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  1. yeah, but Super Skrull is a one man Fantastic Four.
  2. i submitted this one by accident. edit' i fixed my set up anyway.
  3. a what if scenario' Doomsday has just killed Superman, he also killed all the Marvel heroes except the Thing. the Thing charges at Doomsday and is ready to fight him and maybe, DIE!
  4. megarock58 Enter your Set-Up for the match here.
  5. after the war between the Skrulls and the Kree Empire ended, a dimensional rift happened causing the Marvel universe to merge with the world of Robotech. the Robotech Masters have learned about their new rivals, they side with Galactus and prepare for battle. Skrull soldier 1' lord super Skrull, the Robotech Masters have been reported to be planning an attack against us. should we deploy our ships? Super Skrull' go ahead. Skrull Solider 1' yes sir. and so the Skrull ships charge at the Masters Fleet. the Masters ships deploy their ships and charge at the Skrull ships. and so the battle begins.
  6. that other match without the setup was submitted by accident. please don't trash my work. i came up the best set up i can think of for this match. so please leave me alone!
  7. the war between the Dc villains and the Dbz villains continues as Darkseid engages in a fight with his rival Majin Buu, Lex Luthor was running out of reinforcements. Juggernaut agreed to work with Lex Luthor in order to stop the menace of the DBZ villains. Juggernaut is called into action as Cell is spotted in atlantic city. later' Juggernaut finds Cell. Juggernaut' you're dead Cell. i'm gonna kill you. Cell' is that so. your friends could not stop me. it will be no different with you. Juggernaut' let's get it over with. and so the fight begins.
  8. Doomsday pounds on Android 16 hard. he begins to rip his arms off. then, Buu comes in to avenge his ally. he turns Doomsday into chocolate. then he eats him. Lex' Lord Darkseid. Doomsday is dead. Darkseid' what?! Lex' Majin Buu killed him Darksied' Buu must die! Darksied then searches for his adversary. later. Buu' Darksied, we meet at last. Darkseid' you will pay for killing Doomsday. Buu' not if i kill you first. Note' this is a sequel to my match up between Android 16 and Doomsday.
  9. megarock58 Enter your Set-Up for the match here.
  10. the accident. James Geson, a hard core gamer was browsing through his collection of old windows 95 games when he stumbled upon two of his favorite games, Starwars Dark Forces and Curse of Monkey Island. James' hmmm wich one should i play? he picked up the disks, then he dropped them! james' what?! the games landed on each other causing a dimensional rift. after the rift ended the two heroes Kyle Katarn and Guybrush threepwood found them selves in an arena. Guybrush' how did we get here? Kyle' that's just what i want to know. Galactus' welcome to the cosmic arena. i am your host Galactus. today's battle is, Kyle Katarn from Starwars Dark Forces! vs, Guybrush Threepwood from Curse of Monkey Island! let the fight begin. note i don't really know that much about monkey island. the only Monkey Island game i am playing right now is Curse of Monkey Island so that's why i am using Guybrush from that period of time
  11. a what if scenario Zeon is attacking and Max is the pilot of the Gundam Bright' i order you to launch Gundam right now. Max' come on, i'm tired and i want to you to launch Gundam. Bright' if knew how fly it i'd out there in a minute and you know it! Max' come on, shut up! Bright' listen young man if want to win this war, you do as i say. Max' why should i? Bright slaps Max. Max' hey! why do you have to get violent? Bright' i must teach you how to follow orders. Max' i am not taking orders from you. Bright' is that a challenge? Max' um yes. vote for Max if you think he can talk Bright into flying the Gundam. vote for Bright if you think he can talk Max into flying the Gundam.
  12. Scenario' a game of Modern warfare 3 via Xbox live 2 player game
  13. Bruce Wayne and Shipwreck were at the bar enjoying their beverages until a news report on the TV came on saying that 2 people were found dead outside a Walmart in the North Gotham shopping district. the victims appeared to be stabbed by ninja stars, the suspect according to a witness goes by the name Snake Eyes. Shipwreck was shocked by the news, he chocked on his beer. Bruce' i feel kind of sick, i have to go, Shipwreck' wait before you leave i have to talk to you about something important. Bruce' yes, what is it? Shipwreck' according to that news report, Snake Eyes may be trying to go rogue on us. we can't let that happen. Bruce' i am going to investigate. Shipwreck' wait i will assist you! Bruce' it's okay, i work alone. meanwhile Storm Shadow is celebrating his possible victory. Storm Shadow' yesss, everything is going as planned. Bane' don't get your hopes up yet, the police might catch us if we ain't careful. got it? Storm Shadow' yeah yeah, but the police are too worried about arresting Deathstroke for killing Sagat and his manager. but just to be on the safe side let's lie low for now. later, Batman finds and confronts Snake Eyes. Batman' okay Snake Eyes we need to talk. Snake Eyes' ........ Batman' don't want to talk huh? well, in this case, i am going to have to get answers the hard way. vote for Snake Eyes if you think he can convince Batman that he did not commit murder. vote for Batman if you think Snake Eyes cannot convince him that he did not commit murder. note from author. in case you wondering about the situation about Deathstroke and the Police. it will be continued in my next scenario featuring Deathstroke.
  14. Wolverine cannot use healing factor or claws and is armed with a sword and a handgun. Sanke Eyes is armed with the same weapons. battle location a rooftop
  15. battles Superman vs Gotenks Thor vs Mystic Gohan Iron man vs Krillin Jean Grey vs Hal Jordan Strom vs Starfire Captain America vs Superboy Spider-man vs Robin War Machine vs Cyborg Hulk vs Goku Professor X vs Martian Manhunter
  16. Darth Maul vs the Entire Jedi council, can he survive?
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