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  1. Watching from the depth of the pickle jar.

  2. Young Justice wins... Their power houses are too much.
  3. Killed him, yes. Beat him in hand to hand fighting, he did not. He used his environment because he knew he could not defeat Goro if it came to a straight up fight.
  4. Im going to have to side with Liu Kang's team here. As far as skills go, Liu and Kung Lao are pretty damn close, but as far as the teams are concerned, Liu's team seems more formidable. With Shang Tsung on his team to cancel out the Conquest Shang Tsung, and Goro to take apart several enemies (like hes known for doing), I believe that Goro above all will be the deciding factor on team Liu. It could take several fighters to bring him down (in a straight fight). Just looking at this fight on paper, Id say Liu Kang wins.
  5. Bald andern werden bringen ungefahr das zuruckgeben von Das Salzlake. Da sein nein bestimmt zeit, jedoch es sein unvermeidlich.
  6. Ive been waiting for this game too... Im hoping for a better storyline than "Marvel: Rise of the Imperfects" though.
  7. Each side has their own reasons for going against Cyclops.. The issues between him and Logan have been there since Cyclops let Sabertooth in the X-Men in "Part: I". So that entire conflict has been part of the story all along.... Gambit never had a problem with Cyclops's team until Colossus's team attacked him in the swamps (also Part: I), then Cyclops's Team (before Colossus had his own branch) captured Mystique (from team Gambit) and that is what caused the current conflict... The only one who is after Cyclops because of the former Brotherhood members is Wolverine, and thats just one of the many reasons that Logan wants Cyclops to step down as leader... Hes not mad at Nightcrawler, because Nightcrawler is not the team leader. In the end, it was still Scott's decision.
  8. {Following Wolverine vs Cyclops} The battle began and the two opposing X-Men teams clashed on the front lawn of the mansion. Wolverine leading the charge towards Cyclops and his team, dodged optic beam after optic beam. He leaped into the air with the intent of bringing his claws down in Cyclop's torso, but before he could he was hit with the final blast of optic energy. Wolverine was sent soaring through the air until Iceman caught him and set him back on the ground. As he coasted on a trail of ice, Iceman was then blindsided by a strong gust of wind summoned by Storm that blew him off course. As Cyclops's team held the enemy back, Nightcrawler teleported onto the roof and watches for more possible invaders. Cloak appeared behind him and startled the German. -Nightcrawler: "Nein Cloak... I am not your enemy". -Cloak: "I know Kurt. You are not the only one who would like to have seen this resolve peacefully". -Nightcrawler: "I am not Wolverines enemy and I do not want to fight any of his team... I just feel no need to betray Cyclops. He has tried to help mutants in need... It was my idea". -Cloak: "You told him to allow Sabertooth and the rest of the brotherhood? They are bad people Kurt. You have seen their intentions first hand". -Nightcrawler: "People change". -Cloak: "Not that many people... not that quickly... not all at once". Before the conversation could continue a large optic blast unleashed by Havok tore through the mansion and Nightcrawler and Cloak began to cave in with the roof when they both teleported away from the scene. As nightcrawler appeared on the ground below, he could not see Cloak anywhere in sight. However it was very noticeable that Wolverines team had taken full control. Iceman had once again frozen Storm into a block of ice as Wolverine and Cyclops continued to blast and slash each others flesh away. The battle was slowed when it became clear what Havok had actually done during the conflict. Nightcrawler, Dagger, and Jubilee noticed that Havok had blasted Toad through the mansion wall. Nightcrawler teleported over to the point of impact, but all that was left was traces of green slime that was smoking and scattered throughout the wreckage. Before anyone could even comment, Havok unleashed another much smaller blast that put Nightcrawler through a window on the other side of the wreckage. Wolverine yelled "Havok wait!", and was once again blasted down by Cyclops during the distraction. Both Cyclops and Wolverine glared at each other and were hurt badly. Wolverine with only his pants remaining intact, was covered in burns and melted skin. Cyclops was also ripped up and lost a lot of blood. -Cyclops: "Look what you've done Logan!!! You've killed an X-Man, destroyed Xavier's school, and caused war between the X-Men! Is this what you wanted?!". -Wolverine: "You know this isnt what I wanted Summers... Too bad you werent man enough to settle things with me one-on-one. No