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  1. I know nothing about either one of these ladies, but I can't in good conscious pick a superhero based on Pamela Anderson so Aspen it is
  2. Definitely an appropriate Halloween matchup. I would love to see what the Scarecrow and Mysterio could cook up together. With that being said, since they can never beat their counterparts I wouldn't expect any different this time around. Scarecrow and Mysterio go down, but not before showing off some amazing and horrific special effects that would make Hollywood jealous. I know this is just supposed to be robot but for some reason when I first saw it I thought of a cyborg bunny rabbit lol
  3. I considered going with one of the Cartwrights, but I was skeptical how well Bonanza is known at this point.
  4. Reeve Tuesti, director of Urban Development for the Shinra Electric Power Company, sat at his desk considering his career choices. He had worked at Shinra for a long time and was able to climb his way as high as he could through hard work. He, along with Shinra’s other four directors, were in charge of large sections of the global business empire and were the only ones with direct access to the president himself. He was very well paid and that afforded him the opportunity to live a comfortable life that most in Midgar could only dream about. Still, at this moment, Reeve wondered if he had made a mistake. Shinra had always been a shady organization. They took advantage of a gullible populace and put down with force anyone who questioned their position. They acted as the government and even had their own military. Professor Hojo, in particular, was guilty of preying upon the poorest in Midgar, using them for his science experiments. Up until now, Reeve never thought too much about these things. He had justified his position as a positive reflection of himself rather than the negative consequences it might have for others. He was secure in his belief that everyone was out for themselves and would all kill to be in his position. What the president and other directors did was none of his business, as long as he did his job well. That mentality was beginning to change. It started when the now deceased former President Shinra elected to drop an entire city plate on the Sector 7 slums, killing thousands of innocent people. All in an effort to stamp out the rebel faction, Avalanche, and then use them as scapegoats for the incident to build up support for Shinra. It made Reeve physically ill just thinking about it. Would President Shinra’s son, Rufus, do better now that he was in charge? Reeve’s thought process was interrupted by a knock on his office door. Before he could say anything, the door swung open and the Director of Weapons Development, Scarlet, sashayed into his office. She was followed by two Shinra grunts. One stood by the door and the other one was down on all fours, crawling behind her. She sat on the chair opposite of Reeve and lifted her feet, the grunt crawled underneath her legs to act as a human footstool. It made Reeve very uncomfortable when Scarlet did things like this. He wasn’t sure if the soldiers were ordered to do this or if they volunteered, he also wasn’t sure which possibility disgusted him more. “Reeve, how are you doing today?” asked Scarlet. “Scarlet. What brings you to my side of the building?” Reeve wondered. Scarlet smirked. “I am sure you’ve heard the news. Rufus fired Hojo.” “What?” “Rufus claims that Hojo is to blame for his father’s death. Hojo had that ragrag group of Avalanche misfits in his lab and failed to eliminate them,” Scarlet explained. Reeve furrowed his brow. “But the President was killed by Sephi..” Scarlet interrupted. “Just between you and me I think Rufus was always planning to axe that creepy little gremlin regardless. I don’t think he trusts him. I don’t blame Rufus. It was clear to everyone that Hojo was always hiding something,” Reeve was not sorry to see the professor go. But, he was still confused as to why Scarlet would come to his office to gossip about it, that wasn’t typically her style. “He is up there finishing an interview with Hojo’s potential replacement,” Scarlet continued. “I have already met her and Rufus would be making a huge mistake by bringing her on board. I am worried that is exactly what he is planning to do.” “What does that have to do with me?” Reeve inquired. Scarlet snapped her fingers and