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  1. RC-1138 [boss] Commander Cody Captain Rex RC-1162 [scorch] RC-1207 [sev]
  2. Darkseid vs Goku Darkseid vs Krillin Darkseid vs Roshi Darkseid vs Vegeta
  3. vs Scenario 1 Darth Maul [no force powers] vs Goku [ no Ki powers] Scenario 2 Darth Maul [with Force powers] vs Goku [with Ki powers]
  4. story, your PC has been infected with a virus. it will destroy your computer if you do not stop it. you must go inside the PC and destroy the virus.
  5. the cast MVC 3 wins with ease Hulk Morrigan Wolverine and Ryu are too powerful for megaman.
  6. i am talking about deathstroke, you silly goose.
  7. Captain Rex James Bond Scroch [from Republic commando] vs Punisher Deadshot Redhood
  8. shooting contest, both contenders are piloting RX-79 Gundam G units, must destroy as many targets as possible,
  9. you have been recruited by the principlaity of Zeon, here are your objectives, 1 intercept a truck containing feddie weapons 2 destroy a colony guarded by 60 gms 3 capture the Titans base 4 attack Six Flags guarded by the Swat and navy seals 5 take over jaburo and destroy White Base,
  10. Darkseid is like a god he would just stomp them all into paste.
  11. yeah, but, can't the Terminator go back in time and kill Rick's parents before they had children?
  12. it is gi joe cobra, i was saying it was the marvel comics version,
  13. Batman has 2 prep days while logan has the same number of days of prep.
  14. Punisher is armed with grenades, machine guns, a rocket launcher, pistols, and has plenty of cover, the Terminator has plenty of cover as well, is armed with a shotgun, a minigun, and grenades,
  15. battle location, Klingon arena, who wins?
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