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  1. I thought I was pretty solid on my 90s cartoon knowledge, but I definitely missed Pirates of the Dark Water, even though for some reason Bloth looks familiar to me. From the clips I have seen it looks like Tula can hold her own in hand to hand combat long enough to use her ecomancy abilities. Nice pull on characters.
  2. Oh, I like this fight. I was going with Sinister because his experimentation seems to cover a broader spectrum than Gero. Although, I can't recall him creating anything as strong as Androids 16,17,18. Then again, it's not like Gero ever actually had control over them. I think I'm landing on Sinister.
  3. A very belated congratulations, DSkillz.
  4. I have faith in Widow although I do remain largely ignorant on Cybermen other than the light research I did when they stated popping up regularly in matches. I think it could be a good comic, but in the end Natasha will find a way.
  5. Damn I've missed a lot lately, including this intriguing matchup. Well done as usual, RakaiThwei, but on the plus side of me missing this match is that I would have gone with Jubei. So, you avoided another tie thankfully.
  6. GAINING AN EDGE: A MASSIVE FIGHTING GAME CROSSOVER PART 158 Kazuya Mishima returned inside the G-Corporation building after dropping Terry Bogard from the rooftop. (REF: BRUCE IRVIN VS. CRIMSON VIPER) A G-Corporation employee was waiting for him with a new jacket to replace the drenched one from the storm outside that he was currently wearing. As Kazuya pulled the new jacket over his arms, he asked his subordinate, “Have any of the other interlopers entered the building yet?” “No sir. They are not even outside the front door anymore,” the employee answered. “Did they not receive my invitation to the next challenger?” asked Kazuya, referring to Terry’s broken body. “Yes, but they apparently have other plans.” (REF: SIEGFRIED VS. GILL) Kazuya clenched his teeth. “Cowards!” The G-Corporation began to walk away with Kazuya’s wet clothes when the CEO stopped him with a request. “Get a unit to follow them and keep an eye on their activities. I want updates on where they are going and what they are doing.” “Yes sir.” A voice shouted from outside the office. “Heya! I got a surprise for you boss man!” The mercenary, Angel, stepped inside Kazuya’s office with the ancient warrior, Ivy Valentine, dangled across her shoulder. (REF: BLUE MARY VS. CASSANDRA ALEXANDRA) A few scientists followed in behind her. “The eggheads already wanted to dissect her but I wanted to show you first,” Angel explained. “She possesses shards of Soul Edge?” Kazuya inquired. “Yes,” confirmed one of the scientists. “Excellent. Extract them from her immediately and give me a detailed analysis of their power. We have already fallen behind Jin and Bison in this race,” Kazuya commanded. Angel handed Ivy over to the two scientists and couldn’t resist commenting on her defeated opponent’s appearance one more time. “Did you get a chance to check out her outfit, Kazuya? I didn’t know ancient women were working with that kind of confidence. You almost have to admire it. Although of course, she is still nowhere near as hot as me.” Kazuya was not interested in this conversation and turned his attention toward some security cameras near his desk. “Did you see those other fighters that were outside our building?” he asked. Angel shook her head no. “What about Bruce Irvin? Have you run into him or heard anything from him?” Kazuya wondered. Angel again shook her head no. Kazuya sighed. “He is supposed to be out on assignment for me, but I have not heard back from him.” Angel balled up her left hand into a fist and hit the palm of her right glove. “Do you need me to pick up his slack?” “No. Right now you are the only one I can depend on. I want you here with me,” Kazuya replied. Kazuya returned his eyes back to the silver haired former NESTS agent. “You are being promoted to my right hand.” “Cool. What’s first?” asked Angel. “First I want you to tell me all that you encountered when you confronted that woman.” Angel began to detail everything she saw at the tragedy stricken village to Kazuya including the large number of dead Tekken Force soldiers and even a few dead Shadoloo Dolls. (REF: CAMMY WHITE VS. LEONA HEIDERN) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kilik placed his Kala-Yuga staff in front of himself to shield himself from a jumping twirling kick from his attacker, Ash Crimson. (REF: KILIK VS. ASH CRIMSON) He successfully blocked the attack, but the force of the strike still sent Kilik back a couple of steps. Ash continued on