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  1. AND NOW THE CONCLUSION Howard Stark’s sedan spun around the corner with Peggy Carter and Black Terror and screeched to a halt. The two stared for a moment at the sight of Stilt Man standing in the middle of the street at over 150 feet tall, with the figure of the Daredevil climbing up his metallic leg. “I would hope that some of your unexpected memories might give us a plan of attack, Dr. Benton,” said Peggy, as Daredevil swung out of the way of another blast from Stilt Man’s gatling gun. “The suit he’s wearing must be able to control his height and maintain balance,” said Black Terror. “Perhaps if I can reach him, I can find the mechanism that can bring back to normal height. But first, I need to stop Devil.” Black Terror jumped out of the car before Peggy had a chance to reply. “Brilliant,” she said sarcastically. “I’ll just wait here.” Black Terror gave a mighty leap and reached halfway up a nearby apartment building. Daredevil finally reached the top of the stilts. Stilt Man swung the gatling gun towards him, but Daredevil leapt back just in time, letting the gun clang against the stilt. He grabbed hold of the clung and heaved himself onto Stilt Man’s helmet. “Get off of me!” Stilt Man screamed as he flailed wildly. But Daredevil brought his boomerang down on the helmet, over and over again. Stilt Man grinned up through the glass. “You can do that all day! You can’t break that!” Daredevil continued smashing the helmet, until, to Stilt Man’s shock, a crack began to show. He quickly reached for a dial on his chest and turned it. The stilt legs started to grow, causing Stilt Man’s torso and the still attached Daredevil to rise even higher to the air. Black Terror second leap got him to the roof of the apartments. He watched as Stilt Man continued his ascent. Stilt Man reached to another button on his suit. “Sorry, buddy, this is your floor!” He pressed the button and a current of electricity charged through the suit in Daredevil. He grunted in pain as it coursed through him, causing him to freeze with his boomerang upraised. “Insulated suit!” Stilt Man yelled and grabbed Daredevil by the arm. “Let’s how tough yours is!” He yanked Daredevil from the helmet and sent him tumbling into space. Seeing Daredevil falling, Black Terror started running across the roof top. He reached the edge and leapt into the air with arms outstretched. He caught the falling Daredevil and both heroes crashed onto another roof, with Black Terror taking the brunt of the hit. Black Terror rolled out of the small crater their impact had made, and took in the sight of Daredevil on his back, and shaking his head. “Now I guess we’re even,” Black Terror said dryly. Daredevil responded by kipping up to his feet, and delivering a kick that Black Terror just barely dodged. Black Terror rolled to his feet, and saw that Daredevil was swaying slightly, but still looked ready to fight. He drew his boomerang across his throat. “Yes, yes, I know,” Black Terror snapped. “He’s a criminal and he deserves to die. I’m here to stop him and you.” Daredevil charged forward and threw the boomerang. Black Terror drew his sword and knocked the boomerang aside with a slash. Daredevil pulled two of the metallic spikes from his belt and took them in either hand. The swing with the spike in his right hand was caught by Black Terror’s sword, but the other spike caught him in the ribs. Black Terror, his teeth gritted in pain, yanked the spike out, then landed a punch that dropped Daredevil to the roof. The familiar sound of gunfire caused Black Terror to duck and cover. Stilt Man had regained control of the gatling gun and was peppering the roof. “Just how many of you creeps are there?!” Stilt Man took aim again, only to feel a vibration running up his stilts. He looked down and saw Stark’s sedan with Peggy at the wheel. She put the car into reverse and sped back up the street to charge again. “Sorry about the dents, Mr. Jarvis,” she said under her breath. She pumped the gas and accelerated toward the stilts. “That does it!” Stilt Man fumed as he aimed at the sedan. “You want some of this too?! Fine!” Black Terror ran and leapt off the roof, landing on Stilt Man’s back and grabbing a hold around his waist. “Aw, not this again!” Stilt Man moaned as Black Terror reached his shoulders. “Trust me, mister, you’re getting off easy!” Black Terror yelled and deliver a punch that shattered the helmet. He delivered another strike to the dial, causing sparks to fly. “You idiot! You’re throwing off the gyroscopes! We’re gonna whooooooooooa!” Stilt Man’s ranting was lost as his stilts grew another 50 feet, then dropped, then grew again. Black Terror hung grimly onto the suit as the legs extended and retracted, swaying dangerously to keep balance. Peggy and the sedan collided with the stilts head on. With the creaky scream of metal, Stilt Man started to fall backwards. Black Terror jumped off and bounced off an awning before landing in a three point stance on the sidewalk, just in time to watch as Stilt Man crashed down to earth. The telescoping stilts returned to their normal size. Stilt Man coughed and slammed his fist on a button that detached them from the suit. He rolled over and tried to crawl away, but Daredevil landing from rooftop in front of him. He shook his head and raised the boomerang. “Daredevil!” Daredevil looked up to see Black Terror standing a few feet ahead of him. “That is your name, isn’t it? Your callsign? I don’t know how I know that, but it doesn’t matter now. Let the police deal with him. Stand down!” Daredevil didn’t move. Peggy got out from behind the wheel of the now smoking sedan with a drawn pistol. She took aim at Daredevil. “You heard the man! He’s like you! You’re not the only one with powers. Stand down and we can help you!” Daredevil stared at Peggy Carter with his expressionless mask. He tilted his head, and slowly lowered the boomerang. Then he took off at a run down the street, giving a mighty leap to a rooftops. “Wait! Come back!” Peggy yelled as Daredevil disappeared and the sound of police cars drew closer. “I think it’s time for us to leave, Miss Carter,” Black Terror said, picking her up in his arms. “Doctor Benton!” “Forgive me, Miss Carter, but since you’ve permanently damaged the car, this is the best course of action. Hold on!” Black Terror jumped to the roofs, leaving the police cars to surround the unconscious form of Stilt Man. August 3rd 1946. The Mojave Desert, California. Arcade pulled up in front of the abandoned looking shack. Mr. Chamber’s truck was already parked outside, and light shone through the window. Arcade honked the horn loudly. “Mr. Chambers! Miss Locke! Daddy’s home!” The door opened and Mr. Chamber’s walked out. He held the car door open for Arcade. “Was everything satisfactory, Arcade?” Arcade breezed past him and walked to the door of the shack. “Well, I didn’t get to kill everybody, on account of those SSR killjoys and the goofball in the hat. But I guess Manfredi will be satisfied with the results.” “Even with the death of his sister?” asked Mr. Chambers. Arcade waved his hand and reached for the door handle. “Meh. Who cares? If he really wanted to keep that hack-tress safe, he wouldn’t have hired me to rig the place! As long as he pays me my money, then we should be all…” Arcade’s chatter stopped. He had opened the door of the shack and had finally beheld the scene in the kitchen. It was Miss Locke, sat at the table, still in her nurse outfit. And she had a bullet hole in her forehead. Arcade looked stunned at the sight of his dead employee. He pointed a finger at the body as his breath quickened. “Mr. Chambers? What happened to Miss Locke?” Arcade could hear Mr. Chambers’ voice behind him. “Miss Locke? Oh, I shot her. Right after I shot Mr. Chambers.” Arcade looked behind him, and was able to see the gun in ‘Chambers’ hand before the bullet pierced his brain. ‘Chambers’ watched Arcade bleed out until he stopped breathing. Then Dimitri