the soldier standing by the doorway brought her a manilla folder. She placed it on Reeve’s desk. “You are widely considered to be a reasonable man, Reeve. I want you to talk him out of it. For all of our sakes.” Reeve looked through the file on Elexis Sinclaire. -Brilliant geneticist -Former CEO of pharmaceutical company, SinTEK Industries -Credited with helping to come up with a drug that slows aging -Has known ties to organized crime Reeve glanced over at the attached picture of a beautiful woman with a sinister smile and pronounced cleavage. “The men of the Shinra family certainly appear to have a type,” said Reeve. This assertion angered Scarlet. “Are you implying that there is a parallel between us? How dare you. Nothing could be further from the truth. She is obviously trying too hard.No self respecting scientist should dress like that. She is obviously trying to distract everyone from her true motives.” “Are you threatened by her?” asked Reeve. “Not in the least. My concerns are for the continued success of Shinra. Keep looking through that file. Look at the monstrosities she has brought into this world,” Scarlet insisted. Reeve flipped through a few more pages and was confronted with pictures of horrific and grotesque creatures. “Could you imagine her bringing that horrid filth into our building?” said Scarlet. “I don’t imagine it would be too different from the gnarly abominations that would usually frequent Hojo’s lab,” Reeve reasoned. “Hojo had some questionable side projects, but his main focus was breeding super soldiers” Scarlet slammed her finger on the pictures. “This woman’s main focus is breeding monsters.” “I am sure the new president would keep her focused on Shinra’s objectives,” said Reeve. Scarlet scowled and kicked her human footstool. She then stood up to leave. “This meeting is over. I was hoping this wouldn’t be a complete waste of time. But, you never fail to disappoint, Reeve.” Scarlet sauntered out of the office followed by her two Shinra grunts. A half smile appeared on Reeve’s face. He did not entirely disagree with Scarlet, but he was amused to see the usually unflappable woman so agitated. Reeve returned to his work. He spent a few hours on his modified reconstruction plan for Sector 7, before he was interrupted again. This time his visitor didn’t even finish knocking before waltzing into his office. It was the woman from the picture, Elexis Sinclaire. “Pardon for the intrusion, I just thought it would be a good idea for me to meet the other directors. My name is Elexis Sinclaire,” she announced. “Yes. I have read your file. I am Reeve Tuesti, head of Urban Development.” Reeve stood up to shake her hand. “Does this mean you were offered the job?” After a brief handshake the two sat back down. “Not officially. I am sure at this point it is just a formality,” said Elexis. “If that is the case, then welcome aboard,” stated Reeve. Elexis looked around Reeve’s office. “This is quite the building you guys have here.” Reeve nodded. “I have always thought of it as a modern marvel of architecture. I am sure SinTEK’s headquarters weren’t too shabby.” “It was nice, but nothing like this. We certainly did not have our own army.” Elexis chuckled to herself and said under her breath “At least not an official one.” “As a former CEO, are you sure you will be comfortable in a role that will expect you to answer to someone else?” Reeve questioned. “At SinTEK I always felt pressure to answer to the narrow minded mainstream science community. I relish the opportunity to be rid of that. I know my place.” Elexis uncrossed and then crossed her legs again in a suggestive manner. “And I am always willing to put in the work.” “Professor Hojo has some pretty big shoes to fill,” said Reeve. Elexis scoffed. “From what I have seen of his work, I would say he is a third rate scientist cribbing off the work of his predecessor. A man who foolishly looked at the past to improve the present. I am all about the future and our evolution, I am a visionary!” Reeve glanced back at the pictures of monsters on his desk. “If that is the future you are envisioning then I’d much rather live in the past.” Elexis stood back up, her plastic smile was quickly fading. “People fear what they do not understand, they always have. I look forward to showing you just how misguided that fear is.” Elexis exited Reeve’s office and he was left alone one once again to focus on his work. Not