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  1. 1. Sack Full of Spiders 2. Emily Percy 3. The Broker 4. Imperial Blue Bounty Hunter 5. The Alpha Sentinels 6. Hard Knox 7. Frogurt 8. Slag 9. Karen Fox 10. Old Roger
  2. Huh, it's nice to see someone likes Karla Glimmershine. I really didn't like her myself as I was writing her.
  3. I like that Jennifer Blood thinks in first and third person. Woah, I don't remember the Old Khazan Spire. Hmm, that's cool.
  4. Dead. Both of them Dead almost immediately. If you give the Child like even just standard Communication( The Chaos Spire), they're in a flying, shifting building with giant, killer beasts (possibly not present), A terrifying shifting in the building's geometry is making spikes stab out of the walls and hallways compress into giant squisher plates. Added to the fact that they will be trying to kill each other. I can't imagine either of them surviving this one.
  5. Ten can put out a room full of fire with a clap though. Like he just did in the opening.
  6. You could write it that way. But I reckon somewhere between Supreme Body, and Combat Supremacy he'd pull out the IronWIll-esque power to bull through it
  7. I agree with UpdateDude a lot. The FPL right now feels like a situation that can be finished. Which it isn't supposed to have been. Never was.
  8. The only possible way for Bats and Pyro to get out of this fight with even almost a victory is to sneak away in the darkness caused by Tengoku snuffing out all the candles. Or maybe if they teamed up right goodly. Batman drops a freeze pellet on Tengoku and Pyro lights him up. Or Bats throws a gas pellet on the floor and Tengoku gets woozy and he's like, "Oh, that won't work on me." And then Pyro lights a spark and everyone is blown through the walls and then Bats and Pyro skitter away. Actually, no, Bats wouldn't want to work with Pyro. Pyro just got him all glubbed up. Bats would just wait in a corner in the darkness for Pyro to be punished and then he'd speak from the darkness to the other two and clear up the situation.
  9. Looks like this is what you're up against. Looks like Superior/Supreme TK with at least Superior Forcefield maybe a Standard Leaping and maybe Empathy or Emotion Control to represent how intimidating she is. She's a cold ass honky
  10. If you want to make an FPL Fic, make it about whoever you want, whenever you want.
  11. I would write it more narratively, but I never seen star wars and I don't want to misrepresent them.
  12. Well, in close Karen can destroy any of the Imperial Guard in a one on one head to head. They've got big, slow two-handed swords and she's got Acrobat and Reaction Speed. Those two skills working together means that once she's close to you, you can barely see her. Plus a mastery of Several Martial Arts allows her to counter whatever strange and alien martial art they come upon. The only problem are the people at range. Between the guns, grenades, and Standard Ice Shards with Marksman, Deadpool and Zach shouldn't have any problem really taking out the Imperial Guard if they decide to stay at range. Also, they needn't even fight at range because DP can teleport anyone anywhere. Just pick up Karen, drop her from like 50 feet in the sky. She lands on the jetpacking Dark Trooper and rips out cords before somersaulting off hoping that someone'll catch her. That's not even mentioning Mr Mammoth who adds a whole nother layer of KickAss to Zach's already formidable spot in this fight. And if someone should happen to get tagged, everyone's fine. Karen's got Iron Will, Deadpool has got amazing Regeneration and Zach can turn into a Giant Bipedal Elephant God. Zach, Deadpool, and Karen are just way too well matched up in terms of ranges they can hit and hit hard. They take this one.
  13. Here, Here! I suggested zeroing everyone out every now and then unless they reach a certain point. Like, You've got three months/six months/twelve months. Those characters that reach 250/500/1000 or whatever keep their point count, everyone else is kicked back to zero. Plus some kind of death system, maybe not as harsh as three strikes but eh eff it, maybe. We gotta take the gloves off and get our hands dirty with competitive writing, because it looks like cooperative isn't working as well as we would have liked.
  14. Broker gives Calendar Man that uh PhotoVoltaic explosion power that he uses for expendables and all of a sudden, Calendar Man is a veritable powerhouse. He walks up to Balrog, drawing energy all the while. Balrog punches him and everyone in the stadium who isn't made of metal or protected by such dies instantly.
  15. I'm far more interested in playing Karen's character than I am in playing "the game"
  16. Grr, I wish I had been playing strategically instead of just trying to play along.
  17. I have no idea how you plan for this RP to go, Treach. I'm trying to play along but I don't know what I'm playing along with.
  18. "We're following him?" Karen quirked an eyebrow at Zach. "When we're on the other side. One of us is in charge." She walked through the portal, smiling back at him.
  19. There memories being wiped has nothing to do with it. This is extra canonical.
  20. Go Home It seemed the obvious answer. No one in the room seemed trustworthy. There was the creepy masked guy who kept hitting on her. The other girl who was wrestling with an invisible someone. Her wallet had gone missing. The vampire chick was calling for blood and one of the two people she recognized from the television was muttering to himself. It's scary here, Go Home But Karen knew to follow her fear. She'd done it in the ring time and time again, up against seven foot monsters with three black belts in disciplines she'd never heard of and couldn't pronounce. And every time she followed her fear, she ended up with the referee holding her wrist, thrusting her hand in the air. No, don't do it "Yeah, I'll come along," she responded to Zach. Her stomach was twisting itself into knots. She felt herself about to throw up. Then she gave a significant glance toward the Misty Corner. "We should go there, guys. Everyone seems to be going there."
  21. Karen growled. She was coming to her limit. Between being pulled through the mirror and that one creepy tattooed chick had, this day had been completely full of crap. She slammed his fist against a nearby wall sending spidery cracks through it. The sound echoed throughout the room. "Someone took my phone!" she shouted to the room at large. "Everyone get against the walls, if you find a door, stand in front of it and don't let anyone go!" The exertion of her enraged shouts took her breath away. She breathed heavily as she watched and waited to see who would comply with her commands.
  22. Karen jumped. "Hey, that guy's talking to the corner! That hummingbird just landed on nothing!" She pushed through the crowd toward the corner where she could have sworn she saw something. She figured at least someone would follow behind her.
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