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  1. Contact has been lost with 1 of the United Americas colonies on Klendathu and so the United Americas Allies Command orders the deployment of Colonial Marines to investigate and so the 2nd Marine Assault Unit (Battalion size) of the 1st Infantry Regiment, 4th Colonial Marine Division of Marine Space Force Herculis is sent, but it does not go well for the Colonial Marines ... 17 DAYS LATER ... Maj.Schaefer:REPORT! Lt.Kurosawa:We have nil combat engineering capabilities, have depleted ammo on heavy ordinance, mortars & SAMs plus we are down to 13 ExoSuits & 14 APCs A LOUD EXPLOSION WITHIN THE COMPOUND ... CommTech:HQ was hit, the Colonel and his command staff are dead Lt.Kurosawa:Congratulations on your promotion sir Maj.Schaefer:We'll celebrate later, can you tell what we do have? Lt.Kurosawa:We've got 2 Infantry companies, maintenance & medical units, recon & scout-sniper squads & we have air support, which are no good to us as long as those plasma bugs are still around to shoot them down Maj.Schaefer:Get Anti-armour on to those plasma bugs CommTech:Sir once comms are up & running again, I can access the AURORA system on board the Sulaco to target the plasma bugs Maj.Schaefer:Make it a happen .. Lieutenant get Anti-armour on stand by THE BUGS SEND ANOTHER WAVE OF WARRIOR BUGS TO THE COLONIAL MARINE FORT Marine Sgt.Maj:INCOMING! Maj.Schaefer:BATTLE POSITIONS! Maj.Schaefer & Lt.Kurosawa will lead 160 marines and they will have the following weapons - M4A1 Pulse Rifles, 48 M240B Flamethrowers with their operators in Ape Suits (flamethrowers will use Cobalt Thermogel, a slow-burn fuel that releases radioactive material into the air and poisons to cause long-term damage to target.), marine snipers with 'Sledgehammer' sniper rifles (a sniper rifles which is a personal rail gun firing hyper kinetic slugs that use a controlled fusion reaction), M57D 'Dirty' Smartguns (which fires rounds that shatter into many radioactive splinters inside the target creating high radioactive levels in heavy targets forcing them to lose health), a dozen Combat Synthetics with Shotguns, MP9 for CommTech's (who have AURORA Control – The AURORA is a space-based system found on orbital cruisers and is able of autonomously destroying enemies), 108 M83AM SADAR AMAG (Aerosol MAGnesium) rockets which penetrates heavy armor and discharges multiple megathermal payloads in its interior, 48 UA-571C Sentry Guns, 13 ExoSuits with Solid State Cannons (Rail guns that fire simultaneously, the weapon can fire 1,000 rounds per second) & 14 APC's - all marines will have M4A4 pistols as a secondary weapon and they'll go against a horde of Arachnids consisting of warrior, hopper & tanker bugs, so who wins?, you tell me!
  2. On a brisk, February night after the seventh failed performance of the Death Klowns in the King's Castle casino in Las Vegas, the lead guitarist Frankie Firecracker and bassist Chugs Mckill meet backstage in the musty stage room. "Frankie, man this seems beyond stupid, this is just plain insane man," Chugs remarked. "Oh Chugs you ignorant fool, this isn't about risk, or about reward," Frankie announced. "I've seen Metalacolypse, I know how we're suppose to be." "We aint Death Klok though, we're the Death Klowns," Chugs reiterated. "You think I don't know that?," Frankie smacked Chugs away. "We're about to pull the biggest practical joke in history." "And the best part is, nobody will ever know we did it," Frankie added. Stepping in back of room, Frankie pushed an old, rusty cart back up to the front of the room. Frankie then walked back up to the front of the room, grabbing a hard shelled like object from the cart. "This is a Graboid egg," Frankie smiled. "I have at least twenty more of these suckers, but I figure a mere ten will be enough to get this job done." "What job?," Chugs asked. "We're going to destroy Las Vegas," Frankie smiled. "And these sand worms are going to help us do it." "Frankie," Chugs grabbed his camo jacket's sleeve as Frankie put the egg down. "That's terrorism." "Uh..., duh," Frankie rolled his eyes. "No way," Chugs muttered. "No way man," Chugs took a few steps back out of fear. "We can't do that, we...we can't." "Look we have to do this," Frankie replied. "If we don't the people will never take us seriously." "Vandalism, graffiti, mailbox baseball, stink bombs, any of that I'm with you," Chugs stated. "But this, this is just far from being on the grid of decency." Frankie pulled out an ace card from under his sleeve. Flicking the card a couple of times, a flashing light appeared and Chugs fell to the ground in a pool of crimson blood. "No one calls me indecent," Frankie blew the smoke off of the card. "You just can't find good help these days." Picking