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  1. The Setting: The IFA (Intergalactic Fighting Arena) Announcer: Hello and welcome to the Intergalactic Fighting Arena. Today we have a very special fight, between two very special guests! These guys may be small and furry, but don't let that put you off. These two are beastly killers. Literally! So, without further ado, I present to you, all the way from Halfworld, it's the Guardians of the Galaxy's very own Rocket Raccoon! (Rocket Raccoon walks in) Random Audience guy: Aww! Look at his widdle face! Hahaha! Rocket Raccoon: Grr! (Rocket Raccoon leaps on to him, scratches his face, and shoots him.) Rocket Raccoon: Never doubt a raccoon. Announcer: Woah, take it easy little dude! Alright, our next contender is from the Lylat System and is the leading member of team Star Fox. That's right! It's Fox McCloud! Fox: Bring it on, shorty! Rocket Raccoon: You'll regret saying that, ginger nut! HIIIYAAA! Announcer: Rocket Raccoon's going for it, but Fox looks pretty relaxed. Rocket's using his jetpack and is about to do a roundhouse kick, but- Ooh! Fox kicks Rocket right in the balls! Fox is now mercilessly beating Rocket into submission! Fox: Who's the ginger nut now, huh? Rocket Raccoon: Ow! That insult didn't even make any seeeense! Announcer: Fox is now swinging Rocket around by the tail. Fox has let go! Rocket is now hurtling threw space. I doubt Rocket's gonna survive that! But wait! Rocket is using his Rocket Skates to jet back down to the arena! Rocket is now going so fast that he's broken the sound barrier! This is move could finish the match! But for who? It appears that Fox is now getting out his trusty laser pistol, and if he can get a well-aimed shot at Rocket it would kill him easily! But will he be able to do it in time?
  2. The Setting: Planet Mongo Flash Gordon is in the middle of a deathmatch against Barin. Vultan and the Hawkmen are all cheering for them to kill eachother. A few weapons are tossed into the ring. Barin grabs the chain and trips Flash up. Flash gets up and charges into him, knocking him down. Suddenly, a strange noise can be heard throughout the arena. The sound of the TARDIS! But of course, they don't know that. A big blue box appears in the middle of the arena. A strange man in a bow tie comes out. The Doctor: Alright you lot, I hear you're in a spot of bother. Everyone looks at him blankly. They have no idea what he's talkingh about. The Doctor: I've come at the wrong time haven't I. Oh well, I'll just be leaving-woah! Barin comes round and knocks the Doctor to the ground. Barin: Who are you? The Doctor: Me? I'm the Doctor. Barin: Well Doctor, you will pay with your life for interfering in our match! HIIIYAAA! The Doctor swiftly rolls to the side to evade Barin's chains, but Vultan presses a button which makes the arena tilt from side to side. The Doctor can't get up, and is about to go rolling off the arena, when Flash comes along and saves him. Flash pulls the Doctor to his feet, but Barin sneaks up behind him to do a kidney punch, but misses and goes plummeting to his death! Flash Gordon: No! Vultan: Leave him, Flash! You've won! The Doctor: Don't, Flash! There's nothing we can do! Flash Gordon: Get off me, you freak! I could've saved him if it wasn't for you! The Doctor: I'm so sorry, but it appears I've just inadvertently changed a fixed point in time. Flash Gordon: What the hell are you talking about? The Doctor: Look, you need to rally these people to rise up against Ming, or Earth is doomed! Flash Gordon: Yeah, I know that! But how am I supposed to do it? The Doctor: I'll tell you how! We gather all the Hawkmen, fly over to Ming's castle, defeat all Ming's forces, stop the wedding, rescue Dale and Zarkov, kill Ming, return to Earth and live happily ever after. Easy! Flash Gordon: Er, Whatever you say, Doc! A while later, when they've stopped the wedding, saved Dale and Zarkov and are about to fight Ming. Flash Gordon: End of the line, Ming! Ming: Flash Gordon? The Doctor: Don't forget me, the Doctor! Ming: Right... Since when do you have a sidekick? The Doctor: Oi, I'm nobody's sidekick! Ming: Whatever! Are you ready for a fight to the death? Flash Gordon: I was born ready! So, will Flash Gordon win, or has the Doctor's mistake changed the flow of time so Ming wins?
