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  1. Literally everything in the dragon ball z universe is centered around usage of ki. Ki is inner energy. That's how people move. It's not that Goku can't use ki, more like he's restricted to only using ki in ways that the average human would know how. Batman has no reason to go all out for this fight. Honestly: he just has no reason to care. You can be disqualified by ring out. I could see Batsy stepping out of the ring so he could go get his own stuff done. On the contrary, the fact that it's a fight is reason enough for Goku to go all out. He really likes fighting. Batman has sparred with wonder woman - well Goku has fought Space *uncreative*, God, and a robot designed to be the world's best fighter who has stolen the braininformation of all the best fighters on the planet.
  2. Goku wins. Batman has no reason to fight if this is a tournament. He'll be sloppy, half on his game. He's not punishing criminals, he's just being thrown into the ring with some punk. Goku on the other hand loves fighting. He loves a strong opponent and he's going to give Bats everything he's got. The only danger is Goku taking it easy once he knocked Bats over a little.
  3. I'm not really up to anything right now. Don't know if DarkEnder is. Uh, if you want to ask about any particular stories or characters, want to cowrite something - I'm always up for it.
  4. Question is: What does she do afterwards? You and me could work on the Hospital Scene. Her and Steel Will talking about what happened.
  5. I don't know. The social pressure that forces Becki, a normal college-age girl to move into the Undead district. How the Undead District feels about there being a high profile undead hero? How Becki feels about the Undead District? Becki just straight up cleaning up crime in the Undead District.
  6. Little Lovecraft is such a fantastic idea. I want to build on it. Does anyone want to write a Little Lovecraft fic with me? Maybe starring Becki Bloom? Eh?
  8. Round Two: Wraith attacks Nightcrawler's Agility with Strength via Piercing Weapon
  9. The vampiress lunges immediately, leaping into the fray with reckless abandon. Wraith smirks. The best prey are the excited ones; those who feel they have a chance. Because they feed the Wraith in body and soul. The meat fills his stomach leaving his sated until his next hunt. But the look of the prey's face as it falls, as they realize they have no chance left. That fed the Wraith's soul. He would have this one. She would be his. Wraith attacks Jennifer's Body with Body using Inhibit Senses
  10. Maybe we should just have an artist credit thread.
  11. He only physically harmed two characters: Steel Will and Catatonia. Everything else was him tanking a lot of damage with Bio Vamp + Iron Will +Regen + Supreme Body
  12. I just got TF2. Uh, If anyone wants to play, I am around some.
  13. Maybe we can actually use the tag system. I'm going to tag this fic AlphaBroken. Anyone who wants to do a fic based on it. Based on anything in it. Maybe Doc V's impeachment, Maybe how poorly the Alphas are doing without ____ and ____ on their team. Maybe how Steel Will is doing in the hospital (or not). Maybe what exactly happened to Catatonia. Maybe how the civilians of Burned Up Khazan feel about what happened. Maybe even a rescue fic for ____ and ____. There are a lot of possible ideas and I'm sure I didn't get nearly all of them. If you're going to do another fic based on this one, tag it AlphaBroken
  14. It seems participatory fiction isn't the sorta thing that's gonna work that well.
  15. Biography In the darkness of a cave on the coast of Khazan, a murder of pixies congregated over a summoning circle. Their faces were contorted masks of concentration as they focused on reaching deep within them to summon the strongest magics they could. As time passed, the cave became hotter; it was working. Untamed eldritch energy rotated around the room, pulsing through each and every pixie before returning to the chalk circle on the floor with a loud, sharp crack and a dizzying flash of white light. The pixies chanted in tandem the name of Verocorin The Devourer. As the ritual continued, their tiny voices melted into an infernal chorus, filling the cave like the buzzing of a million excited bees. The pronunciation of his name became looser, rougher, closer to the original pronunciation. The distinct syllables became lost in the yelling, and his name took on its familiar shade of chaos. Pixies started to vibrate violently as the energy of the magic came to them. Then one popped. He was the youngest in attendance that night, new to the magical arts in their entirety but wildly intrigued by the breadth of power they could grant him. Others had warned him not to attend, but he hadn't listened. Just as he finished shouting the name of His Dark God, the energy tore threw him, spreading his glittering, bioluminescent blood on all those around him. The other pixies continued as though they didn't notice. In fact, the ritual increased in intensity, as though making up for the lost one. All throughout the crowd, pixies were blowing up like tiny kernels of popcorn. As they died one by one, the manic screaming of the poor pixies got louder and louder until there was only one left. Then there was silence. Snapped out of her trance, the confused pixie looked around. In the darkness, she could only see by the flashing of the summoning circle drawn on the floor of the cave. The floor was hidden under the corpses of her friends. Lines