up the egg once again, Frankie looked at the squirming, gray, little creature within the jelly pouch of the egg. Meanwhile Antonio Rodriguez, or better know as Armadillo, was heading to Vegas thorough an old lady's casino bus. "If I can find a way to extract all the money out of these high rollers, and rich fruitcakes, I might just be lucky enough to collect enough money for my operation," he muttered. Stepping off the casino bus, Armadillo took his first breath of the glitzy Vegas air. "The city where money flows like rivers," he remarked. "Surely there'll be enough in one of these dumps to bust open the walnut on my back." Armadillo began his gambling at casino after casino, from Caesar's Palace, to Bandit's Way, to Klonko the Clown's Circus Dome, but at each place, either the hands he got were bad, the dice spontaneously rolled into zeros and negatives, or he got all lemons and no cherries on the slots, but whatever the case Armadillo's luck was pitiful. Finally stepping out of Castile's Buckingham Palace, Armadillo turned around to notice a dirt mark slightly above his tail. "Damn it." he sighed as he collapsed onto a colorful neon bench. "This must be the Devil's town, because no matter where I go..." "Everything I touch turns into shit." Struggling to close his eyes, Armadillo managed to moan himself to sleep that night. Towards the middle of the night, Frankie arrived in Vegas, and started placing the eggs in high traffic areas. "The gates of hell will never have seen the amount of slaughter that'll happen here tomorrow," Frankie smirked to himself. Stopping for a second, Frankie pulled out a small trinket from his pocket. "We were like brothers once Chugs," Frankie announced. "Then you had to go and become all lame on me." "At least you died with some honor." Flicking the trinket into the newly dug Graboid hole, Frankie gave the object a two finger salute and walked away. On his way into the desert, Frankie pressed the red button on a model detonator. Waking up the next morning to a heavy amount of screams, Armadillo barely opened his eyes fully, before a funnel like creature grabbed him in it's soft tissued jaw. "Not even the patience to let a man get a cup of coffee in the morning," Armadillo commented in frustration. Splitting the Graboid open through it's head, Armadillo rolled into fighting position as he hit the ground. Despite the attack, the worm continued to not only move, but also call the nine other worms that were loose in the city. "Fun," Armadillo remarked as he readied his claws.
  3. THE BAXTER BUILDING ... It's another day for the world famous superhero family - Reed Richards is working on another science project, Sue is with her children Franklin & Valeria, Johnny Storm is out and about and Ben Grimm is spending quality time with Alicia, Just then something strange happens ... Mr.Fantstic:Curious! Sue comes into Reed lab with their kids as well as Ben & Alicia Invisable Woman:Reed what's going on? The Thing:Yeah Reed what gives? Before Reed can answer the Baxter Building defense systems are activated and begins targeting them Mr.Fantastic:Sue get the kids & Alicia out of here .. and get a hold of Johnny Sue get her kids & Alicia out of harm's way, while Reed & Ben battle & eventually defeat the Baxter Building defense systems The Thing:What just happened? Mr.Fantastic:I don't know .. and that's saying something Voice of Cyborg Superman:Don't be so hard on yourself Reed .. after all even the smartest man alive can't know everything Mr.Fantastic:Hank Henshaw? How can this be Galactus turned you into an inanimate slab of metal (Superman/Fantastic Four crossover) Voice of Cyborg Superman:He did, but in time I was discovered by another technologically advance race and in turned used their technology to reform myself and continued to do so, so that I could be here (reforms his body using Reed technology) and now I am whole once more, I will have my revenge on you and your team The Thing:(pounds his fist) Then let's get the party started shall we! Cyborg Superman:Between Reed so-called "brain" and (looking at The Thing) your pitiful strength, this won't take long Cyborg Superman is then held by an invisable force field, which he is then released from moments before being stucked by a massive fire ball Human Torch:You forgot about us .. I'm hurt Cyborg Superman:Laugh it up now worm, but it will be me who will have the last laugh Invisable Woman:We'll see about that! So it will be the Fantastic Four (Mr.Fantastic, Invisable Woman, Human Torch & The Thing) with all their powers and they'll go against Hank Henshaw aka Cyborg Superman whose organic side is Kryptonian, whilst his cybernetic side is composed of Kryptonian technology utilising Kryptonian alloys, so who wins?, you tell me!