  3. The Setting: This match take place straight after my last match: Shadow vs Starkiller. Shadow and Starkiller are fighting ferociously. Shadow hurls a few Chaos Spears at Starkiller, but Starkiller blocks them with his lightsaber. Shadow then uses the Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Shadow. Simply put, Starkiller is screwed. Shadow gives Starkiller the beating of his life. Even when Starkiller used the force to hold him off, Shadow still broke through. Eventually though, Super Shadow turns back into normal Shadow. Starkiller sees this as his chance to strike. Starkiller throws Shadow up into the air with the force, zaps him with some force lightning, and to finish him off, Starkiller jumps up and slices Shadow in half with his lightsaber. Epic or what? Sonic: Shadow! NOOOO! Starkiller then runs off, but Sonic is too injured to chase after him. Sonic knows that even if he could chase after him, he wouldn't be able to catch him, as Starkiller demonstrated his great speed in the battle with Shadow. Tails: Sonic, what happened? Sonic: Tails? Tails: Oh my God! What happened to Shadow? What happened to you? Sonic: That guy... He killed Shadow and chopped my arm off... Tails: I'm gonna take you home and bandage you up. You can tell me everything. Tails takes Sonic home and bandages up what was his left arm. Sonic procedes to tell Tails about how they found the guy in the woods, about how the guy attacked them and how Shadow met his end. Tails: This guy sounds like he means business. If he's still alive, then who knows what damage he could cause. Your arm getting better? Sonic: Tails, I don't have any arm left, of course it doesn't feel any better! Tails: I was only asking! Anyway, I've got a plan! Sonic: What kind of plan? Tails: Well you said that the guy who attacked you kept mentioning a guy called Vader. Well if we track this Vader guy down, we may be able to get some answers on how to defeat this guy. Obviously, you're in no fit state to fight, so you'll stay here while I go to Eggman's base. Sonic: Why do you need to go to Eggman's base? Tails: This guy might be dangerous, and if he starts attacking me, I wouldn't be able to fight him on my own. So, if I go to Eggman's base and steal Metal Sonic and some Shadow Androids then I might stand a chance. Tails goes off to Eggman's base. Suprisingly, there are no evil robots guarding the base or trying to attack him. Tails walks in and finds Eggman sitting at a desk while wearing his pyjamas. Tails: Eggman? Eggman: Tails! What a suprise! What brings you here today? Eggman gets up and starts beckoning Tails to come in. Could this be some kind of trap, or is he genuinely being friendly? Tails: Why aren't you building some evil robots or making a plan to get rid of Sonic like you normally do? Eggman: I've given up being a villain. It's too stressful. Besides, I always end up losing to Sonic anyway, so there's no point. Tails: Are you being serious? Then I guess you wouldn't mind if I took a few things. Eggman: Help yourself. Tails takes the Eggmobible and a big container filled with Shadow Androids. Tails: Great! Now all I need is Metal Sonic. Eggman: Certainly. Let me just wire him up........ Voila! Tails: Thanks, Eggman! Tails pilots the Eggmobile into space and heads towards the Death Star. (His tracker told him where Vader was) Tails lands the Eggmobile in the Death Star, where he releases the Shadow Androids, who do battle with the Stormtroopers. Tails, Metal Sonic and a few Shadow Androids manage to sneak past and get in a lift, which takes them to the Death Star Lab. Once they arrive, they are greeted by Vader himself. Tails: We know it was you who put that guy up to killing us! Tell us where he is! Darth Vader: What are you talking about? Tails: Don't act like you don't know who I'm talking about! The guy, with the red laser sword? Darth Vader: Oh, you mean Starkiller? I thought he was dead. We haven't heard from him in 10 years. So, we've made these clones from his DNA. Most of them have either escaped or gone insane. The room lights up showing loads of clones of Starkiller. Darth Vader: Impressive, isn't it? (whispering to the clones) Kill them. Metal Sonic dashes in and attacks Vader while the Starkiller clones fight Tails and the Shadow Androids. It appears that the Shadow Androids are vastly outnumbered, but will they be able to pull through?
