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  1. after being defeated by the Federation over and over again. the Principality of Zeon hides on Endor. Wicket was playing with his friends one day when he spotted a Zaku. he ran back to Logray to inform him about Zeon's presence on the planet. the Ewoks prepared for battle just in case Zeon proved to become a threat. meanwhile on earth. the Southern Cross Army continues to battle the Masters threat. after getting a call from the Earth Federation regarding Zeon's presence on Endor. Dana takes a leave of absence to assist the Federation. later. Dana and the Federation Forces meet up with the Ewoks. Zeon decides to attack. and the fight is on.
  2. Batman has died and Bane and his army is about to overrun Gotham. you are member of the resistance who's goal is to stop Bane and his army. you are armed. a shotgun grenades a pistol a knife missions 1 rescue the hostages at town hall 2 foil a bank robbery 3 help the resident's of Gotham evacuate the city 4 locate the bomb and disarm it. 5 defeat Bane in a final showdown. are you up for the challenge?
  3. what if Anankin did not turn to the dark side, but Obi wan did instead?
  4. i obviously have heard about cheater cheater pumpkin eater however.
  5. i never heard of pumpkin pumpkin cheater eater.
  6. just a fist fight, i forgot to give more details.
  7. battle location Banes hideout from the Dark Knight Rises. Bane and Boba have Venom. no time limit.
  8. just after Roy died. Roy found himself in the land of the dead. he looked at his reflection and saw a skeleton. he was shocked. he walked through the city, he then saw another skeleton and asked him about the place he was in. Skeleton: you are in the land of the dead. Roy: since when did i die. Skeleton: you were injured and did not get help. Roy: oh yeah. anyway i want to go home. Skeleton: you can't, once you are here you cannot leave untill your journey to the afterlife has ended. Roy: but the RDF needs me! Skeleton: who care about them, they may join you soon. let me escort you to your new home. later Roy sat at his desk remebering his short life, just then someone knocked at his door. Manny: it's Manny, your new travel Agent. Roy: what do you want. Manny: i want to welcome to you to the land of the dead. Roy: forget the land of the dead! i want to go home! Roy opens the door and punches Manny. Manny: mad at me huh? fine. let's have it your way!
  9. i just saw it, it was entertaining, but it was really long.
  10. it's not the anime version, it's X-men TAS but i am sure NT would add more anime later, considering Toonami is almost all anime.
  11. Megatron: wanna get smashed? Elandore: no! please no! Megatron: did you say yes? fine!! [evil laughter] he then grabs Elandores Gundam by the leg and slams all over the place. Elandores Gundam lay broken. Megatron: puny Gundam. Elandore calls the base. Shiro picks up the phone. Shiro: hello? Elandore: it's me Elandore, some kind of Mobile Suit demolished my Gundam it seemed to have no pilot. Shiro: it may not be a Mobile Suit, i may have been a decepticon. Elandore: a Decepti what? Shiro: never mind. we should investigate. Shiro: good idea. the the team go out to investigate. Laser Beak was watching them. he then returned to Soundwave. Soundwave: Megatron, remember that Gundam you attacked earlier? well, more are coming. Megatron: they are mine. Megatron charges at the 8th Team with rage. Megatron: you are screwed now! Elandore: it's the thing that attacked me earlier! it's going to finish me! Megatorn that's right. prepare to die.
  12. there is no way any of the X-men can beat PC Supes.
  13. well after years of waiting, Neotoonami finally starts tomorrow at 9PM here is a link to the site http://www.neotoonami.com/ there you find a countdown to the launch of the stream schedule 9 :00 PM One Piece 9:30 Dragonball 10:00 PM Spectacular Spider-man 10:30 PM Power Puff Girls Z 11:00 pm Gurren Laggan 11:30 PM X-menTimes: 9pm-12am EST Mon-F
  14. 70 ABY the new threat. the last of Empire has finally ceased their brutal attacks against the New Republic. the outer rim has been completely abandoned thanks to space colonies. however the Principality of Zeon decide to attack the New Republic using old Imperial Weapons. can a team of inexperienced young pilots designated Black Squadron defeat this menace?
  15. what if no one died in Gundam?
  16. Arthur just finished building his plane. he decided to get a celebration snack. just then Hulk snuck into Arthurs room. Hulk: Hulk smash puny plane! Hulk than smashes Arthurs plane. Arthur then finds the wreckage and gasps. Arthur: you broke my plane....... after a fight, Hulk gets tried and truns back into Banner. Arthur then ties him up. Arthur: you stay there! the Avengers then come to rescue Hulk. Arthur: get out. Iron Man: not untill we rescue Hulk. you don't want to mess with us. Arthurs Mom steps out, Mom: Arthur Timothy Read! what is the meaning of this? Arthur: Hulk broke my plane, i captured him and now his friends are here to rescue him. Iron Man shoots Arthurs Mom with a stun blast. Arthur: nooooo! you killed her! Iron Man: that was just a stun blast,. Arthur: i don't care, anyone who touches mom must feel my wrath. Iron Man: okay. fine, we will have it your way. Arthur is up against the movie Avengers. [except for Hulk] the Avengers must rescue Hulk before Arthurs Mom wakes up. Arthur must defeat or repel the Avengers until his Mom wakes up.
  17. what Star Wars game do you think is the best?
  18. Hal Jordan beat Paralax, Char Aznable would never accomplish that feat.
  19. i was going to post the link to the Deadpool game trailer.
  20. i came up with best setup i could, so please try to enjoy
  21. ahem, i think this should be in the rumbles section rather than official battles.
  22. James stood otuside Bob Grhams Ranch wating to charge in. Bob looked outside the window and saw his adversary. Bob Grham phoned Lechuck. Bob: oh my god, i see Marshall James Anderson, he has come to kill me and he looks Mad. Lechuck: what i am supposed to do? Bob: get over here and help me! Lechuck: no! [slam!] Bob: oh no! he's here! James then kills Bob. Bob then wakes up in a strange place. Bob: where am i? Manny: you are in the land of the dead. my names Manny Calavera. i am your new travel agent. Bob: why do you have to dress up like the Grim Reaper? it looks intimidating. Manny: thats some people say that about my costume. Manny then gives Bob a tour. meanwhile in the land of the living. James Anderson invited Kyle Katarn, Guybrush Threepwood and Indiana Jones over to help rebuild his ranch. afterwards they had a party that was interupted by gunfire. Hector: this party's over. prepare to die James Anderson. James: what do you want? Hector: i am bored so i want to kill someone. so i thought i'd kill you. James: we shall see. James and Hector shoot at the same time killing them both. the last thing's James heard where the guest's screaming his name and his daughter screaming DAAAAAAD! James and Hector woke up in the same place Bob Grham went to. James wandered thorugh the strange place and saw a man dressed like the Girm Reaper. James: who are you supposed to be? Manny: i am Manny Calavera. your new Travel Agent. James: you don't look like no travel agent. are you drunk or something? it's not Halloween. Manny: you dare call me drunk? you made me very Angry.
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