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  1. Good job, BBJ. You just gave half of the room a reason to kill you on the spot.
  2. Karen stood up slowly, glancing around at everyone else in the room. Being pulled through a mirror can make a girl nervous. She tried to figure out if there was any sort of commonality between the group. It seemed she was the only girl and moreover everyone else was an adult. Someone had to have owned the hand that pulled her through the mirror, but she wasn't sure who. Cautious, Karen backed up to a wall and swivelled her head back and forth. She swallowed nervously and then spoke aloud to the room as a whole, "Okay, so does anyone know where we are?"
  3. A Sack Full of Spiders is my favorite character in the current FPL
  4. Wait, Dante won't work but That Bastard will? He can stop time, teleport, move at super speed, and predict literally anything that could happen.
  5. Hey, GS, perhaps you'd like to pick a character closer to everyone else's power level.
  6. I'm changing mine to Hero: Karen Fox On Hand: Padded Gloves, cellphone , Swiss Army Knife, Wallet with debit card and driver's license Whereabouts: Karen starts this RP at a mall in the Kits. She was with a group of friends but she got distracted and wandered into a sports store. I've changed my choice eight times by now. I'm sticking with it.
  7. Anyone else who does a lot of troping could help build this page. I'm pretty sure Deojusto's neweest fic probably dropped some stuff in there.
  8. There have been community projects in the past. Me, Deojusto, and Darkender wrote a pretty big one not too long ago. I tried to get a big community project going at the beginning of this year but it fell through.
  9. Speaking of Story Arcs: Here's a plug. Darkender and I are working on a derivative story line from my fic "Wrath of the Pixies." So go read that now, that's real cool. And then we're gonna do a lot more great stuff.
  10. The Broker! I love that guy! We should write a Broker fic eventually. Ooh and a Risk fic. And a Risk character sheet. I'm gonna go drown in a pool of ideas.
  11. Arcs are really all that we need, I think.
  12. Is there a reason we need judges rather than voters?
  13. “How about we all take my car,†suggested the officer. “I can seat five. “I have a bike,†Violet protested. “I’ll ride with you,†volunteered Damselfly. Violet glared at her sidekick and he smirked back. The group all walked outside to the cop’s beat up vehicle on the side of the street. The officer swung his way into the driver’s seat and turned the key in the ignition. The car sputtered to life slowly and maintained the slow, coughing rhythm of a five year old government-owned vehicle. Damselfly pulled open the passenger side door. “Uh, no. You sit in the back†The officer ordered. “Why?†“I’m not having an armed person sitting behind me in my car. I’ve known better for far too long. Get in the back.†The officer was cut off by the loud roar of a motorbike. Violet knocked on the driver’s side window. With a sigh, the cop pushed his window down. “Are y’all just gonna keep standin’ ‘round, admiring this beat up buggy or are we actually going to get somewhere?†“Yes,†agreed the officer. “Everyone get in the car.†While Violet’s bike idled nearby, Tony pulled open the passenger side door and climbed in. Merci and Damselfly got in the backseat. The cop from lowtown sat in the driver’s seat, window open, drumming on his steering wheel, trying to keep his patience. Once everyone was safely in the car, the officer began speaking. “As of now, I am declaring myself the commanding officer of this group of people -†The dissenting voices of the other four interrupted until he reasserted himself by shouting over the rabble, “Because I’m the only one here who has any idea where we’re going.†There was silence which he took as a tacit agreement. “Now, I have to make a quick stop before we go to Joey’s bar.†Damselfly whined. Merci dropped her head in her hands. She turned around to Tony to shoot him a glare, he was busy messing with the contacts list in his blackberry. The officer pushed the car into park and drove away. Violet followed close behind. “Guys,†Damselfly started, “I need your advice.†The officer sighed, “legal trouble?†“No, it’s nothing like that. It’s Violet. I think she’s mad at me.†Tony laughed. “Ey, jabroni, I know what that’s like all right. I’ve had a woman mad at me many a time before.†“I don’t think you entirely understand what I mean,†replied Damselfly. “Flowers always worked for me. Women can’t resist it.†Merci’s fingers squeaked against the leather of the chair. She was doing her best to restrain herself. She whipped her head around and stared at Damselfly. “Have you tried apologizing?†“I don’t think I did anything wrong.†Damselfly responded in a small voice. “Well you did. Women don’t just get mad at people for no reason.†“Yeah they do.†Tony answered. The car swung a hard right and bashed Tony’s head against the glass. “Watch it, stronzo!†“Sorry.†“No, we don’t,†Merci hissed. “We get mad when people don’t keep their promises.†“She’s mad about the bike? I brought it back eventually.†Damselfly protested “Well, maybe the boy didn’t keep his promise for a good reason,†Tony responded. “I got kidnapped.†“There’s no good reason to break a promise.†“I got kidnapped!†Damselfly shouted indignantly. “Maybe you don’t know so much about what’s going on.