  4. The Setting: The Rogue Shadow (Starkiller's ship) Starkiller: OK, we're looking for a massive spherical space station that's somewhere around here. Juno: Oh look! A massive spherical space station. Starkiller: Great! Let's go! It turns out what they think is the Death Star, is actually the Death Egg. The Rogue Shadow lands in the Death Egg, but evryone is panicking and trying to escape. Starkiller: What the hell's going on here? What are all these robot things doing here? Starkiller looks out a window and realises that the Death Egg is falling out of orbit and heading to some weird planet. BOOM! The Death Egg hits the ground and explodes! Starkiller somehow survives but is buried under heaps of rubble so he goes into a coma for 10 years. When he wakes, he finds a strange blue spiny creature with conjoined eyes looking at him. Starkiller: Gah! Get off me you... thing! Sonic: Woah! Take it easy! Starkiller looks around and sees another creature that looks just like the blue one, only black. Shadow: Sonic, I don't think this guy is open to negotiation. Starkiller: Tell me where Vader is! Starkiller egnites his lightsaber and cuts one of Sonic's arms off! Sonic: Ooow! Look we don't know who you're talking about, OK! Shadow: I knew it. You're probably one of Eggman's drones. Albeit a very advanced one. You're actually quite realistic. But you can't fool me! Shadow dashes towards Starkiller. Starkiller swipes with his lightsaber, but Shadow disappears. Shadow then appears behind him and gives Starkiller a swift kidney punch. Starkiller: Aargh! You'll pay for that! So, who will win?
  5. I've submitted two characters: Baby Sinclair (from Dinosaurs) and the Annoying Orange. I don't really know why Baby Sinclair wasn't added, but the Annoying Orange is a meme character, which they don't allow.
  6. This battle take place after the Spawn vs Kratos Death Battle on Screwattack, so before you read on, it would be best if you went and saw that first. Kratos brings out the almighty Blade of Olympus. Spawn tries to fend him off with his chains, but it's too late! Kratos bursts through and stabs Spawn! But then Spawn just teleports behind him and stabs him in the face. K.O.! After Wiz and Boomstick do their summary of the match, Spawn is about to go home when- BOOM! Superman breaks through the ceiling and challenges Spawn to a fight! (remember, in Death Battle, all personality traits that would normally restrict a character from killing are removed) Boomstick: What the hell's going on down there? Is that Superman? Wiz: Looks like it! He also looks like he's challenging Spawn to a fight! We never had this planned! We can't have two fights in a row! Boomstick: Well, when you think about it, we don't often use the same character twice. Wiz: So? Boomstick: So, if we make a match with Superman in it, we won't have hear those bratty fanboys nagging us to do Superman vs Goku anymore. Wiz: Actually, that makes a lot of sense. Alright, let's do this! Spawn tries shooting Superman, but Superman just takes the blows. Spawn: Dammit! I knew these stupid things wouldn't work! So, it looks like Spawn will have to use some other tricks to outwit the Man of Steel. Who will win?
  7. By the way, do you like my new face icon? I really wish they would bring Grudge Match back because although this site is good, it still doesn't have the same feel as Grudge Match. Apparently the site will be taken down permanently sometime this year.
