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  1. Although these both are more popular characters in fighting games, especially Guile, I still want to add visual aids for those who want them GUILE LEI WULONG
  2. GAINING AN EDGE: A MASSIVE FIGHTING GAME CROSSOVER PART XCIV The masked luchador, El Fuerte, looked everywhere above deck and below deck on the Freedom Survivor cruise liner. Eventually, he found the man he was looking for, Helena Douglas’s right hand man, Zack. The boisterous kick boxer was currently holding an ice pack to the back of his bald head to reduce the swelling from being rammed into the side of a helicopter. (REF: LEIFANG VS. LI XIANGFEI) “Amigo, I have a question for you,” El Fuerte announced. “What ya need, man?” Zack shot back. “I heard Miss Douglas was attacked while I was away with Sr. Phoenix and Sr. Lawl. (REF: MARSHALL LAW VS. LAU CHAN) Do you know who the assailant was?” asked El Fuerte. “Uh, yeah, some weirdo named Shermie,” answered Zack. “I think she may be a pirate or something, I don’t really know.” “May I see her?” El Fuerte inquired. Confusion spread across Zack’s face. “What? Why?” “Miss Douglas is one of the most incredible women I have ever met, She is mucha amazing. I want to see the kind of person that would attack her. I want to find out why,” El Fuerte explained. “That’s kind of a bizarre request, and from what Miss Douglas tells me, Shermie isn’t talking.” Zack thought it over for a minute. “Then again I am kind of curious too and I haven’t met this crazy girl either. You know what, let’s do it. I can get you in to see her.” Zack led El Fuerte to the DOATEC holding cells and used his position to get in to see Shermie. The two men looked at Shermie through the prison bars, She remained unphased by their arrival. “I told her I wasn’t talking to anyone. I don’t know why she would think the two of you would change that,” stated Shermie. “I came here on my own to shame you chica, for what you tried to do to that wonderful woman,” El Fuerte declared. (REF: HELENA DOUGLAS VS. SHERMIE) Zack was mesmerized by Shermie’s curvy figure and exotic look and it took him a few moments before he finally spoke. “I’m sure there was just a huge misunderstanding. I feel we can work this out to where everyone can be friends.” El Fuerte shot him an incredulous look. “So tell me baby, what is it exactly about Helena that you don’t like?” Zack inquired. “Nothing personal against her, really. Just business,” responded Shermie. “A career orientated woman, I like that,” said Zack. “On the other hand, I sense great tension in you. In my opinion your problem might be that you don’t take enough time out for relaxation and ‘me time’. I could help with that.” “Is that right?” “Absolutely. I have my own island, you know. Beautiful beaches, a top of the line resort, nothing but the best,” insisted Zack. “And you are inviting me to this island?” Shermie wondered. “Even though I attacked your boss.” “Depending on your actions right now, we can make that water under the bridge baby,” Zack promised. Shermie leaned against the bars of her cell to better display the cleavage in her dress. “What would I have to do?” Zack walked closer to Shermie. “Well for starters you would have to apologize to Miss Douglas and then…” “Amigo what are you doing?” asked El Fuerte. Zack turned his attention back to the luchador. “Chill man, I got this.” Shermie suddenly grabbed Zack’s red tie and yanked him against the black bars. Zack gasped for air as she choked him. “You are one of the types of people that I despise the most. Consider yourself lucky that these bars are here or I would be happily dancing all over your face!” she threatened. “In due time, Orochi will be reborn and scum like you will be cleansed from the earth.” El Fuerte inserted himself between the two and pulled Zack out of her grasp. Zack wheezed and coughed. “You psycho, we could have had something special.” Zack hunched over as he tried to catch his breath. Meanwhile, El Fuerte stood in front of Shermie’s cell with his back to her. He extended his hand slightly behind his back and Shermie placed inside it a small black pouch, (REF: BONNE JENET VS. CERVANTES DE LEON) “Ay chihuahua, any hope we had of getting information from her is gone now because you can’t help yourself,” El Fuerte scolded. “You can see yourselves out,” Shermie snapped. Shermie giggled to herself as El Fuerte and Zack left the holding cell area. “That didn’t exactly go as smooth as it could have,” Zack admitted. El Fuerte shook his head in disgust. “Do