†Tony fired back. “I know enough,†Merci’s hand moved quickly to her holster. The officer noticed out the corner of his eye and jerked the steering wheel hard to the left. The car tires screeched against the asphalt of a parking lot. Merci’s shoulder rammed into the passenger side window, cracking the glass. Tony shouted at the officer in the front seat but was silenced when Damselfly fell into his lap. After the car came to a stop, the officer opened his door and said, “We’re here.†He stepped out of the car to see Violet sliding to a stop right behind him. “Y’all all right?†“Yeah.†“What happened?†“Damselfly asked a question.†“I shoulda known. That boy ain’t worth any more’n a cow’s philosophy.†The officer chuckled. “What are we doing here anyway?†“Getting supplies.†Violet looked up at the massive neon sign that hung over the parking lot. “At a burger joint?†She looked to the cop for an answer, but he was already halfway between his car and the doors. She couldn’t blame him for wanting to get away from the group as fast as he could. A door of the car opened and Damselfly crawled out, rubbing his cheek. “Um, Violet†She rolled her eyes. “Yeah?†Damselfly searched for the right thing to say. In his reflections on the eventful ride he’d had over to Schrodingburder, the greatest chain beef vendor in Khazan, he could only come up with one sentence. “How do you feel about flowers?†Violet shook her head and stormed off. Damselfly leaned against the cop car, head in his hands, wondering just what the hell he should do. Inside the car, Merci clutched her shoulder where a bruise was already starting to show on her pale skin. “You okay?†Tony asked. He grabbed her by the elbow and tried to turn her so he could look at her shoulder. She ripped herself away from him and pushed the sleeve of her shirt down. “Yeah, I’m fine. No thanks to you.†“Look,tesorina, I’m not the one who messed up your shoulder.†“No, but you are the one who got me in a cop car in the parking lot of a stupid burger joint when I should be on a beach somewhere with a screwdriver in one hand and a cigar in the other.†Merci seethed silently, staring Tony in the eyes, daring him to come up with a response. He met her gaze for a while, mouth quivering while he tried to explain himself. Eventually he averted his gaze in shame. “I need to get out of here.†Merci said, pushing open the door. She walked off into the night. Tony pulled himself out of the car and sat next to Damselfly on the hood. Damselfly was still cradling his head and rubbing his eyes with the meat of his palms. Tony couldn’t think of anything comforting to say, so he went with, “Women, right?†“Yeah.†Damselfly sobbed in response. “I guess so.â€
  14. I really like that idea. I want there to be an FPL Canon. Almost like a volume of stories that we theoretically could release at the end of the year. All with a certain theme or main character or section of Khazan or something. Some focus that's shared. Other stuff could exist, but having a big canon would definitely spur more ideas. Maybe not one that takes the whole year, maybe a month would be better to start off.
  15. I'm honestly sick and tired of people giving all the energy to characters. They're only a very interesting part of the story. But there's a lot more. I tried to get an All FPL Canon story going earlier, but then Treach took over that project and then it fell through. I started writing more fics on previously built characters but I only have so much time.
  16. There's no such thing as a Timeline really. Do it up, mate. Write whatever you want.
  17. Goku would just catch it. I submit Kirby. Kirby would survive it. He'd just eat the bomb.
  18. Close Combat: Dub ThuMP and the Imperial Blue Bounty Hunter Support: a Sack Full of Spiders and a Yoshi Ranged: The Bronx Sniper IBBH sets to work tying up opponents and putting them underfoot, because that's what she does best. She's got quick feet and quicker hands, and I reckon she could go toe to toe with the best of them. Bronx Sniper hits people from miles and his shots turn corners if they have to. He doesn't miss so he'll ice whoever's on the other team pretty quick. His job will be to take down Nightcrawler. A Yoshi is perfect for immobilizing other enemies and distracting them with his awesome double jump noise. By the way, if anyone could get me an mp3 file of just that noise - that'd be fetch. Otherwise, he'll just sorta run around being cute. a Sack full of Spiders is a body sized Sack full of Spiders that teleports, paralyzes, terrifies, and pretty much reduces fighters to nothing. If anyone survives in the bag or somehow rips out of the bag, they'll be easy pickings for someone else. This hits Maverick in the opening of the fight. Everyone else just gets cleaned up.
  19. They make it all the way to the end. And it's awesome all the way through.
  20. What? 1. Ki has not been removed. That's not a thing that's true, you made that up. 2.It doesn't matter, Goku's still had more training. He's a natural born fighter from an alien race of natural born fighters who was raised by a martial artist and then continued to fight all manner of things for the next god knows how many years of his life. Batman, on the other hand, spent a couple years learning how to walk on ice without breaking it and then used stealth moreso than straight up combat ability to carry out his doings. Goku has trained with God and then hand to hand fought the most powerful thing in the universe four or five times. Goku is just better at martial arts than Bats is. And he cares more about this fight than Bats does.
  21. If Goku doesn't have any ki, he's dead. Ki is life energy. How does this confuse you?
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