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    Darth Vader (Star Wars) Merle (Escaflowne) Sol Badguy (Guilty Gear) Felix (Armor)
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    My little brothers, Leo, Dani and Tito. Frank Kramer, Frosty Stilwell, Heidi Hamilton, Tom Leykis

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  1. So this Borderlands 1 CBUB shoot fest isn't going to happen?
  2. You guys were all cool in my book. Even that one guy.
  3. It brings back wonderful memories.
  4. Most memorable moment for me was when I was debating whatshisface in that Dragon Ball thread, and he proved that light has 0 speed because he showed me a picture of a light bulb. I remember reading that post and just sort of surfing the waves of idiocy that were emanating from it.
  5. Could I mod over the Plebiscite again? I like modding over the woman pics..... uh and all the other random stuff.
  6. I think they were reversed, since Calabries' post was on July 16th. Also, while I can ban people I don't think I can ban them for amazingly trivial offenses. Yet.
  7. I have all the DLCs and I'm a level 63 Hunter. Add me on steam solpirius or [email protected] for the email.
  8. Hey, you guys playing Borderlands 1 on PC? Because if so I'll tag along if anyone wants to co-op.
  9. Ruinus


    As long as Tali makes a cameo I'm fine with whatever they put on the screen.
  10. Zora Fair-Child, the accent kills me. Same for Tali'Zorah nar Rayya. Wish I knew what type of accent it is.
  11. Video game character crushes are fun. Been playing Skyrim recently again since I bought the Dragonborn and Dawnguard expansions (already had Heartfire). Beat the Dawnguard expansion and wished that Serana was a marriable NPC. No dice. Well, I went and downloaded a few mods that I had to uninstall to make sure my game wouldn't crash due to the new DLCs and decided to pick up the Interesting NPC mod (the one that adds around a 100 new NPCs, fully voiced by modders, along with several NPC questlines). And Jesus Christ, Zora Fair-Child and Isobel. I love those two chars. Can't marry them both, so now I've got two save files where I married each of them. This is rock bottom people.
  12. Calabries' post was it's own thread over in Fan Discussion. So it was in the wrong section of the boards and it was pretty lame as it's own thread anyways, so I tossed it in here.
  13. Ruinus


    I loved the Lone Ranger.
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