removed the mask of ‘Chambers’ and tossed it on the kitchen table. He checked his watch, then walked over to the wall mounted telephone. Dimitri took out a handkerchief to cover his hands as he dialed. “Yes?” the voice answered on the other end of the line. “The mission was successful. Operative Fighting Yank proved to be match for both Arcade and for the SSR. He was last seen flying east. He may be heading for New York, possibly the Midwest. The file did detail a relationship with the Joyce woman.” “Don’t worry. We have our operatives in place and ready for them. And for Miss Joyce if necessary. What about Arcade and his people?” Dimitri glanced behind him to view his handiwork; Arcade on the floor, Miss Locke at the table, and Mr. Chambers’ body still in the van. “All dealt with. Any further instructions?” “Dispose of the bodies in the most efficient manner, then return to Los Angeles. Joseph Manfredi will undoubtedly be asked questions about the death of his lover Miss Frost. You will be contacted when you will be returning to New York.” Manhattan, New York. The laboratory of Doctor Jonas Harrow. Count Nefaria hung up the phone, then turned his attention to Doctor Harrow. The short man with a mustache and glasses was dressed in a white smock and pants, looking impatient at the count. “Really, Count, how can I show you the results of my genius with these constant interruptions?!” “Calm yourself, Doctor,” Nefaria soothed. “I was expecting that call. No one else will disturb us. Now, how are your patients doing?” Harrow grinned and motioned to Nefaria to follow him. They walked through a door way and Harrow pushed a plastic tarp aside to reveal two muscular men in hospital gowns strapped to gurneys. “The first one, with the concussion?” Harrow chattered. “Very, very difficult work that. But it gave me chance to experiment with that metal my supplier found. Said it came from some jungle in Africa. Very resistant to damage. And grafted to this one’s skeleton? Not only has it repaired his skull, but it shows signs of increasing his strength! He should be very useful to you!” Nefaria glanced at the other man. “What about him? He’s the one who actually volunteered for the procedure?” “Oh yes,” Harrow chuckled. “He brought this one in after the attack by the boomerang man. He was curious about what would happen to his friend, and when I described the benefits, he wanted to join him! Took some thought, but these animal grafts have proven quite successful in increasing his endurance and strength!” Nefaria raised an eyebrow. “What sort of animal exactly?” Harrow coughed and tugged on the collar of his shirt. “Well er… I happened to have some left over grafts from a kangaroo I had dissected last month. But I assure you, Count, both men will be strong and loyal only to you!” Count Nefaria smirked as he looked at the two men. “Perfect. Just make sure they are ready for tonight. I’m sure Silvermane and the Maggia will find them quite interesting.” Stay Tuned for Episode 6: She Floats Through the Air!
  2. Unfortunately for them, Ariel, Belle, and Jasmine were the first team to be eliminated from the snowball fight tournament. Not only did they lose both of their fights, but they were unable to eliminate even a single player from their opposing teams! Feeling sorry for their bad luck, Elsa has decreed that they will be given a chance to redeem themselves. It’s every snowballer for themselves! Get hit by three, and you’re out. Last competitor standing, wins! For the blog post that is the inspiration for this rumble, click here! Calm Before the (Snow)Storm - broadwaybeyonder - The Electric Ferret Message Boards For the match that I wrote that also used the castle set up, click here! Match 16928 Snow White vs. Cinderella - CBUB Rated Matches - The Electric Ferret Message Boards Game On!
  3. 3 v 3 Snow Ball Fight! The competitors can take the battle anywhere in the castle grounds. Get hit by 5 snowballs, you’re out. Whoever gets out all three of their opponents, wins! If the losing team loses again, they will be eliminated from the tournament. Vote for who you think wins and stay tuned to find out which team goes all the way to the end to win the tournament. For the blog post that is the inspiration for this rumble, click here! Calm Before the (Snow)Storm - broadwaybeyonder - The Electric Ferret Message Boards For the match that I wrote that also used the castle set up, click here! Match 16928 Snow White vs. Cinderella - CBUB Rated Matches - The Electric Ferret Message Boards Game On!
  4. AND NOW THE CONCLUSION Hannibal King drew his revolver and fired, but the bullets ricocheted off of Doctor Bong’s helmet. He raised the golden sphere to strike again but his arm was caught by Tatterdemalion. The gauntlet began to glow with heat as he tightened his grip. “You dare touch Doctor Bong?!” he screeched. Doctor Bong swung his arm and sent Tatterdemalion colliding into a wall of family photos. He turned his attention back to Hannibal, his eyes glaring through the helmet. “You will pay for your hubris with your lives! The Headmen are insurmountable! And tonight, the bell tolls for thee!” Doctor Bong swung his arm to strike his helmet, when suddenly his cape seemed to come alive. It flew up and over his head just in time to muffle the strike of the gauntlet. Hannibal turned to see Moth, still with Miss Verde on the floor, her face taut in concentration. “Detective!” she shouted. “Take him out! Now!” Hannibal aimed his revolver at Doctor Bong, who flailed blindly as he tried to get himself untangled from the cape. Miss Verde, still with her mouth gagged by her sweater, tackled Moth to the floor, desperately screaming muffled protests. The cape lost it’s grip over Doctor Bong, who cast it aside, only to get caught by a bullet to the shoulder. “LESTER!” Miss Verde screamed, the threads over mouth returning to her sweater. Clutching his shoulder and grunting in pain, Doctor Bong ran out the door. “Moth!” Hannibal yelled. He ran to her side as Miss Verde sobbed uncontrollably on the floor. He helped Moth to her feet as Tatterdemalion ran after Bong. Pulling up his mask, he saw Lester running down the block toward a parked car. Tatterdemalion doubled his speed when he saw a glimpse of a red ball hovering at the steering wheel. It was the woman Tick Tock saw in Russell’s future. Doctor Bong leapt into the car and it took off with screeching tires out of sight. Cursing, Tatterdemalion turned back to the Verde house. Hannibal and Moth were running out to Hannibal’s car. “Where did he go?” yelled Hannibal. “He got away. Someone from the Headmen took him,” Tatterdemalion reported. The sound of police sirens began to draw closer. Hannibal jumped in the car. “We need to get out of here. Move!” Moth and Tatterdemalion climbed in, and the Buick sped out of the driveway. A few hours later, Captain DeWolff stood in Lester Verde’s room. It was packed full of computers and other technical equipment that obscured the Iron Man posters on the walls. Detectives Soap and Lee walked past the blown off door and joined her. “Any word on Miss Verde’s condition?” DeWolff asked. “She’s a little shook up, captain, but she’s recovering nicely,” Soap said consulting his notepad. “She did give us the name of the police who wanted to talk with her son. It was a Detective Huey and Officers Lewis and News. I’ll have the department run a check on the names.” DeWolff gave Soap a look of disbelief. “Soap. The names are fake.” Soap looked down at his notes in confusion. “Really, captain, I don’t think we should just assume that…” “Huey Lewis and the News. It was a band. ‘Power of Love’? ‘Hip to be Square’?” Soap continued to look confused as Terri Lee bit her lip to stifle her laughter. DeWolff looked at her sternly. “And, as I recall, it happens to be a favorite band of a certain former detective we know.” Realization finally dawned on Soap’s face. “You don’t think it’s King, do you?” DeWolff crossed her arms and walked toward Terri. “What do you think, detective? Is