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  1. We've all had them. When you've just heard that there's going to be a new Smash Bros character, you're mind goes nuts with endless possibilities. As I've said recently, I dreamt that James Bond was going to be in the game, but I've also had wackass visions of Kitana from Mortal Kombat (who's actually one of my least favourite MK fighters) and Preston from Wallace and Gromit. What were you're craziest Smashing dreams?
  2. I don't understand what you're saying. There are no character limitations, if that's what you're asking. It's everyone. Official, fanmade, original, and even FPL. The whole shebang.
  3. After a climatic duel between Callisto of Xena: Warrior Princess fame and the CBUB mascot, the Electric Ferret, the entire omniverse became unstable, and unleashed the wrath of the most powerful being in fictional history, Test Character Zero. A formless creature who has all kinds of abilities unfathomable to the human mind, most notably the uncanny ability to transform into whomever it wants instantly and gain their powers. Before the dawn of time, this power hungry creature fed on the life force of entire multiverses and stole all the most notable beings of those universe's powers, which he
  4. No, that's what I'd like my title to be changed to. Because of the trees?
  5. Hugo is officially the largest Street Fighter in history, at 8 foot, and is also the only person in history to not get KOed by a Metsu Shoryuken. He should win.
  6. Title says it all. List your favourite or most anticipated MUGEN projects here. Here's my little list: 1. Card Saga Wars (Made by Orkimides and Ahruon) A truly massive and ambitious project made by two dedicated video game fans, this project is surely on top of most peoples' lists of most anticipated MUGEN projects. The game gives you an average sized roster made up of familiar video game icons and some unexpected characters, but theat's just the start. The game features over 90 other video game characters as assist characters, and 1000 more as support cards. I was gobsmacked when I saw
  7. Twas to be expected. Tis the Year of Luigi afterall.
  8. Last few weeks, so what else is there to talk about? The new Doctor? The 50th Anniversary Special?
  9. Guys, I just had a crazy dream. I dreamed that James Bond will be a playable character in Super Smash Bros, specifically the old movie version that appeared in Rare's Goldeneye. Think about it. Rare owns most of the Donkey Kong license, and Goldeneye Reloaded I think was a wii exclusive. Could it happen?
  10. The One Above All. Do literal gods count?
  11. I personally didn't like Asylum of the Daleks very much. It was advertised as a massive thing with every old Dalek featured, and I was super pumped! But then I only saw, like, two classic daleks spinning around like retards in the background. That was it. The whole Clara is actually a dalek thing was okay, but I could see where it was going very easily. And even though it was called Asylum of the Daleks, I really expected more from the actual asylum. I wanted it to be like Batman Arkham Asylum with ultra insane daleks spouting out gibberish and rabidly attacking the Doctor, as well as loads
  12. I'm very impressed with your argument, AVP, but there's just one thing. I never actually said that Matt Smith was a bad actor. Hell, everyone else I know hates him to the core. I just said that I preferred the Tenth Doctor because of his better skills as an actor. The emotion feels a lot more real with the Tenth Doctor, and the fact that the guy in a Northener and puts on an Eastern accent for the entire show (except the werewolf episode), is pretty impressive in my opinion. I'm surprised you didn't comment on the Daleks though. The new design has really bugged me since they first came out o
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