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  1. Best out of five: Boxing ring, no gloves. First man out for the count loses. Game of chess Business scenario with starting fund of $1,000, man to make the most money by the end of 1 month. No outside help Who would survive the longest in Middle-Earth Who would you rather be stuck on an island with for 1 year (plenty of resources on the island so based on companionship rather than survival skills).
  2. Fight I've been meaning to do for a while... non Phoenix Jean vs Sue Storm
  3. Very possible. And this is a tough one! More research needed.
  4. Oh come on! Lol. In a straight up fight I would actually sway towards Dredd even if he wasn't part of my team; he's got the weapon, muscle, attitude and determination to win in a death battle and has held his own against Wayne. But.... MIssion: Seduction, I have to give this to my opponent. Dredd is famous for being the most uncharismatic SOB going. Curse you random Terrain!
  5. I hate to vote against one of my fav transformers but in all honestly he's not the smartest fighter. Tornado should be able to deflect most of his attacks and I think he'll then just turn the entire forest on to Grimlock, bringing down trees, rocks, creatures etc and pummelling the transformer into submission. He has been shown to be ruthless in the past and definitely uses the environment (cars, warehouses etc) to his advantage. On top of that, in terms of strength he may actually be on par and is much much faster.
  6. Using most powerful versions: Spawn.
  7. Good point about Sheldon being Texan, he can bring the people round to his side to win the match by pure logic! Of course, he then ends up insulting their inferior minds and they drive him out of town.
  8. I had a few other characters lined up but then thought, nah who would it be fun to see in random scenarios... This has got to be one of the most random setups in this competition, Groucho and Sheldon trying to clean up a wild west town.... WTF
  9. He fits the slot: general low powered or STREET Level character - could not destroy a city block quickly. Could possibly destroy a house quickly. He could not destroy a city block quickly and could possibly destroy a house quickly. Fits perfectly. Ultimately here the terrain tips this in Toxin's favour, he has heightened senses which as mentioned in a previous post, gives him that extra stealth.
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