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  1. Somewhere in the multiverse: Darkseid and Thanos finally meet in battle, legions tearing into each other as entire planets are devastated. Through chance, these key generals in the army find themselves facing each other on an abandoned station in space. The battle starts immediately - no mercy will be shown.
  2. The Green has been too damaged and Swamp Thing has had enough. He vents his rage on humanity, killing scores without remorse. Ghost Rider rides to face him and bring the damage to an end.
  3. Force and magic meet for the ultimate battle of leading ladies. Scenario 1: As the midday sun rises these two are dropped in a forest on Naboo. Dangers lurk around every corner, who would survive the longest on their wits alone. Wand and light sabre available. Scenario 2: A giant arena, each are bloodlusted and see the other as their most hated enemy. Wand and light sabre available. Scenario 3: A game (e.g. chess) that they are both familiar with. Who is smartest?
  4. Any chance I can make a quick change to my team?
  5. Ooh, nice setup. Thinking that 30 may be just one to many for Widow - especially as they'll all be firing deadly blasts. They've faced operatives before and their main strength is how much they can tank, which will mean she'll have to slow down the dodging blasts when she takes one out. I can be convinced otherwise though, as Widow is up there in the top fighters.
  6. Thinking that if we take both damage output (e.g. electricity or acid), and martial skills, then Reptile just pulls ahead slightly compared to the other two. Plus his invisibility may prove very useful in allowing him to hang back whilst the two wear each other out; he's a crafty fighter.
  7. These two genius scientists have pushed their minds and bodies beyond anything imaginable, and have forsaken almost all of their humanity along the way. In a twist of fate, they both require the same unique item for their experiments and so all out war is declared. For the purpose of this fight they have equal knowledge of each other with 1 week prep.
  8. Omg, great match up, although for some reason I thought this was Gaston (Belle etc.) VS George which may be am even more interesting match. George in this case though I reckon
  9. Hmmm, tough one (mainly for me becauase I'm drawing a blank). Time lords definitely have a highly advanced fleet and prob the only one I know enough about in the slot to discuss ... but I'll keep thinking in case I get another one.
  10. I'm going for the Time Lords for the interplanetary force (just adding them to database), but wondering if that is a bit on the nose considering Daleks aren't allowed...
  11. Wow, this is both sad and amazing. Can't miss it.
  12. Wow, thanks man! Can't believe you are out though... remember that some of the scores may be removed.
  13. Thanks both for the feedback. I'll keep looking for innovative ways to present a story, but perhaps something a bit more readable next time! 😄 My other story which I started writing was Mr Bean slowly driving Ross Geller crazy; might still be one I complete at some point!
  14. Oops, should have specified that I was going for the Stargirl from the new show (one on the right below); had completely forgot that she's appeared in both Smallville and Legends! Not sure if there are big power differences between the versions (perhaps just more feats from the latest)
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