it Hannibal?” Terri cleared her throat. “Captain, I don’t know what you are implying but…” “Don’t give me that crap, Lee!” DeWolff barked. “The whole department knows that you and King were an item. And the techs inform me that you have been requesting information about the Verde kid, including this address. And they also told me about that cell phone you had them run a trace on.” Soap looked in shock. “You did all that without me knowing?” Terri rolled her eyes and didn’t bother to look at Soap. “Martin, Thanos could have landed on top of the Hollywood sign and you wouldn’t have known about it.” “Easy, detective,” cautioned DeWolff. “You’re on the thinnest of ice right now.” “Captain,” said Terri, trying to remain calm. “I believe that Detective King is conducting his own investigation into the Tombstone organization. Perhaps he has infiltrated a group that will give him more information.” “And he has played on your relationship with him to violate police procedure,” said DeWolff. “I’m sorry, Lee. But you are leaving me no choice. Until this matter with King is dealt with, you are suspended with pay.” “Captain, please! He’s trying to help!” “Lee! You will hand over your badge and sidearm. Now.” Terri froze for a moment, then sighed as she took her badge out of her pocket and her gun from it’s holster. She handed them to Soap and marched out of the room. Soap shook his head. “I really can’t believe it. Terri and Hannibal were a couple?” DeWolff looked away in annoyance and examined one of the computer screens. “Soap, get the CSI’s in here. Have them and the techs look over every piece of technical junk in this room. I want to know why King wanted to find this kid, and where the hell he got all of this stuff.” As DeWolff continued to give instructions, she failed to notice a small red light blinking on one of the monitors. The Headmen stood in their conference room, looking at the image of DeWolff and Soap in Lester Verde’s room. “So, it appears our grisly friends have found a new ally,” Dr. Nagan mused. “This King could be of use to us. Particularly his relationship with Miss Lee.” “I don’t quite follow you, Arthur,” Dr. Morgan wheezed. “It’s simple, Morgan!” snapped Chondu, his metallic legs clicking on the floor. “We use the girl to get to King, and we use King to get Mr. Russell!” “Precisely, Chondu!” cheered Dr. Nagan. He turned to face Ruby Thursday. “Dr. Thursday. How our are recruits fairing?” “Mr. Verde…heh.. Doctor Bong is still recovering from his injuries. But Shannon, Hagees, and Macendale are all adapting to their conditions quite rapidly. They should be more than ready to provide assistance as needed.” Dr. Nagan stroked his chin with his gorilla hand. “Good. Should any of those freaks try to ‘rescue’ Mr. Russell again, we’ll need a lot more than just dispensable mercenaries. But there is the matter of capturing Miss Lee.” “Perhaps we call in a favor, Dr Nagan?” said Ruby pressing buttons on her iPad. Dr. Nagan smirked. “Oh yes, Dr. Thursday. Someone who should be more than willing to lend us, as it were, a hand.” The phone ringed on Tombstone’s desk, and mob boss picked it off the receiver. “Lincoln Funeral Home. How may we be of service?” “No need to stand on formalities with us, Mr. Lincoln. We have a proposal for you.” Tombstone sat up straight in his chair. Bushwacker looked at him alert. “Boss? What is it?” Tombstone waved at him to be silent then turned back to the phone. “It’s you people? Look, what did I tell you? We have no more business between us. I entrusted you to complete a service, to give me a bodyguard, and you gave me one. I paid you, we’re done.” “Ah, but we’re not done, Mr. Lincoln,” said Dr. Nagan over the phone. “It’s come to our attention that we have some new players in the game. Individuals with unusual abilities that our interfering in both of our operations. We have the power to make this problem go away, if you assist us with a small matter.” Tombstone leaned back in his chair. “And just what exactly is this ‘small matter’?” “Simply put, we need you to have your men acquire an acquaintance of a man who has been an annoyance to you. LAPD detective Terri Lee.” Tombstone leapt to his feet, still holding the phone. “Kidnap a cop?! Man, I know you are half monkey but you are nuts!” Nagan’s voice came back cold across the line. “I’m actually part gorilla, Mr. Lincoln. And I am not insane. I want you to capture Miss Lee and hold her for us until we give you further instructions. And you will do as you are ordered.” Tombstone leaned over his desk, slamming his fist down. “You aren’t ordering me to do nothing!” “Oh, but I am, Mr. Lincoln. And if you won’t follow my orders, your ‘Bushwacker’ will.” Suddenly Bushwacker shouted in alarm. His arm had started to transform into gun mode. “Boss! Boss! Something’s happening! It’s going by itself!” Two of Tombstone’s henchmen tried to grab hold of Bushwacker, but his gun arm opened fire, and they both dropped dead to the floor. Bushwacker desperately grabbed onto his arm as it pointed at Tombstone’s head. “You really think we would have given your hired hand superpowers without a failsafe?” Dr. Nagan said confidently. “We can take control of the arm, the firing mechanism, and the caliber of bullets. Specifically, the caliber of bullet that can pierce that allegedly impenetrable hide of yours.” Sweat beaded down Bushwacker’s brow as he tried to pull his arm away from Tombstone. Tombstone’s face was taut with frustration as he raised the phone back to his lips. “Fine,” he said through gritted teeth. “We’ll do what you ask.” “Perfect!” Dr. Nagan said. “We will send you Miss Lee’s address and other pertinent information as we calculate it. Please stand by.” The phone line went dead and Bushwacker’s gun arm returned to normal. He gasped and clutched his arm as Tombstone sat down at his desk and fumed. Next Time: One Long Horn, and One Big Eye!
  5. 3 v 3 Snow Ball Fight! Eliminator! The competitors can take the battle anywhere in the castle grounds. Get hit by 5 snowballs, you’re out. Whoever gets out all three of their opponents, wins! The losing team will be eliminated from the tournament. Vote for who you think wins and stay tuned to find out which team goes all the way to the end to win the tournament. For the blog post that is the inspiration for this rumble, click here! Calm Before the (Snow)Storm - broadwaybeyonder - The Electric Ferret Message Boards For the match that I wrote that also used the castle set up, click here! Match 16928 Snow White vs. Cinderella - CBUB Rated Matches - The Electric Ferret Message Boards Game On!
  6. 3 v 3 Snow Ball Fight! The competitors can take the battle anywhere in the castle grounds. Get hit by 5 snowballs, you’re out. Whoever gets out all three of their opponents, wins! If the losing team loses again, they will be eliminated from the tournament. Vote for who you think wins and stay tuned to find out which team goes all the way to the end to win the tournament. For the blog post that is the inspiration for this rumble, click here! Calm Before the (Snow)Storm - broadwaybeyonder - The Electric Ferret Message Boards For the match that I wrote that also used the castle set up, click here! Match 16928 Snow White vs. Cinderella - CBUB Rated Matches - The Electric Ferret Message Boards Game On!
  7. 3 v 3 Snow Ball Fight! The competitors can take the battle anywhere in the castle grounds. Get hit by 5 snowballs, you’re out. Whoever gets out all three of their opponents, wins! If the losing team loses again, they will be eliminated from the tournament. Vote for who you think wins and stay tuned to find out which team goes all the way to the end to win the tournament. For the blog post that is the inspiration for this rumble, click here! Calm Before the (Snow)Storm - broadwaybeyonder - The Electric Ferret Message Boards For the match that I wrote that also used the castle set up, click here! Match 16928 Snow White vs. Cinderella - CBUB Rated Matches - The Electric Ferret Message Boards Game On!