you know where Miss Douglas is?” Zack panicked. “You are not going to tell her what happened in there are you?” “No,” replied El Fuerte. “Although there are cameras in there, aren’t there? I’m sure she could see it for herself if someone made her aware of it, amigo.” Zack nervously adjusted his tie. “I need to go talk to a guy in the video room.” Zack took his leave of El Fuerte. The aspiring chef made his way toward the office of Helena Douglas. To his surprise, she was approaching in the opposite direction. Helena appeared flustered. “Hola senorita. It is lovely to see you again. I have a suggestion if you will permit me,” he stated. “If you can make it quick, I am in the middle of something rather important,” said Helena. “I know we are about to embark on our mission, but I was thinking of throwing a feast for everyone first,” El Fuerte suggested. “From what I have heard the people on this boat have been through quite a lot already. Between the horrible storm and the pirate attack, (REF: BONNE JENET VS. LILI ROCHEFORT) I think it would be a good gesture to show everyone how thankful you are for them. And I want to help put it together.” Helena smiled. “That is a good idea. A very thoughtful gesture indeed. Have Zack put you in touch with our chefs and instruct them to let you take the lead. Thank you El Fuerte.” El Fuerte bowed respectfully. “The pleasure is all mine. I will just need a few hours to prepare.” “Wonderful. Now, if you will excuse me. I will see you soon.” Helena continued her brisk walk down the expansive hallway. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Young Xinqi quan practitioner,Eliot, sat next to his friend, Brad Wong, as they finished the meal prepared for them by El Fuerte as a thank you for their fight against the pirate invasion, Eliot looked over somewhat longingly a few tables over where Asuka Kazama and Makoto sat with a young female fighter Eliot had not met yet. (REF: KOKORO VS. GANRYU) Eliot lied to himself that he was just curious what martial arts she practiced, but in truth he was attracted to her. “Hey, are you even listening?” Brad bellowed. Eliot apologized. “Huh? Sorry. What was that?” “I was asking how the old man is doing,” Brad clarified. “Master Gen Fu was in good spirits. (REF: GEN VS. GEN FU) I felt like he was hiding something, but I can’t imagine anything too exciting going on at the bookstore,” Eliot rationalized. “You didn’t tell him about my little scuffle did ya?” Brad inquired. (REF: BRAD WONG VS. LEI WULONG) Eliot did not respond. “Ah, well that’s okay. Nothing to be ashamed of,” said Brad. He punctuated his point by drinking the rest of his wine flask. “I need some air.” Eliot followed his friend outside the dining area and they made their way to the top deck. “Do you think we can make a pit stop whenever we start this adventure. I have run out of good wine in this luxury prison.” Brad laughed at his own joke. “I really hope this Soul Edge thing is as important as everyone is making it out to be. Otherwise this whole thing was a waste of time.” “I am excited, and also a little nervous,” Eliot admitted. Brad ignored the young fighter as his eyes traveled over to the side of the ship where Josie Rizal was taking in the sights. “Hey, there is your girl,” he declared. “What?” “Don’t be coy with me. I saw you staring at her in the dining hall. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. You’ve got good taste kid, she is a looker,” Brad remarked. “I don’t know what you are talking about,” Eliot insisted. “Don’t be shy, just go talk to her. Those other girls aren’t even with her anymore so it should be smooth sailing,” said Brad. Eliot blushed, but did not move. “Fine then, if you aren’t going to go talk to her then I will,” Brad decided. “I could use the company of a beautiful girl, I might even invite her over for a drink.” Eliot was mortified. He watched from a distance as Brad Wong approached Josie and started to chat her up. The short haired female fighter rebuffed his advances, and Eliot immediately had flashbacks to Brad trying to flirt with Ayane before a Dead or Alive tournament and how bad that went. Eliot decided to intercede before Brad offended this woman, embarrassed himself, or most likely both. “C’mon just one drink,” Brad pleaded. “I promise you’ll have a good time.” “No, I really am just trying to enjoy this scenery on my own right now,” replied Josie. “Who knows when or even if I will get this opportunity again.” “I’ve been on this boat awhile, I can show you all the best views,” stated Brad. Anger