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  1. I thought it was a good setup personally. It seems like a good match up since Boba Fett is a clever fighter and that's what it takes to go up against The Borg. Depending on how many Borg he takes on I figure that Boba should have a good chance!
  2. Oh, and I'm sorry. The flood are all in humanoid form, all the size of Isaac and Ash.
  3. The layout is a giant circular room with 4 entrances all across from each other. The room is 120 feet wide and across. There's holes in the ceiling and the walls that The Flood enter through. They have no prep time, although they don't need it because they're already prepped before the battle. The flood enter every minute with 10 of them every time. There are 70 of them total. If you believe that only one of the two would survive, then I'd count that as a victory for them over the flood. That part is just me, personally though.
  4. Isaac Clarke was lost in space. He couldn't recall anything or what had led him to being on the ship when he suddenly saw another one in the distance. Quickly guiding himself to the other ship and landing on board, Isaac searched for anyone else on the ship. Suddenly a blinding light flashed before him and there stood a man, looking a little roughed up, with a chainsaw for a hand and a shotgun in the other. Isaac drew his plasma cutter. "Don't shoot!" Isaac lowered his weapon and spoke to the man. He explained his name was Ash and that he could be trusted, for he had been fighting the living dead for quite awhile to. Ash explained how he got there, something about a book that had a mind of its own teleporting Ash places he didn't want to go. Isaac explained that he had been up against an undead army for months now and he was now lost in space.Just then the door broke in and there stood an infected human. Ash shot down the terrible beast. "Looks like we have some bad luck." More were coming, and Ash looked excited. Isaac just wanted to be home, and he'd fight hard as ever to get there. Things to remember: Ash has his broomstick and chainsaw. I will assume the broomstick has unlimited ammo since it certainly does in the movies. Isaac has his plasma cutter, health packs for his suit and remember that he has telekinesis.
  5. See? Lots to consider, whichever way you'd like to weigh it is fine with me. I think I want there to be some mystery with this setup because it's Arkham and you don't truly know what exactly awaits him. (Besides the villains confirmed as, not fighting.)
  6. The Balrog lives in Middle Earth, that would be a pretty sweet battle, I'm going to have to think about this one, There were also those undead guys that were green, I can't remember what they're called. Lots to consider.
  7. I'm voting Chewbaca, it's hard to say how many times I've seen Worf lose in a fight on Star Trek.
  8. The villains will have access to their regular gear, as soon as a few people break out they're going to get to the villains with more power whatever they need to help them break out. It's really up to you to think if people will join up enough to take Angel down or if the inmates will split up into smaller groups based on who they work for and other differences, and remember that they aren't aware that Angel is a vampire.
  9. Exactly, besides the villains I mentioned not being there or being locked up so tight that they can't escape, Angel has to face all of the others who are locked up in Arkham. It's night (because we all know EVERYTHING happens at night in Gotham.) and Angel is going to be well fed beforehand as he is always prepared. And there's just a riot of inmates, at the beginning, maybe 30 guys altogether. He has to make it out of there, but the entire building is crawling with villains and he may have to fight some pretty big name villains to get out, however he does have the entire building to find nice hiding spots to re cooperate. There isn't necessarily a time limit, it would just be ideal for him to escape when the sun isn't out. Ya know, or else he'd die.
  10. Angel was new in the town of Gotham, looking for new faces and new friends to make. As he re-entered the crime fighting business he met a man who went by the name of Batman. He told Angel of a man named Ra's Al Gul who was currently on the loose. Ra's bathed in a pool the made him immortal and Angel wondered if it could be used to turn him from a vampire back to a human. Batman told Jim Gordon to let Angel into the Asylum to interrogate some of the cellmates on the whereabouts of Ra's. As Angel went into the interrogation room the lights flickered out. He could hear the guards outside the room screaming and there was gunfire. Angel burst out of the room and saw four inmates with automatic weapons drawn and a man in green with a question on his chest. Angel rushed them, and fought all five. It wasn't hard to take them all down and as he looked up he saw a sign pointing to the room where the villains equipment was kept. Angel grabbed a crossbow and slung it over his back, he then turned around and grabbed a sword to do combat with. He could hear the sound of hundreds of footsteps running down the hallway. There was a prison break happening and he knew what he had to do. Stop it. Looking at the camera monitors he saw that there were police cars surrounding the building at this point. They definitely didn't mess around in Gotham. Angel stepped out into the hall to fight the incoming, escaped inmates. "Time to put you down." Angel rushed into battle and without another thought he began to fight, to make sure nobody could escape back into Gotham and wreak havoc as they wanted to. Things to remember: Angel has a sword and a crossbow, since he has to face down Arkham Asylum, we'll say he has unlimited ammo. He is also skilled in hundreds of years of martial arts. Ra's Al Gul, as mentioned before, is not in Arkham. Batman isn't coming to the rescue or anything, Angel is on his own. As for the rest of Arkham the villains who are incarcerated in high level security suites such as Mr. Freeze, Killer Croc, and Clayface are not joining in on this. Angel will meet up with everyone else but at different areas of time, he isn't taking on all of Arkham all at once, and remember that he can only be killed by direct sunlight, fire, decapitation, and being stabbed through the heart with a wooden stake.