  8. Episode 5: The Long and the Short and Tall August 3rd. Brooklyn, New York. Benton’s Pharmacy. Diana looked unimpressed through the window of the sedan at the faded sign of Benton’s. “Just how many more of these dumps are you going to drag me to see? I already told you, I don’t know what made me say Benton.” Peggy opened the door and walked over to Jarvis in the driver’s seat with Angie sitting next to him. “You also don’t know how you are able to shoot a gun. At the moment, this is our only lead. Mr. Jarvis, you know the drill. Keep Miss Adams out of sight. Angie, stay with Mr. Jarvis.” Angie shot a salute with a grin. “Yes, ma’am.” Peggy turned and headed for the pharmacy. “Jervis,” Diana moaned. “I’m hungry. Do you think we could get something to eat?” “Our instructions our to wait for Miss Carter, and render assistance as it is needed,” Jarvis said, not turning to look at Diana. “But she’ll be fine! I need some food!” Angie turned around with a look of impatience. “Listen, lady! We’re all hungry! But if you walk out there, someone could see you and call the cops! So just sit there and be quiet!” Diana looked taken aback, then sat back in her seat. “Well put, Miss Martinelli,” said Jarvis approvingly. “Hey, it’s all in the projection. It’s acting thing.” The bell at the door of the pharmacy chimed as Peggy entered. There were no customers inside at the booths or the counter. Jean Benton stood wiping a glass with a towel before she noticed Peggy and set it aside. “Welcome to Benton’s Pharmacy, miss. How can I help you?” Peggy approached the counter and reached in her purse. “Good morning. My name is Peggy Carter. I’m wanting to speak with your husband about an urgent matter.” She pulled out a newspaper clipping with a picture of Diana Adams accepting a bouquet of flowers. “Have you ever seen this lady before? Perhaps she came here as a customer?” Jean Benton took the clipping at examined the picture carefully for a moment, then shook her head. “I’m sorry. I don’t recall seeing her around here. Why? Is she in some sort of trouble?” The door to the backroom swung open and Dr. Benton hurried out. “Jean, I’ve been looking over our supply of penicillin. We might need a few more boxes in case of… oh! I’m sorry, dear. I didn’t know you were waiting on a customer.” “Robert,” Jean said in hushed tones. “She was asking for you. Something about a woman.” Dr. Benton looked uncomfortable at Peggy. “Well, miss, what exactly is this about?” Peggy showed him the clipping. “Dr. Benton, this woman. Have you seen her? Think carefully. It’s most important.” Dr. Benton squinted at the picture. “I don’t know. We do have a lot of customers come through here. Well, not today anyway. But what’s this all about?” Peggy put the clipping back in her purse. “Her name is Diana Adams. She has found herself in a rather difficult situation. She seems to believe you can help her.” Dr. Benton shook his head. “I’m sorry, miss. But I don’t even know any Diana Adams.” “Robert!” Jean interrupted. “Diana Adams! Isn’t that the name they said on the radio? The actress who went crazy?” “That’s what I’m trying to find out, Miss Benton,” Peggy said. Meanwhile, in the sedan, Diana sat up in the backseat and pointed at the window of the pharmacy. “That’s him! That’s Dr. Benton!” Angie looked back in frustration. “Are you sure? Oh wait. Don’t tell me. You don’t know.” “Don’t be ridiculous! I don’t know how but I’m sure of it! I know that man! I need to talk to him!” Before Jarvis could lock the doors, Diana had flung hers open and ran down the street to the pharmacy. “Does this happen a lot with you and Peggy?” asked Angie. “More than you realize,” said Jarvis as they jumped from the car in pursuit. “With all due respect, miss…” “Carter. Peggy Carter.” Dr. Benton nodded as he headed for the door. “I don’t have any interest in getting involved in something that isn’t my business. I don’t know this Adams woman and I’ve never seen…” The door banged open, the force nearly causing the bell to fly off it’s mounting. Diana entered the pharmacy with Jarvis and Angie behind her. She looked at Dr. Benton with the expression of a woman trying to put a name to a face. “Doctor? It is you, Dr. Benton?” “I’m sorry, Miss Carter,” said Jarvis. “She got away from us.” Jean Benton rushed to the phone. “I’m calling the police right now!” “Jean, wait!” shouted Dr. Benton, his eyes fixed on Diana. “But, Robert! She’s a criminal!” “Jean, please!” Dr. Benton looked intently at Diana. “Miss Adams? This seems most unusual, but… I have the strangest sensation I’ve met you somewhere before.” Diana nodded desperately. “Yes! Yes! I feel the same way! I know your name, your face! But I don’t remember meeting you! Please, you’ve got to help me!” Peggy stepped in between the two. “Dr. Benton, have you felt that sensation before? Perhaps memories you can’t quite place? Certain… skills you don’t remember learning?” Dr. Benton gave a worried glance to Jean then back to Peggy. “Can I trust you, Miss Carter?” Angie looked at Jarvis. “Just great. We found another one.” Soho, New York. Sky High Lounge. On the fifteenth floor of a skyscraper, the Sky High Lounge prided itself on serving the richest, most well-to-do clientele. Well-dressed couples chatted as they gave orders to waiters and ate their brunch. Suddenly the large, floor length windows exploded, sending glass flying toward screaming patrons. They ducked under tables and looked where the windows had been to behold the sight of a man in a silver suit, apparently standing as tall as the fifteenth floor. He held a gatling gun and motioned toward the guests. “Alright, ladies and gents! This is a stick up! Kindly hand your money and jewelry to your servers, and they will place them on the window sill. Anyone tries to be a hero, and you’re all dead!” Slowly, the helpless people did as they were bidden, and the pile of valuables was placed before Stilt Man. He let his gatling gun hang by the strap on his shoulder, then lifted up a device that resembled a vacuum cleaner attachment. The device sucked up the loot and deposited it in the canister on his back. He attached the device to his belt, then hoisted up the gatling gun at the terrified guests. “Pleasure doing business with you, folks! Hope you didn’t lose your appetites! Bye for now!” Stilt Man trod away from the building down the street, his metallic footsteps causing reverberations that could be felt for blocks. Suddenly, a boomerang collided with Stilt Man’s helmet. He looked up at the rooftops to see the Daredevil, catching the boomerang with ease. “What’s the big idea?!” Stilt Man yelled indignantly. “This is my score!” The Daredevil leapt off the rooftop and caught hold of Stilt-Man’s leg. Stilt-Man swung the gatling gun into position and aimed. “Get off!” He opened fire, forcing the Daredevil to leap away to avoid a hail of bullets. Benton’s Pharmacy. Dr. Benton sat slumped in a chair, Jean by his side. Peggy and Diana stood in front of the pair, while Jarvis and Angie looked on from the counter. “I have been experiencing some… unusual symptoms,” Dr. Benton said. “It started a couple of days ago. I was having these rather vivid dreams. Scenes of battle, chaos. I assumed it was just aftershocks from the war, but these seemed so real. Not just dreams, but… memories.” “Yes!” interrupted Diana. “Me too! I remember the same thing! See, Carter? I told you I wasn’t crazy!” Peggy held up a hand to silence Diana, then looked back to Dr. Benton. “Anything else you can remember?” Dr. Benton closed his eyes and winced. Jean took his hand comfortingly. “Robert, please. Talk to them.” Dr. Benton opened his eyes, then he got up from the chair and walked to the backroom. Jean looked back at Peggy. “I really hope this is all worth it. I really thought he was getting better. Adjusting