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  1. Hippos are bulletproof. An animorph could win if he/she tried. Cassie was the best of the children and the andalite was the best of the animorphs. They could definitely defeat Booker.
  2. http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php/forum/17-fpl-fanfiction-and-rp/ Right here, MagnetRex
  3. Hey woah, careful volunteering other people, mate. I don't think I'm doing this. I don't have any ideas and I have no clue who Sollus is. I don't know him well enough to base a character on him.
  4. Wait what, really?I always thought Karla was really lackluster. The Alpha Sentinels as a unit are probably my favorite bit of storytelling in the New FPL.
  5. We Can Still Do That! We Have The Technology! Seriously, seeing TengoKabuki fics would be amazing.
  6. Are there any pairs of character in the FPL who don't hang out who you think should? Maybe a pair of characters you'd like to see in a fic together? I know I've written CC and Steel Will together a lot.
  7. Miss March Emily Percy Frogurt Brainchild Rylie Hunter
  8. Steel Will did everything in his character sheet with a palm sized bruise from artillery fire the day before. So probably him.
  9. First post in this thread. Look how old this character is!
  10. Mako works at a power plant generating lightning to power things. Fire doesn't penetrate cleanly through things either. If anything, lightning is superfocused pure energy with some of Iroh's spiritual junk thrown around the definition.
  11. That is... not true. What makes you think that?
  12. Wait... why wouldn't he just zap her with lightning?
  13. I thought Risk was with the Syndicate, not the Angels. Damn, I guess I gotta pay more attention.
  14. Elizabeth is a god. I don't believe she belongs in this tournament.
  15. Continuity with a Capital C is the best.
  16. Hermione also doesn't have to worry about chanting words to attack. Wordless spells are something they specifically learned in book 6 or 7 and Hermione is the most skilled wizard seen so far.
  17. Raven melts into the shadows. Deadshot can't see her. From the shadows, she strikes. Deadshot fires at where the attack comes from but the bullet doesn't find purchase. The shadows have turned on the assassin. They swallow him whole leaving only his shiny, metal guns sitting at the mouth of the cave.
  18. Kaufmann is the salesman? I thought Gibbons was the salesman, although I guess I never knew what Kaufmann did as a job.
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