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  1. Somewhere in the multiverse: Darkseid and Thanos finally meet in battle, legions tearing into each other as entire planets are devastated. Through chance, these key generals in the army find themselves facing each other on an abandoned station in space. The battle starts immediately - no mercy will be shown.
  2. The Green has been too damaged and Swamp Thing has had enough. He vents his rage on humanity, killing scores without remorse. Ghost Rider rides to face him and bring the damage to an end.
  3. Force and magic meet for the ultimate battle of leading ladies. Scenario 1: As the midday sun rises these two are dropped in a forest on Naboo. Dangers lurk around every corner, who would survive the longest on their wits alone. Wand and light sabre available. Scenario 2: A giant arena, each are bloodlusted and see the other as their most hated enemy. Wand and light sabre available. Scenario 3: A game (e.g. chess) that they are both familiar with. Who is smartest?
  4. Any chance I can make a quick change to my team?
  5. Ooh, nice setup. Thinking that 30 may be just one to many for Widow - especially as they'll all be firing deadly blasts. They've faced operatives before and their main strength is how much they can tank, which will mean she'll have to slow down the dodging blasts when she takes one out. I can be convinced otherwise though, as Widow is up there in the top fighters.
  6. Thinking that if we take both damage output (e.g. electricity or acid), and martial skills, then Reptile just pulls ahead slightly compared to the other two. Plus his invisibility may prove very useful in allowing him to hang back whilst the two wear each other out; he's a crafty fighter.
  7. These two genius scientists have pushed their minds and bodies beyond anything imaginable, and have forsaken almost all of their humanity along the way. In a twist of fate, they both require the same unique item for their experiments and so all out war is declared. For the purpose of this fight they have equal knowledge of each other with 1 week prep.
  8. Omg, great match up, although for some reason I thought this was Gaston (Belle etc.) VS George which may be am even more interesting match. George in this case though I reckon
  9. Hmmm, tough one (mainly for me becauase I'm drawing a blank). Time lords definitely have a highly advanced fleet and prob the only one I know enough about in the slot to discuss ... but I'll keep thinking in case I get another one.
  10. I'm going for the Time Lords for the interplanetary force (just adding them to database), but wondering if that is a bit on the nose considering Daleks aren't allowed...
  11. Wow, this is both sad and amazing. Can't miss it.
  12. Wow, thanks man! Can't believe you are out though... remember that some of the scores may be removed.
  13. Thanks both for the feedback. I'll keep looking for innovative ways to present a story, but perhaps something a bit more readable next time! 😄 My other story which I started writing was Mr Bean slowly driving Ross Geller crazy; might still be one I complete at some point!
  14. Oops, should have specified that I was going for the Stargirl from the new show (one on the right below); had completely forgot that she's appeared in both Smallville and Legends! Not sure if there are big power differences between the versions (perhaps just more feats from the latest)
  15. Round 1: Comic book versions Round 2: TV Show versions:
  16. Thanks @Pizzaguy2995! I tried something a bit different so hopefully didn't make it too difficult a read. I liked the idea of the reader getting to decide who the main character is and went from there.
  17. Great entry; a fun read. Unfortunately not familiar with Morden so can't really comment on who wins.
  18. Thought I'd go with some memorable ladies from 90's sci-fi 😁. Surprised they both had an empty play record!
  19. Two of the leading ladies from the 90's sci-fi shows. The winner is whoever Subject X is; i.e. whoever the "entity" has deemed them most likely to survive. This could be based on a number of factors combined: including adaptability, cunning, intelligence and durability.
