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  1. Skeletor vs. Loki Continued from He-Man vs. Thor. Eternia. After a close battle between two of the Universes most respected champions Thor has regained the Tesseract back in his own possession. While He-man lays motionless in front of Castle Grayskull, Thor begins looking for Loki. Back at The Royal Palace of Eternia. Loki has managed to escape the imprisonment that King Randor subdued. He has become furious that the Tesseract has been taken from his control and quickly begins looking for it. He walks into the thrown room to get even with the King and Queen. Unknown by He-man his parents are in grave danger at the hands of Loki. Loki: Puny Eternians. Weak and pathetic. Blind to the power of Asgards most powerful sorcerer. Now I shall imprison you the same you attempted to do to me. He then surrounds King Randor and Queen Marlena with a powerful force field. Suddenly Teela enters the throne room only to be tricked by a clone of Loki as she is lured into one of Loki's impenetrable force fields as well. Loki: Now, tell me where the Tesseract is and I will be on my way. King Randor: The orb? What is its power? What does the side of evil want from it? Skeletor has sent you. Loki: It holds all-power you fool. You have ruined my chance to escape Asgard and reshape reality to my liking. You have ruined my opportunity. Give me a reason why I shouldn't have you killed. And this Skeletor is no ally of mine. I have no intention siding with anyone from these parts. I work alone old man. Queen Marlena: Our son has the Tesseract. He has taken it to General Duncan to find its worth. He should be in the palace. Find the Tesseract and be gone sorcerer. Loki: Gladly! Loki then walks out of the throne room in search for Prince Adam (He-man) but finds that his search is a road to nowhere. Instead he finds General Duncan and threatens to kill him unless he tells him where to find Prince Adam and the Tesseract. Loki: General Duncan I presume? General Duncan: How did you esca... Loki then grabs Duncan by the throat and brings him to his knees. Loki: Bow to me Eternian and tell me where to find the Tesseract. General Duncan: Castle Grayskull, Prince Adam has went to see the orbs worth amongst our land. You will find it their. Loki then throws him to the ground and walks out of the palace. As Loki finds the whereabouts of Castle Grayskull he sees Skeletor standing at the opening. Skeletor: So you must be the holder of the ever-powerful orb which my servants have spoke about. I will pry the Cosmic Orb from your hands and use it to once and for all become the true master of the universe. Loki: You Eternians just don't listen much. I am known as Loki and the Tesseract you are talking about belongs to me and me only. Unfortunately I do not have it as of now. And you looking for it while i am will not go over so well. Skeletor: Me, an Eternian? Haha. You have much to learn around these parts if you have not been properly introduced. I am Skeletor! Sorcerer Supreme. Loki: Sorcerer you say? Asgard has no better Sorcerer than I. Skeletor: You are not in Asgard anymore. Now you will bow to the power of SKELETOR! Loki: Loki bows to no one. Sorcerer vs. Sorcerer Skeletor's Havoc Staff vs. Loki's Sceptre
  2. oh wow I just now realized I spelled aloud instead of allowed. That's awesome! Lol
  3. no I'm just really excited I actually made this story. I think its awesome. For me anyways. Let me know what you think...
  4. well I changed the setup again. Don't worry everything has stayed the same just a way better setup. If I don't get an A I'm gonna be pissed lol. I worked hard on it.
  5. All out battle. Anything goes besides gauntlet and cube. Final decision...
  6. I want it to be the most epic battle these two have ever had on here. Should devices be aloud or should it just be mono-e-mono? I need help figuring this out. I think devices will be interesting considering both have their own arsenal of things to use but I don't want it to be mismatched. I'm trying to level out the competitors to a "T"
  7. Ok ok, devices are allowed now. I see the fight will be more interesting with devices being allowed. Cosmic cube will still not be allowed though nor can the gauntlet be used. Back to the agony matrix comment. Can thanos withstand its power? I see this battle going on for days...
