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  1. What can a young ninja boy from a young ninja village do against an omnipotent being? Nothing, but be manipulated. Just another pool ball moved by the cue.
  2. You'd better deliver. I'm on the metaphorical edge of my figurative seat.
  3. Crow Man - The God of Mitigation. I like it.
  4. Woah, Vash doesn't have any of those powers in the anime. I guess I was using Anime Vash then where he's just fast and has guns.
  5. I thought Enhanced Strength and Ultimate Strength were the same thing.
  6. We should have a fodder month. Creator who puts the most characters on the Elim floor wins regardless of their quality.
  7. It's subtle, so perhaps you didn't see it. Everything in the bar was destroyed except for himself, his drink, his stool, and his section of the table because he moved fast enough to protect himself. That one shot of the ice shifting in his drink is him moving so fast the camera doesn't pick it up. If you want another feat. Once Vash was watching pistol duels and he wanted neither duelist to die, so he threw pebbles that knocked the bullets off course. He's amazingly quick and he's got stupid good aim. If Carnage still has that fire and sound thing, I don't doubt Vash'll figure that out and exploit it.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQAVGiWiOFc&t=2m48s This is a shot of Vash dodging bullets and otherwise being a stone cold badass. It takes about a minute to fully see what he did, so watch til 3:45.
  9. He can't activate his arm by himself. His brother does it for him. I don't know anything about Carnage, but I reckon Vash outspeeds and outguns him by quite a bit.
  10. Yeezus isn't even almost like Death Grips. That said, I love both.
  11. Outsmarts Dumbledore? Dumbledore? The only wizard Voldemort ever feared. The eleventh doctor got himself trapped in a box for crying out loud. His sonic screwdriver doesn't disarm anything, it opens doors. And Dumbledore can do that with or without a wand. The only thing The Doctor has the Dumbledore isn't is Time Travel and even with that, I don't think he could defeat Dumbly. If he attacked baby Dumbledore, he'd have to deal with uncontrolled latent magic power. Dumbledore can turn the tardis off with a flick of his wand. Technology doesn't work in the wizarding world. Electricity and magic don't mix so The Doctor's screwdriver doesn't work and his ride doesn't work. This leaves the Doctor a very scared 900 year old time lord versus a very in control, unspeakably powerful 150 year old wizard. At worst for Dumbly, The Doctor takes his wand for a spell. But he can very well just cast spells without it as can any adult wizard in the universe. And as the best wizard in the universe, he can probably cast very strong spells without it. Match: Dumbledore.
  12. It's not that simple at all. It's Create Khazan Superman Make Sure he's related to Sollus Give him Flight and Ultimate Strength or Body Write him into Khazan's the 90s 200 Words per Section
  13. One of them hits women and the other one is a child. Well, Artemis is a supergenius sitting on a fortune and he can probably get faerie magic to help him.
  14. Pseudonym


    Just saw Man of Steel. It was...okay.
  15. Flash isn't doing any Infinite Mass Punches. He's the Team Anchor, not the oh Shit Button.
  16. Everything Kasumi has in Technology, Artemis has in magic. It's been a while since I've really read through the books. But if I remember correctly Artemis had a lot of stuff going for him beyond just being a genius. He had amazing hacking skills, deep knowledge of the magical undertones of his universe, a big butler who whooped untold kinds of ass. I don't know Kasumi, but I reckon Artemis with his Smartphone can hack just as well as her with her OmniTool. If this fugitive is technological, it's a tossup. Either could win. If it's physical, I'd give it to Kasumi, I guess. Assuming Artemis can't use any backup. But I would allow him to use backup because its a pretty essential part of his character. If it's magical though, supernatural in any sense - Artemis owns this competition.
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