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  1. just a funny picture i found on facebook.
  2. Death Star 2 at it's full power vs Buu saga Goku at his full power. both contenders have 7 days of prep.
  3. just downloaded Codename Gordon on Steam. it's pretty good so far.
  4. the Star Fox team from Star Fox 64 vs an Imperial Fleet under the command of Admiral Thrawn. scenario: space battle location: deep space no time limit both the Star Fox team and the Imperial Fleet have 1 day of prep. Capital Ships and Fighters only.
  5. i just finished Star Fox 64 3D. it was short but fun.
  6. the Uncanny Avengers vs the current Justice League. fight to the death. location Times Square. who wins?
  7. Marvel just announced this and it may not be Peter Parker.
  8. location: Madison Square Garden. scenario: tag team wrestling. who wins?
  9. with another Star Trek movie coming out next summer, you may feel the hype and want play Star Trek Judgement Rites again. sadly the game was made for DOS, meaning it won't run on modern system. thankfully there is DOSBox. an emulator that can run old games on modern systems. go to DOSbox.com to download. then install the software. then go anbandonia to download the game. it should take about a few seconds. then open the RAR file and move the folder STJR to somewhere on your hard drive. then drag the EXE file tilted Rites into the DOSbox shortcut. and there's your game. enjoy.
  10. previously. Magik encountered Deathstroke after defeating Black Widow. she put up a fight against Deathstroke, but proved no match for him. after defeating her, Deathstroke laughed and walked away. later Cyclops is informed that Magik died while fighting Deathstroke. he searches for him. later. Deathstroke: hello there my friend. Cyclops: your time is up. Deathstroke: no, it's your time that is up. Cyclops: i don't know about that.
  11. after reading the title, i almost thought that this was a sequel to Dragon Ball Evolution.
  12. just finished Shadows of the Empire.
  13. it depends on weather or not Batman has Kryptonite
  14. just bought a N64 today, can't wait to open it.
  15. Roy is piloting a Veritech. Iron Man is using the Extremis armor. who wins?
  16. megaedit: it seems like i might be wrong about what Goolge Trends said.
  17. according to Google Trends. Gundam seems to be more popular than Star Wars. wait what? here is the source of information http://www.dannychoo...am+VS+Starwars/
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