance to stop some real evil in this world,†Hitomi informed. (REF: LILI ROCHEFORT VS. KARIN KANZUKI) Several yards away from the jet, Aoi Umenokouji stood motionless with her gaze firmly fixed on Lucky Glauber and the two Dead or Alive competitors. There was a bizzare orange tint to her eyes. A voice whispered in her ear, “There they are. The allies to those responsible for the decimation of your village. If you don’t stop them here, who knows what kind of destruction they will bring upon some peaceful town." The orange tint in Aoi’s eyes intensified. “I must stop them. I will stop them!†she declared. The voice continued in her ear. “Be careful, these villains are tricksters. They will try to weaken your resolve by claiming their innocence. You must resist their mind games.†Aoi nodded. The man who had been whispering to her stepped back into the shadows. Aoi started to walk toward the jet. Her mind was clouded. She could not remember much about the last few weeks, only the attack on her village and being rescued by a man with white hair. Her confusion only added to her frustration and anger. Aoi would not allow these people to do to someone else what they had done to her. Near the jet, Lucky Glauber bent over to pick up some bags as Hitomi and Kokoro chatted. Without warning, Aoi pounced on him from behind and proceeded to savagely beat down the basketball loving fighter. Her eyes glowed with every strike. “Hey you! Get off him!†Hitomi demanded. Kokoro squinted. “Aoi? Is that you?†Aoi stopped for a moment. Hitomi looked over to Kokoro. “You know that lunatic girl.†“I hung out with Akira Yuki for a few days after he participated in the last Dead or Alive tournament. He was such a dedicated fighter. He introduced me to Aoi Umenokouji who was his childhood friend and fellow martial artist,†explained Kokoro. She approached Aoi. “Aoi, it is me, Kokoro. Remember. Akira introduced us and we had tea. What are you doing here and why are you attacking our friend?†Aoi’s eyes cleared up. “Kokoro?†The orange tint quickly returned. “No! You are trying to deceive me. It will not work.†“Aoi, what happened to you? Why are your eyes orange? Who did this to you?†“Be quiet!†Aoi screamed. “I think we should take her down,†Hitomi suggested. “No. Let me handle this. I don’t want to hurt her more than I have to. She needs our help,†said Kokoro. Aoi charged at Kokoro. “She doesn’t look like she wants our help,†stated Hitomi.
  11. I'm not sure if I objectively think Quickstrike would take this, or if my unwarranted bias against Jason is justifying a Quickstrike victory in my mind, heh.
  12. Kudos for using two unused characters. I am going with Ramona. I had to read up on Haruko and I'm still a little vague as to her abilities, but I still think Ramona can pull it off.
  13. I am amazed by your vast knowledge of the Gargoyles universe. I loved that show and even I didn't remember the golem episode!
  14. We have the opposite problem, Dskillz. I was leaning toward Kyo, but I am not familiar with Utrom Shredder. The only Shredders I know are from the 80s cartoon and the movies.
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