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  1. edit: please delete this post now! forget i even posted this stupid match.
  2. it hopefully will, because Goku vs Superman has to have been done to death by now. but it may not be the end.
  3. here is are some pictures of Superior Spidey in action
  4. Superior Spider-man vs Batman Beyond one contender must KO or kill the other contender to win.
  5. today Capcom released Megaman x Street Fighter for the PC. i just downloaded it and it's pretty good so far. here is a video of the game discuss.
  6. does your Xbox 360 have a hard drive?
  7. Deathstroke [comics version] vs Bane [TDKR version] location: the Daily Bugle, rooftop. no prep or time limit
  8. here is a video of the Invid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Pnlw3OrV2c&list=EL4IRLaxTJsts&index=1 here is a video of the Dark Troopers
  9. as the Invid attack devastates the Earth. the Galactic Empire has decided to to take advantage of the chaos and send a squad of Dark Troopers to acquire some protoculture. however the the squad is caught by a group of Invid mecha. the Dark Troopers are ordered to open fire on them. and so the fight is on. a squad of 6 Dark Troopers vs a group of 6 Invid they are fighting in the forest.
  10. note: Amazing Spider-man 700 has not yet been released, these events of the following story may be non-canon previously: after having switched bodies with the dying Dock Ock. Peter found himself in heaven where he was reunited with Uncle Ben. however Peter still had one last thing to do before he could rest and let someone else be Spider-man and that was to defeat Dock Ock. and so he did and was allowed to finally rest and let a new man become Spider-man now: Miguel fell through a time portal and then found himself in the past. Miguel: how did this happen? meanwhile: Miguel has been wanted for time traveling. Boba Fett has been hired to hunt and bring him in, dead or alive. Fett then went through a time portal and set course for earth. later: Fett landed his Slave one on a rooftop and began to spy on Miguel Miguel was stopping a robbery. even later: Miguel stood on a rooftop, then Boba landed behind him. Boba: you must be the time traveler. don't you know that what you are doing can screw up the time space continuum. Miguel: it was an accident, i swear! Boba: still, your head is worth a lot of credits. i will be bringing it back to my boss now.
  11. a lettered preview for Superior Spider-man #1 just came out. discuss
  12. i saw this funny picture on screen rant today and i thought i'd share it.
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