to being back home. But now…” Peggy put her hand on Jean’s shoulder. “I assure you, Miss Benton. We are going to find out exactly what’s going on with Miss Adams and your husband.” Dr. Benton returned from the backroom carrying the white gift box. Diana gasped. “What are you doing with that? That looks like the box I got! The one I got delivered to me before I…” Her voice trailed off, as Dr. Benton lifted the lid to reveal the Black Terror costume. “This was delivered to the pharmacy before my nightmares returned. Then a group of racketeers came here to try to force us to pay up. I can’t explain what happened next. It was like I knew instinctively what to do, how to track them, how to fight them.” “Oh, Robert,” said Jean. “It’s alright, Jean,” Dr. Benton said. “But it appears Miss Adams and I have a similar problem. And we may not be the only ones.” “What do you mean?” asked Peggy. “Who else is there?” “While I was dealing with those hoodlums, I came across another gifted, masked individual. People have been spreading rumors of a ‘devil’ in Hell’s Kitchen. He certainly lives up to the name. He would have killed those criminals in cold blood if I hadn’t stopped him.” Suddenly the music on the radio was cut short. The radio announcer’s voice rang out. “We interrupt your music to bring this special police bulletin! Please stay clear of the Williamsburg area! Police say there is a criminal getaway in progress! That’s right! Multiple reports of some looney with a boomerang fighting some hold up man on stilts! Just another day in New York, eh, folks? Well, either way, don’t go there to gawk. Please stay at home until the police give the all clear! We now return to your regular scheduled music entertainment!” The music came back on and Dr. Benton spun to face. “It’s him! I need to stop him!’ “You’re not going anywhere, Robert!” Jean said. “I must agree with your wife, Dr. Benton,” said Peggy. “It’s too dangerous.” “Don’t you understand?” Dr. Benton snapped. “He will pursue that man until he kills him! And he won’t care who gets hurt until he completes his objective!” “And what is his objective, doctor?” Peggy asked sternly. “What else are you not telling me?” Dr. Benton tried to gather his composure. “I don’t know. Honestly. But I can help. I can make sure that whoever he is chasing can be brought in safely. Please. I might not know where my abilities came from, but I can still use them!” Peggy looked at Jarvis and Angie, then back toward Jean Benton. Jean sighed, and hugged her husband. “You promise me you’ll come home.” Dr. Benton returned her embrace. “I promise.” Jean looked to Peggy. “And you make sure he’s alright?” “You have my word, Miss Benton.” “And I’m coming too!” said Diana. “No!” Peggy said firmly. “You’ll stay right here with Angie and Mr. Jarvis. You say you’re an actress? Take that as your direction. Is that clear?” Diana sat in a booth and pouted. “And you be careful as well, Miss Carter,” said Mr. Jarvis. “Whenever possible, Mr. Jarvis.” OK: Black Terror wins by capturing Stilt Man. Daredevil wins by killing Stilt Man. Stilt Man wins by evading both heroes. Peggy will be there to lend assistance to Black Terror. Can our heroes stop Stilt Man? Stay Tuned and find out! Game On!
  9. AND NOW THE CONCLUSION One of the mental patients charged toward Fighting Yank with a broken pipe. Yank caught the pipe and flung it and the patient behind him down the hall. The rest of patients tried rushing him en masse, but Yank walked through them with ease, slamming them against the walls and knocking them out in one punch. “Hold it!” Yank stopped in place, staring at the last patient holding a knife to Whitney Frost’s throat. She remained expressionless as the blade caused a drip of blood to appear on her neck. “You get down on the ground, flag-man! Or she gets it!” Yank said nothing. But slowly, he rose into the air. The patient’s eyes widened as he took in the sight of the man hovering a few feet away from him. “Stop! Stop it! Stay away from me!” Yank suddenly shot forward, landing a punch that sent the patient flying backward until landing unconscious on the floor. He turned to look at Whitney, her breathing becoming shaky. “Are you alright, miss?” he asked. Whitney Frost just stared in disbelief at her attacker. “He was going to cut my face. I have a beautiful face.” Suddenly, Yank heard a click from behind him. Then the voice in Bruce Carter’s head cried out. Bruce! Behind you! Yank spun around to see Miss Locke with revolver drawn and opening fire. He felt the bullets strike his skin, and ricochet off of him. To his horror, they were redirected into Whitney Frost. The blood from her wound stained her straitjacket as she fell to the ground. Yank went to her side, trying to stop the bleeding. It’s too late for that, Bruce. We’re going to lose her. “No! We don’t lose anyone! We don’t leave anyone behind!” Whitney Frost looked up at Fighting Yank with a calm expression. “Hello. I’m Whitney Frost. No. No. Agnes. My name was…” With that, Whitney Frost, formerly known as Agnes Cully, breathed her last. Yank glared as Miss Locke, who desperately attempted to reload her pistol. But in an instant he had flown across the room and pinned her to the wall with his hand around her throat. She gasped for breath but couldn’t escape his tightening grip. Bruce! Focus on the mission, Bruce! She must be a part of this! She can give us information! “Where…is…Arcade?” Yank said menacingly. “I… I… don’t know,” Miss Locke wheezed. “Don’t lie to me! Tell me where he is, and I will end this. Don’t tell me and I’ll end you!” Miss Locke coughed and nodded frantically. “Boiler room! He wants to be in building when the game starts!” Yank threw to the floor and ran for the stairwell. “Ooh, naughty, naughty, Miss Locke,” said Arcade’s voice over the PA. “We’re going to have to talk about this when we get home. Head for the tunnel and meet up with Mr. Chambers. We’ve got SSR company outside trying to figure out a way in. Just let me deal with our kook in a cape!” Los Angeles, California. Auerbach Theatrical Agency (SSR Office). The door to the office opened and Daniel Sousa entered, startling Rose and Samberly. “Chief!” exclaimed Rose. “Where have you been? The SSR’s been called to Met State Hospital.” “Yes, I know, Rose,” said ‘Daniel’. “They have the situation under control. But I need to speak with Samberly.” Samberly looked pleased. “Me? I mean, uh, sure, Chief Sousa. Anything you need.” “Good. What I need is that key I gave you. From the Arena Club.” Samberly gave a nervous look to Rose. “That key? Well, Chief, I’m sorry I haven’t found anything new but…” ‘Daniel’ waved his hand dismissively. “Don’t worry about it. Where do you think I’ve been? I’ve been working with Howard Stark to try to learn more about the Council’s activities. And we’ve found a new lead. That’s why I need the key.” Samberly shrugged a pulled the pin out of his lab coat pocket. “Do you think this can help us find out who shot Agent Thompson?” Rose asked. “Believe me, Rose, this is much bigger than any one agent. Now the key, Samberly.” Samberly gave a look to Rose, then handed over the key. “I sure hope this lead pans out, Chief.” ‘Daniel’ smiled as slipped the pin in his pocket. “Don’t worry, Samberly. I have a good feeling about this one.” Los Angeles, California. Metropolitan State Hospital Yank reached the door to the boiler room. He grabbed the handle and was immediately met with an electric shock. He grunted in pain but didn’t let go. “My, my. Aren’t you a tough one,” Arcade’s voice echoed. “Seriously, I’d love to play some more with you. But Mr. Manfredi was very clear he wanted everyone in here dead. So if you can just keep holding onto that electrified door until you turn into a well done steak that would just peachy.” Yank roared as he