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  1. Skeletor vs. Loki Continued from He-Man vs. Thor. Eternia. After a close battle between two of the Universes most respected champions Thor has regained the Tesseract back in his own possession. While He-man lays motionless in front of Castle Grayskull, Thor begins looking for Loki. Back at The Royal Palace of Eternia. Loki has managed to escape the imprisonment that King Randor subdued. He has become furious that the Tesseract has been taken from his control and quickly begins looking for it. He walks into the thrown room to get even with the King and Queen. Unknown by He-man his
  2. oh wow I just now realized I spelled aloud instead of allowed. That's awesome! Lol
  3. no I'm just really excited I actually made this story. I think its awesome. For me anyways. Let me know what you think...
  4. well I changed the setup again. Don't worry everything has stayed the same just a way better setup. If I don't get an A I'm gonna be pissed lol. I worked hard on it.
  5. All out battle. Anything goes besides gauntlet and cube. Final decision...
  6. I want it to be the most epic battle these two have ever had on here. Should devices be aloud or should it just be mono-e-mono? I need help figuring this out. I think devices will be interesting considering both have their own arsenal of things to use but I don't want it to be mismatched. I'm trying to level out the competitors to a "T"
  7. Ok ok, devices are allowed now. I see the fight will be more interesting with devices being allowed. Cosmic cube will still not be allowed though nor can the gauntlet be used. Back to the agony matrix comment. Can thanos withstand its power? I see this battle going on for days...
  8. I know it's frowned upon to comment on your own matches. The time is winding down until doomsday and I want to know who wins this dispute once and for all. Darkseids home court advantage is a factor in this and I believe he has the firepower and enough strategy to get the job done. His drive to become the ruler of all living things has never been greater after this deal for the IG was made. Thanos pry just thinks it's another steady victory while Darkseid realizes if he wins it is a milestone in his existence. Darkseid will stop at nothing to defend his perpetual burning planet as well. Darkse
  9. I will miss the ferret that is electric. Much love to everyone who has been a part of this awesome, unforgettable website!

  10. they are not aloud. The original plan was for the gems to be useless in combat until a winner is declared. The Spectre and Living Tribunal will hold the IG for the time being and reward the winner the glove themselves. I'll add that to the storyline. Good call dskillz. Btw how is the setup everyone?
  11. wolvie stomps. His adamantium, speed, agility, and enhanced senses are just too much for the dream warrior to handle. Freddy gets shredded to pieces in mere seconds in the real world. Check out Thanos vs. Darkseid. Let me know what you think.
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