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  1. i only rented UMVC3. i still only have fate of two worlds.
  2. it actually does work on Windows 7. i have not tried it on Windows vista or 8 however.
  3. has anyone been reading Superior Spider-man? i have 2 issues and so far it's pretty good.
  4. i have been playing Star Wars Dark Forces on Steam. it's really good so far.
  5. previously: Thanos attempted to kill Sephiroth, but Sephy managed to escape into the Star Wars universe thinking he would be safe there. but he was not. he encounters Darth Stalker who also hates Final Fantasy 7. Stalker then kills him. but Sephiroth just comes back stronger. Stalker: what? i thought i killed you! Sephiroth: you did, but i came back stronger. and now i will have my revenge . Stalker: fine, i will kill again. note: like i said in my previous rumble with Sephiroth, i do not hate Final Fantasy 7.
  6. Thanos despises the overrated Final Fantasy 7, so he goes to find and kill Sephiroth. later: Thanos: your'e days are numbered. i have come to kill you, because i can't stand how overrated you are. Sephiroth: you can't kill me. i am a god! Thanos: you are nothing compared to me. now die! and so the fight is on. note: i have nothing against Final Fantasy 7 and i don't think it's overrated. [ i haven't even played the game yet.] but there are some people who found the game to be overrated.
  7. Lucas Arts is working on an unannounced project, it could be a new Star Wars project. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/news/news-13839-Is-LucasArts-Developing-a-Star-Wars-FPS-.html
  8. Darth Stalker vs the Superior Spider-man they are fighting in a warehouse. one contender must incapacitate or kill the other contender to win.
  9. unless Saturn had the other Scouts with her, it's highly unlikely that she would win.
  10. the Justice League the Green Lantern Corps the Autobots the Decepticons Star Fleet the Borg Unicron the Klingons Superboy Prime the Romulans vs the Z Fighters the Avengers the X-men the Fantastic Four the Galactic Empire the Rebel Alliance the Galactic Republic the C.I.S every DBZ Villain the Death Star can be used. all of the Z Fighters and DBZ Villains are their full power
  11. this should be interesting, but anyway i'm pretty sure that Peter will be back eventually. [ASM2 comes out in 2014]
  12. i got the Transformers Prime game for Christmas, i just finished it today. it was pretty good.
  13. yesterday i read Amazing Spider-man#700 and
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