punched a hole through the door, sparks flying all over him. You can’t take much more of this, Bruce! You’re strong but you’re not invincible! With a final heave, Yank ripped the door off it’s hinges and tossed it aside. Three buzzsaw blades flew out of the darkness of the boiler room. Yank ducked the first, but the other two clipped his shoulder. He plunged down the steps into the boiler room. Amongst all the pipes and machinery was a metallic cage containing screens, knobs, and levers. Seated inside, was a man with flowing red hair in white suit. “Well, whaddayaknow?” Arcade grinned. “You made it! But still got to catch me to win the game.” “THIS ISN’T A DAMN GAME!” Yank screamed. He charged at the cage and took hold, only to be hit by another electric current. He howled in agony as Arcade looked at him with glee. “Hot time in the old town tonight, huh?” He flipped a switch and current stopped, and Fighting Yank dropped to the stone floor, smoke rising from his uniform. Arcade shook his head as Yank breathed shallowly. “Lot a guts, but no brains. And no fashion sense, with that outfit. How about I send your spirit all the way back to ’76?” Arcade reached for the switch, when suddenly the lights in the boiler room went out. Arcade flipped the switch, but nothing happened. He flipped it on and off, then finally smacked one of the monitors in frustration. “SSR party poopers!” he whined. “They’ve cut the power! All my toys are busted!” He sat in his chair pouting, then shrugged and grinned. “Oh well. Guess that’s my cue to skidoo! At least I still beat you! Arcade always wins! Seeya!” Yank tried to rise to his knees, but Arcade had already lifted up a hatch in the floor of his cage and closed it behind him. SSR agents ran into the boiler room with guns drawn. “Freeze! SSR! Hold it right there!” Ryan shouted at Yank. Yank still rose to his feet, muttering incoherently. “He got away. We’ve got to stop him. We have our orders. Complete the mission.” “Get down on your knees with your hands above your head! Now!” Yank shook his head in pain. He couldn’t see the agents. In his mind he saw flames, and bloody faces. He heard people screaming and shouting orders in… German? Yes, it was German. And one of the faces; the face of a woman with auburn hair, smiling down at him. She was in a red costume and a cape, and she was offering him her hand. “Well, Bruce, you aren’t getting better at flying, but at least you are getting better at crashing.” Yank’s face brightened. Madeline was always the better flyer. But who was Madeline? How did he know who Madeline was? Why did he feel compelled to… Bruce! You must focus! Remember the mission! “Get down on the ground or we will open fire!” Ryan yelled. Yank finally looked up with a focus in his eyes. He crouched down on the floor and braced himself. “Stand down!” Ryan shouted. One of the SSR agents opened fire, and the bullets ricocheted off of Yank. He propelled himself into the air, crashing through the ceiling of the boiler room, through the floor of the hospital and out through the roof. Fighting Yank soared higher and higher into the open air, then flew at rapid speed to the East. Where are you going, Bruce? Fighting Yank’s eyes were determined as soared through the sky. “Madeline. I need to find Madeline. She’ll help me. I can’t do the mission without her. Madeline will make it make sense. She always does.” August 3rd. Collinsville, IL. The home of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Frank. Madeline Joyce-Frank hung suspended in the air. She felt the warm breeze on her skin and heard the squawking of birds below her feet. She closed her eyes allowed herself to simply float among the clouds, a look of utter contentment on her face. Then she felt a warm feeling on her forehead, causing her to open her eyes. She was lying on the couch in her living room, an open fashion magazine across her chest. And bending over her was the familiar smiling face of her husband, Bob Frank. “Wakey, wakey, sweetheart. Rise and shine. It isn’t your birthday everyday.” Bob leaned over to give her another kiss on her cheek. Madeline laughed and playfully shoved him. “Bob! You fink! I was having a perfect dream until you came along.” “What do you need to dream about? It’s your birthday! I’ve got the perfect day set up for you. Tonight, I’ll treat you to dinner. And before that, I’ve got us two tickets to the circus!” Madeline gave a sigh and leaned back on the couch. “A circus? Bob, I’m not twelve anymore.” Bob grinned cheekily. “Alright, how old are you?” Madeline grabbed a cushion and flung it at Bob, trying to still sound mad at him and not laugh. “Oh, you are terrible!” Bob picked up the cushion and tossed it back. “How many terrible men you know would take their wife to the circus? So what’ll be? Do you want to go to the circus and have some fun? Or sit around here all day and risk me running off with a trapeze artist or a bareback rider?” Madeline grinned as she rose from the couch. “Or the bearded lady? Alright, fine, let’s go.” Bob gave her a big hug and headed for the kitchen. “Great! I’ll start us off with some breakfast! Oh! By the way, there’s a package on the table for you. Someone left it at the door this morning. Another present for the birthday girl.” Madeline walked into the kitchen and passed the table, taking a moment to look at the large white gift box, wrapped in red, white, and blue ribbons. Stay Tuned for Episode 5: The Long and the Short and the Tall!
  10. Chapter 4: Clang! Clang! Hannibal King stood on the rooftop of the abandoned building, looking out at the LA skyline. The three days had come and gone, and he had found what Shroud had asked him for. It had taken a fair amount of convincing to get Terri to look over this Russell guy’s phone. “You are out of your mind!” she had said in the parking lot of LAPD HQ. “You want me to do a phone dump on a phone and not let the cap know?” “I know it’s a big ask, Terri, but trust me. There may be something on this phone that can help us get Lincoln. We can finally get him off the streets for good!” Terri raised an eyebrow. “Just what have you gotten yourself into, Hannibal?” Even now, Hannibal still wasn’t entirely sure. But before he could get serious consideration to going down the fire escape and back to his one room apartment, the shadows rolled in around him. He turned to see Shroud behind him. “Good thing you showed up,” King snarked. “If I kept hanging around up here people would think I was going to jump.” Shroud didn’t look impressed. “Do you have the information I requested of you, detective?” King held up Russell’s phone. “Gave this thing the works. Russell was in contact with someone who called herself Alex Bell. Fake name, of course. My contact tells me it is alias used by a Lester Verde. College kid, lives in the suburbs. I’m going to check it out.” “No.” King looked confused. “What do you mean, ‘no’? You said you want to know who this guy is to lead you to whoever is after your people.” “I simply meant, detective, that you won’t be checking this lead out on your own.” The darkness faded back to reveal Moth and Tatterdemalion in civilian outfits flanking him. “My associates, Moth and Tatterdemalion, will accompany you. In order that this Mr. Verde may be more… cooperative in revealing what he knows.” “Now, wait a minute!” King interrupted. “I don’t need anyone’s help to interrogate somebody!” “Shroud did not ask your permission,” snapped Tatterdemalion. “Relax, Tatter,” said Moth. “This’ll be just like an episode of ‘Law & Order’.” King looked resigned at Shroud. “I guess I don’t have any choice here, do I?” Shroud shook his head, then let his darkness envelope him, leaving King, Moth and Tatterdemalion on the roof. Following the climb down the fire escape, the three piled into King’s 2008 