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  1. and the new Star Wars game is Star Wars 1313 a dark and mature take on the classic franchise.
  2. i don't know that much about either one of these characters. but the setup is interesting.
  3. location Geonosis arena. hand to hand only. no powers or weapons.
  4. the lair Raphael and Michelangelo were fighting over the remote, then the phone rang. Raph: i'll get it. Mike: get out of my way. the phone is mine. Don: no, i will get it. then Donatello answers the phone. Don: yes who is it. ???: i was calling you to see if we can meet somewhere. Don: like where ???: maybe the bar. Don: what do you want to discuss? ???: you will see when you get there. Don: where is the place? ???: near the train station. Don: i will be right there. guys, i have meet someone at the bar. Raph: if you don"t come back in 5 hours, i am coming after you. got it? Don: okay. later. ???: so you made it. take a seat. Don: is this important? ???: yes it very much is. Cobra has been ruining my schemes. i want you to take down Cobra Commander, then bring him to me dead or alive. Don: i don't think i can trust you. ???: fine. Donatello then finds himself at gun point. ???: you can't trust me. so i am going to kill you now. then the man pointing the Gun at Don shakes and then collapses. he was stabbed by Storm Shadow. SS:i am here to save you. you should be thankful. Don: you must be with Cobra. tell me Cobra Commander is or i will bash your skull in. Strom Shadow knew that he had to defend himself. so then swung his Sword. but Don dodged and hit Storm Shadow in the face. SS: enough of this. time to die!
  5. Superman Thor Iron Man Green Lantern Batman Spider-man Hulk Scarlet Witch Rulk Flash Storm Black Canary Wonder Woman QuickSilver Martian Manhunter Black Widow Captain America vs Goku Krillin Majin Buu Broly Trunks Omega Shenron Nappa Vegeta Raditz Yamcha Mercenary Tao Android 17 Android 18 Android 16 Cell Piccolo Frezia Bardock Cooler
  6. 2045 the sentinels continue their reign of terror as they hunt and kill mutants. a few mutants have gone into hiding but were found and killed anyway. 3 days before Dolza's last attack Gloval walked into the bridge to check on the crew. the crew of the SDF-1 was still getting over the brutal and bloody war. many close allies were killed. Senator Kelly was making a speech in Washington D.C, he announced the mass production of the Sentinels. 2 days before Dolza's last attack Breetai was discussing the final attack on the SDF-1 with Khyron the day of Dolza's final attack. the Sentinels were ready to attack the incoming Zentradei fleet. a few hours later the battle began. the Sentinels defeated the Zentradei only to turn rogue and killed a lot mutants and tons of people. with the X-men, Avengers and Fantastic Four destroyed. only the RDF stand in their way. can they survive?
  7. both Supes and Broly start 100% power scenario fight to the death Broly can go Super Sayin
  8. round 1 Bane wins round 2 tie round 3 Crossbones wins.
  9. the Imperial Fleet under Thrawns command vs the Zentradei fleet under Khyrons command
  10. Spock [2009 version] vs Data [during Generations] scenario straight fight.
  11. Juggernaut [non Colossus] vs Rulk [current]
  12. megarock58 Enter your Set-Up for the match here. This is your post - it belongs to you - and you may use the EDIT function at any time in the future to update this post.
  13. scenario 1 Lightsabers only scenario 2 Force Powers only scenario both Lightsabers and Force Powers location an arena on Geonosis.
  14. the Thing walked into the kitchen and fell into a portal. he is then replaced with a Skrull. the Skrull walks up to Spider-man and punches him. Spider-man: Ben, are you mad? Thing: you bet i am! Spider-man: oh no. Spider-man must rescue the real Thing and defeat the Skrull to win. the Skrull Thing must stop Spider-man from rescuing the real Thing to win.
  15. Spider-man [Amazing version] vs Bucky Barnes [Captain America]
  16. Superboy landed in Times Square in front of a wave of police officers. the Chief ordered him to surrender, but instead Superboy fought back and killed them. the people shivered in fear. but then the Avengers arrived. Captain America: stand down or face the consequences. this is your final warning. SB Prime: you don't scare me Captain America. i am more powerful than you. Red Hulk: stand back, he's mine. SB Prime: fine, prepare to die.
  17. the Gunam Meisters infiltrate Green Noa 1 in hopes of capturing the Gundam MK 2, however the Titans are ready to fight back. the Gundam Meisters are all piloting a Rick Dias while the Titans are using GM's and other TItan Mobile Suits seen in the first two episodes of Zeta Gundam
  18. Batman [the Batman version] vs Shredder [2k3 cartoon version] Batman and Shredder are both armed with a katana. fight to the death.
  19. after S.H.I.E.L.D and the Autobots proved to be overwhelming, Starscream retreats. but then gunshots fire. one of the shots drills right into Coulsons chest, causing him to keel over. the other agents fired back but the shooter dodged and fled. Fury: Agent Coulson is down. the Autobots and S.H.I.E.l.D return to base to be debriefed. later. Bumblebee: Coulson is dead and it's my fault. Optimus: it's not your fault Bumblebee, that shot came out of nowhere. there was no way you could have reacted that fast. Bumblebee: who ever did that will pay. i am hiring a bounty hunter to kill that person who is behind Coulson"s murder Optimus: violence against humans is not our way. Bumblebee then goes to locate Boba Fett. he then finds the Bounty Hunter on Nar Shadda. Bumblebee: you mus be Boba Fett. i want to find the man who killed coulson and make him pay. Boba Fett: where is this man? Bumblebee: on earth. i will take you there now. and so Bumblebee takes the Bounty Hunter to earth to scour the land for the man who murdered the S.H.I.E.L.D agent Fett then encounters Deathstroke Boba Fett: who are you? Deathstroke: my name is Deathstroke. Boba Fett: do you know anything about the man who killed coulson? Deathstroke: you are talking to him now! Boba Fett: my boss wants you dead. Deathstroke: try and kill me.
  20. i looked up the bleeding edge, it did harm one of the worthy, it also repairs itself and is almost invulnerable. but wouldn't a planet busting attack cause it to overload and explode?
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