seeped into Josie’s voice. “Can’t you just accept no?” Brad lightly grabbed Josie’s arm. “If you just give me five minutes I promise..” Josie decked Brad with her left hand and sent him sprawling to the ground. Josie took in some heavy breaths and her eyes began to glow with an orange tint. “You couldn’t just leave well enough alone. Your kind will never learn.” Josie assaulted Brad with kicks and punches. The sudden burst of rage and violence caught Brad off guard and he failed to defend himself. Finally, Eliot reached them and pulled Josie off of Brad. “That’s enough. He has learned his lesson,” Eliot insisted. “I am so, so sorry. I promise you he will never bother you again.” “Are you making excuses for this perverted old man!” Josie shouted. “No,he has just had a lot to drink and is in a weird headspace right now. I promise you he means no offense,”said Eliot. The orange tint in Josie’s eyes was now more prevalent. It unnerved Eliot a little. “So you are defending him,” she surmised. “Well if you want to side with that creep then you also deserve a beating.” Josie prepared herself to fight Eliot. This was not the first meeting he was hoping for.
  3. I agree. I think Sam's experience can make up for any slight advantage Vulture will have in suit technology.
  4. Yeah, I try not to be too dismissive of Virtua Fighter characters although they always appear to be more clunky in their movements to me. To be fair, I am no skilled fighting game expert despite my fondness for the genre.
  5. Thanks, I appreciate it. I also know how you feel. There have been more than a few setups that I appreciated but could not get the full experience because of a lack of familiarity with the characters. It happens. I did forget to throw in some visual aides before. WOLF HAWKFIELD ARMOR KING
  6. Phenomenal Setup. I really enjoyed it. I don't know if the theme of story telling was intentional on top of the 90s lite horror motif, but it totally works. Slappy gaining fame from the Goosebumps series, Gooey Gus coming from a Ghostwriter episode about creative writing, and everyone knows the Crypt Keeper loves a good story. As for who would win, I think I am going with Gooey Gus, despite him being a massive goober. I appreciate the Crypt Keeper pulling the strings, but I don't think he has the power to prevail. If Slappy and Gooey Gus were going at it nearby a walk in freezer I would trust Slappy to oustmart his opponent and win, Unfortunately for the living dummy that is not the case. Great job.
  7. Great idea for a matchup. I need to look into Eris more because I never saw the Sinbad cartoon movie. You nailed Hades though, one of my favorite Disney villains. Good job,
  8. GAINING AN EDGE: A MASSIVE FIGHTING GAME CROSSOVER PART XCIII In the empty gym where they both had to endure hard fought fights, Mila (REF: MILA VS. VANESSA LEWIS) bent over her wrestling hero, Bass Armstrong, as he slowly regained consciousness. (REF: ALEX VS. BASS ARMSTRONG) “Welcome back big guy,” she said with a smile. “Mila? Are you okay…. Is he…” Bass’s eyes darted over to Alex who stood silently a few feet away. “He’s still here!” Bass attempted to jump to his feet, but immediately grabbed his ribs in pain. “Take it easy, man. Everything is ok. We talked it out. It was all a big misunderstanding,” Mila explained. “We are after the same person,” Alex added. “We think that whoever took Sarah is the same one who infected Alex’s friend, Vanessa. The girl who attacked me,” said Mila. “How do we find this son of a bitch?” Bass asked. “That’s the part we’re stuck on,” Alex admitted. A voice called out from the entrance of the gym. “I may be able to help with that.” Everyone turned their attention to the doorway In the sunlit frame stood a young woman with short blonde hair dressed in medieval armor. ” Bass massaged the back of his head. “Man I must have slammed my head harder than I thought. That girl looks like a knight or something.” Alex looked over the woman with confusion. “She is dressed like a knight. Who are you?” “My name is Cassandra Alexandra, former warrior of the Ottoman Empire, and forever an enemy to the evil sword, Soul Edge,” the blonde announced. She walked over to the sprawled out body of Vanessa Lewis. The long silver haired fighter was beginning to stir. “How far gone is she?” Cassandra inquired. “I have no idea. I have never seen anything like it before. I am not even sure what it is,” Mila replied. “DId you say part of the Ottoman Empire?” “I did.” Cassandra looked over Vanessa’s face and moved it left to