Buick. There was an awkward silence as King drove through the congested streets. King finally broke the silence by turned to Tatterdemalion sitting next to him. “So. Tatterdemalion. I seem to remember hearing some of the vets in LAPD talking about you. Assaults. Arsons. How did you wind up with Shroud?” Tatterdemalion held his gaze straight ahead. “None of your business, detective.” Moth leaned in from the back seat. “Don’t mind him, King. He’s feeling extra old today. I can tell you my life story if you’re interested. You remember the Gala a few months back in New York?” “I.. don’t know. Wait. Wasn’t there some kind of wardrobe malfunction? People’s outfits falling apart?” Moth smiled proudly, using her powers to allow a thread from her shirt to come loose and levitate in front of King’s eyes. “Everyone’s outfits. Leaving me free to snatch a cool 15 mil.” King batted the thread away. “I thought the money from the Gala went to charity.” The thread returned to Moth’s shirt as she replied. “Sure. That’s what they say. Charities that those rich morons support, putting money into their own pockets. I was just making sure it got where it needed to go.” “While keeping 4 million for yourself,” smirked Tatterdemalion. Moth huffed and leaned back in her seat. “Let’s just be clear here,” King said. “When we get to this Verde kid’s house, I call the shots. We find out what the kid knows, nobody does anything crazy. Okay? Or this deal is off.” Tatterdemalion looked at King with a cold stare. “We are professionals, detective. Just remember that should you do something ‘crazy’, Shroud has given us permission to prevent you from compromising our organization.” The conversation in the car fell silent once more. The car came to a stop outside of a two story suburban house. The three exited the car and King knocked on the door. A short women in her 50s with fading brown hair answered the door. “Afternoon, ma’am,” King said. “I’m Detective Huey. This is Officer Lewis, and News. We’re with the LAPD and we have some questions. Is this Lester Verde’s residence?” The woman looked annoyed at the three, then looked over her shoulder and yelled. “Lester! Honey! Get your butt downstairs right now!” “Coming, Mom!” She turned back to King. “Come on in, detective. I’m Leslie Verde, Miss Verde, Lester’s mother. Is this about that computer junk? I had a feeling Lester was making a mistake buying all that stuff off eBay. Come in, come in.” Miss Verde led the trio into the house, not before Moth shot a dirty look at King. “Huey, Lewis and News? Seriously?” King shrugged as they walked into the cramped living room. “This isn’t about him messing around with web cams again?” Miss Verde went on. “I’ve always said he was to smart for his own good. You’re not here to arrest him, are you?” “No, Miss Verde. We just want to ask him some questions.” King was interrupted by the sound of feet running down the stairs. It was Lester Verde, in his mid 20s with red hair and beard. “Hey, Mom! What’s going on in here…” Lester stopped when he noticed King. He slipped on a pair of glasses. “Um, who are these people?” “They’re with the police!” Miss Verde said in a loud whisper. “They want to talk to you about that computer junk in your room! I told you it was probably stolen.” “Mom!” Lester said through gritted teeth. King stepped in between them. “We’re not here to talk about computer junk, Lester. We’re investigating a case of a man name Jack Russell.” Lester started to sweat. “Russell? Um, er, I don’t know any Russell.” “Really?” said Moth. “Well, to be fair he didn’t really know you, seeing how you called yourself Alex Bell.” “You pretended to be a girl online?” Miss Verde said in shock. “Oh where did I go wrong!” “Mom, it’s not what you think!” “And it isn’t what you think either, Lester,” Tatterdemalion said. “We have Russell’s phone. We know you used an alias to gain his trust and set him up for a meeting with people who tried to murder him.” Lester took a step back and fell into a chair. “Murder?! No, you don’t understand! I didn’t think they were gonna hurt him! They told me they just wanted to find him!” King leaned in toward Lester’s face. “Who? Who told you to catfish Russell?” “You better tell them the truth, Lester,” prattled Miss Verde. “For once in your life do something right for a change.” “SHUT UP, MOM!” Lester snapped. Miss Verde was dumbstruck as Lester put his head in his hands, then looked up at King. “They in got in contact with me months ago. I had submitted my research on sound waves and sonics. They said they would be give me more equipment and funding if I worked for them.” King grabbed Lester roughly by the shoulders. “I need a name, Lester. Or I can’t guarantee that the D.A. won’t prosecute you for conspiracy, kidnapping, and attempted murder. Give me the name!” “The Headmen!” Lester choked. “They call themselves the Headmen!” King let Lester go, then turned to face Miss Verde, Moth, and Tatterdemalion. “I think we need to take a look at Lester’s room.” “I don’t know what’s going on around here,” said Miss Verde. “But I have a feeling you people better get a warrant if you’re going to nose around my house.” Tatterdemalion turned to Moth. “Or we may need to take Lester to the… station. For further questions. Wouldn’t you agree, Officer Lewis?” Moth gave a defiant grin toward King. “Took the words right out of my mouth, Officer News.” “No one’s taking anybody anywhere,” King barked, not noticing behind him as Lester pulled out a small circular device from his pocket. Moth’s eyes widened. “Detective, look out!” Lester swiftly slammed the circular device onto a wooden coffee table and dropped to the floor. The device started beeping out the familiar melody of the Carol of Bells. King’s heart sank. “Oh what the…” At that instant the device blasted out a wall of sound that sent everyone flying. Windows and mirrors shattered, and everyone covered their ears in pain. As the noise died down, Lester leapt to his feet and ran up the stairs. “Moth!” shouted King, his ears still ringing. “Are you alright?” “Yeah, wonderful,” Moth yelled back. “Except I can’t hear a damn thing at the moment!” King drew his pistol and ran up the stairs. “Officer News! Get outside the house and guard the perimeter! Officer Lewis, stay Miss Verde!” “But I want to get the guy!” Moth shouted as Tatterdemalion staggered for the door. Miss Verde was behind the couch holding her head. “Look it at my house! That stupid, stupid boy! Look what he’s done to my house!” “Oh shut up,” Moth said. Part of Miss Verde’s sweater inexplicably came undone and wrapped around her mouth to silence her. King reached the top the stairs and slowly walked to the door that Lester had disappeared through. He gently grasped the doorhandle, then flung the door open, gun at the ready. Before him, with his back to the door, stood Lester, adjusting a red cape that covered the purple onesie he wore. He placed a bell-shaped helmet on his head, and a gauntlet with a golden sphere on the end of it on his left hand. Lester turned to face the dumbfounded detective. “You think you can stop the Headmen? You will never defeat the guardians of science! Or the genius of Doctor Bong!” With a swift gesture, Lester slammed the golden sphere against his helmet. Booooooong!!! The vibration sent Hannibal flying out of the room and onto the stairs. “So much for nobody doing anything crazy,” he muttered under his breath, fighting to stand up Doctor Bong approached him. OK: Hannibal King (Peak human, police training, gun) (For those of you who know him from Blade, he hasn’t reached that point yet), Moth, and Tatterdemalion vs Doctor Bong (Younger version of the original character with the same powers and traits) If Doctor Bong escapes, he wins. If King, Moth, and Tatterdemalion catch him, they win. Game On!