  8. I know it's frowned upon to comment on your own matches. The time is winding down until doomsday and I want to know who wins this dispute once and for all. Darkseids home court advantage is a factor in this and I believe he has the firepower and enough strategy to get the job done. His drive to become the ruler of all living things has never been greater after this deal for the IG was made. Thanos pry just thinks it's another steady victory while Darkseid realizes if he wins it is a milestone in his existence. Darkseid will stop at nothing to defend his perpetual burning planet as well. Darkseid Ftw and he lives happily ever after, never to be called a jobber to Supes ever again. All hail to the almighty and powerful Darkseid, which is now seen wearing the omnipotent Infinity Gauntlet. Does this make me a Darkseid fanboy?
  9. I will miss the ferret that is electric. Much love to everyone who has been a part of this awesome, unforgettable website!

  10. they are not aloud. The original plan was for the gems to be useless in combat until a winner is declared. The Spectre and Living Tribunal will hold the IG for the time being and reward the winner the glove themselves. I'll add that to the storyline. Good call dskillz. Btw how is the setup everyone?
  11. wolvie stomps. His adamantium, speed, agility, and enhanced senses are just too much for the dream warrior to handle. Freddy gets shredded to pieces in mere seconds in the real world. Check out Thanos vs. Darkseid. Let me know what you think.
  12. How will a police car come in handy in an abandoned warehouse or the jet pack or the pat-wagon or hoverboard? I just noticed your setup makes no sense. I see this going one simple way. The warehouse will be torn to the ground with all the firepower you mentioned. This rumble = stalemate or scratch unless you switch the setup a little bit.
  13. Both have prep now. Technically, it may come down to who's army is left standing in the end while their still duking it out. This comes down to every aspect of the two fighters. This should be the battle to end the dispute between who deserves the gold. And btw the agony matrix is not allowed. No devices! -What lengths will they go to, to fulfill their destinies? -Who has the better leadership skills? -Who has more willpower?
  14. Which version of dredd will this be btw? Technically I don't see it mattering much. Robo ftw. The jet pack and his firearms are enough to get the job done. Robos weakness is his speed, fortunately he had the jet pack.
  15. Uh cartoon versions of both. Thor is from Avengers: Earths mightiest heroes and He-man is from the 2002 cartoon series.
  16. Darkseid vs. Thanos: The Final Dispute Setting. Takes place after JLA/Avengers issue #4 >The Worlds Greatest Superheroes are once again defending Earth against the evil, Lord of Apokolips, Darkseid and his Parademon armies. Superman is being punched by Darkseid, while Batman is swinging from a building with his grapple gun throwing Batarangs at Parademons. Green Lantern is seen carrying innocent civilians in a force field created by his ring. Wonder Woman has just punched a Parademon sending it flying backwards and is lassoing another one< Batman (pointing): Green Arrow, Superman is down. Those civilians are in danger. Darkseid is heading straight for them. >Green Arrow then quickly shoots a concussive arrow at Darkseid and drops him to the ground, but suddenly a Parademon swings knocking him back off his feet< Green Lantern: I can't hold off much longer. We need to get these families to safety. Flash let's see what you can do! Flash: Alright. It looks like it's my t--- >The Flash takes off but is stopped by a blast of energy from a Parademon firearm. >Switch to Plastic Man and Aquaman< Plastic Man: Aquaman jump in. We will show these things what we're made of. >Plastic Man has created a sling shot out of his arm while Aquaman is seen flying through the air hitting Parademons left and right taking them to the ground. You then see Darkseid stand up as his eyes light up bright red. >Superman then stands up from a pile of rubble in the street< Superman: The Omega Effect! Stay Clear Justice League. Move those by-standers out of the way! >Superman then grabs up a few people while the rest of the JLA do the same. Darkseid then sees Martian Manhunter flying in from a distance and fires his beams but misses as Manhunter dodges them. Out of nowhere Superman uses his Heat Vision catching Darkseid off guard and then flies from behind him knocking him to the ground once again. Darkseid: You have bested me today, but you have not seen the last of me Justice League. >He vanishes from the help of a boomtube as his armies follow behind him. You then see the people in the streets cheer loudly for the heroes as the heroes make sure everyone is ok< Batman: Another job well done