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  1. You can do either. You choose. Look at who is winning though, in my experience it tends to be the Story-Driven characters. Power Lists with great voices like A Sack Full of Spiders can also do pretty well, but you have to make sure that it's interesting to read. I guarantee you, I will be bored if I read. Standard Fire he has um fire fists and he can punch real hot! his fists burned one time through a whole house Bottom Line: If you bore us, we won't vote for you.
  2. I just realized I shoulda used the off time to write a character explaining the blackout.
  3. I would do Fall of the Alpha sentinels, but I want to do something more contained where I can introduce a single main character and less Martinian( as in George RR) where I have at least seven.
  4. Vice law, the Cimmerian and there's another one. Those are the there wild west old 1800s cowboys right? Make'em do somethin' together.
  5. Brandon Sanderson, famous fantasy author is offering a free writing class for the summer here. In the course of the class we'll write like 13K words. I'm gonna take the class and probably write in Khazan for the duration of it. So I ask 1) Anyone have a clue what I should write about and 2) Who else wants to join up?
  6. It was somewhat of a challenge to do this without using any of the Alpha Sentinels, F Sisters or Sin Eaters - but let's go. The Leader: Crow-Man. Hero in the Dark who is used to dealing with the Bad, the Worse, and the Worst. He seems to have someway of knowing when things are about to go down. With all these people at his disposal, he's guaranteed to do even better, maybe even prevent some things. The Stolid: Zombie Girl. It was between her and Penelope. This spot is made for an angry girl with a bat. I picked Zombie Girl because 1. She's not straight and yay for non-heteros in the FPL. and 2. She's undead and a perfect lead into Little Lovecraft. Note to self: After Jejj, explore Little Lovecraft more. It's a cool district idea. The Wildcard: Hard Knox. Not one member of this team can show an ounce of weakness. Harvey D. Knoxville gets an intimidate shout buff, plus he's a pretty hard hitter when it comes to slugging it out. He probably quits the team every other day though. The Genius: Zen is the obvious choice here. He works in Alpha Control where he's got access to a limitless fountain of information. In addition to that, the man can jump through time and teleport, I think. Note to self, writing more for Alpha Control could be cool. Hey, FoxFingers, did you save any of the FPL Team threads? I'm pretty sure Ivan had a blurb on Alpha Control. The Load: Brandon Tecks? His power is that he is Maine. I don't know. The Nutjob: Dr Dagda. You know, it was a pretty hard decision between putting him here and putting him as the Wildcard. Mad Scientist is obviously just what this team needs. He's got a perfect Odd Couple relationship with Zen too. The Diplomat: Seryph Gibbons, master of lies. He's like the FPL's own Peter Baelish. He seems to have the ability to make anyone believe anything and not because he has that as a power - no hypnosis or pheremones. He possesses something far older and far greater. Outright fabrication. Necessary if you're going to run PR for a team of mostly crazy people. Mascot: Toss up between Max the Flying Dolphin and a Sack Full of Spiders
  7. If you've got more Syndicate characters, go for it. Stick to what's working, man.
  8. The Angels aren't centralized. They don't have any teams or any ideas. The Syndicate had the same problem before you came along with Styx's gang. The problem is vigilante Heros tend to do their stuff by themselves and end up in the Solo Box. I'd be willing to work with someone to start building up an Angels of Mercy team. The only reason the Sentinels look so strong is because Ivan put a lot of work into them and Ivan is a genius.
  9. When I was writing that one fic, I was trying to use this idea. With ALC being lawful good, IBBH being Neutral Good and Tony De Luca being Chaotic Good. That fic never ended up being finished.
  10. Heh, I meant the characters. But that works too.
  11. Who fits best in what spot? Lawful Good: Neutral Good: Chaotic Good: Lawful Neutral: True Neutral: Chaotic Neutral: Lawful Evil: Neutral Evil: Chaotic Evil:
  12. Discord is stronger than Celestia. She's a God. So there's that.
  13. Deo's consistency and quick output is something I think is really impressive. I would argue he has some range in his characters though. Between the Imperial Blue Bounty Hunter, Zombie Girl, a Sack Full of Spiders, and the Force Warriors - I think those guys are all really different. Add in the J-twins who've got that futurey thing going on. Add in Sister Helenas from the past. I think all similarity in Deo's characters are just because he's already found his style and he's working on refining it. IDK though. My favorite character in round one is actually Erebus. Maybe it's just because I'm a big fan of Styx and his gang in the Syndicate, but I think the idea of villains setting up their own superhero is the most interesting one out of the first 8. Definitely sticks in my memory the hardest.
  14. If you run right into a lair for any self respecting villain, you're going to get a baseball bat to the dome almost immediately. If you stake it out and make a plan, you'll make it as far as the villain before he strings you up and makes you use your cunning to get back out.
  15. Yo, My Little Pony is Hardcore as *vulgarity*.
  16. DMC: Devil May Cry Dante - Still wins tho.
  17. Best Dante is DMC3 Dante who can stop time and duplicate himself.
  18. I don't think Artemis would let himself be with a criminal if he doesn't have the upper hand. He doesn't just run in guns blazing, he forms a plan and traps the criminal at the bottom of a dark hole. That seems to be more of his style than just running in and shooting.
  19. Why wouldn't Artemis be using computers and fae equipment? He's a smart cookie, he'll do his best to play the situation to his strengths.
  20. Well, Doc Scratch is functionally omnipotent being genetically formed of a magic 8 ball amongst other things. In addition to that functional omnipotence, he has an amazing skill for manipulating others with just his words, strong close combat skills whether in be hand to hand or with weapons such as a broom, light matter manipulation, and a personal relationship with the Elder Gods of his universe. He can also teleport, most probably anywhere within the current universe he resides in and he can teleport others with him. I can't imagine anything stopping him from teleporting himself and Madara to space. Susano'o can come along if he likes.
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