  4. Previously, in an attempt to find their rogue friend, Aisha, Power Rangers Zack and Billy (The Black and Blue Rangers) broke into an A.I.M. research facility in Angel Grove. Little did they know that A.I.M. had a contract with The Foot and two Elite were at the facility to to inspect their order. Zack fought them off and then he and Billy escaped. Now for the repecussions. *** The virt-real chamber crackled and instantly, the Cyber Shredder was standing where there was once empty space. He marched, angry and determined, knowing that they were waiting for him. It wasn't a long journey, as the Cyber Shredder found MODOK and a hand-full of armed A.I.M. agents standing guard. "You have compromised us!" Shredder bellowed His pace never slowed as he walked closer and closer to the leader of the organization. "You let the Power Rangers hack into your systems and gather information about us! Our contract is finished!" "How dare you come to our base and accuse us of incompetence!" MODOK yelled back. "It was your, supposed 'Elite' ninja who failed to stop them!" "The Power Rangers will pay for their brashness! You, MODOK! You will can save yourself the pain of our displeasure, if you fill our order... without payment!" Astounded, MODOK's humongous face twisted. "We will do no such thing!" "Then we will take our order," Shredder clenched his fist. "And it will cost you even more than money." "Foolish cyber being! I am MODOK! And this is A.I.M.! I think it's time to send your clan a message!" Knowing full well what that meant, The Shredder sprang to action, making short work of the guards. MODOK wasn't impressed. "Idiot!" the altered being exclaimed as he powered his built-in weaspons. "The lesson has only just begun!" ____________________________________________________________________________________ So it's a straight up fight. Will MODOK's bionics and psionic powers prove superior or will Cyber Shredder's techopathy and outstanding physical abilities win it for him?
  5. Stargate Command Samantha Carter: SG-7 has just found an unknown alien structure off world. The SGC want SG-1 to take point on this one. Jack Oneal: We find "unknown" stuff all the time, why bring out of retirement and off my fishing trip for an "unknown" building? Daniel Jackson: Jack, this is a pyramid not unlike ones in South America, but with alien technology like we have never seen before. This is could be huge. The brass upstairs would feel better if the legendary General Jack Oneal was on this one. Teal'c: Indeed, Oneal, it would be nice to serve with you once more. Vala: Im just hoping this new race we are about to find is rich. Cameron Mitchell: well now that this touching reunion is over let's gear up and get this show on the road. --------------------------------- The team enters the Stargate and explores the ruins of the pyramids. Just has they get close they all blackout and wake up in a midair free fall. After a rough but safe landing the team regroups and realize they are not on the same planet. They decide to search the area in hopes of finding a Stargate or ship to get off the planet. What they find is much more disturbing. 5 dead body with dog tags. Jack: ok folks, this just got real. These bodies are seal team 8 who went missing last year in iraq. Sam: Sir, we are being watched. Teal'c: Indeed, we are. Daniel: there! On the hill! A ship. Jack: its a start. Move out. --------------*----------------------- SG-1 VS 3 young predators
  6. No Interest In The Story? GO TO THE LAST SECTION TO SEE THE PARAMATERS OF THE FIGHT. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Previously... Aisha, the second Yellow Ranger, went rogue when the Zeo Power Ranger team was nearly killed by Hordak. She set out to avenge her friends and got into a fight with the mutant, Frenzy. After their skirmish, Erik Killmonger arrived and promised the Yellow Ranger the location of Hordak if she joined him. She did, and they set out for Africa where their first encounter was with Maya, who'm attacked and Aisha was forced to defend herself. *** "You should have finished her." Killmonger scolded the Yellow Ranger as he stood over Maya's unconscious body. "That's not the Power Ranger way." Aisha was huffing a little. Killmonger snorted but he didn't say what was on his mind. After all the action was over, the rest of Killmonger's team arrived. "Guess you're not a total whimp." Frenzy smirked. "But I would have beat her head in." "I already had that argument." Aisha snapped at the mutant muscle woman. "What is this place?" she pointed at the ancient looking temple from which Maya had emerged from. "She seemed to be guarding it." "She was." Killmonger told her. "She's the first line of defense. "Usually all that's needed. Wakanda uses her people to protect this part of their border." "Wakanda?" Aisha exclaimed. "Yep, Wakanda." Killmonger