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  1. If Arya Stark couldn't win a snowman making contest, I might've taken another 8 years off this site. 😆 Good start to the season!
  2. THEN Slappy the Living Dummy had been invited by the Crypt Keeper to his mansion, despite Slappy starting a fight during his last visit that left both beings furious with each other. The Crypt Keeper appeared to want to make peace with Slappy by luring a party of teenagers to his mansion and allowing Slappy to torment them. In reality, it was a trap for Slappy, as well, as the Crypt Keeper unleashed Gooey Gus the Slime Monster in the mansion to destroy Slappy for good. NOW Slappy burst through the kitchen door, followed by his three remaining converted puppets, one of whom was carrying a blonde girl in a torn cheerleading outfit over his shoulder. She kicked and punched at the wooden thing that was once her friend as the other two puppets closed the door and stood guard on either side of it. “Let me go! Please, Johnny! I know you’re still in there! Please let me go!” Slappy spun around and snarled at the puppet. “You heard the little lady. Let her go!” The puppet proceeded to lift the girl off it’s shoulders, then dropped her on the floor. She groaned in pain, scrambling to get away from Slappy, who laughed hysterically. “Hahahahaha! Well, he let you go!” The girl hunched over in the corner, fear etched in her face as she gazed at Slappy. “Please,” she begged. “I won’t tell anyone about this. Just please let me out of here! I won’t call the police or anybody! I promise I won’t!” Slappy pulled out his knife and drew closer to the girl. “Oh I know you won’t, dearie. Just know that the only reason I haven’t turned you into a blockhead like your buddies here is that I plan on getting out of here in one piece. It’s always more fun to have a slave if they have a spirit you can break! Hahahaha!” Slappy’s face and tone grew serious as he the knife close to the girl’s tear stained face. “But don’t think I won’t use my magic on you and send you to face grape boy out there if you don’t SHUT! UP!” The girl cowered and sobbed silently as Slappy turned around to see the door handle starting to turn. He yelled to his puppets. “Hold that door shut, sawdust brains! And get ready!” The puppets locked arms across the door frame to keep the door from opening. From the other side Slappy could hear Gooey Gus’ voice. “I’M BURNING MAD! I’M STEAMING MAD!” The door shook for a few moments, then stopped. The girl shrieked as purple slime started to seep under the door into the kitchen. Rising out of the puddle, rose the body of Gooey Gus, his eyes glaring down on Slappy. “YOU LAUGHING AT ME? YOU LAUGHING AT ME?!” “Yeah, purple puss!” taunted Slappy. “You think you’re tough just cuz you slimed all my slaves? You are nothing compared to me! I’m invincible!” Gooey Gus twisted it’s head back and forth, as if straining for strength. “I’M….SLIME! I’M….GUS!” The girl looked in stunned disbelief. “Why did he say that? I thought he couldn’t say anything but…” “Shut it!” snapped Slappy, looking back at Gus with near wonder in his voice. “I knew you got bigger and stronger when you got hotter. Guess you get smarter too. Hahahaha! That’s just fine! You’ll have enough brains in your ugly head to realize what’s gonna happen to you!” Slappy exhaled a breath of his magic green smoke at Gooey Gus. Gooey Gus recoiled in pain, waving it’s arms in front of itself in a vain attempt to disperse the smoke. “BURNING…STEAMING…” it moaned. “You got that right, ya grape goof!” mocked Slappy. “And your night’s just about to get a lot more painful. And colder. Grab em, boys!” The two puppets at the door grabbed Gooey Gus by the arms. Gooey Gus growled, thrashed, and spit slime around the room, sending Slappy and the girl dodging out of the way as the puppets dragged Gooey Gus to the refrigerator, where the third puppet was waiting. The puppets shoved Gooey Gus into the refrigerator and slammed the door, it’s legs and arms sticking out and flailing frantically. The puppets pressed against the door to try to force it shut. “COLD! COLD!” the Slime Monster screeched. Slappy clapped his hands and laughed victoriously. “Hahahahahahaaaa! A little time in there and he’ll be shrunk back to doll size. A little longer and he’ll be just a toy again. Then we can toss him down the garbage disposal and have some REAL fun, dearie. What you have to say to tha…” Slappy was interrupted as a broom swatted him across the kitchen into the sink. The girl held the broom out towards one of the puppets as it left the refrigerator door to stop her. The girl tried her best to stop her voice from shaking and to sound brave. “Leave me alone! I’m getting out of here right now, and you aren’t going to stop me! I’m warning you!” The puppet grabbed the broom and yanked the girl into it’s waiting arms. Slappy jumped out of the sink as the girl struggled to free herself. “Very heroic and very stupid of you, dearie.” Slappy sneered as he readied his