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  1. I think perhaps a period of time during which the FPL is completely off limits might be in order. Six months? Three months? Just so that we get to a completely untainted creation and get off the ground first before anyone decides to bring back characters. 

  2. I'd be fine with calling it something different and changing the setting entirely. But if you mean 'no' to the idea of a nexus of creative possibility then, I don't know. It's not very inviting if there's already a tough, tight continuity in some sense.

  3. I would be wary of porting anything that you don't own. For instance, Becki Bloom is Deo's. If he wants to bring her, cool. If not, that's fine too.


    We'll probably remake a young Superhero team eventually. That's the kind of thing that's interesting to fans of comics. Zach will find a place there, wherever that is.

    The thing I like most about this format is that it allows Fluid characters who can grow and change through their stories more than a sheet would. 

  4. I propose a tournament for the Body spots!! Each person running has to have some interesting goal they want for the Syndicate. Not necessary a character sheet that would run in the FPL - they don't have to have powers. Who's with me? Who wants to make this tournament happen!

  5. In Pseudonym's example of "the wrong way" to do it, there are seeds of a story, and it is a writer's job to nourish those seeds.  A character's hands burning with uncontrollable fire.  A destroyed house.  There is a Midas-level tragedy under the surface there, begging for someone to tell us about this man, cursed to never again be able to hold his daughter, directing his loneliness and anger into his fists.  Telling us his mere touch was enough to incinerate his house is not enough for most voters.  You need to let us feel the heat, smell the smoke, hear the screams.    


    Don't write that though, you'd get Completely Engulfed in Flames Man. Who already exists. Or existed.

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