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  1. scenario 1, all ki powers and burning finger have been disabled scenario 2, ki powers and burning finger enabled. prep time, Goku has 23 days while domon has the same number of days.
  2. all the DC characters vs galactus, who wins?
  3. he finds out that bruce wayne is alive, and he killed a clone instead.
  4. team 1, Flash Superman Quicksilver Zoom Hulk team 2 Goku Vegeta
  5. i guess it depends on what pokemon blue is using, if his pokemon are strong enough, he takes this one with some difficulty, however, if his pokemon are weak, Rhino stomps.
  6. zombies are walking the earth, and they are attacking the living, only you can save the earth, select a character from any universe, Marvel/Dc/Naruto etc or create your own.
  7. 1 the Death Star 2 Lightsaber 3 Macross booby trap 4 Tie Bomber 5 Stardestroyer 6 Gundam Rx-78 what weapons do you think would work against Zombies
  8. team 1 Batman Daredevil Nightwing Punisher vs team 2 Bruno from the punisher arcade game Joker Bane green goblin
  9. chocolate pudding making duel, who makes better pudding?
  10. three of the greatest Sc-Fi heroes challenge each other to a gangster rap battle, battle location, Gotham city arena, time' 4:30 pm. who has the better rap skills?
  11. 1 ccreate a character, 2 choose the light side [ Rebels and Earth Federation] or the dark side [Empire and Zeon] 3 choose your weapons and/or force powers, 4 have fun.
  12. team1 Batman Doctor Doom Venom Sinestro Spider-man Nightwing the Thing team 2 Thor Captain America War Machine Hal Jordan Superman Ultron Red Hood team 1 has 2 days to prepare while team 2 has the same number of days, battle location, New York city.
  13. however, if Goku used a spirit bomb to blow up the Earth, would Doomsday just get launched into space? or would he die?
  14. round 1 space battle, all the Gundam robots vs the imperial fleet, planet killers disabled round 2 space battle, all Gundam robots vs imperial fleet, planet killers enabled round 3 ground battle all Gundam robots vs Jedi
  15. Spider-man takes Venom, but gets killed by Broly, Superman and Goku can handle Broly, but Doomsday is another story.
  16. sorry, no one can beat Superman. that is one thing you need to know in life.
  17. i know, but i could use some members.
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