  8. Batman and Robin vs Monobrow Man and Beard Boy Since Monobrow Man and Beard Boy are made up, here is there profile: Powers: Monobrow Man has a giant monobrow, which grows bigger every time it's shaven. When shaven, Monobrow Man can use his monobrow to fly and make some devastating attacks. Beard Boy has had a condition which has made him have a beard all his life (he may look old, but is actually only 14). He can stretch his beard at will to trip people up or strangle them. Real Names: Michael Hunt and Steve Streeter. Weapons: Both of them can throw Monorangs and Beard Bombs. Appearances: Both will appear soon on a Youtube channel made by my good friend Cameron called Crazy Callabours. I may also design a webcomic about them. By the way, Batman and Robin are how they appeared in the 60's show. The Setting: A street in Gotham City. A criminal has mugged a man and took all his money. Batman and Robin have just apprended another criminal and hear the man's call for help. Immediatly the Dynamic Duo rush to help the man. Batman: Sir, are you in trouble? We heard you call for help. Civillian: Not any more, now that you two beat that crook up. Robin: No we didn't! We only just got here. Civillian: Well, someone did. Looks like you two aren't the only superheroes in town. Batman: Hmmm. This sounds fishy. Come on, Robin! To the Batcave! At the Batcave, Batman and Robin discuss with Alfred about who these other superheroes could be. Robin: Could they be doppelgangers made by the Joker or Penguin? Batman: Something tells me that this is hasn't got anything to do with them. Alfred: Could it be the Justice League? Batman: No. They know I'm perfectly capable of taking care of Gotham. They handle big things like alien invasions not petty crime. Alfred: Then it seems there is only one way to find out who these people are. Robin: By looking for clues! Alfred: Exactly, Master Robin. I suggest that you get a move on then. Batman: Alright. Come on, Robin! Batman and Robin dash out of the Batcave and start looking for clues around Gotham. Batman uses his suit to analyse anything foreign. Then he found a lock of ginger hair from Beard Boy's beard. They follow the trail and - WHAM! Monobrow Man and Beard Boy both come out of nowhere and knock Batman and Robin out cold. Beard Boy: Uh-oh! These aren't Madame Masscara (their arch-nemesis)'s goons! They're Batman and Robin! Monobrow Man: What should we do with them. ???: I'll tell you what you should do! Beard Boy: Gasp! Madame Masscara! But who's that other guy? Madame Masscara: That's right boys! I have teamed up with The Joker, and together we shall rule the world! Muhahahaha! The Joker: You said it, puddin'. Right you two! Hand over Batman and Robin! Monobrow Man: Never! Oof! Two goons come out and knock Monobroow Man and Beard Boy aswell. When they wake up, they're in a giant arena and have to fight Batman and Robin for Joker and Masscara's amusement! If they don't fight, Joker and Masscara will blow up Gotham City! So, will they fight, or will they team up and take on the villains together?
  9. Now I'm doing this thing where I take two seemingly unrelated characters that are infact distantly linked and put them in a battle. Episode 1: Mario vs Jason How they are linked: Mario - Link - Soul Calibur - Tekken - Street Fighter - Marvel - DC - Mortal Kombat - Freddy Krueger - Jason Voorhees. The Setting: Peach's Castle Ever since that incident in Parters in Time, Baby Mario has been living in Peach's Castle. Normally Peach looks after him now, but today Peach has asked Mario to come round and babysit his younger self while she goes for a night out with Daisy. Now being the annoying crybaby that he is, Baby Mario keeps Mario awake all night with his constant blarring. Mario has had enough. Mario resorts to buying some knock out gas which finally gets Baby Mario to go to sleep. Mario does a big yawn and goes off to bed. Meanwhile, in Bowser's Castle, Bowser is busy plotting a way to get rid of Mario once and for all. Bowser: Grrr! I just can't think! I've tried everything to get rid of that fat plumber and nothing has worked. I mean, if angry bullets with faces that go 5 metres an hour doesn't work, then what can? Kamek: May I suggest something, sir? Bowser: What is it, Kamek? Kamek: It is clear that all of you're soldiers here are too soft, so why don't we bring this warrior from another dimension to work for you instead? Kamek holds his crystal ball up, showing Jason killing various teenagers in their sleep in a very brutal manner. Bowser: What the hell? We can't have him! Kamek: Why not? As you can see, he is an unstoppable killing machine and Mario would not stand a chance against him. Bowser: Well... he goes against everything we stand for. I mean, I'm a fairytale monster, not a rampaging psychopath. But mind you, I am starting to get desperate. Alright, Kamek, use your magic to bring him here. Kamek: Right-O! Abra-Kadabra! Jason suddenly appears infront of Bowser. Bowser: Uh... H-hello friend, we need your, er, assistance and - URGH! Jason stabs Bowser with his giant sword, killing him. Kamek: Master! Master! Are you OK? Bowser: ...Kamek... now I'm gone... will you- Kamek: Lead the Koopa Troop, sir? Bowser: No, I was going to say will you put my crown on when I'm dead. Kamek: Oh. Of course. Bowser: Gah! Ooh! Uhhh.... Kamek: You! You killed him! Jason: ..... Jason starts chasing after Kamek, but Kamek trips over and is killed by Jason. Jason then leaves Bowser's Castle and heads towards Peach's Castle. He manages to sneak into Baby Mario's room, where he's about to slash Baby Mario's head off, when Mario comes in and takes down Jason by sliding under him and hacking at his legs. Mario now has to stop Jason from trying to kill Baby Mario because if Jason does kill Baby Mario, time will change and Mario will never have existed. So, will Mario be able to beat Jason. Let's hope so, because the fate of the universe depends on it.