  20. Cover Page CAUTION This document has been regraded as confidential and should only be released for viewing by the specified. - Decryption Required - D.A.R.P.A/N.S.A Confidential Release Classified Memorandum for the President of the United States The "Ice Station Incident" August 01, 2021 Classified by: Multiple Sources PFTIAS Control //-90 Copies: None Declassified in part: Per Executive Order 19983.3 on August 18, 2021 Signed: File 1: Non-Verbatim Transcript of interview with [Subject X]. Date : September 25, 2021 15:34 Subject overview: Declassified details of Subject X = Female, Caucasian, age: 35. Note: Subject X is wounded and has been receiving intensive care from Ward 2. Three days ago she awoke from a coma. - Interviewer 1: So let’s start with your reason for being at the Ice Station. - Subject X: It was an investigation like any other. Something was there and [redacted] sent me to investigate because it sounded like it could link to [redacted]. - Interviewer 1: You were sent alone? - Subject X: Yes, it happens. There was so much going on, and it seemed more of a rumour than anything else but still worth a quick look. We didn’t need more people there - it was an in and out job. Or so we thought. - Interviewer 1: Can you walk me through what happened? - Subject X: Honestly I don't remember that much. - Interviewer 1: Take all the time you need. - Subject X: Can I get another coffee then? - Interviewer 1: Of course. [Interview paused 15:41 as refreshments are brought in] [Interview resumed 15:47] - Interviewer 1: So you arrived at Ice Station and what happened? - Subject X: I met with the team there. This was a research facility in the middle of Fairbanks, Alaska. It is usually manned with a bunch of scientists and the like, but it was the summer holidays and a major project had just completed so it turned out there were only three people left on site. - Interviewer 1: And one of these people had contacted you about the anomaly? - Subject X: One of the scientests had reached out to [redacted] who in turn got in touch with [redacted] which led to me being sent out. She was an old colleague and knew a bit about what we do. Freya met me and showed me around the place initially. - Interviewer 1: Anything that you can pinpoint as out of the ordinary? - Subject X: Nothing; it seemed like a normal research facility during downtime. Machines running various calculations based on inputs from the research, whirring in the background and displaying readouts on screens, and then she introduced us to the other two on site. - Interviewer 1: These were (Code Name: Horus) and (Code Name: Athena) - Subject X: Yes, that’s right. They were in the gym at the time. Horus immediately came over to say hello, Athena was on the treadmill and gave me a wave. - Interviewer 1: Again, anything unusual? - Subject X: Nothing, although Horus was staring a bit. I work with men like him quite a bit so this wasn’t something I haven’t seen before, but it was quite intense. - Interviewer 1: Can you describe it in more detail? - Subject X: (Mimics an intense stare) It was like this; he just stared at me. For a moment I thought he was doing his best not to stare at my chest, like you know some men do. His eyes slipped once or twice to my breasts when he thought I wasn't looking. - Interviewer 1: (clears throat) Please continue. - Subject X: Eventually Freya told Horus that we had to be going, and we walked over to Athena. She had stopped the treadmill and got off to say hello. (Subject X looks down sadly, and appears to be holding back tears). - Interviewer 1: I understand that this may be difficult, but please do go on. - Subject X: That’s was when I first met Athena. I could tell there was something different about her; I mean, she was obviously smart but not necessarily bookish smart, like in a scientist way. She was scoping me out just as I was doing to her. My first instict was that she may even be with [redacted] like I was. - Interviewer 1: Interesting. I’d like to understand a bit more about the anomaly you were sent to investigate. - Subject X: Freya was the one who had reached out and explained it best when I first met her; it was a haunting. - Interviewer 1: A haunting? - Subject X: Yes, that was the only way she could explain it. There were things happening around the base that simply couldn’t be explained. Anomalies with the data, things going bumb in the night, and the scientists were all spooked by it. Based on some of the readings, Freya had a theory these were extraterrestrial but as far as I could ascertain at that point, it wasn’t based on anything but a hunch. - Interviewer 1: And can you tell me what you discovered? - Subject X: Nothing at all. I walked around the base. I stayed there a few nights. I made friends with the three that were still based there and then I woke up here in pain, and you guys tell me that they are all dead! - Interviewer 1: You don’t remember anything