right. “This girl has become part of the malfested.” “The what?” asked Bass. “The malfested. She has been corrupted by the power of Soul Edge. In fact, there are tiny shards of the sword embedded inside of her at this very moment,” Cassandra revealed. “That sounds like that thing Helena was afraid of,” noted Mila. “Whoever this Helena is, she is right to be afraid of the Soul Edge sword. It brings with it only destruction and despair,” said Cassandra. “Wait, this whole thing is about a sword? I don’t believe it.” Alex shook his head. “That is the craziest thing I have ever heard.” “Her eyes emitted an eerie orange glow, did they not? If you don’t believe me and you don’t believe your own eyes, you can ask that woman who I captured on the opposite side of this street. (REF: VICE VS. CASSANDRA ALEXANDRA) She is the one that is responsible for your friend’s condition. I don’t know how she came upon shards of Soul Edge, (REF: SARAH BRYANT VS. MATURE) I also don’t believe she is the mastermind behind this whole ordeal. Unfortunately, she is not sharing any details on who actually is,” stated Cassandra. Alex cracked his knuckles. “There are ways to get her to talk.” “For some reason she strikes me as the kind of girl who would enjoy the torture,” Cassandra remarked. “What about Sarah Bryant?” Mila questioned “We could continue the interrogation across the street, but I;m not sure if we will get very far,” Cassandra admitted. She turned her attention back to Vanessa. “Your immediate concern should be this girl. If you want to have any hope of saving your friend here, you need to get those shards out of her.” “How do we do that?” asked Alex. “My sister, Sophitia, can help her. I can give you Sophitia’s location so that you can bring your friend to her,” stated Cassandra. “If it will save her, I will take her there myself right away,” Alex declared. Cassandra stepped closer to Alex. She pulled out her sword and aimed it in his direction. “I sense no evil or malice within you, so I am assuming your motives are pure. But know this, if you use this information to hurt or betray my sister I will make you regret it for the rest of your waking days..” Alex was not frightened by Cassandra’s threat, yet he remained non confrontational because he understood the emotion behind it. “You don’t have to worry about me." “Where will you go?” Mila wondered. “I will resume my mission of searching out allies for my sister and me,” responded Cassandra. “Sophitia is determined to take on Soul Edge once it reemerges like she always does. She never asks for help, but I refuse to let her face it alone. I am traveling to find warriors named Hildegard Von Kronne and Ivy Valentine. They are both allies of ours from long ago and I believe I know where they are.” (REF: RAPHAEL SOREL VS. LARS ALEXANDERSSON) Bass looked over to Mila. “You should go with her.” “Huh?” “Helena sent us here on a recruitment mission, but what she is really looking for is answers. Answers I believe this knight lady can help us find,” stated Bass. “I’d offer to go myself, but I don’t think I will be of much help.” He grabbed his side and grimaced in pain. “That boy really did a number on me.” “Sorry about that,” said Alex. “What I can do is bring that woman Cassandra captured back to Helena, see if maybe she has better luck crackin her shell.” Bass announced. He looked over to the greek warrior. “That is of course, if you would allow me to take your prisoner.” “She is all yours,” replied Cassandra. “Would you also allow me to accompany you on your mission. I am a really good fighter,” Mila boasted. Cassandra smiled. “I welcome any ally to the cause.” She looked over Mila’s t-shirt and jeans. “Are you sure that you are properly dressed for battle?” “I will be fine,” the red headed MMA fighter insisted. Cassandra and Bass said their goodbyes. “I’ll be sure to let you know of any information we can squeeze out of her,” Bass promised. Mila nodded. “I’ll also call with any information I learn from Cassandra.” “You take care of yourself, you hear?” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Helena looked over the bodies of employees and tournament fighters as they entered into the dining area of the Freedom Survivor cruise liner. She wanted to make sure everyone was there to enjoy the cuisine that El Fuerte had put together. (REF: LEI WULONG VS. GUILE) Her assistant, Zack, stood by her side. “Is that everyone?” asked Zack. “I don’t see Tina. I know she has been a little depressed lately, I hope she is doing okay,” Helena remarked. “Don’t worry, I’m on it boss lady,” Zack announced. Zack left the dining area and made his way to the room where Tina Armstrong was staying. He knocked on her door. “Hey baby girl, you in here?” he called out. Tina opened the door and let him in. “Oh hi Zack, how are you?” she asked flatly as she sat back on her bed. “I’ll be great, once you get yourself dolled up and head over to the feast with me,” Zack answered. “I’m not going,” Tina insisted. “It’s a celebration right? And a look to the fights ahead. Well, I haven’t done anything recently worth celebrating and I don’t thnk I’d be of much use in the fights ahead.” Zack was gobsmacked. “In all the years I have known you, you have never lacked confidence. You aren’t still tripping about losing to Wolf, are you?” (REF: TINA ARMSTRONG VS. WOLF HAWKFIELD) “Yeah, but that ain’t the only thing,” said Tina. “I just got a call from big daddy. He is coming back to the ship with some important information for Helena. Which is great and all, but he also told me he got his ass kicked by some punk named Alex. You know Zack, I used to think me and my dad were pretty hot stuff. Maybe I was wrong.” Zack remained incredulous. “I don’t understand where this defeatist attitude is coming from, baby girl. It’s not like you haven’t lost fights at the Dead or Alive tournaments before. It never got you down before." “Yeah, I assumed all the strongest people in the world were in that tournament, so there was no shame in losing there. Now, it looks like that might not be the case,” stated Tina. “Nah, I’m confident that is very much still the case. Seeing all these fighters from other tournaments has done nothing to change my mind. Wolf simply got a few lucky hits in, that’s all. It happens to all of us, even me. I’m sure if it was a two out of three falls match you would have whooped his butt,” Zack declared. Tina giggled. “Thanks Zack. I really appreciate the pep talk. Hey, you want to watch some old wrestling shows with me?” Zack looked back and forth between Tina and the door before making his decision. “Yeah, why not? I’m sure Miss Douglas won’t need my help over there and between you and me I am more than a little skeptical of that little luchador’s cooking skills.” Tina smiled and patted on the corner of the bed next to her. “Well then park your keister right here mister, and I will show you some of the most amazing wrestling matches you’ve ever seen.” Zack sat next to Tina and the pair watched wrestling for the next couple of hours. This lasted until they overheard loud shouting coming from outside Tina’s room. “Sounds like someone is madder than a pack of wild dogs on a three legged cat,” Tina remarked. “I’ll go check it out,” Zack offered. A few hallways over, Armor King and Wolf Hawkfield were walking and talking after having finished the grand meal in the dining area prepared by El Fuerte. Armor King motioned with his hands a new hold he had tried out during his fight with T. Hawk at the G-Corporation facility. (REF: T. HAWK VS. ARMOR KING) “That looks so cool. I’d really like to see it in action,” said Wolf. “In fact, to tell you the truth I have been itching for a fight since I got on this boat. (REF: SERGEI DRAGUNOV VS. GUILE) I felt it a little bit before when I watched those two drunkards fight (REF: BRAD WONG VS. LEI WULONG), but it’s really bubbling up in me now. Those two bit pirates were nothing, I need a real challenge and I need it now.” Armor King was confused. “What do you say? Let’s throw down here and now and see who is superior,” Wolf suggested. Armor King shook his head and argued that it was an inappropriate time. Just then, shouts from down the hall interrupted their conversation. They two muscular wrestlers raced down the hall to find DOATEC security officers fighting amongst themselves. Some of them had a strange orange glow in their eyes and they were savagely beating their fellow officers. Armor King and Wolf interceded. Armor King did his best to just subdue the attackers, but Wolf pounded them into the ground. Wolf let out his trademark howl as he continued to pummel anyone in front of him. Armor King reached over to pull Wolf off an already beaten security guard and Wolf snapped his head up in Armor King’s direction. Wolf’s eyes now had the same glow as the DOATEC security guards they had just put down. “You want some of this?” He shouted. “Good. Cause I want a piece of you, and I’m not asking anymore. Get yourself ready!” Armor King did not have time to process what was happening to Wolf Hawkfield before he was forced to defend himself.
