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  1. No intent to bore anyone; but couldn't help but do this; my last take on this last match: With his ravaged eye, a somewhat, somehow, aged Captain America peered out into the expanse that was the Khazan star system. His ominous brow and ever present frown a grave reminder of the last time he encountered this being with some of the best men he led into battle. 'So, you say you know of an anomaly, a crack in the works; that can slip us under the radar?' The Sultan : 'Yes, most definitely. As a matter of fact, we will be upon it in another 5 minutes of your earth time.' The Sultan was a being that had traverses time and space and somehow went to and fro without detection, using the one crack in the space stream to his advantage, keeping tabs on Zero's slumber. Cap: 'DD, where are Callisto and her backup? DD; 'Backup at 3:00 o clock Cap, if you know what i mean.' Cap: 'Gentlemen, open the hatch.' Callisto, along with a band of rag tag 'battlers' enters the craft.' 'Greetings Cap. You haven't been well.' Cap: 'Just scrapes and bruises, and a fast aging paradox to solve Callisto. Something tells me my salvation lies in Zero's death.' Callisto: 'So believe we all Captain, so believe we all.' Callisto had just brought back Cap form the land of the dead, where Zero had almost certainly sent him during their last encounter. He had somehow accelerated Cap's aging process, which Callisto managed to reverse through the combined, dying efforts of three mages. Alas, it was only enough to bring him back, perhaps for one last strategy in the probable, last battle they would ever wage. She needed Cap's organizational prowess, and only hoped that the accelerated aging had also made him somehow wiser. But that was only a wayward wish she knew was too good to be true. Cap: 'I would have done the honours, but I can barely breathe Callisto.' Perhaps you should do this.' Callisto: (Possibly Her last speech) 'My honour to do so, Cap. Gentlemen, ladies, aliens, bugs, thugs, heroes and conquerors. I never thought such a day would come, when we all would converge upon a place beyond time itself, beyond the laws of existence, and for the sole purpose of erasing the one being from existence, that ravaged entire universes, planets, beings, ............loved ones, yours and mine. We are all that are left. All that will stem his wave of aggression when he most certainly awakens from his imposed slumber. Leaders, kings, squires and beggars, we are all one and equal today. I know you feel a helplessness in your heart and know this might very well be a mission ending in death. A suicide mission. But were we not dead the moment we wagered that Zero can be beat? Had we not sold our souls to the fire, the moment we left the still yearning bones of our loved ones, our friends, our allies to rush to this God forsaken place? So here we are. Few, but determined. Wounded but willing. Beaten, but with hope; that life, the one thing we can agree is most precious right now, existence itself, can be salvaged. Did I just just forget we are also thugs, slime, scum and ravagers? Nay, we haven't forgotten. Perhaps Zero has. Let us remind him, what it is like to underestimate the most feared in this universe. His is a legacy molded by power alone. Our is one forged out of the steel of our determination. We have downed tyrants, we have been tyrants, we have seen the edges of the universe, we have been the rulers of the universe itself! Zero has nothing on us. Perhaps after all this time, his name will have a fitting end: Nothing. Let us take away his last hope, his last struggle. Make him beg for his very existence. This will be our masterwork, this will be our Picasso, our most venerable stroke. There are no alternatives, there are no choices, leave one: Victory has to be ours. It will be ours.' So say we all.' Almost as if someone heard the address, a rumbling sound rocked the entire ship, rending apart the frame and tossing them all out like rag dolls caught in the fury of a tremendous, angry gale. Callisto saw Luthor's eyes stare in disbelief at his own helplessness, as his makeshift armour wrapped its intricacies around him, Terrax' screams for vengeance, DD's struggles to hold onto Cap and Nightwing, Black Bolt's efforts to remain silent to save his breath for the battle and not to destroy everyone around him; The Ferrets Five struggling to get their aerial gear to work and begin catching the ones who could not fly; and the Sultan being rescued by Hawkeye and Mockingbird with their makeshift flying apparatus. So much for the rift; they had been discovered. This was no erroneous energy dispersion accidentally downing an entire ship. This was a deliberate and devilishly frightening precursor of the things to come. Nightwing taped his broken arm, as did Hawkeye his on arm that was instrumental in taking aim. The others got to their feet as the ferreters five landed behind them, bringing the non-flyers to safety. 