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  1. pretty much at least most of them.
  2. i think this should go in the rumbles section. official matches need a story rather than just some fight.
  3. i think MODOK could win correct if i am wrong.
  4. the movie Avengers vs the movie X-men
  5. 1 are using the movie or comic Avengers? 2 Cell can destroy planets, i don't think any of the Avengers can do that 3 without Thor, the Avengers are pretty much screwed. however i don't really know much about Sentry so correct me if i am wrong but so far i am going with Cell at lest until i get more details.
  6. actually, that was planet hulk not world war hulk in the animated movie, sorry.
  7. World War Hulk [animated movie version] vs Doomsday [animated Movie version]
  8. an old evil has returned. can Anakin defeat Grievous? or will Grievous win and help begin the rebirth of the C.I.S?
  9. Amuro piloting an RX-78 against the entire 8th team also piloting the RX-78 in a fight to the death.
  10. after taking down the A.I.M and the 15th Squadron, Darth Maul tries to escape the A.I.M base with the secret weapon when Starscream crashed through the window and landed in front of Maul. Starscream fired and blew up the sith lord. he then takes the weapon. meanwhile at the Heli carrier. Fury is informed that the 15th squadron was killed, but Maul was stopped by Starscream. Fury: that weapon could be a threat to the earth if it makes it into the wrong hands, we have to stop Starscream at all costs. then S.H.I.E.L.D partners with the Autobots and travel to Starscreams hideout. later Starscream: well, well, well. if it isn't Nick Fury. Fury: surrender that weapon or we will kill you! Starscream: go ahead and try me. and so the fight is on. Nick Fury, Black Widow and Agent Coulson with the Autobots and 300 S.H.I.E.L.D agents backing them up vs Starscream Shield must capture the weapon and defeat Starscream to win while Starscream must defeat or repel Shield to win
  11. yeah, i have been reading the series, it's a good read so far.
  12. Thanos [comics] and Darksied [comics] vs Superman [pre crisis] and Hulk [WWH] vs Galactus [comics] and Loki [comics]
  13. the all-new Ultimate Comics Spider-man vs the most dangerous man in the world Spider-man [ultimate Comics] vs Black Panther [comics] both contenders have 5 days of prep scenario 1 a race scenario 2 a k.o fight scenario 3 a fight to the death
  14. i read that a new Star wars game is being announced on the 31st.
  15. the movie Avengers vs the movie Brotherhood of mutants
  16. Venom [Flash Thompson] vs Donatello [2k3 cartoon]
  17. a what if scenario after Tony Stark created the Iron Man suit, he joined the forces of evil . no one else can stop him. can the Avengers? battles, Thor vs Iron Man Captain America vs Iron Man Hulk vs Iron Man Vision vs Iron Man Hawkeye vs Iron Man Black Widow vs Iron Man War Machine vs Iron Man Ms Marvel vs Iron man Wonder Man vs Iron Man location San Francisco
  18. sometimes heroes have no choice they have to kill villains sometimes if they are too dangerous to be allowed to live.
  19. Yamcha walks into a bar and meets Dante Dante: well, well ,well. if it isn't the useless Yamcha Yamcha: who are you calling useless? jerk! Dante: oh, so you are already mad at me. Yamcha" i will prove to you that i am not useless! Dante: try me. and so the fight is on Dante [Marvel vs Capcom 3 version] vs Yamcha [during the original Dragonball]
  20. here is my story after Spider-man died in the war between the Avengers and the X-men, the Human Torch went insane and brain washed the Fantastic Four and declared war on the X-men knowing how great a threat the Fantastic Four may become, Magneto joins the X-men until the now demonic Human Torch is subdued http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=26450&st=0&do=findComment&comment=348533
  21. the war between the Avengers and X-men has come to an end however, many heroes died. Spider-man was among them Reed: Johnny, Peter Parker, is dead! Johnny: what?! Reed: i am sorry. Johnny then goes mad and captures Reed. he then later captures the other members of the Fatastic Four and brain washes them. times square later Johnny: hello my subjects! i was once the hero you all looked up too i died for you. but now , i hate you. the audience gasped and were ready to retaliate. but Johnny killed them before they could do anything. Johnny: filthy worms! my friend, Peter Parker died in the recent war between the X-men and the Avengers. give a you know what and maybe i will stop killing you trash. random person: yes my lord. Johnny: me and my Fantastic Four declare war on the filthy X-men. random boy: you were my hero! who could you do this? [sniff] Johnny: shut up! he was about kill more people but Magneto threw a car at him. Johnny dodged and shot back with a fire ball, but Magneto blocked it. Magneto: so i see that you have gone mad. Johnny: i am more than mad now! Magneto: must i destroy you? Johnny: go ahead, try me. and so the fight is on.
  22. Dana was awakened by the sound of the phone ringing. Dana: who is it? Fury: this is Nick Fury. i just got word that Darth Maul is planning to raid A.I.M we do not know what he is planning. you and the 15th squadron must get to A.I.M's base before Maul does Dana: i will be there asap. she then gathers her squadron and heads for A.I.M's base later Darth Maul sliced down the A.I.M guards one by one with ease A.I.M guard: protect the weapons! we can't let the Sith Lord get his hands of our weapons. aggggg! the guard screamed as he was impaled and thrown into a wall. the other guards shook in terror just before they were melted by force lighting. Maul: what a bunch of worms then the 15th Squadron arrive Dana: oh my god, the guards there...... dead! Bowie: Maul must have done this Maul: hello there my friends Dana: whatever you are planning, you will not get far. Maul oh yeah? A.I.M guard: freeze! both of you. Bowie: oh no. Dana Sterling [aided by the other members of the 15th squadron] vs 100 A.I.M guards vs Darth Maul vote for Dana if you think the 15th squadron can prevent Darth Maul from stealing the weapons, take the weapons, defeat A.I.M and leave vote for A.I.M if you think they can repel or defeat both the 15th Squadron and Darth Maul vote for Darth Maul if you think he can prevent the 15th squadron from stealing the weapons take the weapons, defeat A.I.M and leave
  23. the entire Jedi council vs all the Jurassic park dinosaurs
  24. Iron Man [during the Avengers] and Optimus Prime [during Dark Of the Moon] vs Emil Blonsky [near the end of the Incredible Hulk ] and Juggernaut [during X-men the last stand]
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