  9. So the next few fights are all happening simultaneously so the setting and time will be the same from different perspectives. Hopefully I can pull it off in a coherant and engaging way.
  10. GAINING AN EDGE: A MASSIVE FIGHTING GAME CROSSOVER PART XCII On the deck of the Freedom Survivor, Helena Douglas left the landing strip where she had met with Josie Rizal and Ganryu and got on her walkie talkie. “How long do we have until their arrival?” she asked. “Should be landing shortly, m’am.” “Good.” Helena Douglas waited patiently for the last batch of fighters to arrive. After a few minutes a helicopter came down. Two men stepped out, which was less than Helena was expecting. One man had a green tank top, camo pants, and a blonde flat top. The other was a larger man wearing a jaguar mask and spiked shoulder pads. “Colonel Guile, it is a pleasure,” Helena announced as she extended her hand in greeting. Guile shook it respectfully. “Chun Li told me many great things about you as well as Miss White.” Helena looked over Guile’s’ shoulder. “But I don’t see her.” “She traveled with Agent Blue Mary to assist some of Mary’s associates. I expect an update as soon as they arrive,” Guile informed. (REF: RAPHAEL SOREL VS. LARS ALEXANDERSSON) “It would appear no one can catch a break right now. If they require our assistance let us know.” Helena’s gaze traveled over to Armor King. “I have seen your picture before, in the files, King wasn’t it? No, wait, Armor King, correct?” The mask fighter nodded. “Another King of the Iron Fist participant, how wonderful. Welcome to the Freedom Survivor,” stated Helena. “Where do things stand right now?” asked Guile. “As you know Chun Li is currently in China investigating the death of a close friend. (REF: GEN VS. GEN FU) She has been very helpful, but currently we must move on without her,” Helena explained. “Do we have a target? Is it Bison?” Guile wondered. “He is certainly a threat, but I don’t want to spread ourselves too thin trying to tackle everything at once,” Helena answered. “I was recently contacted by Lisa Hamilton, a scientist who at one time worked for Victor Donovan and MIST. Recent events (REF: LISA HAMILTON VS. JULIA CHANG) and staffing decisions (REF: HONOKA VS. HINAKO SHIJOU) have caused her to reevaluate her choices. She has confirmed to me that Victor is working with G Corporation and Kazuya Mishima specifically, to try to help him obtain Soul Edge.” Guile and Armor King listened intently. “Another troubling development is the recent murder of Violet Systems robtics CEO, Lee Chaolan. (REF: CHRISTIE VS. LEE CHAOLAN) Rumor is that Violet Systems will be assimilated by the G Corporation,” Helena explained. (REF: ANGEL VS. JULIA CHANG) “I have no doubt these events are intertwined. G Coporation combined with MIST and Violet Systems make them, with all due respects to Shadoloo and the Mishima Zaibatsu, the most powerful organization in the world and the number one threat to obtain Soul Edge.” Guile lifted a skeptical eyebrow. “I know there is a temptation to think I may be biased because of my history with Victor Donovan, but it is the truth,” insisted Helena. Armor King nodded in agreement with Helena’s assessment. Guile glanced over at his new ally and relented, “Very well, what is our move.” “Lisa is working on getting me coordinates to a MIST offshore facility. We will send a team out there shortly. For now, you can introduce yourselves to the rest of the team. Armor King, there are many other King of the Iron Fist participants that you may know. As for me, I am going to see if one of our newest arrivals, Ganryu, has any useful information on Kazuya Mishima that I may not already know,” Helena announced. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A couple of hours later, Helena was convinced by luchador wrestler and passionate chef, El Fuerte, to throw a large feast for everyone aboard to not only welcome the newest arrivals, but as a much needed thank you to everyone on board who had to endure a horrible storm and a surprise pirate attack. (REF: BONNE JENET VS. LILI ROCHEFORT) Helena agreed that it would be a good way to lift spirits heading into what could be a very dangerous confrontation. Guile entered the large dining area alongside Armor King. Guile recognized Lei Wulong from Chun Li’s description and he and Armor King went to go sit with the Hong Kong detective. Armor King groaned when he noticed that Lei had been drinking. The trio were then joined by wrestler, Wolf Hawkfield. “Hey Armor King! I’m a big fan of your in-ring work. It’s about time Helena brought some more good fighters to this ship,” said Wolf. The four men made brief small talk before turning their attention to El Fuerte who stood at the top of the stairs.They watched with some amusement as the little masked chef made a show of thanking all of them for their help. “Who is that guy?” Lei inquired. “His name is El Fuerte,” replied Guile. “He is a pretty decent fighter, he participated in the third World Warrior tournament. I haven’t tried his cooking yet so we shall find out if he is a better chef or fighter shortly.” Armor King roared his support for El Fuerte. They had crossed paths on the wrestling circuit in Mexico and Armor King wanted his table mates to know they were in for a treat. The dining room was full of DOATEC employees as well as most of the fighters that Helena Douglas had gathered aboard the Freedom Survivor. In addition to Guile’s table, another table contained Paul Phoenix, Marshall Law, Pai Chan, Lei Fang, Jann Lee, and Hitomi. A few tables over from them sat Josie Rizal, Asuka Kazama, and Makoto. Eliot and Brad Wong sat by themselves as Eliot tried in vain to stop his friend from drinking himself into oblivion. The only ones missing from the dining room were Zack, Lucky Glauber, Tina Armstrong, Lili Rochefort, Ganryu, and Kokoro. The collective group ate enthusiastically through each course of the meal, much to El Fuerte’s satisfaction. They also appeared to be bonding which put a smile on Helena’s face. After the meal was done, the dining room cleared out. The last two who remained were Guile and Lei Wulong. They went over the attack on Guile before he met up with Cammy White. (REF: SERGEI DRAGUNOV VS. GUILE) “Based on your description of your attacker, I may be able to identify him,” said Lei. “That would be great,” stated Guile. “It was clear he was no common thug.” Lei Wulong produced a picture of Sergei Dragunov and placed it on the table. “Is this your guy?” Guile’s eyes widened with recognition. “That is him. Who is he?” “Name is Dragunov, he works as an operative for the Russian military. They call him the White Angel of Death. Not exactly what I would describe as a friendly individual. He has entered a few Iron Fist tournaments to fulfill some ulterior motives in the past. Usually he winds up clashing with a secret agent spook codenamed Raven. I have no idea why the Russian government would send him after you,” said Lei. Guile studied the picture for a moment. Lei Wulong took another massive swig of his beer and attempted to lighten the mood. “With everything else going on right now the last thing the world would need is a brewing war between Russia and America, am I right?”. Guile did not appreciate Lei’s attempt at a joke about the potential ramifications of a Russian spy being sent to kill him. A little bit of anger began to form toward Lei’s flippant attitude and incessant drinking. Could this really be the man Chun Li spoke so highly of? Lei sensed Guile’s worsening mood and decided to change his approach. “Whatever the motivation may be, I promise I will help you get some answers.” The words resonated with Guile, but for some reason his mood was not improving. “I can give you some other information as well,” added Lei. “Your friend, Charlie Nash, was recently spotted in a Japanese jazz club.” (REF: IORI YAGAMI VS. CHARLIE NASH) Guile gasped. “That is impossible. How do you know that name?” “When he first came back from the dead or whatever, Chun asked me if I could keep a look out for him because she said you guys were trying to track him down,” Lei explained. “I sent out his picture to all of my contacts. Nothing much ever came from it, but I didn’t think it mattered because Chun told me he sacrificed