prior to waking up here? - Subject X: Not a thing. - Interviewer 1: Interesting. It would appear whatever you encountered there has led to severe memory loss or alteration. - Subject X: It all seems so clear in my head. But something definitely feels wrong. - Interviewer 1: Before we proceed, I think it may be best if we watch a couple of videos together. Transcript Ends File 2: Motion triggered recording recovered from Ice Station Case reference X1243.3 Date summary: Day of Subject X’s arrival at the base. Location: Dining Hall Subject X is having dinner with the three scientists stationed the base; code names Freya, Horus and Athena. All are sat in the main dining hall at a long table. They are eating standard base food prepared by Freya. None appear to notice that a small child is standing in the shadows of the corner of the room watching them. The recording is not clear enough to determine if the child is a boy or a girl, or even human. When the four adults finish their meal, they continue chatting for a while and then retire for the night. The child remains in the corner of the room; it looks like instead of watching the adults, it is now staring directly at the camera. Recording terminates due to lack of movement in the room [when it switches back on the next morning, the room is empty]. File 3: Motion triggered recording recovered from Ice Station Case reference X1246.4 Date summary: Night of Subject X’s arrival at the base. Location: Room 81 Subject X retires to her bedroom for the night. She unpacks her suitcase fully and puts her clothes into closet or drawers provided. She undresses, showers, brushes her teeth and puts on a shirt and loose shorts. She lies in the bed and reads for approximately 20 minutes, then switches of the light. Recording switches to night vision cam. After a further 20 minutes, when it is likely Subject X was now asleep, the figure of a child steps out of the shadows and approaches her bed. It is not possible to ascertain whether the child is the same entity as from video reference X1243.3, but it is suggested that this is likely. The child’s movements are halting and stiff, quick and then slow. Sometimes the child’s legs are held straight as it walks, sometimes they are so bent that it seems almost as if they are crawling towards the bed. The child leans over Subject X, and it is possible to see some features. The child has little or no hair on its head, eyes are wide and staring although with the night vision camera they seem bright. The child’s mouth is moving and it appears to be speaking to Subject X. One hand darts forward quickly and then slowly caresses Subject X’s hair and forehead. Then the child suddenly scuttles rapidly backwards out of camera’s view. It moves with its arms and legs bent, almost like an insect. Video ends. File 4: Non-Verbatim Transcript of interview with [Subject X]. Date: September 25, 2021 16:50 Note: Subject X in visible distress but after 15 minutes has calmed down and agreed to continue with interview. - Interviewer 1: Are you feeling a bit better? - Subject X: Not really, but I'm calmer. I still can't get over that footage. What the fuck was that thing? - Interviewer 1: Unclear at this stage. we were hoping to find out more from you. - Subject X: I don't remember any of it. It all seemed so... simple and boring. I didn't discover anything more whilst I was there and... (pause) - Interviewer 1: And? - Subject X: Well, if you have to know, I entered into a romantic and physical relationship with Athena whilst I was at the station. - Interviewer 1: Yes, we know. - Subject X: You know already? How do you know? - Interviewer 1: We have more video footage unfortunately. (Interviewer 1 raises his hand as Subject X is about to speak) But before we can watch that together, I'd like to understand your point of view. - Subject X: I.... it was... just a thing. I knew that there was more than met the eye with Athena, and felt in my gut that she was actually there to investigate the case like I was. I tried surreptitiously interrogating her and it quickly became obvious that she was doing the same to me. We bonded over dinner, then Horus had showed us where he kept some wine so we opened a bottle as we talked. Before I knew it, one thing led to another. I'm not a lesbian, or at least don't think I am, but things with her just seemed... right. I knew she was here to investigate whatever the hell it was, and she knew I was, and that offered us some kind of freedom to be open about things. Even if we didn't give anything away at first, we still were more open than we could be with anyone else. She came back to my room and... well.. I'm sure you have seen the video. - Interviewer 1: (coughs and blushes involuntarily) Yes. - Subject X: We spent three nights together, happy and secure in the knowledge that there didn't seem to be anything at the base. - Interviewer 1: I'm sorry Subject X, you spent two nights together happily. The