  10. God damn it! The computer froze while I was making the set-up! Oh well. Sorry guys, you're just gonna have to wait until Superman and Spawn are available again. This match was going to be set after the Kratos vs Spawn Death Battle on Screwattack, so before you see this match, check it out on Youtube.
  11. potterpuppetpals Enter your Set-Up for the match here.
  12. I'm pretty sure Queen Violet is made up, so how are we supposed to know her strengths and weaknesses?
  13. Trish vs Morrigan: Battle of the two hottest babes in Marvel vs Capcom 3. They both have the looks, but who will ultimately win the beauty contest Both competitors will walk up a catwalk and get judged on their looks. The judges are: Iron Man Wolverine Dante Wesker So, Wolverine, how are you feeling about this contest? Wolverine: I think it'll be pretty close. I mean both of 'em are pretty hot so yeah, it should be close. Okay. Tony, how are you feeling? Iron Man: (has his back to him) Uh... Just gimme a minute, I'm just... stretching. Ooooh. Ooookay, I think that's all we need to hear from the judges. Let's get on with the contest. First up is Morrigan! Morrigan sure is struting her stuff on the catwalk. Wolverine: Hey! Aren't you that girl who asked me out at that strip club? Morrigan: Uh, no. You must be mistaking me for someone else. Wolverine: Hmm. Then you must be twin sisters or something. Morrigan: No, my sister is over there! (points at Lilith in the crowd) Wolverine: Oh. Wesker: Hmm. Nice. I'm starting to think about replacing Jill. (looks over to Jill, who doesn't look very happy.) Wesker: Sorry, Jill. Maybe replacing Nemesis would be better. That way I'd have two hot sidekicks. Hell, anythings better than that ugly sonovva. (Nemesis walks up and strangles Wesker) Wesker: Ack! Alright! I won't replace you! (puts Wesker down) Ugh! Morrigan: Hello sugar. Dante: Ooh, baby! Hey, Iron Man, why don't you take a look? Iron Man: Sigh. Alright. (turns round and sees Morrigan) JESUS CHRIST! Dante: Hey, Iron Man, looks like there was a little, er, oil leak in your suit. Iron Man: (looks down) Yeah, I think I'll just go. Alright, now it's Trish's turn. Dante: Trish? What are you doing here? Trish: Hey, Dante. (grabs hold of Dante and whispers in his ear) Look here, you better give me !10 out of 10, or you'll get a little visit from Sparda (her sword) here. So, Wesker, what are you thinking of her? Wesker: Oh yeah. She's a real beauty. I would do terrible things with her. Like what? Wesker: Like slashing your guts out with her! What? We are talking about Trish, right? Wesker: Trish? No, I was talking about that giant sword on her back. It's massive! I think it would look way better in my collection though. Okay, Albert. Well, the results have been checked and varified. But before the judges reveal their scores, we want to know who you think should win. Morrigan or Trish? Vote Now!
