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  1. THE BAXTER BUILDING ... It's another day for the world famous superhero family - Reed Richards is working on another science project, Sue is with her children Franklin & Valeria, Johnny Storm is out and about and Ben Grimm is spending quality time with Alicia, Just then something strange happens ... Mr.Fantstic:Curious! Sue comes into Reed lab with their kids as well as Ben & Alicia Invisable Woman:Reed what's going on? The Thing:Yeah Reed what gives? Before Reed can answer the Baxter Building defense systems are activated and begins targeting them Mr.Fantastic:Sue
  2. Previously, in an attempt to find their rogue friend, Aisha, Power Rangers Zack and Billy (The Black and Blue Rangers) broke into an A.I.M. research facility in Angel Grove. Little did they know that A.I.M. had a contract with The Foot and two Elite were at the facility to to inspect their order. Zack fought them off and then he and Billy escaped. Now for the repecussions. *** The virt-real chamber crackled and instantly, the Cyber Shredder was standing where there was once empty space. He marched, angry and determined, knowing that they were waiting for him. It wasn't a long journey,
  3. Stargate Command Samantha Carter: SG-7 has just found an unknown alien structure off world. The SGC want SG-1 to take point on this one. Jack Oneal: We find "unknown" stuff all the time, why bring out of retirement and off my fishing trip for an "unknown" building? Daniel Jackson: Jack, this is a pyramid not unlike ones in South America, but with alien technology like we have never seen before. This is could be huge. The brass upstairs would feel better if the legendary General Jack Oneal was on this one. Teal'c: Indeed, Oneal, it would be nice to serve with you once more. Vala: Im
  4. No Interest In The Story? GO TO THE LAST SECTION TO SEE THE PARAMATERS OF THE FIGHT. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Previously... Aisha, the second Yellow Ranger, went rogue when the Zeo Power Ranger team was nearly killed by Hordak. She set out to avenge her friends and got into a fight with the mutant, Frenzy. After their skirmish, Erik Killmonger arrived and promised the Yellow Ranger the location of Hordak if she joined him. She did, and they set out for Africa where their first encounter was with Maya, who'm attacked and Aisha was
  5. It is calling to me again. My Dark passenger is calling for blood. It has been 2 months, 8 days and 12 hours since I last let him out. Lucky for me, the biggest crime boss in New Jersey just bought a time share in Miami. He has managed to escape the feds time after time with the thinest of cover stories. Waste management, a strip club and butcher shop? He is as guilty as anyone I have ever.... dealt with. Mr. Tony Soprano will be punished in my kill room, a recently closed butcher shop, tomorrow night. The only problem is he is with 3 members of his "gang". -------------------—----------- T
  6. This is the first part of my top ten videogame crossover fighting games that need to be made. Each fight will represent the game idea. Number 10: Slave Labour Graphics vs Rare. I kind of stole this from gamesradar's SLG vs Killer Instinct idea. I decided to ellaborate on that and make it SLG vs Rare. It would have the perfect mix of cartoony characters with more dark and gritty characters. The SLG side would have Milk and Cheese, Bear, Johnny the Homocidal Maniac etc and the Rare side would have Banjo and Kazooie, Killer Instinct, Perfect Dark etc. It could even have characters from other c
  7. Cardiff 2009 The 2 members of the Torchwood team are investing a series of violent murders that appear to of an alien nature. They have traced a energy signature into the sewers not far from their headquarters. There the find several human skulls displayed like trophies. "Who could have did this Jack?" Asks Gwen. "I think we have ourselves a hunter. I have heard of this kinda thing before a long time ago. They have earned the affectionate name of predators. Stealthy, smart, powerful. This isn't going to be easy. Let's get back to base before this thing comes home." Commands Captain Jac
  8. "Lord Megatron I bring grave news" Megatron growled. Whenever anyone brought him news it was almost entirely bad. "What is it Airachnid? I'm far to preoccupied using "Orion Pax" to access the files of the hated Autobots to listen to anything unimportant." The spider like decepticon continued. "The Transformers Prime Season 2 Premiere was greatly overshadowed. It seems they wanted to watch other things." Megatron motioned to the camera man to stop filming. "What do you mean we aren't the top rated show on the Hub?" Megatron smashed the prop starsship console. "We are the same franchise
  9. Josie And The Pussycats vs. Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes | At the Rock Fight, there might even be a fist fight. Josie And The Pussycats with their new hit single "You're SO very TACO! Yeah, you're SO VERY TACO" Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes with their new jam "Tequila In My Catina made the Bantha sexy!" You be the judge.
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