third was far from it. - Subject X: Show me.... Transcript Ends File 5: Motion triggered recording recovered from Ice Station Case reference: Z2053.8 Date summary: Subject X's last night at the base. Location: Dining Hall We see Horus, Athena and Subject X run into the frame. They are panicked and shouting at each other. Behind them the child, or entity as it will now be known, crawls into view. It barely still resembles a child; its limbs are distended, long triple jointed legs and arms that it uses to quickly dart forward towards the three. It's body is stretched and distorted, as if bones were protruding from under its sickly yellow flesh. Blood and gore drips from its mouth, which is also larger than any human's and filled with razor teeth. Horus pauses to grab a food tray and throws it at the entity, but it swiftly dodges the tray and leaps at him. A long thin hand pierces his stomach and rummages around whilst the entity's tongue darts out and licks the dying man's face. Athena and Subject X run towards the dining hall back door, but it is locked and Freya had the only key. The entity rushes forward again and lashes out, sending Subject X flying into a table where she lies unconscious. Then it jumps onto Athena. It's hands and legs pierce hers, holding her in place as she screams. It's jaw widens like a snake's and its teeth close slowly around her face. Soon it has fit her whole head into its mouth. It then crunches down and decapitates her, swallowing her head whole. It turns to Subject X. The video distorts and ends abruptly. File 6: Non-Verbatim Transcript of interview with [Subject X]. Date: September 25, 2021 17:17 - Subject X: (she has pushed back her chair and is standing) Oh my god, oh my god. - Interviewer 1: Please Subject X, calm down. I'll fetch you some water. - Subject X: NO! NO! NO! You don't understand! - Interviewer 1: I do; you are experiencing a panic attack brought about what you have seen. You are safe here, there is no need to... - Subject X: You don't get it - I'm not. I remember.... - Interviewer 1: You remember? Please tell me - Subject X: Freya was right, that thing was extraterrestrial. Athena and I figured it out and we know exactly how it came to earth. It's a parasitic being; it inhabits hosts it determines to be most likely to survive at a genetic level, so it undetectable from any of our normal scans and it has kept under the radar for years. It latches on to hosts without them knowing! - Interviewer 1: You mean (Interviewer 1 stands up quickly, backing away from Subject X, hand on his side weapon)... - Subject X: Yeeeesssssssssss...... (Subject X's limbs extend and her body distorts) - Interviewer 1: (screams) Transcript Ends Report recommendation: Immediate thermonuclear destruction of [redacted] to avoid entity escaping.
  21. A spin-off from this match: Batman, just before he got a knife in the back, had hidden a tracking device on one of Joker's goons. In his message to Judge Dredd he had provided that tracking information, and whilst the battle was raging in Gotham between the city and the Judges, Dredd and Anderson are tracking down the Joker. They aren't taking any chances; it's a death sentence for each of the perps and the Hall of Justice supercomputers have provided some details of Joker and Harley's likely strategies and hideouts. Apart from the chaos of Gotham being transported to Mega-City One, Joker/Harley don't know that the Judges are after them specifically, but once they realise wil have home field advantage.
  22. The greatest quantum computer simulator has been created; it can hoover up the traits and specs from any movie character in history and create a near flawless rendition, complete with near realistic artificial intelligence to respond to any situation. In this game, it has chosen to pit the toughest forces against most badass cops vs the sneakiest spies. Three simulations: An ancient roman arena. Dotted around the sands at equal distances from the participants are short swords only. Each group of two enter through different gates. Last group/man standing is the winner. A medieval English forest, thick with trees and wildlife. Each group starts at a different point in the forest with a knife per pair. Survival is the name of the game here, which can obviously mean eliminating the other teams. A city block full of thugs. Whoever eliminates the most wins. There are guns of all kinds littered about the place. Each group will know to cooperate together, but apart from what the other teams look like they have no knowledge of their skills or background.
  23. Great setup! I could really hear the narrator grimly walking us through the story. I'm leaning towards Perkins slightly - just seems to have more skills although toughness may lean towards Hartigan. It has been a while since I've seen Sin City and haven't read the comics though so happy to hear opinions.
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