repeated the word nanchalantly. "Hordak's been building his army in Africa. Wakanda would be one of his first big targets. You want Hordak. Get into Wakanda and he'll come right to you." "KILLMONGER!" A booming voice came from the temple. Just a moment later, African soldiers started to pour out of the temple. One among them was dressed in what looked like the Black Panther's costume. But it was a woman. "Who is that?" Aisha wanted to know. "Real Wakanda's." Killmonger said rather seriously. "Yeah, I guessed that. I'm talking about the woman? I thought the Black Panther was a man." "That's Princess Shuri. His sister." Killmonger explained. "She wants us to leave so that the Wakandan's can deal with Hordak themselves." "That's dumb!" Aisha spat. "After what he did to the Zeo team, they're going to need all the help they can get!" "Explain that to her." Killmonger jerked his head in the female Black Panther's direction. As the Wakandan soldiers surrounded Killmonger's team, Aisha approached Shuri. "Look. I'm here for Hordak. Just point me in the right direction and we won't have a problem." Shuri didn't respond for a long moment. Then she pointed her spear away from the temple. "I don't know any Hordak. I only know you, working with Killmonger, on our border. Go away and you won't have to worry about us having a problem." Aisha jerked. "You don't even know that Hordak is eyeing your country!? You're in worse shape than you think! Let me help!" "No. Go." Making a frustrated sound, the Yellow Ranger stood her ground. "Look. I'm not leaving until I get Hordak. You can either let me help you or I go through you." Shuri drew back and put her spear in a defensive grip. "Then you and I have trouble, Power Ranger." She shouted to the her soldiers. "Wipe them out! This one is mine!" ______________________________________________________________________________________ So it's just another girlfight. Aisha is powered with the Ninja Power Coin (Her strongest in the show). Shuri has taken the herb that makes her The Black Panther. Around them, Wakandan soldiers are fighting Killmonger and the rest of his unnamed team. Naturally, they won't be interfearing in the one on one.
  7. It is calling to me again. My Dark passenger is calling for blood. It has been 2 months, 8 days and 12 hours since I last let him out. Lucky for me, the biggest crime boss in New Jersey just bought a time share in Miami. He has managed to escape the feds time after time with the thinest of cover stories. Waste management, a strip club and butcher shop? He is as guilty as anyone I have ever.... dealt with. Mr. Tony Soprano will be punished in my kill room, a recently closed butcher shop, tomorrow night. The only problem is he is with 3 members of his "gang". -------------------—----------- Tony is with Pauly, Chris and Bobby and they are of course all packing. Dexter has been watching them for 2 days. So can Dexter Morgan get by Tony's boys, subdue the large mobster and finish him in his kill room?
  8. This is the first part of my top ten videogame crossover fighting games that need to be made. Each fight will represent the game idea. Number 10: Slave Labour Graphics vs Rare. I kind of stole this from gamesradar's SLG vs Killer Instinct idea. I decided to ellaborate on that and make it SLG vs Rare. It would have the perfect mix of cartoony characters with more dark and gritty characters. The SLG side would have Milk and Cheese, Bear, Johnny the Homocidal Maniac etc and the Rare side would have Banjo and Kazooie, Killer Instinct, Perfect Dark etc. It could even have characters from other companies that have appeared in games/comics made by Rare/SLG like Donkey Kong, Mickey Mouse or even James Bond. Now on to the fight. Banjo and Kazooie are minding their own business, when suddenly, Milk and Cheese come out of nowhere and start beating them up for no reason whatsoever. Banjo and Kazooie are seriously injured and are struggling to fight back, when Joanna Dark and the rest of the Rare cast come in and save Banjo and Kazooie from Milk and Cheese. In turn, the entire SLG roster comes in and they all have a punch-up. So technically, this is not just a fight between Banjo and Kazooie and Milk and Cheese, but the entire casts of Rare and SLG, but the question still remains: who will win? I am also thinking about making a giant collage with all my favourite characters on there and I need to know: Is the playable Servbot and his other Servbot friends from Marvel vs Capcom 2 different from Tron Bonne's Servbots, because otherwise it would be impossible for them to meet up. And does the Servbot ability card from Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 represent the playable Servbot, or Tron's Servbots? This is important and I need to know since Capcom haven't seemed to have said who's who.
