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  1. THE BOTTOM LINE Two snow golems hurled massive balls of snow and ice at Drogon. The projectiles were reduced to steam with a blast of the dragon’s fiery breath. Another burst of flame and both golems were incinerated. Elsa stood tall on the balcony, launching a wave of ice that coated Drogon’s wings. Still Daenerys urged him on. She yelled out over Drogon’s roaring. “Pryagon sir! Dracarys!” The dragon poured fire onto the base of Elsa’s palace. The structure began to crack and tower began to sway. Elsa grabbed hold of the railing to steady herself. Drogon stopped his flame, the
  2. Just to be clear it is 25 vs 25. I made it all Red Rangers, not just the ones that were featured in Forever Red. The Quantum and Crimson Thunder Rangers are not technically official Red Rangers, but Quantum was a part of Forever Red, and I decided Crimson was close enough.
  3. Nicolaas Andries sat in a café in Johannesburg, South Africa looking impatiently at his watch. His brow was furrowed in irritation as he loosened his tie. He hated being kept waiting, almost as much as he hated Johannesburg. Nicolaas had been working with Multinational United for 5 years, and in that time he had been on many trips to their offices across the globe. But Johannesburg? Nicolaas loathed the heat, the crowds, the noise. Not to mention the bloody Prawns. He glanced up to see a woman in a blue pant suit and sunglasses making her way down the street. Her brown hair was p
  4. THE BOTTOM LINE An excerpt from the LA Theatrical Review This past weekend, I was unfortunate to be exposed to something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. And as a theater critic, that covers a lot of ground. I attended two productions of “Romeo and Juliet” that were being presented in conjunction with the Sparrow’s Flight Theater’s Shakespeare Festival. There was a great deal of buzz surrounding these productions, due to them being directed and featuring performances by Tommy Wiseau and Ed Wood Jr. As for myself, I must confess that my expectations were decidedly low. Unfortun
  5. *THE FOLLOWING BROADCAST IS BEING PRESENTED BY THE TRANSDIMENSIONAL COMBAT COMMISSION. ALL COMBATANTS MUST AGREE TO FOLLOW TCC GUIDELINES AT ALL TIMES. SAFETY OF ATENDEES IS NOT GUARANTEED.* Al Rossi: Hellooooooooo, fight fans! Al Rossi and Jedi Master Andel Sanap here coming to you live this time from the Gorge! And tonight we have fans here and at TCC Arena buzzing for the biggest contest the Transdimensional Combat Commission has put together! This isn’t going to be a fight! This is going to be an all out war! Not a 1 v 1 matchup! Not 6 v 6! Tonight, two armies will do battle
  6. THE BOTTOM LINE part 2 Andel Sanap: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen! Chloe Bourgeois is being completely overwhelmed by Trini Kwan! Miss Bourgeois has been using her gymnastics to keep her distance and land some glancing blows, but Miss Kwan has just been too much for her! Al Rossi: Yowch! Elbow to the face and down goes Chloe! She’s crawling on the sand floor of the battle terrain. Trini is standing at the ready, allowing Chloe a chance to get back to her feet. Not sure if that’s wise, she could go for a pin HEY! Andel Sanap: A handful of sand into the eyes of Miss
  7. Daenerys Targaryen rode on the back of Drogon as he soared over the frozen mountain peaks. The wind cut against the face of the Mother of Dragons, but her eyes continued to scan the landscape below. Daenerys was not able to enjoy the thrill of flight as she once did. There was a purpose to her journeying so far from her Iron Throne. The Seven Kingdoms of Westeros had fallen to her, but there was so much more to be done. There were unknown lands still to be liberated by her. Only then, would the wheel truly be broken. At times she felt a passing regret that Jon Snow was unable to s
  8. Mr. Phil Carruthers, manager of the Sparrow’s Flight Theater in Los Angeles, looked up from his desk as the door to his office opened and his assistant Susan peeked in. “Is he still out there?” Carruthers asked. Susan nodded. “He hasn’t moved from the couch for 20 minutes. And another gentleman is waiting for you, too. I told him you were busy but he said he simply must speak to you about the festival series.” Carruthers sighed, and motioned to Susan. “Very well. Let’s get this over with. Send Mr. Wiseau in first.” Susan opened the door wider, and Tommy Wiseau walked in. He ignored
  9. I don't know what Trini does in the comics. I was just thinking about the show. However, you also would be taking into account feats accomplished with the powers of the Green Ranger coin.
  10. Ladybug & Chat Noir vs Queen Wasp | Miraculous Ladybug - Queen Wasp (ENGLISH) - YouTube Red Ranger Dragon Shield Morphs and Battles | Mighty Morphin | Power Rangers Official - YouTube Just to show what the power ups in the 3rd fall can do. For other info on this storyline: Match 16274 Ruby Rose vs. Ladybug - CBUB Rated Matches - The Electric Ferret Message Boards Match 16602 Trini Kwan vs. Chloe Bourgeois - CBUB Rated Matches - The Electric Ferret Message Boards
  11. *THE FOLLOWING BROADCAST IS BEING PRESENTED BY THE TRANSDIMENSIONAL COMBAT COMMISSION. ALL COMBATANTS MUST AGREE TO FOLLOW TCC GUIDELINES AT ALL TIMES. SAFETY OF ATENDEES IS NOT GUARANTEED.* Al Rossi: Helloooooooo, fight fans! That’s right! The wait is over! The time has come for the first ever rematch at TCC Arena! It’s Trini Kwan/Chloe Bourgeois II: 2 out of 3 Falls! And as always, here to call the action, I’m Al Rossi and he’s Jedi Master Andel Sanap. Partner, we were beginning to wonder whether this day would finally come, but here we are! Andel Sanap: Indeed, Al. Afte
  12. THE BOTTOM LINE: Excerpt from the Audio Diary of Mr. Montgomery A shame that we weren't able to hold on to our little fish. These hybrids were stronger than expected. But Rapture is a cruel mistress, and she made sure that they didn't leave with all they wanted. Their attempted assault on Fort Frolic for their little toy only resulted in that dump becoming more of a wreck, their toy busted, and that fool Cohen getting tossed around by the lady with tentacle hair. Philip did also notice that we seem to have misplaced some ADAM and a few plasmids. Maybe the hybrids took some for
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