'What an aberrant collection of souls thou hast brought to the arena Callisto. Hast thy sense left you so, that thou hast no resolve left in thee to bring someone worthy to face me?, Zero boomed as his essence awoke. It seemed it had been expecting them. Callisto: 'I see you have begun to speak Asgardian, Zero. It is you who seems to be hallucinating.' Zero: 'How accurate is thy perception, Callisto; even in the face of thy death.' With that rant, Zero formed into numerous Asgardian warriors, led by the one they feared would materialize among others: Thor. Callisto knew this is not Thor, for he perished in the great battle, but this mockery would reflect all his powers; and none of his compassion. Callisto: 'This is beyond you all. Get behind me now!' As the Asgardian unleashed what seemed to be a form of the Thunder God's lightning, Callisto formed a strong force field around her group. 'Cap, we underestimated him; he knew all along we were coming. Where is Sultan.' Surely, as another horror yet dawned upon them, there he was, the Sultan, clad in black, smiling, and eyes aglow; enjoying their desperation. His family perishing, his soul ascending, his desire for vengeance all a lie. A trap to ensnare the Feretters. Calliston: 'Feretters, He did this. Leave Zero to us, Teach this Sultan the meaning of this treachery.' With that, the ferreters five flew into the Sultan, who casually fired a salvo, ending in a huge blast. A smaller battle had thus begun, within the larger battle for survival. Potter: (yup Potter Plus)'You mangy, twisted freak. I smelled something on you, all weasly, all damned.' Sultan: 'Five against one? Not fair. But then again, why not? How else would I do this?' With that, the Sultan unleashed a huge energy field ensnaring all 5 of his opponents, weakening them instantly. He was absorbing their power! Zero:' Really, I had expected better Callisto. Even with a portion of my power, you are at loggerheads with yourself. I can keep this amusement up an entire millennium; can you?' Callisto just realised that standing there, protecting her charges would only drain her powers quicker. But, she did not want to pull the last curtain yet. She wanted to give Zero full hope, that the night belonged to him. Sometimes, treachery was the only way to achieve the greater good! She did not believe that at one time, but this was a moment as good as any. Callisto: 'Gentleman, teach these brutes some manners. Hawkeye and Mocking bird unleashed a collection of arrows laced with mini warheads. They knew this was all they would give, and yet it might be short. They took out the charging Warriors three, and in the resulting explosion, themselves perished. DD fought off a slew of every morphing Elektras, and kept getting stabbed, going on one knee. Luthor stood still, as of chronicling the fight itself. He had been leader, tyrant, and even came close to being omnipotent. How could it come to this. The very essence of life he fought for; being taken away by the urges of a power hungry fiend? What a blow to his pride it would be if they were to fall to Zero this day. He began unleashing the enchantments that were contained in a channeling capsule of his own design. He only hoped that the complexity of these uttered commandments would be at least alien to Zero in the beginning phase; for that would all there would be, perhaps for salvation this day. As he unleashed the last of the enchantments, Clark stepped up behind him. 'Luthor, once a sneaky, two timing bastard, always a bastard. What are you doing?' Luthor: ' Heh, I never thought I would feel this way, 'Clark'. Superior to you, even if you are a shell of the actual man himself. A mockery.' WIth that, 'Clark' unleashed a burst of heat vision. Luthor's B.A.T armour reacted in kind, though only so much could be done, as he grabbed onto 'Clark' and flew himself and 'Clark' into the huge waves of energy that were being exchanged between Zero and Callisto's shields. The resulting explosion was phenomenal. Both men perished, with Luthor releasing the remnants of his armour's energies to use his channel capsule, redirecting the energy to Callisto, who just underwent a little power boost. In the interim, Sultan had all but drained the Five of their 'power', granted to them briefly for this battle by Callisto. His one power was to absorb and replicate the power of others. So, why did he suddenly feel weakened? He sat up on his knees. 