one would have gotten hurt". -Cyclops: "Im going to finish this right now!". -Wolverine: "You dont want to go there boy scout. Youre on your last leg... I heal quickly. You wouldnt last another round". -Cyclops: "Try me!". -Wolverine: "Trust me Summers! Id love to bury these claws in your chest, but then Id be no better than those monsters you put in X-Men uniforms! Were leaving... but remember, your still breathing for THEM!!! If I didnt have friends that needed you alive, Id be more than happy to finish you! Please, try to change my mind!". Wolverine then walked towards his team as Iceman once again apologized to the frozen Storm. Cloak reappeared and took Wolverine and his team away from the mansion premises. As Cyclops looked around at the carnage caused by Wolverine and his brother Havok, he fell to his knees. Could this be the end of his leadership? Just then Colossus showed up in the X-Jet and landed near the wreckage. His team got out of the jet with Mystique still held captive. -Colossus: "Cyclops! Wolverine did all of this?!". -Cyclops: "No... Havok did this... Wolverine was busy cutting me into pieces! Where the hell was our back up?!". -Colossus: "There were complications Cyclops. We came as...". -Cyclops: "You were too late.. Gambit has the information we need, Mystique turned on us, and then the mansion get blown apart.. All because I listened to Kurt and wanted to help you all! Where were you when we Logan was destroying the rest of us? Running LATE?!". -Sabertooth: "Watch it!". -Cyclops: "You watch it! I should have never listened to Nightcrawler! Once you're Brotherhood, you're always going to be against the X-Man agenda! You're off the team! Colossus.. you and Beast take Mystique to the holding cells. They should still be standing". -Colossus: "No... Sabertooth and Blob saved Beast when we fought Gambit's team. They deserve to be treated better". -Cyclops: "Then you lead them! Im giving you official authority to branch off. You will not be one of MY X-Men again, until you give them the proper training they need. We have enough problem without having to worry about our own teammates turning on us". -Beast: "Then Im going as well... I dont want to be apart of YOUR X-Men again, until you learn that all mutants deserve a chance for redemption". -Cyclops: "Fine... Just leave Mystique here. With the Jet... We wont get in your way Colossus, just keep your team under control and we can remain allies". -Colossus: "....Agreed. Cyclops provided Colossus with transportation and a base of operation on the other side of the Xavier estate property one mile west of the mansion. As a few days passed Cyclops kept little contact with Colossus or his team and had already began repairs to the mansion. Until... -Gambit: "Bonjou me ami's! Looks like Gambit missed the party!". -Cyclops: "Gambit! We need those papers you stole! Hand them over!". -Gambit: "Cyclops, you know Gambit never handed anything over just like that. Where is our teammate?". -Cyclops: "Like I said when you left, you dont have any team here anymore". -Gambit: "Gambit has more than you think here Patron". Just then Nightcrawler appeared behind Gambit and Rogue. -Cyclops: "Why doesn't this surprise me?". -Nightcrawler: "I am sorry Cyclops, but we do not share the same goals for the future...". -Cyclops: "So I see... Mystique isn't going anywhere Gambit. I'm surprised you even came back for her. It was almost noble". -Gambit: "Gambit gotta feeling you're about to find out many surprising things about him Mon'ami". Gambit charged a card while Rouge and Nightcrawler prepared to help him break Mystique out of the holding cell. As Storm and Jubilee made their ways down to assist the out numbered Cyclops, Colossus team was nowhere to be found after the call for back up (yet again). (Team Cyclops: Cyclops, Storm, Jubilee -vs- Team Gambit: Gambit, Rogue, Nightcrawler)
  9. Thank you LEGACY... and than you to everyone who has enjoyed the arc so far. I hope you enjoy the next chapters as well.
  10. This is the 1992 version of Iceman then, for the sake of argument. In prime-form it far too much of a stomp. This is NOT omega level Iceman.
  11. All 616 versions of each character... All 90's versions. Lol. It will remain that way through out the arc, if a "post 90's" character were to be used, it will be the best known version of that character in the setup.
  12. Gotta go with Electro here. In Pokemon, Pikachu IS hurt when hit with electric attacks (Eg: Raichu, Zapdose, Electabuzz, and Hitmonchan's Thunder Punch). Electro however is not as effected by the electric attacks. Pikachu would have to land a series of physical attacks on the villain in order to truly wear him down. In the end, Advantage Electro... Against guys like Mewtwo or Onix however, Electro would likely be defeated. Lol.... Im not writing a setup.