even an hour later, Reeve was interrupted a third time. This time it was his secretary’s voice over his phone. “Someone is here to see you, sir,” she announced. “Tell them I have left for the day. I will not be distracted from this anymore, I need to come up with a good reconstruction plan for the president. His father would not listen to me, but maybe he will,” said Reeve. “It is President Rufus that is here to see you sir,” she informed. “Oh,” Reeve stammered. “Please let him in.” A moment later, Rufus entered Reeve's office in his white suit. Reeve stood up to greet him. “What can I do for you, sir?” asked Reeve. “How is the Cait Sith project coming along?” Rufus inquired. “Very well, sir. The cameras are being installed into the cat doll as we speak,” answered Reeve. “Excellent,” replied Rufus. “I can’t wait to see this thing in action. I am sure the data it collects on Cloud and his party will be well worth the time and energy put into creating it,” Rufus then segued into the real reason for his visit. “I take it you have met Elexis Sinclaire?” “Yes. She came in here earlier and introduced herself.” “What is your take on her?” Rufus asked. Reeve was shocked that Rufus was asking for his opinion on this matter. “She seems….confident.” “Yes. That was made very clear during her interview. She offers something different, something fresh. Shinra squeezed all the usefulness out of Hojo that we could. All of his greatest achievements were mostly due to Professor Gast and it was obvious to me Hojo had nothing else of value to give. Elexis Sinclaire’s ideas are intriguing at the very least. However, if I brought her on board I would have to get rid of Scarlet,” Rufus took notice of the confused expression on Reeve’s face. “It was quickly evident during their brief interactions in the hallway that these two women cannot coexist here. They are too similar. It would be a nightmare. I can already picture the factions of sad lonely Shinra employees being manipulated into taking sides in a ridiculous civil war. I can’t have that.” “So you would just get rid of Scarlet?” asked Reeve. “That is the conundrum. I want to take Shinra in a new direction, but too much of a radical change would be unwise. Shinra has always been a well oiled machine. Replacing two of the five directors simultaneously would cause some unrest within the company and could leave us vulnerable for an extended period of time. On the other hand, some chinks in the Shinra armor were just recently exposed when Cloud and his cohorts managed to infiltrate and escape the Shinra building largely unscathed. Some of that responsibility has to fall on Scarlet’s lap. As head of Weapons Development she failed to develop a weapon capable of putting Cloud down. That is inexcusable, last I checked he wasn’t Sephiroth. Does that mean she will be more motivated than ever to create the ultimate weapon? I just don’t know.” “If you are giving me permission to speak candidly sir, then I think either woman would stab you in the back given the right opportunity,” Reeve offered. Rufus laughed. “I am well aware. Scarlet may have been able to hide her ambition from my father behind her fake smile and red satin dress, but not from me. Elexis, for her part, is practically bursting with ego. But, people like this can be valuable tools as long as you know how to handle them right. Hmmm, which one do I choose?” Reeve was dumbstruck that this responsibility appeared to be thrown on him. Rufus took note of his discomfort. “Don’t get me wrong, I am not giving you final say. Just wanted to pick your brain. You are perhaps the only unbiased director I have. Heidegger has a deep seeded contempt for Scarlet and is too much of a yes man, and Palmer was so smitten when he met Elexis that I am sure he would be her doormat if she wanted him to. So, what do you think?”
  5. I just wanted to say that i love seeing more matches being thrown up on the CBUB. Of the three, I really only know Freddy Kruger but I was entertained all the same. A cool mix of Sci Fi, Comics, and Horror. Since normal teenagers can eventually take down Freddy I'm assuming a superhero and Dr. Who should be up to the challenge.
  6. A battle between two characters that started around the same time as the hot gothic/mystic girl dlc for their respective games that were later shoehorned into their franchises lol. Although I must say I think they fit into this arc rather well.