of blood surrounded the entire cave. The sacrifice was complete. Unbeknowst to the pixies, the final ingredient in Verocorin’s beckoning involves gallons of the blood of followers in the dark ecstasy of his service. The lone pixie, shocked out of her reverie trembled, hovering above the corpses of her closest friends. She had to go tell someone, anyone. Turning in the air, she made a beeline for the mouth of the cave. She had barely started to move before a clawed hand seized her. The knuckle was almost as big as her head. The pixie was slowly withdrawn into the cave, screaming at the top of her lungs for someone, anyone to come and help her as Verocorin’s scaly hand slowly squeezed the life out of her. --- Personality Two days earlier Doc Velocity lounged in her most comfortable chair, using her long footclaw to pick from her teeth scraps of her most recent steak dinner. In her hand claws, she held her iPhone, which she was using to tweet the most secure details of Khazan’s economic policy. She had four million followers, but it didn't matter much. She was wrong a lot of the time, and when she wasn't there was a dedicated cabinet of twitterprofessionals on staff to make sure she didn't actually endanger the Khazanian way of life. The door opened quietly. Doc Velocity craned her neck to get a look at who was coming in and sighed when she saw it wasn't another plate of food. It was Neville West, an aging secret service agent whom Doc Velocity had fought to keep on the payroll because of his cool name. “Madam, the ambassador from the pixies is here to see you.†“like, OMG, I luv there music!XOXO †“Uh, not the band madam. It’s a small civilization living in the Spires, they wanted to petition for tax reform. You asked me to pencil it in after Laser Tag.†Doc Velocity chuckled with the memory of her last game. She had won so hard. Of course, the Khazanian secret service was instructed to lose every game, and she only played with the secret service. Still though, the number of points she had racked up that game was a big number. “Madam, I implore you to take this seriously.†“lol, kthnxbye loser †The agent sighed, “Here they come. I do hope you’re ready.†Doc Velocity rolled off her chair, expertly landing on her feet. While Neville went to go and let the pixies in, Doc grabbed the briefcase from one of her desk drawers and laid it on top of her desk. She sat in her desk chair and waited, looking all presidential. Presently, the door opened again and through it Doc Velocity could hear the buzzing of little wings. Two pixies hovered in, one wearing a small crown atop his head. They looked like oversized bees, as fuzzy as pipe cleaners and about three feet tall from thorax to tip. The other followed close behind. She was obviously the personal assistant of the queen. The pixie buzzed her words. “Madam Velocity, I’m pleased to make your acquaintance.†“eww, giant bug†Doc Velocity recoiled in her chair. “NEVILLE! NEVILLE!†The agent turned the corner and was immediately in the room, pistol drawn. He took a quick look at the pixie and then quirked an eyebrow at his president. “kill teh big old bugs plox.†The pixie queen buzzed and raised six inches higher in agitation “Madam, this aggression is entirely uncalled for. When you agreed to this meeting, I assumed it would be on terms of diplomacy.†“yeah, but ur a bug so no “ The queen’s buzz started to sound more like a growl. Her assistant tried to calm her down with a rhythmic dancing, bobbing up and down through the air. It started to work until she was interrupted by Doc Velocity laughing. “one sec, lol, gotta tweet this.†After a second, Doc Velocity shoved her iPhone into the pixie queen’s face. There was a three second video clip labled, “BUG PRESIDENT DOES SILLY BUG DANCE XDâ€. There were three thousand retweets. The queen bumped her head against the ceiling in her rage. “That’s it. By this time next week, Khazan will be a crater. You, madam have made a very powerful enemy.†The pixies stormed off, the assistant barely able to keep up in the wake of her angry monarch. “lol, that was weird.†Two days later, the queen died, alone in a cave. Five days after that, Verocorin came. Powers! Supreme Strength (4) Supreme Body (4) Superior Growth (4) The call came in the middle of the night. No one wanted to respond, but that’s what firefighters do. They get up whenever they’re needed and go to work, so the brave men and women of station 36 piled into their trucks and started toward the fire. The first truck could see it from five blocks away. There were groans of discouragement from some of the firefighters. Others simply stared in terrified awe at the magnificent horror of the destruction before them. The captain of the truck in the forefront turned to his crew. “This is the biggest job we've ever had to face. I hope you’re all ready.†He turned back toward the blaze and saw a giant shadow against the blaze. His mouth fell open as he realized what was happening and whispered a prayer as a massive claw crushed his truck flat. Superior Bio Vampire(4) “Get out of my airspace!†hissed The Zone. Steel Will ignored the old grump and put on another couple dozen miles per hour to outpace him. Not to be outdone, The Zone strained to keep up. Will sighed, “Look, I’m willing to work with you. But I’m not willing to have you in my way while I do my job.†“Then fall back, asshole.†The Zone pulled ahead slightly. Will groaned, “Fine, we’ll have it cleaned up by the time you get there.