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  1. I liked Resistances and bringing those back would be nice. In some fashion, definitely not in the You Can't See That Section, Story Ruining form of the past. But just like as a defensive power. Power Mimicry could be nice, if perhaps difficult to delineate in terms of Standard, Superior, Supreme. Luck would be cool.
  2. There's gotta be one. A new tournament coming up soon.
  3. I can't wait for the May new character tournament
  4. Do whate'er you want, mate. No one's really written anything about Prohibition Era Syndicate - but that could be cool. Also, no one has written anything about KALI - so there's really no continuity for you to contend with.
  5. No relation to Sarah Maroon: Also amazing.
  6. If only one, then 24. It's divisibility by 2,4,6, and 8 is good.
  7. I would just maybe give her three counts of Standard Iron Will or maybe one standard and one superior.
  8. Don't you feel like Supreme Iron Will might be a little much for the character? This isn't meant to be a leading question, I'm honestly wondering.
  9. Sack Full of Spiders with Supreme poison? Axel Talbot with Supreme Armor? Becki Bloom with Pheremones? That's not even one of the powers anymore and from what I've seen, her attractiveness, rotting flesh notwithstanding, isn't really a part of her power set. Making all characters go up to 24 leads to reaching definitions just to get all the way up to twenty-four. As in, she's reasonably attractive, let's give her Standard Emotion Control, which, as it was previously defined by I believe UpdateDude and everyone agreed - that's a threat-level to take down a small group of people. You really believe Becki Bloom has a group of people worth of pretty? I, personally, think laying out every knock out gas canister and batarang variant is against the spirit of the FPL. I'll make do and adapt if we do go up to everyone needs 24 points, but honestly I don't see how it would help. As long has Street Levels can fight with Globals and can fight with Cosmics - I don't see how making everyone add up to the same total would help. And it's not like the Globals would win every time. I'd vote Unicorn Boy over Lady Serpent II any day. I also like the dramatic sense of The Broker looming over Slag and we would lose that some if they had the same point total. It's an almost meta-story detail but it definitely is one. So why don't we take the best of both worlds. Throw all the characters into one pot, regardless of how strong they are.
  10. Sure, Cosmic has two creators in it and that's a problem, but I think also a problem is trying to make A Sack Full of Spiders with the same number of points as Lord Greenwood. Trying to make Axel Talbot with the same number of points as Miss March. Trying to make Zombie Girl with the same number of points as Hard Knox. U feel me? There's an actual story-wise difference between Street Level and Global level characters and I think losing that would be a shame. How weird would it be if Winston Little had to be mapped to the same number of points as O'Defensor?
  11. I really don't like the idea of all characters being 24 points. I really liked having the Global Tiers being bigger characters than the normal Street Tier ones. I would like to still have the option of building smaller characters in 14 points or the like. I don't object to having Street Levels fighting against Globals because this is a writing contest. And as we've said before, Batman would probably be Street Level FPL but that doesn't mean he can't hang with Superman. I would be fine with those match ups. I just think have the two or three tiers is really helpful to the writing process.
  12. Karen's eyes narrowed as she noticed her opponents retreating. Torrents of ice shards shot forth over her head aimed at the troopers who had started the fight. Once they started to turn away, Karen turned to look at Deadpool and Zach, "Let's follow after them!" she shouted. "We can't stay here or those other two guys could find us."
  13. Is the winner of the main event getting 150 dollars?
  14. I'd be fine starting it. I don't know what you mean about these 58 characters. Their status?
  15. Is the battle droid the uh phase two darktrooper? I don't know anything about Star Wars.
  16. Deadpool stood, mouth gaping wide open, staring up at the opposition. Karen nudged his shoulder, but to no avail. It seemed the mercenary was catatonic. Suddenly an ice shield erupted in front of her. Frustrated, Karen snatched Deadpool's teleporter and one of his swords. The weapon felt uncomfortable in her hands, much heavier than an escrima stick. It felt deadlier too. The teleporter's controls had scrawling on the side that Karen couldn't read. She reckoned the merc had probably written it himself for himself and no one with a hint of sanity would be able to decode it. With a frustrated shrug, Karen hit a button. The world faded into white, Karen felt herself moving at ludicrous speeds. She didn't have time to scream before she found herself amidst the opposition. After a second of mutual confusion, a Vibrosword swung towards her head. Karen rolled away and thrust her sword through one of the Imperial Guardsmen. In the distance, she heard the trumpeting of a great elephant.
  18. thanosisawesome and kwolf, you guys around? I'll just write it if you guys don't wanna join in.
  19. I don't know if in this RP, we're allowed to say whether our hits land.
  20. Ignore. I quoted. When I tried to edit.
  21. Options. Shit, gotta think of options. The army in front of her was formidable. Their futuristic weapons hummed threateningly as they approached, closer and closer. Her teammate to the right giggled a bit as he pulled out the pair of katanas he'd had crossed over his back. He didn't seem nearly as worried as she was. Well, if it's just these five The woosh of a jetpack roused Karen from her thoughts. Yet another one hovered above, holding some kind of cannon. We're boned. We're screwed. Oh man. She tried to look nonchalant even though everything in her was screaming to get into a fighting stance. There was no way this situation wouldn't end with a couple skulls cracked. Karen glanced over at Zach who seemed to be equally nervous. "I think right about now would be a good time to uh y'know turn into an elephant or whatever you do."
  22. If everyone likes Karla Glimmershine, maybe I should write her a lot more.
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