offense and lunged at Kilik who attempted to counter his advance by sweeping the Kala-Yuga in a upwards 180 angle to knock Ash into the air. Ash took note of this, left his feet, balanced himself on Kilik’s staff for a moment and did a backwards flip, aided by Kilik’s momentum to return to a safe distance away from the warrior. Kilik grunted in frustration. Ash was much quicker then he had initially let on. Despite going back and forth for several minutes, Kilik was not getting any closer to putting down the fabulously attired fighter. As soon as Ash noticed Kilik’s expression, he let out a chuckle. And there it was, the arrogant demeanor that was driving Kilik crazy. Everything Ash did, from his expressions, to his moves, to the way he appeared to be lazily approaching the fight projected a certain amount of confidence and arrogance that got under Kilik’s skin. Even though he knew that was the point. Kilik had never come across a fighter like Ash Crimson in his centuries worth of fighting, but he knew exactly what the young blonde fighter was doing. But despite his best efforts to remain focused, Kilik found himself being baited into anger by Ash’s cocky smile and dismissive laugh. Ash’s moves may appear nonchalant, but they were very calculated and precise. But still, Kilik rushed into smack the smug expression off Ash’s face. Ash welcomed Kilik’s advance by casually flinging two crescent shaped projectiles of green flame at the proud warrior. Kilik knocked each one away with the Kali-Yuga. Ash pounced on this opening with his trademark aerial somersault flip kicks, the Nivose. The second one struck Kilik twice and engulfed the warrior in green flame. The technique knocked Kilik to the ground and caused him to momentarily drop his staff. Kilik attempted a quick recovery and bent over to pick up his weapon, when suddenly Ash appeared behind him and phased his hand through Kilik’s back. Kilik was worried his opponent may actually try to grab his heart with this terrifying technique. But, just as quickly as he reached into Kilik’s body, Ash pulled his hand back out. He held the shards of Soul Edge once embedded inside Kilik in his palm and smirked at the sight of them. The mix of pain and shock from what Ash had just done brought Kilik down to one knee. “How?” he muttered. Ash lifted an eyebrow. “Wouldn’t you like to know.” Ash shot green flames out of his fingertips that once again engulfed Kilik’s body. This time however Kilik remained covered in green flames for several seconds. Ash blew one final green flame projectile at Kilik like a kiss and Kilik exploded in green energy, flew back, and then the Edge Master’s apprentice fell down to the ground beaten and unconscious. Ash turned his attention to the shards of Soul Edge in his hands. “So this is what everyone is so obsessed over,” he remarked. Ash could feel the shards instantly influencing his mind and he quickly dropped them. “Fascinating.” Ash ripped off some cloth from his free flowing outfit and swaddled the shards in it before placing them in his pocket. He walked leisurely over to pick up his prize and the reason for confronting Kilik, the Kala-Yuga staff. Ash twirled the staff in his hand for a few moments before disappearing into the forest. Half a mile away, a malevolent force was making its way toward Ash Crimson at a rapid speed. It was the ancient Aztec entity, Necalli. The consumer of souls had his previous planned meal of the souls of Chris and Yashiro Nanakase be interrupted by the vengeful spirit, Basara. (REF: BASARA VS. NECALLI) Necalli was able to dispose of the interruption, but both Chris and Yashiro escaped during the fight. Angered, Necalli decided to consume Basara, despite never ingesting a spirit before. Once the vengeful spirit became a part of Necalli, it only fueled his rage. On his way to track down the two fighters that escaped, Necalli was deterred by the presence of another target. This target, like Chris and Yashiro, had escaped from the mysterious Verse entity when it was destroyed. It was Ash Crimson. A small collection of mud took the shape of Necalli right in front of Ash. Although it was a surprise to Ash, his facial expression showed more bemusement than fright. “What do we have here?” “I have come here to devour...our..our your soul!” Necalli announced. “Hmph, I don’t think so, mud man,” stated Ash. Necalli’s eyes widened. “Your soul has already been…. tarnished by…. What is that I am sensing?!?” “My soul is just fine,” Ash countered. “And what you are sensing is mine and I don’t plan on sharing.” Necalli growled. “I must….. Know this….” Necalli began with haste, his attack on Ash.
