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  1. Invisible Woman's force fields have stopped Jean Grey's telekinesis, shielded against a Celestial's blast and covered an entire deep sea base for many hours. Sue, in a weakened state, protected a city from Sentry. Against Hulk, Carol some punches in which barely phased him, and resulted in her getting punched into space. Carol isn't getting through those force fields any time soon, and Sue can throw up her force fields with a thought (tagged Quicksilver) . Also, she isn't going to just be standing there - her offensive powers are just as lethal.
  2. Poor Danny, that kid really has no luck at all! Agreed Boratz's assessment, I think Danny has a better chance to run or hide from Santa (which seems to enjoy his kills up close and personal). The other thing to factor in is whether Danny has anyone around. If so, then Santa is likely to get distracted and start killing anyone who comes up against him (like he does in the movies), whereas nobody would see the hellhounds.
  3. I think this will depend entirely on whatever the first kid wishes for - which is difficult to determine, but we can make some assumptions. Given how close they are, their personal lives, and their history with bullies, it is likely to be one that relates to their own safety as a group. For example "I wish for me and my friends to never be scared of monsters", which the Djinn could easily subvert and turn them into statues or something. I think this is the most likely scenario, and would probably result in a quicker win that what the Thing could do (which would have to be a one-by-one scenario). Close one though - could well go either way.
  4. Hmmm. The point of the kids having some bad things going for them is interest; as it actually could lean this towards Wishmater. The question is would they be smart enough to figure out what is going on before the 3rd wish. And by the same token, the kids have faced a shapeshifter before. I think they'll be more likely to recognise something wrong with one of their own, even if it is at a spirtual level which the Thing may not be able to function at.
  5. If we are talking about who can become the most popular and make the most money, I'll have to give this heartily to the cute cheeky monkey. A sabre-tooth tiger may appeal to a certain group of people in terms of very specific advertising, but Abu brings a cross-demographic appeal to the field. He's able to advertise more things, star in more complex commercials and has that broader appeal. Plus, capuchin monkeys have a familiarity about them, think Indiana Jones, PIrates of the Caribbean, Night at the Museum, Ace Ventura etc. Abu for the win.
  6. This will definitely be an interesting one. Gonna wait for more comments before I cast my vote, although part of me me would rebel at the thought of voting against Wishmaster, one of my fav horror characters.
  7. I think this one comes down to strategy as well powers. Both these ladies can take a considerable amount of damage (Sue's forceshields have stood up exteremely powerful foes), as well as dish out a lot (although I consider Sue's powers a bit more versatile in this respect), so strategy is going to make the difference. Carol is likely to take the direct approach, facing every obstacle head on and doing her best to punch her way out, whereas Sue is going to go invisible, avoid traps where she can whilst taking them out strategically. Depending on what the traps are, here's a good example of the versatility we could expect with her powers (in this case acting as a hazmat suit). And of course, if she wanted to she could make things very difficult for Carol by making her blind.
  8. Definitely gets my vote. I dont think we really saw just how powerful she was, and the only thing that held her back from destroying Sinbad at the end was herself.
  9. Thanks! In which case quite happy with my original choice.
  10. Battle in the skies, both characters from the MCU
  11. Hmmm, am tempted now to review my pet character. Thought Abu was a bit of an outside and interesting choice, but not liking his chances against the powers/size/intelligence of Lockjaw and Battle Cat! I'll hold on for now and have a think about it.
  12. Great setup and characterisation. From what I can recall, Eris should take this both in terms of overall power and monsters. If the titans are involved then it's a lot closer.
  13. Mine here: https://www.electricferret.com/cbub/cbubcats/showfantasyteam?ftid=198 I can see some my lot should win, more that they'll probably lose, but for most I will say it'll be an interesting matchup!
  14. Cool! Yes, assumed Unicron was out, but the rest should measure up to the slot. Thanks.
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