'What have you done, you cunning, treacherous bastards.?' You see bro, you got nothing now. While you were busy trying to drain our powers, Luthor's releaed enchantments were redirecting em' to Callipso, said Potter. With that, Sultan laughed uncontrollably, not foreseeing both the complexity and simplicity of his predicament. Potter, Baneblade, Nova, Treacherous and Paenzer; unleashed their final salvo, all that was left and dug into the screaming Sultan, who in turn, unleashed all he had, taking all five with him, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Callisto, holding the fort, said, 'Gentlemen, Its all out from here. Luthor has done his job. Its as good a day to die as any other. Do not hold back. Its been an honour'. Callisto stared, smiling, at Blackbolt, who stood emotionless, slowly walking up to the ledge. How he had held back all his life, he didn't know. All he knew was, that coupled with Luthor's unique channeling capsule, enforced by Strange's and Fate's enchantments before they were vaporised, his voice this day would be an art in itself. An art that would engulf all. It was a guilty pleasure, that he would finally see, even if in his dying breath. With that thought, Blackbolt screamed at the top of his lungs. Callisto, with her remaining power went toward the essence of an ever morphing, rapidly growing Zero. 'You proud, selfish, power hungry freak; you will know humility, you will know subservience.' Zero: 'Really, you think you have the battle won just by taking out my whims of sentries? You make me laugh Callisto. Now if you excuse me, I wish my power back.' In the background, Nightwing and DD, shook hands, smiling, as the shattering scream turned them into nothing. Zero wondered, why could he not absorb this well known energy? Callisto unleashed all she had, decimating scores upon scores of energy drones created by Zero, the entire arena laid to waste, even in its ever changing nature. Such was the devastation. Eventually, after what seemed like hours of confrontation, Callisto begun to disperse, and become one with the flowing gales of Khazan. Zero had won; or so he thought. What was this tapestry he saw? Captain America stood there, silent, withered, yet untouched by the spectacular powers that had ended the arena's dominion. Zero's bewildered essence approached him. 'You still stand. How.?' Cap: ' I can show you, if you let me.' Zero: 'Show me, show me, please.' Cap reached out and touched the area where Zero's presence was supposed to be. All of a sudden, a burst of light en capsuled everything. A brilliant frame of white, empty yet beautiful. Beckoning, tantalizing. Zero: ' Is this the birth of the universe.? When he turned to look at Cap, he no longer saw him, but in his place a strange amalgam of Dr. Manhattan with Cap. 'It could be. But I wouldn't know. I have searched the stars for millennia, and have only had more questions, not answers.' Zero: 'What is this peaceful feeling in me? A contentment? Did you do this? Did Callisto?' Manhattan/Cap: 'It is so, a part of her is now within you. Perhaps you will know each other better in this reality, than you did the last. I/we know you wish to find out why you have this contentment. It is the enchantments forged in the very heavens along with the power of the good souls that have perished battling you, that have formed this existence for you. In spite of your excesses against existence, such is your reward Zero. You have now embarked on the very journey I had, and perhaps together, we will find answers which I alone could not.' Fabulous realities opened to Zero at once, ones that he had once thought as fully deciphered, but not even touched upon by him. He was a prisoner and free at the same time, a glorious cell that was but yet, not quite there. He was one with Manhattan, and Cap and guided by their knowledge and good soul, he would be unwittingly, or willingly, be a force of life itself. Somewhere along a forgotten star system, in yet another place that knew no boundaries of time or space, a lone shrouded figure stood looking at a huge memorial. He had just cast his last tombstone: Hath thou been one of my heart n' life, N' seen the depth of my losing strife, Thou d' have fathomed my intent, To make our journey more content Yet 'tis the wayward traveller of yore, That all the pain of ours once bore, N' took nothing back in return, Leave for an epiphany, that too d' burn
  2. Hmmm, most , uh, thoughtful. The stuff about powers and weaknesses, that is..
  3. I know this may be too much to ask bro, but any 'supporting character set' with specific powers in your mind? (From or usual ferretters of course; eg: banebro could be instrumental in 'bro-ability', keeping the forces together and in coherence before being taken out before the end?)
  4. Sorry bros., I meant he is too 'unpredictable'; typing butter fingers.
  5. If this is a match in closed quarters, (which I think it is, considering an arena layout), I will give it to Jordan. Surfer may have the power cosmic; but he also has a lot of webs (reluctance, no inventiveness, no aggressiveness, no killer instinct, a number of opponents weaker than Jordan trumped him repeatedly for this very reason) I know a comment above mentioned 'till SUrfer gets serious'. Problem is, against a 'noble' foe, he most certainly won't. If this was John Stewart, or even Rayner, I might still have given the fight to Surfer, perhaps by a margin. This is Jordan; he is not your everyday Lantern, and he most certainly knows how to play with varied energy signatures. He is too predictable, headstrong, inventive, dependable, confident, and thinking out of the book guy to get trumped by a 'pacifist' like good ol' Surfer.