†Will dropped back a second. The Zone chuckled to himself as he flew ahead, cruising at a normal speed. Suddenly an explosion knocked him off balance and sent him falling out of the sky. As he tumbled down toward the city below, he saw Steel Will’s signature supersonic streak blasting across the sky. “That goddamn rookie,†grumbled The Zone. He realigned himself and chased after Steel Will toward the source of the disturbance. He hoped that the rest of the Sin Eaters would be there. Ten minutes later, The Zone got to the fire. The streets were cracked and destroyed where the monster’s heavy body proved too much. The red diodes of the Sentinel’s Evacuation beacon sat everywhere. He flew up high above to try to get an eye on whatever was causing the problem. He thought he caught a glimpse of a claw against the backlighting of the conflagration when he heard screams from immediately to the left. His head snapped toward the sound. A firetruck was sailing through the air. “Where’s that hothead now.†The Zone gritted his teeth and shot off to meet the truck on its way down. He met it under the bumper and pushed, muscles straining against gravity and the force of the monster’s throw. The truck skidded to a halt in the air. The Zone gingerly set it down on a nearby roof ignoring the applause from the people he just saved. He walked to the edge of the roof and let himself fall, gaining speed with gravity. Just before he hit the pavement, he pulled up and zipped in the opposite direction of the flying firetruck. When he saw the monster he stopped dead in midair. Verocorin stood amidst the flames, claws reaching out and throwing or crushing everything in reach. The Zone could barely see in one of the monster’s claws, Steel Will, fighting as hard as he could to pry the beast away from him, but his strength was failing. Will impotently pounded at the monster’s fingers, his head starting to droop. Apparently bored or finished, the monster threw Will’s body and continued marching forward through the spreading flames. Will’s body flailed like a ragdoll in the air, limbs twisting with the whims of nature. The Zone recognized it immediately: he was unconscious. Steel Will reached the apex of his arc through the air and began to drop. the Zone knew that even with his metal armor, the fall would seriously injure him. He flew up to meet Will in the air and caught him. Will could barely keep his eyes open. “Don’t let it touch you,†he whispered. “It drains your energy.†The Zone nodded. He was about to say something in response but was interrupted by a loud scream coming from the monster’s direction. Will’s eyes shot open. “Catatonia!†Superior Iron Will (4) Miss March was at the end of her wits. Even with Alpha Control constantly patching her information, even keeping track of her roster was almost overwhelming. People were joining and falling out of the battle, in ridiculous numbers. DayShift were in charge of evacuation under the charge of Doc Raven, Kabuki, and “Do we have any information on this thing,†she barked into her reciever. “Nothing yet.â€Alpha Control reported. “We have someone down in the Spires who should be obtaining information shortly.†“The Spires, that’s miles away!†Miss March said. “Who do you have who could get that far that fast?†It took her less than a second to answer the question herself. “ Never mind that, I better get that information the second you guys have it.†With a thought, Miss March switched her radio to the task at hand. “I want as much direct firepower on this thing right now as we can. Our best bet to slow it down is to blast it. Spectrum are you there?†A man-sized, man-shaped series of electrons coalesced next to her. “Yes.†Miss March’s tuned her radio to his specific favorite frequency. It was a courtesy between them, one he very much enjoyed. The sound of her voice sounded very familiar to him at that frequency. “I’m going to need you to let loose. I don’t know how much this thing can handle.†Spectrum faltered. His form dispelled for a half a second. He wrangled a couple thousand electrons shooting off of the conflagration and put himself back together. “I don’t know if I-†“You can.†Miss March flicked the radio back to everyone’s frequency. Spectrum sighed and disappeared again, to recorporialize at his master’s command. “The monster’s heading north. Everyone meet it at the corner of 12th and Olive Street. At it’s speed we have about twenty two point five seconds to get there so hustle!†Her rocket boots engaged and she shot across the sky. When she got to the street corner, a full battery of superheroes was waiting for her. “Eighteen seconds,†she called. Sage’s hands glowed with extra dimensional fire. Shijin twirled his magic staff, calling forth a forbidden ice spell. CC’s stood in a boxer’s pose. Demise’s and Deceit held hands, levitating a few inches off the ground with their collected telekinetic power. Sasha Kinder’s sword thrummed with the energy of the night. Spectrum glowed with the unbridled energy of the cosmos. Ray Violet’s eyes glimmered and crackled. Miss March’s arms were twin proton cannons trained directly down the road. A dozen more heroes brandished their weapons. Her targetting system locked on the Verocorin. She counted down the seconds until he would be in range as the monster charged closer and closer. “Ready.†It’s massive jaws opened, revealing rows of sickening teeth. Miss March heard Steel Will’s voice over the radio. “Tell it to say cheese.†“FIRE!