knife. “I guess I’ll just have to find someone else to be my slave.” Then the door of the refrigerator burst open. The two puppets who were guarding it clattered to the floor and stumbled over each other as the Gooey Gus spun around to face them. “SLIME ANYONE?” A torrent of purple ooze blasted out of Gooey Gus’ mouth and covered the puppets in seconds. Slappy leapt forward and slashed with his knife, cutting a gash in Gooey Gus’ jacket exposing the twisted, purple gum form beneath. Gooey Gus lunged forward and lifted up Slappy with one hand. “Put me down!” Slappy raved. “Put me down, you bubble brain! You walking eggplant! You… you…” Gooey Gus took it’s free hand, shoved it in Slappy’s mouth, and forced it open. Then, the Slime Monster ejected gallon upon gallon of slime down Slappy’s throat. The Living Dummy thrashed his body to free himself, tried to beg for mercy, but Gooey Gus was too strong and his mouth was filled with slime. The girl covered her eyes as Slappy’s suit began to rip and tear as slime began leaking out of his body. His ceramic buckled as slime poured out of his eyes. Still Gooey Gus unleashed his fury on the Living Dummy, until the pressure was too great. Slappy’s head exploded in a blast of purple goo, and his green magic smoke rose from the remains and disappeared into the walls of the Crypt Keeper’s mansion. The puppet holding the girl let go of her and fell to the ground unconscious, it’s appearance slowly returning to the form of a teenage boy. She went to the boy’s side and held him close. “Oh Johnny! You’ll be alright. Just take it easy. We’ll get you and the others out of here.” Gooey Gus dropped what was left of Slappy’s slime stained body to the floor, then turned to the girl. Green smoke rose like steam off it’s body as Gooey Gus stumbled forward before falling to a knee. The girl slowly stood up against the wall, looking at the now pitiful looking creature before her, head twitching and hands covering it’s face in pain. “I’M BURNING MAD! I’M STEAMING MAD!” The girl cautiously took a step forward. “Thanks. The creepy doll would have killed me if you hadn’t done that.” Gooey Gus looked up from it’s hands at her. “YOU LAUGHING AT ME? YOU LAUGHING AT ME?!” She fell back to her still unconscious friend, holding him in her arms. “No, I swear I’m not. Nobody is. If you let us leave now, we’ll never say anything about you. You can have this house to yourself. Nobody will bother you, or laugh at you again. What do you say?” For a moment, Gooey Gus seemed to consider the girl’s words. No more people laughing, no more cold. But then it looked down at it’s shriveled hands. It’s eyes narrowed into slits at the two teenagers before it. “SLIME ANYONE?” “AHHHHHHahahahahahahaha!” The Crypt Keeper cackled with glee. From the comfort of his creepy crypt below, he watched on the screen as Gooey Gus’ slime encircled the two remaining humans. “Good old Gus! I always knew he was hot stuff! Heh heh heh heh heh heh! And knotty Slappy! He’s no different than the kiddies when they see Gus! One look, and they go to pieces! Heh heh heh heh! Now that Slappy’s spirt has been absorbed by my mansion, I will never have to deal with that talking doorstop again!” On the screen, Gooey Gus had finished trapping the ‘kiddies’ in a slime cocoon. It turned it’s attention to the refrigerator, ripping the door off it’s hinges then shoving the remainder to the tiled floor. “My, my,” smirked the Crypt Keeper. “Guess my grape guest still has some anger issues to sort out. No matter. I have enough ice in my crypt to shrink ‘em down to size. Then I’ll put him in the cooler and I’ll…” The Crypt Keeper’s plotting was interrupted by a strange sound from the television. He looked to see Gooey Gus standing in front of the slime cocoon which held two of Slappy’s puppets. The same green mist that had been hovering over Gooey Gus, was now glowing around the mass of gum. And something was moving within the slime ball, pushing forward against the membrane, as if something was trying to get out. Gooey Gus cocked it’s head in confusion. “SLIME? STEAMING…SLIME?” Suddenly 2 pairs of shriveled purple hands burst from the slime. The hands forced the opening wider and wider, until the owners’ the hands could step through. The two teenagers that Slappy had converted were no longer wooden puppets. Now their clothes were tattered and torn, their hair left patchy, and their skin purple and twisted. Gooey Gus’ eyes widened. “YOU…SLIME? YOU…Gus?” The remains of the Crypt Keeper’s jaw dropped. Then he began banging on the table in rage. “No fair! Curse that Slappy! Curse that kindling klutz’s magic! It’s mixed with the magics that make Gooey Gus live and now…” More ripping and tearing came from the second cocoon, revealing the boy and the cheerleader, both of whom also had been converted to slime like Gus. The girls hair was now a mass of purple tendrils, and her smile had been reduced to 3 decayed molars. The girl slime monster lurched toward Gooey Gus. “I’M BURNING MAD! I’M STEAMING MAD!” The