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  1. how many Hydra grunts does take to kill annhilus?
  2. Pre Crisis Super-man wins with ease, i think you will be warned because of strong cursing and sex talk.
  3. encounter random. prep time, Batman 2 days Kingpin 5 days location, Earth. who wins?
  4. Encounter random. prep time Ultimate X-men 12 days. New Avengers 3 days. location the Baxter building who wins?
  5. encounter random prep time Spider-man 3 days Thor 5 days Hulk 7 days Superman 4 days location The Daily Bugle ground floor Who wins?
  6. Marvel team, Spider-man Hulk Wolverine Captain America Omega red Blackheart Cyclops Shuma-Gorath Apocalypse vs Street fighter team Ryu Ken M bison Chun-li Akuma Sakura Zangief Dan Dahlsim battles, Spider-man vs Sakura Wolverine vs Ryu Cyclops vs Ken Hulk vs Zangief Captain America vs Chun-li Shuma Gorath vs Dhalsim Black heart vs Dan Omega red vs M bison Apocalypse vs Akuma
  7. name Darth Vader weapon Lightsaber powers, fore choke
  8. i must say plasticman would win, connsidering that he cannot die
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