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  1. I can't register because my entered email domain has no valid MX record. I don't even know what that means, lol. Nevermind: It worked the third time I tried.
  2. I tried but then I hit a huge writing rut and I was gonna have this kickass novel which was mostly inspired by Kate Awesome Is Awesome's Wicked Garden but then the novel fell through so no not really but I watched all the lectures they're great.
  3. Speaking of, treach. How was your fic gonna end?
  4. Was it you who was getting on Nihlium's case for typos?
  5. I think perhaps a period of time during which the FPL is completely off limits might be in order. Six months? Three months? Just so that we get to a completely untainted creation and get off the ground first before anyone decides to bring back characters.
  6. Is there any way to abandon stories that you may not want to keep afloat?
  7. I'd be fine with calling it something different and changing the setting entirely. But if you mean 'no' to the idea of a nexus of creative possibility then, I don't know. It's not very inviting if there's already a tough, tight continuity in some sense.
  8. I would be wary of porting anything that you don't own. For instance, Becki Bloom is Deo's. If he wants to bring her, cool. If not, that's fine too. We'll probably remake a young Superhero team eventually. That's the kind of thing that's interesting to fans of comics. Zach will find a place there, wherever that is. The thing I like most about this format is that it allows Fluid characters who can grow and change through their stories more than a sheet would.
  9. That's hella cool. I'm so excited!
  10. Do any of you guys write other stuff? Other genres perhaps? FoxFingers is writing a romance novel, I've dabbled in YA Lit for a little bit. What about you?
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