  6. Judging purely from the Avengers, Loki has no chance in hell (or heaven) or God's green earth to win this. Simply put, he was slow, hesitant, even made a joke of upclose (Hulk). What makes anyone think he will drop Zod, a chief nuisance among the headstrong Kryptonians, at whim? Not happenign in this fight. Zod wins.
  7. I think the setup should have included some angles (eg: what counts as a victory here). Spawn can be killed by only specific energies that can 'unmake' him. They are not energies, per say, but rather divine forces. Surfer only comrpises the power cosmic, that has no divinity attached to it. I only mention this as some bros. have tried to mention it as such. While there is divine purpose perhaps behind the energy dispersion by Surfer, there is no sense of dvinity in the power itself. It is a science based power, coming together by the manipulation of elements and energies period. That said, is this is a pinfall match, I will give it to Surfer, as he (judging from Spawn's routine conventional foes, and his reaction/pro-action times), will nail Spawn with enough salvo to blast holes through him, or disperse him. The problem begins if the match is a put down period. If it is indeed a 'more than a pin or first blood' match, Spawn wins as he will instantly regenerate, and come back with all sorts of counter measures that are too expansive to explain. Simply said, Surfer's backup is the Big G, or power cosmic, which was spawned as a fore of nature, undoubtedly by a higher force; Spawn has direct access to just such a force, not to mention the self thinking and oft self acting necro attached to him. His 'pick this and that' and blast away potential will outlast Surfer, not to mention his involuntary ability or tendency to rip open portals and teleportation channels that Surfer will not trump or escape from, as he has a soul that is to put it bluntly, ridden with a certain guilt. And bros., being a pacifist, and definitely holding back, will not help Surfer at all, as Spawn is a upper grade military man who can unleash all those shiny barrels at whim. Again, if it is a one pin situation, Surfer will win, definitely as is only apparent from Spawn's previous scuffles and his almost, always, implied hesitation in attacking well meaning folks If this is a drop dead situation, Spawn will win, solely due to his backup resources being primary ones and which will definitely outlast Surfer's in a long stretch.
  8. No good brother, it could be the other way around. I have seen often, heroes/character billed as being able to do wonders, and what they come up with is really a whimper. True, they have amazing feats, but when the sh** really hits the fan, they go packing, or simply go down. Thor is one such example: Look no further than Hulk, or Ironman. If he could not do what you say he can to either of those two, and worse, inspite of a consolation victory, admitted to not being able to match up to Hulk's level, then Superman is way out of his league, speaking literally, by comparison.
  9. Good bros. There is that matter of Thor's magic: It has been stated not to be magic in various sources, where as in some sources it has been only fleetingly referred to casually as magic. Magic is what Loki delves in, or Enchantress delves in. Thor, not so. This is simply 'an energy', spawned greatly from the Odin force, and other objects of mythology. I am not saying it, Walt Simonson, and even Mr. Strazcynski said this; I am mentioning here a range of writers differing in takes and perhaps years between them. This was of course, in reply to the assumption, that why couldn't Thor's magic, counter Loki's deceptive one? Answer was that Thor's isn't magic, but Odin life force, or Odin force, granted to him in whatsoever degree by Odin himself. The same was also substantiated when Supes dropped Thor in the debated Avengers/JLA crossover, by Mr. Perez when it was assumed that 'Thor's magic' should simply have dropped SUpes as he is allergic to it. Answer was, it isn't magic. A unique energy in its own, but the more solid outings in terms of stories state it not to be.
  10. Sorry ma bro, I guess I didn't maketh myself clear. I was only stating that Cap and the other characters were conflicted in the movie. While Cap was the most noble, he was not 'noble'; this I am only saying because Whedon, who was apparently one of the producers (or writers?) on the project said so. They did this for movie 'attraction' or making these guys 'flawed'. With that schematic, it would be quite easy for Thor to attack Cap, or lets say it would be 'easier'. I know that this is movie Thor, and perhaps even the same drawbacks don;t apply, but then again, with the flow of things in the Thor movie, it really fit well in place bro, that they are the same as the comic. I also stated, and am trying again bro, that even in the comics now adays, Whedon's implication would not be far off; the characters, even Capster, have been 'conflicted' and doubtful. As for Supes, be it in comic, or movie terms, he is still a 'nobler' character than any of them, something 'worthy' in Mjolnir terms.