  14. The Setting: Albert Square, Walford This battle takes place in the episode in which the Queen Vic gets burnt down. Phil has set fire to the Queen Vic, but Peggy and serveral other civilians are trapped in the pub. Phil is also trying to escape, so he's about to climb through a window, when suddenly Superman appears! Superman: Hold it right there, mister! Phil: Who're you supposed to be? Superman? Superman: Yes, actually. Your mother told me it was you who started this fire. Phil: How? I thought she was still trapped! Superman: Don't worry, I saved her. Now you drug-doing-dick, you're going to prison! Superman goes in to punch Phil but Phil dodges and breaks a beer bottle to use as a weapon. Phil stabs Supes, but the bottle just completely shatters. Superman: Heh, unless you've got some kryptonite around here, I doubt you're gonna beat me. Phil: Kryptonite? Hang on a minute! Phil goes into a cupboard and brings out a green bottle with a sign saying "Made with 100% pure kryptonite". Superman: Crap. Phil lunges at Superman and sends him flying staight through the window. Phil manages to get on top of Supes, but will he be able to crush the man of steel, or will Supes save the day once again?
  15. The Setting: Some time in the Victorian era. This match is set in the Christmas episode. The Cybermen are busy constructing the Cyber King and are kidnapping children to work in the factory. Both of the Doctors (there were two Doctors in that episode, sort of) have an idea on how to defeat them. Using the TARDIS they manage to bring a hero from another dimension to fight the cybermen for them. Who is this hero? Mega Man of course! (well you should have guessed, this fight is called Mega Man vs Cybermen after all.) Mega Man: Woah! Where am I? The Real Doctor: OH YES! It worked! You are Mega Man right? Mega Man: Yes. The Real Doctor: Well, Mega Man, you're in the Victorian era and there's an army of metal men who are constructing a giant robot that's going to take over the world. Think you can handle it? Mega Man: Well, I- The Real Doctor: Great! It's right over there. Off you pop. And don't forget the kidnapped children you have to rescue as well, OK? The Fake Doctor: How is he supposed to defeat all those Cybermen? The Real Doctor: Don't worry, I hear he fights giant robot armies on a regular basis, so he'll be OK. Can Mega Man stop the Cybermen?
  16. Wesker vs Joker This match takes place in the Arkham City timeline where Joker is recovering from the Titan drug and the Resident Evil 5 timeline I guess (I'm not a huge Resi fan). Wesker is busy testing his urobos virus on a bunch of zombies and mutants, when suddenly Chris bursts in. Chris: End of the line, Wesker! You're going down! Wesker: Ah, Chris. Come to participate in my little experiment? Chris: Not likely! Chris lunges forward and pins Wesker to the ground, but then his comlink to one of his teammates starts beeping. Chris (to the comlink): Hello? Soldier (through comlink): Chris! We're under attack by a bunch of mad clowns! Chris: Wait, what? I thought you said clowns there for a sec. Soldier: I did! Oh my god! He's got a hammer! AAAAA-(comlink turns off) Chris: Did you have something to dod with this Wesker? Wesker: No, I swear! The door bursts open revealing Joker, Harley Quinn, the one armed clown guy and a few other of Joker's henchmen. Joker: Hello there Wesker! Sorry for the breaking an entry, but I heard you have something called a urobos virus, correct? Wesker: Uh, yeah! Joker: Great! Now I hope you don't mind me borrowing it for a while do you? What am I saying, of course you're gonna let me take it, you'll be dead! Wesker: Son of a- Wesker pulls his gun out and shoots, but the one armed clown guy heroicly leaps forward and deflects it with his hammer. The bullet bounces back and shatters the glass cell which was holding the zombies and mutants. It then turns into all out war, as Titans and Tyrants start turning up and beating the crap out of each other as well. Jill also turns up and starts fighting Harley Quinn while Chris is just trying to get the hell out of there. So these are the sides: The Jokers side: The Joker Harley Quinn One armed clown guy Titan Joker's Thugs Wesker's side: Wesker Jill Tyrant Nemesis Zombies and Mutants Which side will win?
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