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  1. To be fair Pymp, all but one post in this thread said regardless of who wins, it'd be close. Anyway, just throwing this out there, I'm pretty sure Goku knows nerve strikes as well. That said, Batman wins.
  2. Zack drop kicked the subdued guard.
  3. OOC: So this dude just has an M16 lying in his pocket? Zack caught the other guard in the corner of his eye, and turned just in time to see him make aim. Reflexively, the large man raised his foot as high as he could go. Eminem watched.
  4. Ok, forget about Roy. I don't like him. But I can't come up with a good character... can I just be Spider man? If Nova Force Nova is kid Flash, I think it's fair.
  5. One Piece characters, specifically Zolo. Guy can totally take Deadpool
  6. Zack let out a war cry that would make the Spartans proud as he shot his tazer at the guard aiming at Shia.
  7. Exactly. That's why I figured it'd be ok. But either way nvm. I've decided to scrap Ox in favor of a different route. BRB.
  8. Name: Roy Stevens: Ox Age: 16 Appearance:Very tall. Nearing 7 feet. Very wide as well, broad. A light beard rests on squared jaw. Bright, cerulean blue eyes and an "oh gosh darn!" demeaner have the power to make anyone melt. Power: 100 ton strength, inexhaustible, very fast running speed when he builds up momentum. Durable enough to take a shotgun blast to the face and blink. Downsides, obviously, are poor agility and a tad on the slow side. Bio: Roy Stevens, named after his great great grandfather of the same name, the legendary hero who saved the world more times then you can count, grew up a regular life. Well, as regular as you can get when your parents are big time superheroes. Sadly, his parents work caused them to be away from home a lot, and he grew up relatvely alone. However, none of this has stopped him from becoming a soft, caring, teddy bear of a man. He has a great sense of humor, and will hardly ever get angry. He spends his spare time volunteering for community service, and whenever he does take part in superheroics, he makes sure to stick to small things. A humble boy, he doesn't want to get caught up in big time, save the world business. He'd rather stick to purse snatchers and getting cats out of trees. He has always been very friendly, often letting out deep, hardy laughs when with friends. Not exactly a genius, but he tries. Weapons: His costume, hand sown by his mother, is equipped with high frequncy horns on either side of his head, remeniscent of a real ox. A tad overpowered maybe? I think his agility, slow wittedness, and humble nature even out his raw power. It's not like he'll be throwing around 100 ton punches all the time, he holds back a lot. Second character on the way. We can have 2 characters, right?
  9. Just elaborating on what Tom said... Lets pretend, hypothetically, your a criminal. Now, one day, you hear on the news that the Jersey Devil is indeed real, and is going after bad guys. Yes, you would be scared. That's basically what people think Batman is. A demon, or ghost, or whatever. If it is 100% confirmed that the Jersey Devil is real and after you, you would be scared.
  10. Either way, can Batmite really take on Galactus?
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