  7. Yeah, I agree. Of all the potential dbz/marvel crossovers this one is probably one of the better fits especially considering buu's ties to wizards Bibidi and Babidi Pretty much. I don't know if Strange could kill Buu but he certainly could concoct a proper cocoon for him and trick him into getting inside.
  8. Really well done matchup Boratz. I am going with Daredevil for the simple reason that normal humans have at least temporarily stopped Michael before.
  9. Great Donatello fight, Rakai. As for the now, pulling in Samurai Shodown characters, very nice, and as stated a tie in to KOF through KOF XIV. An intriguing mix of Shodown characters to make up the team as well. Yagyu and Galford are not obvious choices and I am glad they will get matches, Not sure which direction to go, will try to make a decision soon. At the very least I had to comment and rate a well put together match.
  10. Although the 2012 turtles have been beaten soundly by their Mirage counterparts, you have made the matches very entertaining and I do recognize the tension of having to confront an exaggerated version of yourself. That being said, leave it to the Donatellos to get into what is really going on here. As stated in the previous match, I am looking forward to what is next, and also appreciating the work you are puting into these mirror matches.
  11. Here is both competitors in action. Inigo Montoya versus Wesley and Count Rugen and Oberyn versus the Mountain
  12. Good matchup, Boratz. Judging by just the movies which is my only exposure to Boba Fett, I am going with Bullseye. He just seems more dangerous with more creative ways to kill.
  13. I'm largely unfamiliar with both characters and the cursory research I did didn't make me super confident either way so I am going with White Fox for narrative purposes, Nice Job.
  14. Lieutenant Commander, Deanna Troi, counselor for the USS Enterprise-D, sat up and massaged her head. She looked around at her surroundings and took note that she was inside a black cell in a warehouse. She thought over how she had gotten herself into this situation. Several days prior, the Enterprise flew by a planet that looked alot like Earth. The appearance of the planet caught everyone’s attention, but Captain Picard thought it best to stay clear of the world. His past experiences had made him wary of exploring this seemingly familiar terrain. He received almost no pushback, except from Deanna, herself. Deanna couldn’t put it into words, but she felt a connection to someone or something on the planet like she had never felt before. Her empathic abilities were spiking like never before and she was overcome with a wide array of emotions like anger, distrust, regret, sadness, and betrayal. Deanna felt a need to explore this connection and the source of these emotions and all signs pointed to the planet. Deanna, with William Riker’s help, successfully lobbied Picard into allowing her and Riker permission to explore the planet for a brief time. If they were unable to locate what Deanna was looking for in a short amount of time they were to return to the ship. Once they beamed down to the familiar appearing planet, Deanna’s empathic link felt even stronger. Whatever was the source was not far away. Unfortunately for the duo, they did not get a chance to explore before they were attacked. Deanna didn’t even get a chance to get a good look at the mystery attacker before she was knocked unconscious. As she sat now in her cell, Deanna continued to feel the strong presence of the empathic link. She must not have been taken far from where they arrived. Deanna heard growling in the distance and a pair of glowing red eyes glared at her as a shadowy figure approached her cell. Deanna felt it instantly as the figure stepped into the light, it was a blue female gargoyle, and it was the source of the connection. “Who are you, human?” the gargoyle demanded. “My name is Deanna Troi of the USS Enterprise. I came here because I felt a link to something, to you. Surely you must feel it too,” Deanna responded. “Of course I can feel it! I am very familiar with mystical connections to humans. Although I don’t recall making an eternal oath with the likes of you,” said Demona referring to the magic