Justice League. Darkseid has been bested once again. Superman: You too Batman. Is everyone ok? Green Arrow: Never been better Superman. Martian Manhunter: That was a close one. I was almost hit by the Omega Effect. Plastic Man: Well, you live to fight another day Martian Manhunter. Job well done. >Switch to the Marvel Universe< >The Earths Mightiest Superheroes are battling against Thanos and his army of Chitauri. Thor is being hit by a burst of cosmic energy by Thanos, sending him flying against a building. Captain America is throwing his shield at The Chitauri, taking them down one by one. Iron Man is lifting a car that has people trapped underneath it, while Hawkeye is hitting the Chitauri with pinpoint accuracy with arrows. The Hulk is smashing Chitauri armies left and right while also defending people from harm that are in an abandoned building. Quicksilver: Thor has been hit. I'm going to give Thanos a taste of his own medicine. Vision, watch my back while I go in. >Quicksilver then takes off to head towards Thanos. As he approaches Thanos he goes for his leg and drops him to the ground with great impact< Iron Man: Rogers, what does the top of those buildings look like up there? Can you see anyone? Captain America: The buildings are going to come down any minute. It's your go Stark. Get those people out of there. Iron Man: Will do. See you around spangled boy. Captain America: Very funny! >Suddenly Thanos stands back up as Vision uses his solar projection to fire at Thanos but misses. Thor then stands back up as he throws his hammer knocking down more Chitauri, while Yellowjacket uses his bio-energy gun to temporarily stun Thanos. Thor then flies into action hitting Thanos right across the face with Mjolnir sending him flying back against a car< Thor: Take that Titan! Hawkeye: That's how it's done. >As he shoots another arrow blowing up a group of Chitauri, while The Hulk is still smashing the enemy< Hulk: Hulk Smash! Thanos: Pathetic Avengers! You will pay for this, but for now I must go attend to more important things. >He then hops on a Chitauri hover-bike and heads for the open portal while his army follows behind. Captain America: We saved the day once again from Thanos and his schemes. Good job Avengers! Iron Man: I had to do all the hard work. Captain America: Yeah yeah, whatever Stark. Thor: Check and make sure all the civilians are ok. Good job Hulk. Way to smash. >Hulk then nods his head< >Back in the DC Universe< Desaad (Bowing to Darkseid): Did you win my lord? Darkseid (throwing a Parademon against the wall): Pathetic Parademons. You are of no use to me. Be gone! Desaad: I take that as a no my lord? >Darkseid's eyes then light up red as he quickly turns towards Desaad< Darkseid: Do not tempt me! >They then begin talking about the Infinity Gauntlet which was recovered shortly after the feud between the Brothers< Desaad: I am sorry Lord Darkseid. Pease forgive me! The glove (The Infinity Gauntlet) seems to be useless amongst our universe. What shall we do with it? Darkseid: If it is no use then get rid of it. I have more important things to do with my time. I have yet to figure out the Anti-Life Equation. With the knowledge of the equation the Justice League are as good as defeated. (He grins) >Desaad ends up putting the glove away in an old chest that is sitting in the throne room< >At the Marvel Universe the same thing is happening with The Other and Thanos< Thanos: If I would have had the Infinity Gauntlet the Avengers would be no more and Earth would be rightfully mine. I must find the Gauntlet and win over the favor of Mistress Death. The Other: How do we begin looking for the gems my lord? What shall we do? Thanos: There is only one team that knows where I can find the gauntlet. I'm sure they have taken it knowing its extraordinary abilities. We will plan an attack on the Avengers soon enough. As for now I have other business to deal with. >It just so happens The Living Tribunal and The Spectre are looking on as both tyrants suffer from their loss's. The Tribunal and Spectre both have noticed an imbalance in there universes with the Gauntlet being switched from universe to universe. The two omnipotent beings open a portal to wager a bet amongst each other< The Living Tribunal: I come to you to propose a deal. With the Infinity Gauntlet switched our universes seem to be suffering from a great imbalance. With the deal of a war we will both have the opportunity to regain back the balance. The Spectre: What is your deal Tribunal? Is it the 6 gems you seek? Darkseid has possession of them. The only way to rightfully get them back is to wage war against his planet of Apokolips and take it by physical force. The Living Tribunal: Exactly what I had in mind. Thanos has been seeking to regain back the Gauntlet but has not known its whereabouts. He has tried