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  1. You move too fast, Berg. Way too fast.
  2. Considering the actual basis of HIME... I don't really think it was any sort of a mistake.
  3. If you kept up you'd realize you've still got three days. It's the only reason I'm throwing my hat in after having been away for the majority of the time this thing has been running.
  4. That, Treach, is a Dog. Not a Cat. Get it right. (ONLY ONE!)
  5. Whelp, that's what I get for being away forever. And also being on vacation by the time this was brought to my attention. Oh well.
  6. Doc resents that her currently being a dinosaur somehow makes her mutually exclusive from being a babe.
  7. Apollo exploded into a swarm, numerous insects exploding into green-yellow mists as the kinetic force blasts through. The violent, hissing voice coalescing from the sonorous buzz of the swarm focusing on Ramirez. From all directions now yellow, black, and golden-blue carapaces with all manner of angry points converging upon the limey bastard. The mass whirling about the brother in a veritable tornado of insects. "Curssssse your inevitable duplicity... treachery... betrayal!" 'Passive' Energy Body reaction with POISON RETALIATION!
  8. Apollo swirls and twists in the air, the sudden cold snap sending a wave through the innumerable swarm and dropping a few handful's of insects twitching to the ground. Shifting around Richter as his brother does an impromptu Grace Kelly impersonation over to the prone man. A nearly gentle tornado of insects spirals into shape at his brothers side piling themselves back up into the shape of Apollo himself. Hugging his white coat closer to his body within the more temperate area even as a few more rime-encrusted insects fall dead to the ground. "Must you make such a disarray... confusion... mess?" His voice humming as his head slowly reforms. Numerous insects crawling over the gaping wounds that Ramirez leaves behind. Ragged, bleeding craters. Numerous angry wasps and hornets crawling over "And I do not mean with... this." He gestures to the ongoing massacre with a hand that dissolves into bees for a moment before reshaping itself. "You did not need to speak of our clan... organization... sect. It was much more fun watching them grope... fumble all over themselves." You know what is happening, Treach. Energy Body, letting it do it's thing. You know, bugs and all.
  9. That's third act, this is first act. Quit trying to skip ahead.
  10. The violence ends when there are no more people left to be violent.
  11. No he didn't, not specifically. I already elaborated to Treach. I was going on something he told me when I asked about specifics on the system itself anyway, which I have again made note of in further correspondence. The action was AN action. Energy Body is already active and I am attacking, moving away from the hut and to Richter. All one concise action. Now, mind, I have no Idea what parts Treach himself is going to include within the confines of what actually happens, but, nothing I did couldn't actually be done in one action in just about any set of rules.
  12. The swarm that was Apollo Dosaz shifted in place, shifting out of the way from the rain of fire. A gaping hole opening itself in the mass for every burst of flame and bullet even as it swirled it's way around the hut full of the poisoned and dying. Adjusting it's position and drawing away from the structure even as the well-armed feline bound it's way inside. Looming, droning loudly now, a great dark wave of humming shapes rising it's way higher and higher in the air above Richter. Every buzz echoing in the air until it begins to form a semblance of a voice. "YOU. HAVE. MADE. YOUR. CHOICE." With that, the wave breaks. Pouring it's vicious mass over the man. Choice: A Attacking Richter with Poison.
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