binding her fate to that of the ageless Scottish king, MacBeth. “I am not fully human,” Deanna corrected. I am half-human and half-Betazoid.” This identification confused Demona. “Does that make you one of Oberon’s children?” “I don’t know who Oberon is, but I can tell you I am not his child,” answered Deanna. Demona was frustrated and that frustration quickly escalated into rage. She aggressively grabbed the bars of Deanna’s cell. “What manner of sorcery has given you my voice?” The spike in anger hit Deanna hard and she gasped. She had noticed the familiarity in their voices as well as soon as Demona had started talking. “I don’t know,” she said softly. “I don’t have any answers right now. That is why I came.” “Surely this is Puck’s doing. That conniving little prankster!” Demona declared. “What is your name?” asked Deanna. “Demona.” “What are you going to do with me, Demona?” Demona exhaled loudly. “I haven’t decided yet. I want to understand why you have come here and why you are connected to me first. Otherwise I would have left you for dead by the bay.” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First Officer, William Riker, woke up with a thunderous headache near the Hudson Bay. The last thing he could remember was Deanna shouting at him to look out behind him and an almost monstrous screech. Now, Deanna was missing and Riker became very concerned. “Deanna! Deanna! Deanna, where are you? Imzadi!” No one answered his calls. Riker looked all around and continued to be amazed at how his surroundings reminded him of the New York he had seen in history texts. He wondered if this was in fact New York City and if the Enterprise had somehow entered a time vortex. Maybe Picard was right in wanting to avoid this place. Riker attempted to contact his commanding officer, but it soon became clear that his communicator was down. It must have been damaged in the assault. Fortunately for the Enterprise second in command, it appeared that the tracker on Deanna was still functioning as he went to it to discern her location. He followed the tracker to an old, empty warehouse. Riker’s plan was to find and rescue Deanna and then use her communicator to contact the Enterprise. It was clear to him they would need a better plan if they wanted to continue to explore this planet. He readied his phaser gun and entered the warehouse. Inside the warehouse, Demona noticed him on her security cameras. “So the boyfriend has already found you, that was quick,” Demona remarked. “Clearly I was too merciful at the dock.” “Why do you hate us so?” wondered Deanna. “You don’t even know us.” “I don’t need to know all humans to know they are all the same. I also know a scheme when I see one. I may have not figured out this one yet, but I will,” declared Demona. Demona displayed her claws. “Does your boy toy have the answers I need? Or maybe cutting him into pieces will make you more talkative about what is really going on here.” Riker’s voice then echoed through the warehouse. “Hello. My name is William Riker of the USS Enterprise and I mean you no harm. I have simply come for my companion.” Demona scowled. “I know that voice.” The gargoyle quickly glided downward to confront the familiar voice of her sometimes ally, sometimes enemy, David Xanatos. “Xanatos!” Demona shouted. “So you are the one behind all this weirdness. What is your game here and how did you alter your appearance? Was it Puck?” The sight of the angry gargoyle, mixed in with the bizarre accusations and the fact that the voice was that of his beloved completely threw Riker for a loop. He did not even know how to respond. His silence only further infuriated Demona. “Answer me!” “I don’t know what you are talking about.” Demona briefly considered the possibility that she was going crazy hearing these voices that she knew from unfamiliar places. But she did not want to entertain that possibility for more than a second and channeled all that confusion into her rage. Someone was playing a trick on her and they were going to pay. All of them. “If you want to play coy with me then I will tear that mask off your face, Xanatos!” she threatened. William Riker readied himself for the incoming attack.
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