  11. It is quite simple bros. Cap and Stark, are both like the rest of the Avengers; conflicted. (Team bickering, trying to one up the other, etc.) Even Joss Whedon commented that these 'out of character' antics were indeed movie schemeatics; but in my honest opinion, he may not be far off in that, as Marvel's lot has become even more conflicted over time. Look to recent comic outings, bro, and you will see the line is gray more than Black and White. You should also check up previous references: such as Mjolnir's barricaded assault on certain 'heroes', or it being shattered on other beings, like Exitar. When you check into these references, you will probably stumble upon the explanation, of how come something as durable as Mjolnir crumbled to nothing when used on a celestial like Exitar; the no surprise answer was that Thor's endeavour right there and then 'was not meant to be, and supposed to be', hence, Mjolnir's ineffectiveness coupled with Exitar's near impervious hide, and then correct standing (as said to be 'ordained' by fate') led to Mjolnir's destruction. It also knows that Thor falls to berserker rage at times, during which it is either pulled into extraneous action, or will fall and lay still. Even without this reference set, I easily deciphered it in its elementary 'character', that any 'worthy' being could wield it. Any other conjectures are just that, conjectures bro.
  12. While your synopsis is right, I would like to add something here: Be it the movie version, or the comic, Thor will always find himself shorthanded against Superman. The reason couldn't be simpler: Mjolnir is in my opinion, more than half of what Thor is. Without it, he is like a naked guy going into a battle. The problem there is, while Mjolnir does wonders for him, or with him, it has a mind of its own. Against character traits like nobility, innocence, grace, or to say; free of guilt, Mjolnir is expected almost 95% of the time to act in character, and not do 'anything'. Next comes the stage of Thor's 'action verification'. While mostly he's right on, it would take an immense shift of paradigm for Thor to attack Superman, or vice versa. Thor's hot headedness does not help either, that he is going into battle with a more level headed and comparitively 'pacifist' opponent, which will see Mjolnir work for the Man of Steel more than Thor. Unless any setup defines an evil Superman, or a Superman against whom Thor's fight is justified, I am betting that Thor will find himself short handed severely going into any fight in any media against Superman
  13. Amazo copies powers, period, except for 'beings who exist in mutliple realities in their own essence; Superboy Prime'. Ex: Some bros. suggest that 'magical' properties are beyond him; two scribes have already commented on this. And it makes sense: The only thing Amazo does not copy is 'inner knowledge' or what is concealed from him. When the 'magic' is turned into a physical medium, and Amazo comes in proximity of it, consider that power or particular ability, along with any of the schematics copied, and which he will 'instinctively' use in full force. The only thing Amazo, and I re-state; can not copy is 'inner knowledge' Ex: Dr. Fate's knowledge of the mystic arts, or Zatanna's magical prowess effected in her uttered words. Dr. Strange's magic would probably be a victim since he effects them physically by the use of his fingers, and which have been stated to have physical hexes of sorts. This is however a debatable point. In terms of knowledge that is coupled with physical ability; while scribes are mixed, two remained firm that Amazo copies 'physica; ability as well' (Ex: weilding a shield, or withstanding someone like Thor in the course of a battle). Bros., that was AMazo's domain. Now, while a comment from bro Jaeger suggests that Odin could be unique as well on that regard; then again, since this has not been put to paper before, it becomes mere conjecture, even if a possible one, and a smart one. My take is this: ODIN will win, by default and by forcing the match to end, if not physical trounce. Why? Simple: While Amazo will match Odin for everything 'physical' Odin throws at him, Odin will figure it out in one or two energy dispersions; I know Odin will last 'his own salvo' if thrown at him, and is durable enough to last even if Amazo improvises a bit. Following which, he will have to contend with Odin's many 'concealed' tools; (while bro Force stated a far stretch with the molecular dispersion, since that needs the utmost application from Odin; he does have an implied point) since in same context, Odin can easily create a distraction, and teleport Amazo away, winning the match by default. Not only this, it is debatable if Amazo can actually copy that power since it is something that simply opens a physical medium and another field of existence that pulls Amazo through instead of blast him. Also, Odin, while battle hungry and full of bravado at one time, is also battle weary, and has been shown in more recent outings to be wiser, and averting a battle where he can. I know even in character, he will send away a threat if that is the next best option to physically trouncing an opponent. My take bros, Odin wins after a drag out fight, and purely on smarts, rather than bravado and battle cry.
  14. Me thinks bros. that the Man of Steel will be too ruthless for Thor, once he takes a lick or two. Superman will win this one.
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