  7. GAINING AN EDGE: A MASSIVE FIGHTING GAME CROSSOVER PART LXXII After a vicious battle, Rachel slammed her fellow demon hunter, Shura, on to the castle ground. Shura remained on the ground motionless. (REF: RACHEL VS. SHURA) “I don’t want to kill you,” Rachel said with sadness. A voice arose from the skull attached to Shura’s shoulder. “Do it. End her life. You are the one that I have been looking for.” “Be quiet demon!” Rachel demanded. She lifted her war hammer and brought it down on the skull, smashing it into pieces. A red spirit arose from the skull fragments and immediately entered Rachel’s body. Rachel twitched. “What do you think you are doing?” “Possessing you, obviously. Shura was just a temporary vehicle until I could find a warrior strong enough to be my rebirth. You are that warrior,” a demonic voice answered. “Your fiend blood makes you an even better match.” Rachel's eyes turned red before returning to normal. She clenched her fist. “I have been hunting fiends and demons most of my life. You think I would be dumb enough not to develop a resistance to demonic possession after all this time.Try as you might, you will not overtake me.” “Hmmm, that puts us at an impasse as we are now bound together,” said the demon. Rachel heard Kasumi’s voice in the distance. “Rachel? Are you in here? Is everything okay?” “Kasumi is coming. She will no doubt sense you within my body and might even try to attack me,” guessed Rachel. “That is an easy problem to solve. We kill her,” the demon suggested. “No. We will not,” Rachel retorted. “I just need to get out of here until I can figure out a way to expel you from me.” Rachel escaped out through the back of the castle before Kasumi could reach her. “If you are determined to be rid of me, I know of a way,” stated the demon. “Why would I trust you?” Rachel asked. “Hear me out. If you can get Soul Edge you can extract me out and cast me into another demon body. Then we could have a proper fight to the death,” the demon explained. “No. There must be another way,” Rachel insisted. Back in the castle, Kasumi stepped over the corpses of dead fiends before coming upon the unconscious body of Shura. She looked around desperately for Rachel, but there was no trace of her. “Oh Rachel. Where have you gone? What happened to you?” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“ After having her conversation with Ryu Hayabusa, Nyotengu made her way to Italy. Once there, she descended from the sky in front of an ancient cathedral. She walked through the entrance. The cathedral appeared empty, but Nyotengu knew better. “Eliza! Eliza! I know you are here. Show yourself,” Nyotengu announced. The vampire, Eliza, strolled up from the back of the cathedral. Her expression was a mix of confusion and annoyance.’ “The tengu princess? How disappointing, I was hoping you were my afternoon snack,” she stated. “Eliza, how long has it been? Four, five hundred years,” Nyotengu said with a smile. “Six hundred,” Eliza corrected as she tried to fight through her own drowsiness. “I took a nap that ended up taking a bit longer than I anticipated.”: Nyotengu smirked. “Never have been the most energetic vampire have you?” “What do you want?” Eliza asked. “I am looking for some intel,” responded Nyotengu. “I want to know what the vampires’ plan is now that Soul Edge is resurfacing. And don’t bother trying to plead ignorance. Every ancient race in this realm knows what Soul Edge is and the power it possesses. So tell...” Nyotengu stopped mid sentence when she noticed Eliza was asleep on her feet. She scolded the vampire. “Eliza! How dare you fall asleep when I am talking to you!” Eliza opened her eyes. “I am awake. I am awake.” “As I was saying with the reemergence of Soul Edge I know that..” Nyotengu stopped again as she noticed Eliza’s head nodding in front of her. “Eliza!” “What do you want from me?” whined Eliza. “I haven’t feasted in awhile and I need the blood to keep me alert. If you were going to come all this way to lecture me you could at least have had the decency to bring me a meal. Then you would have my undivided attention.” Nyotengu stepped into Eliza’s personal space. “I am not your personal chef.” Eliza scoffed. “Whatever. What do you care what the vampires want to do with Soul Edge? If we can turn this world into a neverending buffet it won’t stop the tengu from having their fun. There would be plenty of chaos to go around.” “That’s the thing, I don’t want to turn this world into a chaotic wasteland,” said Nyotengu. Eliza lifted an eyebrow. “I quite enjoy coming to this realm as a relaxing vacation from my tengu kingdom. I get a kick out of living amongst humans from time to time and I don’t want to lose that,” Nyotengu explained. Eliza was in shock. “Wow. You really are a spoiled princess aren’t you?” “I fail to see how that’s any business of yours,” Nyotengu replied. Eliza snapped. “If you are going to try to stop the opportunity of me getting easy meals then it is my business.” “Stop being lazy, drink some coffee, and hunt for your food like most self respecting predators.” Eliza was silent for a moment before responding. “You know, I am sure your kingdom would be very interested to know that its princess is a traitor and is denying them possible free reign just to keep her personal playground all to herself.” Anger seeped into Nyotengu’s voice. “You wouldn’t dare.” Eliza had a sinister smile on her face. “If I take you down I will probably be greeted as a hero. Hmmm, I was wrong before. You did bring a meal with you.” She stepped into her fighting stance. “I’ve never tasted tengu blood before. I bet it's even better than that of a human. I bet you could sustain me for days. Maybe even cure my narcolepsy.”
