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  1. i am not talking about you, i am talking about
  2. Administrator has a healing factor and can absorb mutant powers.
  3. megarock58 Enter your Set-Up for the match here. This is your post - it belongs to you - and you may use the EDIT function at any time in the future to update this post.
  4. megarock58 Enter your Set-Up for the match here. This is your post - it belongs to you - and you may use the EDIT function at any time in the future to update this post.
  5. Cyborg and Nightwing are confirmed for Injustice Gods Among Us https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fi5c3mKPBo8
  6. Shockwave is up against every Federation/Zeon robot. can he survive?
  7. Hulk [the end version] vs Administrator. battle location a stadium
  8. we don't even know what the title is yet.
  9. Lucas Arts is currently hiring for a new FPS.
  10. i just pre ordered the Kotor collection today
  11. i do read the flash, but i don't think i know everything about the rogues, however i am still going with them.
  12. after defeating the Black Widow, Magik walks away only to see Deathstroke standing in front of her. Deathstroke: where do you think you're going?come here so i can kill you. Magik: i am tougher than i look. Deathstroke: go ahead, try me. Deathstroke new 52 version vs Magik current.
  13. it's been a long time since i have seen berserk, but i don't remember him having any powers.
  14. which is more popular, not a fight. based on a youtube video.
  15. Marvel vs Capcom Origins is coming out in september
  16. Gotham City Arena 10:30 PM Sgat continued to thrash Deathstroke and was ready to finish him. but Deathstroke took his sword and ran it thorugh his abdomen. Sagat gasped and fell to the floor. the crowd was horrified. Deathstroke decided to leave before the police came. Gotham City 3:00 PM the next day. Deathstroke aimed his rifle at Comissioner Gordon waiting for a good time to fire. Gordon was addressing the residents of Gotham about the incident that happened e at the arena the night before. Deathstroke was about to shoot, but he was punched and fell of the roof but was caught in Spider-man's web. Spider-man: listen, next time you try to kill someone, try to be aware of your surroundings. Deathstroke is then taken to prison a few day's later. Deathstroke sat in his cell waiting for his chance to bust out. then guard came in to inform him it was time to fore his execution. he is then taken to the electric chair. Guard #4: any last words before you are fried? then one of the guards is stabbed in the back, the other guards were then cut down. Storm Shadow: i have to come to break you out of prison. he and Deathstroke then cut their way out. Commissioner Gordon is later informed of the situation. Deathstroke and Storm Shadow are then on the run. the Police blocked off the bridges, highways and airports to make sure they could not escape. but then Deathstroke attacked the baxter building and stole the time platform. Deathstroke set it for a days ago to prevent himself from being captured, but it went to too far into the past. he ended up in the middle ages. Deathstroke: hey, what happened. Guts sees Deathstroke and questions him. Guts: where did you come from? Deathstroke: the future. Guts: the furtue? that's nonsense. tell me the truth. Deathstroke: i am. Storm Shadow: great going Deathstroke, i think we screwed up history. Guts: wait, what are you talking about? Storm Shadow and Deathstroke: nothing! Guts: something doesn't smell right. Deathstroke: was that a threat? if so you are already dead. Guts: fine. but you underestamate me. note: this is tie in to my Deathstroke kills the Street Fighters arc which is on hiatus at his time. i might finish that story soon.
  17. Lobo can go toe to toe with Superman. but didn't WWH defeat all the Avengers?
  18. i can't come up with good setups. can someone help?
  19. this is not a straight fight, it's just a matter of choosing sides. at least in this this case anyway.
  20. hello everyone, i am megarock58. today i am discussing the new Star Wars Game Star Wars 1313 a dark take on the classic saga this time you are not a Jedi, instead you play as a Bounty Hunter that's right you have to be like Batman. you know you use gadgets and guns instead of Supernatural Force Powers. i have seen the trailers for this game. so far it looks good. can't wait.
  21. Chun-Li is armed with a revolver and grenades Elektra is armed with a machine gun and a knife battle location
  22. Punisher vs Captain America Iron Man Thor Spider-man Black Widow and Wolverine based on the upcoming Punisher War Zone comic
  23. Ace was informed that the Principality of Zeon was willing to join the Rebellion, not to fight the Empire but because the needed help with taking down the Federation. while they still decided to help the Rebellion Admiral Ackbar agreed to allow them to join. Ace proved to be a great assistance to the Principality. Char offered Ace a chance to join Zeon. Ace refused at first bu Char talked him into it. a few years later the Federation begins their assault on Space Fortress Solomon Ace prepares to defend the fortress. Amuro launches in his Gundam. he targets Ace and the fight is on.
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