†Buildings melted. Cars between the Sentinel blockade and the monster were reduced to dust. The energy stirred up hurricane force winds that ripped trees out of the ground and tossed them through brick walls. The fire dissipated. The Sentinel’s roared. Verocorin’s skin glowed a blistering red. The teeth it his open mouth began to tear off, whipped around by the Sentinels’ power. He skidded backwards, claws ripping through the asphalt. Then slowly, Verocorin began to saunter forward. His blistered claws reached for his next victim. Sage quickly wrapped the entire group in an improvised teleportation fabric and in a second everyone was on a rooftop watching in horror as Verocorin ripped the top off a building and threw into a different district. Miss March’s radio sparked to life. It was Alpha Control. “It doesn't sound like an energy attack is going to work." Frustrated, Miss March turned her comm off. Standard Regeneration(2) “The best we can do is to get it the hell out of here.†Sage said. “I can build a portal big enough to teleport that thing to another dimension. The closest thing I know of to hell.†“That giant son-of-a-bitch might just like it,†called someone from the crowd. Sage ignored him. “I just have to be really close to it when I open the portal. I don’t know if I’ll be able to work magic that large from that far away.†The crowd was silent. It was odd to hear Sage doubt himself and almost odder to hear him talking about sacrificing himself. Miss March laid a hand on his shoulder. “Do you want cover fire?†“I need you guys to distract it. Where’s Spectrum?†Miss March tuned her radio to his frequency. “Spectrum, are you there? We could really use you now.†She got back a random line from Bohemian Rhapsody, Freddie Mercury wailing Mama in the chorus. Miss March shivered and turned back to Sage. “He’s not gonna be able to make it.†“Well, that leads me to plan B.†“What’s plan B?†Miss March asked. Sage smirked. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll be back in a flash.†He snapped and disappeared in a puff of smoke. A lone dove flew away from the spot at which he was standing. Miss March shook her head and radioed into Alpha Control. “Let me know what that dumbass is doing.†Sage landed down the block from Verocorin and stared at the monster and the carnage it had caused behind him. His third eye was open. He could see the magical strings binding Verocorin to this world and all the extradimensional constructs that were making him tick. He chuckled. “All this trouble for that?†Verocorin growled at the puny human and set off running down the street. His every thundering step made the world shake. Sage started to tear down all the constructs of space around him, grabbing at the makeup of the universe and tearing big holes in it. The street corner that he was standing on began to look less like a street corner. Behind Sage, Verocorin saw only darkness that the streetlamps could not penetrate. Still he charged forward. Sage finished making the portal. The laws of physics were fighting to fix all the damage he had done, like a body’s homeostasis slowly repairing the cuts. Sage was holding the gate open with all his energy. His body was shaking. Sweat dripped off his face. He couldn’t move his arms or legs. With a lot of effort, Sage looked back behind him into the darkness behind existence and then back at the charging monster. “I guess it could be worse,†he quipped. Verocorin tackled Sage through the dark gate. Seconds later, the gate vanished, leaving no evidence of it’s existence other than the destruction Verocorin had left in his wake. Miss March’s communications unit didn't relay any more noise for the night. Alpha Control had decided amongst themselves that no one saw what happened.
  16. Uh, any expected time scale for the scores? This is my first one, and I'm wondering how long these normally take.
  17. Just started reading through this, it's amazing how different the writing style of FPL Classic and FPL Current is. I feel like Deojusto and Treacherous have codified the current writing style in it's form. It feels so much more fluid than the past one. Also, I have no idea who the main characters are. Is Sam, DIAB? I vaguely remember Chakos (I remember him actually being a dude on the forums) but I don't know anything about his character and how he stacks up to these Heavenly Beings. Do you know what other FPL Classic Characters show up in this one? And Lawman, if you're at all interested in new FPL, might I suggest Rise of the Fallen A collab fic written by myself, Deojusto, and Darkender which is the majority of the current FPL. Also Link 3 doesn't work.
  18. The Wraith sighs discontendedly and looks up to where the voice is seeming coming from, "I am no monster, m'lady. I admit the way I conducted myself in my last battle may have been less than admirable but still I hold that I am not a monster. I am a daemon. This is different. We have more class." He looks across at his adversaries. Two humans and both of them were looking so succulent and edible. :T Edit: Cuz Rules
  19. Nice, I like the idea. I don't really remember how to edit TvTropes. I don't remember much of the Old FPL. this is a pretty cool way to meet characters like Fastest PussyCat and Mr Graves who I never actually got a handle on.
  20. Woah, are we troping FPL Classic or Current FPL. Because the story of both is pretty wildly different.
  21. Sage! We'd go pick up so many chicks. He would give me tips and teach me magic and shit!
  22. Oh man, that reminds me! I never ported my Psychic Chicken Fetus Character to the FPL
  23. They have weekly photoshop contests.
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