  8. Yes, I'm not sure if that would give her too much of an advantage, but she is also just coming off of another fight against a highly skilled Tae Kwan Do fighter.
  9. This is amazing. For some reason I was getting "In the Mouth of Madness" vibes and I was waiting for a muppet to tear open it's own face and open a portal to a demonic demension. It also reminded me of my favorite Angel episode of all time, "Smile Time". I had considered doing some sort of crossover with the Count from Sesame Street and an actual vampire for this tournament but I couldn't think of a good set-up. I'm glad I didn't, because this was way better. I'm with Fox, this episode of Sesame Street will end up being its best case for education ever. When facing great peril, being educated will be the key to survivng. The Sesame Street characters will use what they have learned through the power of reading to literally save their world from darkness and despair.
  10. Creative choices and a great two parter connecting all these different characters from different franchises. Give me the Love Bug for the win, mostly because this feels like it could be a Buffy episode.
  11. I know if Jenet ends up with another win it will make SSJRUSS happy.
  12. GAINING AN EDGE: A MASSIVE FIGHTING GAME CROSSOVER PART LXXI Kyo Kusanagi carried a battered Chizuru Kagura in his arms. He walked next to Benimaru Nikaido in a slow stroll away from the burning remains of the Mishima mausoleum. Benimaru’s expression brightened slightly when he noticed Athena Asamiya exiting the forest and heading their way. “Athena you made it out okay,” Benimaru said with relief. (REF: ATHENA ASAMIYA VS. CHAI XIANGHUA) Athena smiled. “It was a hard fought fight, but in the end she was no match for me.” “What about the other two that came with her?” Kyo inquired. “Defeated by our new ninja allies,” Athena reported. Ryu Hayabusa and Yoshimitsu appeared from the forest and joined Athena. Benimaru glanced over at Ryu. “Thank you. Your friends really got us out of a tight jam.” (REF: MOMIJI VS. SEONG MI-NA) Ryu Hayabusa nodded, Athena turned her attention to Chizuru. “I want to know what happened to Chizuru.” “We tried to seal the ancient warriors while hiding out in a Mishima mausoleum,” explained Kyo. ‘I am still not sure what happened exactly, but we messed up. Instead of succeeding with the sealing ritual we ended up bringing a woman back from the dead.” (REF: CHIZURU KAGURA VS. KAZUMI MISHIMA) Chizuru spoke up. “Her strength is incredible. We must find her and put her down.” This new information caught the attention of Yoshimitsu. “Was the woman you fought, Kazumi Mishima?” “You know her?” “Not personally, no. I have only heard stories about her and her clan, the Hachijo Clan. The Hachijo are a clan of assassins who believe it is their responsibility to keep any over ambitious person in check who may bring ruin upon the world. They are also possessed by the Devil Gene,” Yoshimitsu explained. “She does not belong in this world. She belongs in the land of the dead,” Chizuru remarked. “I was not strong enough to fix my mistake. I am hoping one of you is.” “It was Soul Edge that brought her back. Specifically, the fragments inside Talim, Viola, and Z.W.E.I.” said Yoshimitsu. “This is exactly the kind of thing I was afraid of. None of you truly understands the power of Soul Edge and look what that ignorance has done already.” “Hey now,” Kyo protested. “Who even is this guy?” “This is Yoshimistu, leader of the Manji clan and chosen protector of Soul Edge. You should have some respect when you talk to him,” said Ryu. “He knows the warriors that fought us, and he thinks there is a better way to keep them neutralized,” Athena added. “We lost the three warriors that we had,” Benimaru admitted. (REF: YOSHIMITSU VS. RYU HAYABUSA) “Yes, Ryu told me. But, we still have the one that I fought and the two that assaulted Ryo. They are currently bound together back in the forest,” Athena