himself to save you guys in the end.” “That’s right,” Guile stammered. “So how could he be at some jazz club in Japan.” “I don’t know. One of my contacts from over there called me a few hours ago wondering if I was still looking for him. Told me the poor guy had got beaten down within an inch of his life by some local famous fighting kid. What was his name again? Erm, Iori Yagami.” “He is sure it was Charlie?” Guile demanded “Yeah. It is definitely him,” Lei confirmed. Anger exploded inside of Guile, so much so that it even caught him off guard. A cascade of questions consumed him. Was Charlie okay? How was he still alive? Why didn’t Charlie let him know he was still alive? Is this Iori person connected to Bison? Why weren’t they going after Bison? He is clearly a bigger threat than any Mishima. They were wasting their time assuming anything different. Time that is friend, Charlie, may not be able to afford to lose. Why was Russia sending assassins after Guile? Was it meant to be an attack on the US or Guile himself? Guile glared at Lei as the detective took yet another big swig of his beer. How could he be so nonchalant? Why was he drinking so heavily before an important mission? What was his deal? Guile felt something inside of himself feeding off the anger and amplifying it ten fold. Now, hatred was consuming him. Hatred for Bison, Hatred for all the cruel fate that Charlie has had to suffer though his life, hatred toward himself for not knowing that Charlie was still alive. All of that hatred coalesced and focused itself as hatred toward this joke drunkard cop who did not take his job seriously enough and was most likely contributing to Charlie’s death again through negligence of not doing anything to help him. A dark energy burned inside Guile and he shouted in frustration before burying his face in his hands. “Are you okay colonel?” Lei asked. Guile looked back at him with glowing orange eyes and responded in a slightly altered voice. “You are a disgrace and must be taught a lesson.” The sight of Guile’s glowing eyes startled Lei Wulong who quickly rose to his feet. He immediately recognized the glow as something Kokoro had alluded to earlier when describing one of her friends being possessed. (REF: KOKORO VS. AOI UMENOKOUJI) But, how did Guile get possessed? Lei Wulong did not have long to ponder this revelation as Guile stood up and readied his fists to fight.”
  11. Awesome. Good season everyone. Some exciting matchups all around. I can't believe My Pet Monster, a last second addition, came though for my team as well as he did, I have to give it up for Elisa Maza., truly my team captain and MVP. I always love seeing characters from such an awesome show do well on here. Good luck to everyone for the next season.
  12. Dread Pirate Roberts is friends with an actual giant, Andre the giant specifically, err I mean Fezzik. He also could steal some court jesters from Prince Humperdink to employ in his new circus. Probably could convince them that it is a much better gig. Also has the pirates from his crew to give the circus a unique look. He can bring in Miracle Max to do some miracles and Inigo for some sword tricks. He can even recruit the Albino from the forrest now that Rugen is dead. The Albino has the look of circus folk. Wesley, himself, can do some lion taming except replace the lions with ROUS (Rodents of Unusual Size). All in all, I think he can put on a pretty entertaining show.
  13. My Pet Monster is much larger than Emmet. He is about the size of a child so I think that would grant him an advantage in protecting said child.
  14. Yeah it's definitely not a day I'll forget any time soon. In lighter news, I am thrilled and a little surprised that my team did that well. I too wonder if Umpire decided some of those matches. DSkillz, you did a phenomenal job of arguing your picks. The Pillsbury Doughboy defense in particular caught me off guard and was really well done.
  15. Thanks. I really appreciate that. Wow, King vs. Leo was way back. I was churning them out pretty quickly for awhile I would like to get back to that.
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