  11. AND NOW THE CONCLUSION The Werewolf’s jaws lunged at Shroud, who grabbed hold of them to force them open and away from his face. The other members of the Night Shift looked on as their leader struggled to subdue the creature. “Don’t you think one of us should help?” Tick Tock asked nervously. “Sure!” Digger said, then cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted toward the fight. “Go get ‘em, boss! You can do it! Shroud, Shroud! He’s our man! If he can’t do it, can I be leader?” “Oh shut up!” Moth snapped. “Shroud! The gloves! Use the gloves!” Using a pillar behind him, Shroud sprung himself over and behind the Werewolf, disappearing in the shadows. The Werewolf howled in frustration, then growled as it’s eyes picked out a figure in the fog. It charged toward the figure and leapt toward it, only to crash through the shadow-image and crash to the floor. The Werewolf shook it’s head and grunted in confusion. “I do not wish to injure you, Mr. Russell,” Shroud said as he emerged from the darkness behind the Werewolf. He was pulling on a new pair of black gloves. “This is your last chance. Either get control of yourself and return to your room, or be carried there.” The Werewolf turned and snarled at Shroud. It ran towards him on all fours, it’s tongue lolling from it’s mouth. But when Shroud raised his fists, the Werewolf reared back, growling in pain. It tried to charge again, but Shroud was ready for it. He swung a left hand that connected with the Werewolf’s head, then followed with a right. The Werewolf screeched and backed away from Shroud, who grabbed a hold of it’s arm and yanked back on it with all his might. Another punch to the jaw, and the beast fell to floor whimpering. “You got ‘em, boss!” Misfit cheered. Hangman walked up to the Werewolf and let his rope wrap itself around his legs and arms. He looked skeptically at Shroud. “And just how the hell did you do that?” Shroud flexed his fist in the glove, which upon closer inspection had small bits of metal shining within it’s fabric. “An innovation by our Moth. I had asked her to develop clothing laced with silver fragments in case Mr. Russell ever became difficult.” Misfit and Digger lifted the bound Werewolf and started up the stairs. “Well, boils and ghouls,” said Digger. “I guess it’s true what they say: every Shroud has a silver lining.” Every single member of the Night Shift looked at Digger in disapproval. “Man, if you weren’t dead I would kill you,” Misfit groaned as the pair reached the door to Jack’s room. Shroud turned his attention to Moth. “Now how did Mr. Russell manage to get out of his room, Moth?” Moth shuffled her feet nervously. “I don’t know. It was probably Digger and Misfit’s fault. They were supposed to guard the guy.” “Moth. I am blind. I am not an idiot. What happened?” “Okay, okay, fine!” Moth groaned. “I was giving him his food and we started talking and… I guess I lost track of the time.” Shroud shot a look at the rest of the Night Shift and they slowly dispersed. “This isn’t a game, Sybil,” he said lowering his voice. “Mr. Russell may be of great use to us. But I will not let him or you jeopardize our work. You did well with the raid on Tombstone’s, but do not let your confidence overpower you. Dansen? Upstairs.” Shroud walked past Moth and met with Dansen on the stairwell. “’Do not let your confidence overpower you’” Moth muttered as they went upstairs. “Sure thing, Master Yoda,” Dr. Nagan looked the mirror down on what once was an operating theater. At his side with Dr. Jerry Morgan, his drooping face even more wrinkled with worry, and Chondu, his metallic, spider-like legs clicking on the floor. Several other men and women in lab coats sat at screens making final checks. “I still think you could have found better subjects,” Chondu grumbled. “I assure you, Chondu, these men are precisely what we need,” Nagan said. “Dr. Thursday gave them a complete physical and mental review. Brute strength with aggressive tendencies, a desire for chaos, and a complete lack of concern for human life. True, they are lacking in intelligence, but, compared to us, gentlemen, everyone is. Are your people ready, Dr. Morgan?” “Yes, Dr. Nagan,” Morgan wheezed. “Dr. Wyndham, please signal Dr. Thursday to bring in the subjects!” “Of course, Dr. Morgan,” Wyndham said as he pressed a button at his console. The doors to the operating room below opened and Dr. Ruby Thursday walked in, followed by three, unpleasant looking men in hospital gowns. They stood in row in front of Ruby, one of them waving mockingly to the viewing room. “Hey, look, fellas! Ha! We got an audience!” “Do not address the Headmen directly, gentlemen,” Ruby said. “Please state your names for the record.” The man on the end stepped forward. “Shannon. Drake Shannon. Are you sure this is gonna give me powers?” “Back in line, Mr. Shannon. Next?” The man who waved stepped up next with a smrik. “My name is Jeff Hagees. And I’ve got a gambling problem.” “I won’t warn you again, Mr. Hagees. Next?” The last man was stone faced as he stepped forward. “Jason Macendale.” Tentacles emerged from Ruby’s ‘head’ and stretched over to a console on the wall. With a press of a button a panel slid open to reveal three rows of unusual helmets. “You have come to the Headmen looking for power,” Ruby said as the tentacles retracted into her sphere. “You may now choose the power you will claim and use in service to the Headmen.” Wyndham looked at his clipboard. “The analysis concludes that Macendale will select the jack-o-lantern interface.” “Don’t be ridiculous, Wyndham!” a white haired man in a mustache scoffed. “He’ll choose the mental enhancer interface!” “Don’t question my research, Doctor Warren.” “Gentlemen, please!” Dr. Morgan pleaded. Meanwhile in the operating room, Hagees rushed to the helmets and grabbed one made up to look like a giant 8 ball. “Yeah! This is what I’m talking about! This is so me!” “Really? 8?” snorted Shannon. “Is that how old you are?” “And which one do you want, smart guy?” Shannon walked slowly down the line of helmets. “The planetary interface! He’s going for the planetary interface!” “Oh be quiet, Wittman!” “Don’t tell me to be quiet, Smythe!” “All of you be quiet!” Nagan snapped. “Or you will be the next ones sent down there.” The viewing room fell silent. Shannon finally settled on a helmet shaped like an eye. “Oh come on!” guffawed Hagees. “Mine is way cooler than that!” “I like it,” said Shannon, looking into the ‘iris’ of the helmet. “It’s got character.” Hagees rolled his eyes and turned to Macendale. “Okay then, chuckles. Which one do you want?” Macendale strode to the hoods, gave a quick glance, then lifted the jack-o-lantern helmet from it’s pedestal. Wyndham gave a satisfied smirk towards Warren, who just grumbled quietly to himself. “You have all chosen well,” Ruby said calmly. “Now, please place the helmets on your heads at this time.” The three men followed her instructions, and attempted to adjust the helmets so they would be comfortable. “So we’ve got the outfits,” Hagees said, his voice echoing in the helmet. “When do we get the powers?” “Why, Mr. Hagees, you will be getting them now. Dr. Nagan?” Nagan nodded to Morgan, who nodded to Wyndham. Wyndham punched a command into his console. “Beginning implementation… now.” All three men fell to the floor screaming in agony, as the sound of whirring drills came from the helmets. They fought to get them off, but it was too late. Ruby Thursday stood in the middle of the three men at her feet, shrieking in pain as blood dripped out from under the helmets. “We apologize for any discomfort the implementation process is giving you,” Ruby said dispassionately over the screams. “But after the process is completed you shall have full access to the powers the helmets provide to you. And in return, you will be loyal to the Headmen for the rest of your natural lives. Thank you for the sacrifice you have made to science.” Nagan, the other Headmen, and their scientist colleagues looked on in approval, as the three men’s screams rang out through the complex. Next Time: Clang! Clang!
  12. 2 v 2 snowball fight TIE BREAKER! Each team has eliminated 1 member of the opposing team. All snowballers have been hit by 2 snowballs. Get hit by 3 more snowballs, you’re out. Whoever gets out the rest of their opponents, wins! If the losing team loses again, they will be eliminated from the tournament. Vote for who you think wins and stay tuned to find out which team goes all the way to the end to win the tournament. For the blog post that is the inspiration for this rumble, click here! Calm Before the (Snow)Storm - broadwaybeyonder - The Electric Ferret Message Boards For the match that I wrote that also used the castle set up, click here! Match 16928 Snow White vs. Cinderella - CBUB Rated Matches - The Electric Ferret Message Boards Game On!
  13. 2 v 2 snowball fight TIE BREAKER! Each team has eliminated 1 member of the opposing team. All snowballers have been hit by 2 snowballs. Get hit by 3 more snowballs, you’re out. Whoever gets out the rest of their opponents, wins! If the losing team loses again, they will be eliminated from the tournament. Vote for who you think wins and stay tuned to find out which team goes all the way to the end to win the tournament. For the blog post that is the inspiration for this rumble, click here! Calm Before the (Snow)Storm - broadwaybeyonder - The Electric Ferret Message Boards For the match that I wrote that also used the castle set up, click here! Match 16928 Snow White vs. Cinderella - CBUB Rated Matches - The Electric Ferret Message Boards Game On!
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