stated. “Speaking of Ryo, where is he?” Kyo wondered. “Is he not with you?” Confusion spread across Athena’s face. “I thought he was with you.” “He insisted on staying behind when we were attacked in the forest. That girl, Maki, volunteered to stay with him to keep him safe,” said Benimaru. “Neither Momiji or Kasumi mentioned them.” Ryu briefly turned around to face the forest behind them. “My guess is she took him away during the fight to try and keep him safe.” “Where would they go? The only way they could go would be back to the village…” Athena gasped and placed a hand over her mouth. “I hope they didn’t go back to find me and I missed them.” “I remember passing by a hospital while we were staying in the village. That must be their destination,” Kyo reasoned. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ryo Sazaki, Maki Genryusai, and Kim Kaphwan walked toward the village hospital. Ryo leaned on Kim for support and could feel it every time the Tae Kwan Do expert turned his head to look behind them. “You are really worried about her, aren’t you?” Ryo asked. (REF: LUONG VS. JURI HAN) “That woman you were with? What is she, like your girlfriend?” Maki wondered. Ryo chuckled. “Only if he is willing to fight his master for her.” “That’s not funny,” Kim insisted. “It’s nothing like that at all. Luong is highly skilled, it’s just that,,,, Juri Han is extremely dangerous and I don’t know if Luong is skilled enough to defeat her.” “If you are so concerned you should go back,” Maki suggested. Kim was strong in his resolve. “No. We must get Ryo the help he needs and I must find Athena. She invited me here for a reason.” (REF: BAEK DOO SAN VS. KIM KAPHWAN) “I can see the hospital from here. I can take Ryo the rest of the way. I’ve dragged him around everywhere else lately. Go and make sure your friend is okay,” said Maki. “Are you sure?” “Yes. We will be fine,” Ryo answered. “If we see Athena, we will let her know that you are here.” Ryo limped over and grabbed Maki for support to walk the rest of the way. “I shall return once I have verified the villain’s defeat,” Kim announced. He then took his leave of Maki and Ryo. Maki rolled her eyes. “Does he always talk like that?” “Yeah, pretty much,” Ryo replied. “It was nice to have a break from being your crutch for a while,” Maki stated. “I can’t wait to unload you on some nurses the moment we enter that door.” Ryo smiled. “You have been more than gracious.” Kim found Juri Han and Luong fighting in the same area where they had left them. Kim’s worst fears were realized when he saw the horrible condition Luong was in. She was also currently in a precarious position. Juri had dug her right heel into Luong’s back and lifted her into the air. She then pulled back Luong’s head so their faces were close enough to kiss. Juri giggled. “You have been a good time, but I’m putting an end to this. I can’t let Bison’s trail get cold.” Juri then slammed Luong back on to the ground with thunderous velocity. “Juri Han! Repent for your evil crimes. I will teach you the virtues of justice,” Kim announced. Juri scoffed. “Oh, it’s the boyfriend.” “I am not her boyfriend,” Kim declared. “I was simply trying to show her the purpose one can find when they stand for justice.” Wow, you are stiff, no wonder you’re single,” stated Juri. “Enough of this. I am here to hold you accountable for what you did to Luong and for all of your wickedness. You have perverted the noble art of Tae Kwon Do and I will show you the error of your ways,” said Kim. Juri licked her lips. “I guess Bison will have to wait a little longer.”
  13. A fantastic entry, Rakai. I am going with Athena for the upset. I think she can use some telekinesis and maybe even some telepathy to throw Leonardo off his game just enough to get a victory and make the turtles realize exactly what they are up against. Good luck to you in the events going on in your life.
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