  11. "Dead. Everyone was dead.I'm not sure what to think, on one hand the evil and extremely powerful Shao Kahn was defeated, but in the process all of the great heroes who had fought to save the world died. The great God Raiden, who we all followed into battle had also died saving the world that he loved. I was the only one amongst their ranks who survived, but living in the aftermath is even harder. My name is Kurtis Stryker and I hope that if I don't make it; someday, somebody will find this recording and realize that the last of the heroes who believe in truth and justice died fighting for it." Stryker put down the tape recorder and recalled the last few weeks. After the world was nearly obliterated by Shao Kahn the United States was in ruins, so The Judges stepped in. The Judges were a group of men, heavily armed, now run by the "new" government. They were Judge, Jury, and Executioner. Stryker had very much objected against this, it was unjust and unethical. Stryker had been hiding throughout town, watching the toughest of all the Judges, Judge Dredd. Stryker stuck the recorder into his belt. "Now that you've decided to take me down, it's time for me to take you down." Stryker turned around to see Judge Dredd standing behind him. "It's time for you Judges to end your reign." "If you plan on committing murder, especially killing a Judge, then I'll have no choice then to be executioner." Stryker dodged the incoming bullets and ran into the next room. Now deep withing Dredds apartment. He knew that he'd have to fight hard, but killing Dredd is what he had to do. Things to consider: Stryker has a gun, a tazer, two billy clubs, and is an extremely talented martial artist. Judge Dredd has a gun with bullets and another few cartridges to shoot fireballs, he's extremely good in hand to hand combat and while Stryker is wearing a bullet proof vest and riot armor. Dredd is also wearing armor, just slightly more advanced armor than what Stryker is wearing.
  12. I've actually been on for a few years now, I wanna say 5 or 6, I just forgot about the site until the other day.
  13. "I think we should go to that restaurant at the end of the universe, what do you think Chewie?" "AAAAUUUGGHH." "Oh, Chewie.... To be honest with you, I've never understood a word you've ever said." At this very moment, even though Han Solo wasn't aware, his long time friend, Chewbaca, was thinking the exact same thing. Han and Chewie were leaving a planet where they had recently become rather rich, collecting a bounty that had been on the head of a well known thief that stole from politicians from around the galaxy. Han saw a star and got The Millennium Falcon as close to it as he could while soaring past it. "Oh Chewie there's a saying about flying too close to the sun, but I can't remember what it was..." Just then the star began to implode and Han Solo realized the slight irony of the situation. The imploding star began to swallow The Millennium Falcon as Han Solo and Chewie fought to propel the oddly shaped ship away from impending doom. The battle was futile for them, and as Han began to realize this he and Chewbaca ran to the rear of the ship where there was a secret escape pod, that with the correct firepower, could probably escape the massive blackhole. Han was beginning to wish his partner in crime wasn't so massive due to the fact that only one of them could fit into the pod. The ship suddenly shifted and Chewbaca fell into the pod, the doors shutting behind him. Han put his hands against the glass as he stared on at Chewie, while Chewie incessantly screamed more nonsense that Han couldn't understand. A metal barrier slid down between Chewbacca and Han Solo and Han was left alone with the sound of the pod escaping the hopeless ship. Han was then thrust against the wall, and immediately blacked out. A long time later, in a galaxy far away, John McClane was enjoying life. He had just left California where he had overthrown a group of terrorists led by a man named Hans Gruber. He was grabbing his stuff from his apartment so that he could move down to California and rekindle his marriage with his wife. Everything was looking up for him, and in the same way that irony had struck Han-Solo, it was about to strike John McClane. For as he was looking up, testing out some new sunglasses, the sun was blocked by a rather large object. It came flying over buildings, heading straight for central park. "What the f#@$ is that?" John started sprinting towards central park, everyone running in the opposite direction. He reached the outer wreckage, full of fire and ship debris. In the distance he saw a man in a white shirt with a black vest on, heading towards the city. "Hey! Stop! Come back!" Han ran quickly towards the buildings in front of him, a man shouting at him, but Han could trust nobody here, all that he could remember was Chewbacas departure and waking up with enough time to slow The Millennium Falcon and make for a landing safe enough to survive and escape. He was rather surprised that he wasn't injured. Han ran into a dark building with many vehicles that he couldn't identify parked within it. He slumped down behind one and caught his breath. He heard footsteps behind him. "What are you doing John?" John said to himself as he clutched his chest, trying to catch his breath. The man on the other side of the parking garage came out from behind a car. "Hey s#!& head! Were you in that giant hunk of metal that landed in The Park? Are you crazy!? There were people in that park." "I didn't mean to kill anyone, and for that I'm sorry. I just need to get out of here and get back to Chewbaca. Do you know if there's anyone around here who can help repair my ship?" "Ship? Like a spaceship? I don't know what that was, but you don't expect me to believe in aliens and $#[email protected] do you? I'm taking you down to the station now." "I'm not going anywhere with you!" Han held his hand steady over his gun, and John whispered to himself under his breath. "Yippee Ki Yay Mother !#%^&@" Things to remember: Han Solo has a laser gun and John McClanes pistol both essentially will kill the other one of they're shot by it. John McClane knows how to drive a car, however it would take time to hot-wire one, and if there is a key left in one a curious adventurer like Han-Solo may not find it too hard to figure out how to operate one. For the sake of argument they are both fighting alone and limited to the parking garage. And just to be clear, it's a fight to the death.
  14. I really liked this battle and the set-up. I think the heroes could use the city to their advantage, and as powerful as their foes are, especially Lord Soth, I think they could take them down, simply because I've seen each of these heroes take on challenges this hard in the past and come out on top. That's just my personal opinion though.
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