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  1. http://s11.zetaboards.com/Gundam_Federation_HQ/index/ check this out. talk about Comics, Manga, Anime, Sci-FI and more. please read rules before posting.
  2. i honestly do not care for either character.
  3. 1 Pre Crisis Superman 2 World Breaker Hulk 3 Dr Doom 4 Thanos 5 Darksied 6 Galactus 7 Doomsday 8 Sandman
  4. thank you sir. i might vote for Hal Jordan judging by that video.
  5. i cannot really say who would win, but Hal Jordan beat krona.
  6. Spider-man has 12 days of prep time while Nightwing also has 12 days, who wins?
  7. how many Hydra gruns does it take to stop Darth Vader and Darth Maul and the Emperor and Starkiller and Galactus and Darksied and Thanos an Anhilus and Dr Doom and Magneto and Unticron and Darth Bane and the Death Star and the Green Lantern Corps and Sinestro.
  8. how many grunts does it take to stop the Justice League.
  9. what if the Decepticons landed on Gundam Earth instead of Transformers Earth? what the Decepticons target were the 8th Ms team instead of the Autobots? can the 8th MS team stop the Decepticons?! the 8th team has 23 days of prep time while the Decepticons have 26 days. battle location, New York city Times Square, no time limit, 8th MS Team must kill all Decepticons to win. the Decepticons must kill the entire 8th MS team to win. no Unicron.
  10. who wins? i did use iron mouse because like Sailor Moon, i really hate show honestly, i just could not think of a good idea for a fight.
  11. what characters other than Superman can beat Goku?
  12. the White Base has 29 days, while the Death Star the Super StarDestroyers and Tie Bombers have 34 days.
  13. the Future Foundation has 12 days of prep time while the Jl also has 12 the location of the battle is the Daily Bugle ground floor.
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