  9. Cardiff 2009 The 2 members of the Torchwood team are investing a series of violent murders that appear to of an alien nature. They have traced a energy signature into the sewers not far from their headquarters. There the find several human skulls displayed like trophies. "Who could have did this Jack?" Asks Gwen. "I think we have ourselves a hunter. I have heard of this kinda thing before a long time ago. They have earned the affectionate name of predators. Stealthy, smart, powerful. This isn't going to be easy. Let's get back to base before this thing comes home." Commands Captain Jack. ------------------------------ Jack briefs the rest of the team on what he knows about predators, they gear up and go hunting for the hunter. —---—--------------------------- THE MATCHUP torchwood captain jack, Gwen, Yoshiko, Owen(when he was in his dead form) and Ianto Vs A predator (To make it easy let's say the predator from predator 2)
  10. "Lord Megatron I bring grave news" Megatron growled. Whenever anyone brought him news it was almost entirely bad. "What is it Airachnid? I'm far to preoccupied using "Orion Pax" to access the files of the hated Autobots to listen to anything unimportant." The spider like decepticon continued. "The Transformers Prime Season 2 Premiere was greatly overshadowed. It seems they wanted to watch other things." Megatron motioned to the camera man to stop filming. "What do you mean we aren't the top rated show on the Hub?" Megatron smashed the prop starsship console. "We are the same franchise which has had three major motion pictures. What is possibly beating us? Batman? Dan VS? The Haunting Hour?" Airachnid gulped "My Little Pony." The life drained from Megatron's face. "By the all spark. What is going on? What strange messed up world do we live in? Soundwave!" The silent decepticon immediately jumped to attention. "Gather the decepticons we teach those ponies a lesson once and for all." Soundwave nodded and left the room. ------------------------------------------ It was certainly a normal day on the set of My Little Pony. "Hmm... itchy eyebrow" "What is that even suppossed to mean Pinkie?" "Don't know Rainbow Dash. My Pinkie Sense has never had an itchy eyebrow before." "Cut." The director stood up. "What's wrong Jayson?" "C'mon Pinkie you have to stick to the script. Breaking the fourth wall once in a while is well and good, but you can't just change the script." Pinkie shrugged. "Fine we'll just film the next song. All ponies to the set!" After several minutes of unpaid interns and make-up artists running aroun like madmen. Everypony was finally in position to start filming. This was going to be the most important song of the season. Everypony was in it, both Princesses, The Doctor, Derpy, Lyra, Bon-Bon, Carrot Top, The Pie family, everypony. Even those unpaid intern ponies who kept trying to sell the Fallout: Equestria show idea even managed to get in on it. A pink pony in a yellow hazmat suit and two unicorns in security barding with guns did stand out, but Jayson decided to let them stand in the back of the group. "And action!" "You can say that again!" Energon blasts ripped through the nearby set demolishing the fragile town hall model. "Starscream!" Rainbow Dash turned and looked at her old rival. "G5 This time Rainbow Dash. You may have been able to defeat my G1 self, but I will get you back this time!" Decepticon grunts began firing energy blasts at crowds of ponies. Only to find themselves under attack. One found his leg removed by a Brown Earth pony holding a sonic screwdriver in his mouth. Another found a building crashing onto his head "Oops." "Good job Derpy!" Gunshots rang out as the unpaid interns who insisted on being armed opened fire on the decepticons. The loud explosions of Steelhooves' grenade launcher echoed through the room. "Hi I'm Puppysmiles what's your name?" Breakdown transformed his hand into a hammer and brought it down smushing the yellow hazmat suit wearing pony. Bits of pink cloud floated into the air damaging breakdown's hand as the suits self repair system kicked in "System successfully rebooted. All functions restored. Diagnostic system is online. Subject 001: Puppysmiles. Female earth pony. Subject deceased, condition stable. All clear" "Bullybot. Mr. Voice rock." the suits inventory spell levitated out Puppy's weapon of choice, the rock of destiny. She jumped at the giant decepticon doing her best to smash it with her rock. "Looks like I'm going to get to disect some ponies." Knockout closed in on what he believed to be the helpless Fluttershy. "Come out come out wherever you are. Doctor's orders." The decepticon laughed at his own joke. "Nope." A red Earth pony rammed him with his full strength knocking him back. "Anypony will do." Knockout primed his energon staff and stared down Big Mac. "I'l destroy you with my bare hands!" "You mean Hooves don't you Lyra?" the duo of ponies were doing their best to fight Megatron, but they were simply outmatched. Camera and sound crews ran in panic leaving Jayson Thiessan alone to film the greatest battle in recorded history. Megatron (with Dark energon in Spark Chamber), Airachnid, Soundwave (with Laserbreak), Knockout, Breakdown, Star Scream (also with Dark energon in Spark Chamber), and enough decepticon grunts to compromise a small army. All from the Transformers Prime show. vs The Mane 6 (No Access to Elements of Harmony), Celestia, Luna, Big Macintosh, The Doctor, Derpy, Lyra, Bon-Bon, the Wonderbolts, Puppysmiles, Blackjack, Steelhooves, Little Pip, Calamity, Velvet Remedy, Zecora, the flower trio, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and a host of odd other ponies.
  11. Josie And The Pussycats vs. Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes | At the Rock Fight, there might even be a fist fight. Josie And The Pussycats with their new hit single "You're SO very TACO! Yeah, you're SO VERY TACO" Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes with their new jam "Tequila In My Catina made the Bantha sexy!" You be the judge.
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