  13. Part 1: http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=29622
  14. {Following the events of "Team Gambit vs Team Colossus"} As Colossus and Gambit clashed below the thick trees of the swamp, their allies tore the camp apart. Mystique ran from Sabertooth while Rogue battled it out with the Blob. Beast could not bring himself to help either side after the feeling he got from battling Wolverine and Iceman. This couldn't be right, he though to himself. How could so many of the X-Men stand against them? After all, they were just trying to do what was best for mutants, and the X-Men. Why would it come to this between former teammates? As Beast was lost in thought, Mystique was able to blast him in the back with a laser gun. As he fell, Rouge caught his arm and threw hi through a nearby tree. Beast was hurt, but before Rouge could continue her assault, Sabertooth intervened and pounced on her. Blob then grabbed Mystique and slammed her to the ground. Rouge began slamming Sabertooth around and making her way towards Blob. Before Blob could get away Rouge smacked him in the head with the tree she threw Beast into. It looked like Colossus X-Men had been defeated, until their leader showed up and delivered a steel fist to Rouges face. -Colossus: "Where is Gambit?! He has disappeared with our information and if you do not help us get it back, we will be forced to bring you to Cyclops and tell him what you have done here. He wont be pleased with your betrayal". -Rouge: "Cyclops and his New X-Men arnt getting anything from us chrome arms. Even if I did know where Gambit went, I wouldnt tell any of you!". -Colossus: "Then you leave us no choice Rouge. Im sorry". Before Colossus could react, Gambit jumped from the trees with a large club of wood, and charged it up before delivering a heavy swing to the Russian's head. Colossus flew back and hit the Blob who had almost made it back to his feet. Gambit helped Rouge up then gave her the information the X-Men had been seeking. Rouge grabbed Gambits hand and they flew away as Sabertooth loaded Mystique into the X-Jet. They had one of Gambit's X-Men in their custody now, but it would seem that the team leader had gotten away and still had the information they needed. -Gambit: "Colossus, haven't you learned anything being an X-Men mon'frere? There is always a choice". As Colossus and his team flew back towards the X Mansion, contacted Cyclops to tell him about their battle with Gambit and Rogue. After hearing the news Cyclops demanded that the team pursuit Gambit. Before he could finish was he was saying, Cyclops was distracted by an intruder alert in the mansion. The cameras outside the mansion caught footage of Wolverine and more former X-Men breaking their way in. -Colossus: "How could this be?! We just seen Wolverine and Iceman at the mutant testing facility". -Cyclops: "They have Cloak with them! Forget Gambit, we need back up here!". -Colussus: "We will be there soon Cyclops!". Cyclops sent Storm and Nightcrawler to battle the rebel X-Men while he gathered the other X-Men. As Storm reached the front lawn she raised her hands to the sky and dark clouds began to form. Before she could say anything Iceman covered her hands in a thick layer of ice and Storm fell forward to the ground. -Storm: "Bobby! Logan! Why are you doing this?". -Wolverine: "Sorry sweet-heart, youre playing for the wrong team this time. Wheres Summers!". -Storm: "I dont know! Remove this ice from my hands at once!". -Iceman: "No can do Strom. We cant have you starting a hurricane now can we?". -Wolverine: "Were not here to hurt you Storm. Im after Summers. He has ruined the X-Men and has spit on the Professors grave... Makes me sick that you and Beast are still waving his flag!". Just then Nightcrawler appeared and vanished again with Storm in his arms. As Wolverine and his team turned to face the mansion, they seen Cyclops and his team ready to fight on the stairs. -Wolverine: "You've done it this time Cyc! No more excuses, no more people to get in my way! Just you and me!". -Cyclops: "Stand down Logan! You're the one who turned on us". -Wolverine: "Sabertooth, Blob, and Mystique wearing X-Men uniforms? Breaking into government facilities before knowing for sure whether or not they were holding mutants? Sending Colossus and his new buddies to do your dirty work? Nooo.... YOU turned your back on all of us! Are you trying to undo everything Xavier has done for us?!". -Cyclops: "Its not like that and you know it!". -Wolverine: "Its exactly like that! No more games Summers! Aaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!". Wolverine then ran towards Cyclops and dodged the first optic blast that was shot at him. Cyclops and his team prepared themselves for the battle against Wolverines X-Men. (Wolverine's X-Men: Wolverine, Iceman, Cloak, Dagger, and Havok -vs- Cyclops's X-Men: Cyclops, Storm, Nightcrawler, Toad, and Jubilee)
  15. With the reviews I got from the comments, I didnt expect such a low score for this one. Ill try to improve it in the next match. Ill try to get to "Part II" tomorrow night, or the night after. o.O
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