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  1. Speaking of, treach. How was your fic gonna end?
  2. Was it you who was getting on Nihlium's case for typos?
  3. ha, you aren't paying nearly enough attention to what me and Treach write. Typos are like the sun around here, looking directly at them is ill advised.
  4. Patience, Darkender. Nihlium is learning the FPL schedule.
  5. Discord is stronger than Celestia. She's a God. So there's that.
  6. If you run right into a lair for any self respecting villain, you're going to get a baseball bat to the dome almost immediately. If you stake it out and make a plan, you'll make it as far as the villain before he strings you up and makes you use your cunning to get back out.
  7. Yo, My Little Pony is Hardcore as *vulgarity*.
  8. DMC: Devil May Cry Dante - Still wins tho.
  9. Best Dante is DMC3 Dante who can stop time and duplicate himself.
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