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  1. megarock58
    with another Star Trek movie coming out next summer, you may feel the hype and want play Star Trek Judgement Rites again.
    sadly the game was made for DOS, meaning it won't run on modern system.
    thankfully there is DOSBox.
    an emulator that can run old games on modern systems.
    go to DOSbox.com to download.
    then install the software.
    then go anbandonia to download the game.
    it should take about a few seconds.
    then open the RAR file and move the folder STJR to somewhere on your hard drive.
    then drag the EXE file tilted Rites into the DOSbox shortcut.
    and there's your game.

  2. megarock58
    hello everyone, i am megarock58.
    today i am discussing the new Star Wars Game
    Star Wars 1313
    a dark take on the classic saga
    this time you are not a Jedi, instead you play as a Bounty Hunter
    that's right you have to be like Batman.
    you know
    you use gadgets and guns instead of Supernatural Force Powers.
    i have seen the trailers for this game.
    so far it looks good.
    can't wait.

  3. megarock58
    yesterday, comic book legend Joe Kubert passed away.
    he will be remembered.
    read more about it in the article below.
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