several times to conquer Earth and win back the favor of Mistress Death. Without the Gauntlet his dreams are useless. I shall offer to fill his destiny if you offer to fill Darkseid's. The Spectre: Darkseid has spent almost an eternity trying to figure out the Anti-Life Equation. With the help from the gems I see him no longer having any trouble to do so. So do we have an agreement? The Living Tribunal: Yes! An agreement amongst universes that will go down as the greatest battle of all time. >Both respected beings shake on the deal as a spiraling burst of energy fills the galaxy< >Meanwhile in the Marvel Universe The Living Tribunal has teleported Thanos to his location to make him aware of the agreement< Thanos: What have you called me here for oh powerful one? The Living Tribunal: To make a deal with you! Thanos: Go on... The Living Tribunal: The Infinity Gauntlet has been found. It is in the possession of another being in a different universe. The only way to get it back is to attack his home planet of Apokolips. But beware, for it will be no easy task. The evil Darkseid is a major threat to his universe and should not be taken lightly. He has long been seeking to take over Earth the same as you have but his attempts have proven to be no good. You will assemble an army and attack when necessary. Thanos: So what is in it for me besides getting the gems back? The Living Tribunal: Ah, I thought you would never ask. If you win and bring the gauntlet back you will be rewarded not only the full power of the gems but also the unconditional love of Mistress Death. >Thanos then bows immediately< Thanos: You are able to grant such a wish? The Living Tribunal: I am. And good luck to you Titan. Make our universe proud! Thanos: The planet of Apokolips is as good as mine (as he yells out in extreme rage) >Meanwhile in the DC universe The Spectre has transported Darkseid to his location in the galaxy< Darkseid: Why have you brought me here Hal Jordan. I have no quarrel with you! Nor have I done anything to deserve punishment. Vanish me at once. The Spectre: Patience Darkseid. Patience! I have brought you here to make a deal. Darkseid: A deal? What kind of deal? The Spectre: The Infinity Gauntlet glove you have been holding onto is wanted back by another universe. Its power cannot be matched by many. Darkseid: It is useless in our universe. What do I want with it? The Spectre: Hear my deal Darkseid for which is why I have brought you. If you defeat the opposing army of the other universe I shall grant you 2 wishes. You will have full knowledge of the Anti-Life Equation, and full power over the 6 gems. All the gems have their own capabilities. You will have full control over soul, time, space, mind, reality, and power. Whoever holds the six gems in the Infinity Gauntlet gains omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, and has absolute dominion over all realities. Originally the gems cannot be used in any different universe of which they originated but a deal has been waged that the winner is declared full power within their universe. Darkseid: You have the power to grant me this wish? The Spectre: I do. Do we have an agreement? >Darkseid immediately bows and agrees< The Spectre: You will now defend Apokolips against the one they call Thanos, the Mad Titan. Darkseid: So be it! I am Darkseid, The Lord of Apokolips, and my home planet will not fall. (As he shouts) >Both villains assemble their armies. Darkseid is using Parademons for his army while Thanos is using The Chitauri for his. While examining his slave pits, Darkseids attention is drawn to the skies to see groups of spaceships attacking Apokolips, unleashing bursts of explosives. The battle is on!!! Darkseid then transports himself to his fortress and surveys the attack quickly finding that Thanos' battleship known as the Santuary II has arrived. Apokolips is being hit with powerful energy-blasts, destroying Darkseids defenses with extraordinary accuracy. Darkseid immediately orders a counterattack as his armies swarm into the sky for battle. The enemy mothership lands as Thanos exits. Darkseid: You come to Apokolips to destroy my armies in attempt to regain the Infinity Gauntlet and strip away my dream of solving the Anti-Life Equation? Victory belongs to me...I am Darkseid, Lord of Apokolips! If you have come for a battle, a battle you will receive. Prepare to die! His eyes turn a bright red as he clinches both fists. Thanos: You and your pathetic planet will be no more. The Infinity Gauntlet rightfully belongs to me. I have traveled way too far to be beaten. If you wish death upon me then so be it. (He grins) Now feel the power of the Mad Titan, Thanos! Thanos grits his teeth as his fists engulf in cosmic energy. Both tyrants charge furiously at one another.
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