other monsters picked up the chant as they drew closer to Gooey Gus, holding out it’s arms before it. “NO! ME SLIME YOU! YOU SLIME! I’M SLIME!” The girl slime monster crouched on her hands and knees, eyes glaring. “YOU LAUGHING AT ME? YOU LAUGHING AT ME?” The Crypt Keeper returned to his seat to face the screen, and rubbed his hands in anticipation. “Well, well, well. I guess we’re in for a battle of the sexes. Maybe they’ll destroy each other! A race of monsters sliming themselves into extinction! I just love real life drama! Heh heh heh heh heh!” “SLIME ANYONE?” the girl slime monster shrieked, followed by a stream of slime at Gooey Gus. Gooey Gus’ upraised arms blocked the slime which now coated the sleave of it’s jacket. It stared amazed at the purple substance as it dripped from it’s arm to the floor. With it’s other hand, Gooey Gus grabbed at the slime splatter and ripped it off, looking at the globby mess in it’s hands. Slowly the slime itself started to recede, mingling with Gooey Gus’ slimy skin until merged with it completely. The girl slime monster lunged toward Gooey Gus with hands outstretched, but Gooey Gus grabbed it’s challenger by a lump of purple curls and twisted her face up to look at it. “YOU SLIME!” bellowed Gooey Gus. “I’M SLIME! I’M GUS! YOU NO SLIME ME!” Gooey Gus let the girl slime monster go, and turned to face the three others. “WE…SLIME! WE SLIME! WE…SLIME…ANYONE!” The Crypt Keeper rose from his chair as Gooey Gus and his new friends marched out of the kitchen and made their way into the mansion, continuing the chant as they went. “SLIME ANYONE? SLIME ANYONE? SLIME ANYONE?” The Crypt Keeper scurried to a door in the crypt and quickly unlocked it. Inside the room were piles and piles of ice. He turned to face the screen with a dangerous grin as the 5 monstrosities trampled through the mansion, sliming everything in their path. “Hey, Gus. Do you know what killed the dinosaurs? The ICE Age! AHHHHHHahahahahahaha! Heh heh heh heh heh heh!” OK: The Crypt Keeper: All abilities/tools he used on TV. He knows the mansion, and he knows Gooey Gus’ weaknesses. He also has a large supply of ice and a refrigerated room. He wins by destroying Gooey Gus and it’s converted monsters. Gooey Gus: All it’s abilities from the previous fight plus slightly more intelligence. It only has the four converted slime monsters, who have the same lack of intelligence Gus had in the previous fight. It wins by sliming and destroying the Crypt Keeper. Game On!
  3. “But you don’t understand! I have to speak with Mr. Plotz immediately!” Clara, Mr. Plotz’ secretary, sat stoically behind her desk as the pleading, teenage girl in the sweater stood before her. In her years working at the Warner Bros Studio, Clara had seen all kinds of unusual things; talking hippos, mice planning to take over the world, not to mention the Warner siblings themselves. This girl seemed so ordinary she was almost not worth noticing. “I’m sorry, miss,” said Clara, adjusting her glasses. “But Mr. Plotz doesn’t see anybody without an appointment.” “But I don’t need an appointment!” pouted the girl. “I was on the original Animaniacs show! I need to talk to Mr. Plotz to straighten this all out!” Clara sighed, and turned to her computer. “Very well. Your name, please?” The girl straightened her sweater and held her head high. “Katie Ka-Boom. But you know that already.” Katie’s confidence started to leave her face as she noticed the look of non-recognition on Clara’s. “Surely you remember my song, at least?” Katie took a step away from the desk, put her hands in front of her, and started swaying back and forth as she sang. She’s Katie Ka-Boom! Katie Ka-Boom! She lives in a house with a garden in bloom! Her family knows that anytime soon, Their little lady, Katie, goes Ka-Boom! Katie struck a pose with the biggest jazz hands and smile she could muster. Clara still looked unimpressed. “Sooooo, you were a chorus girl?” Katie’s jaw tightened, and a flicker of light flashed in her eyes, but she took a deep breath and exhaled before she approached the desk. “No! I was a star! I had my own series of cartoon shorts on Animaniacs! Oh, and my family too, of course.” Clara raised an eyebrow. “Are they going to be joining us, as well?” Katie shook her head. “Mom joined a convent, Tinker is with protective services, and Daddy’s at a Jimmy Stewart Look-a Like contest. That’s another thing I need to talk to Mr. Plotz about. I’ll need a new family, a new house…” “I’m sorry, miss,” interrupted Clara. “But I don’t recall anything from Mr. Plotz about a…Katie KerBlam cartoon.” Katie gasped indignantly. “It’s Ka-Boom. And how could he have forgotten me? I had a great run! I ran for…um…er…well, it doesn’t matter how long I ran for! The point is, I was hit! That’s why I knew when I saw that Animaniacs was coming back and you hadn’t contacted me for it, there must have been a mix up with my contract! Probably got misplaced by some intern or a dopey secretary. Er, no offense.” Clara just kept scrolling through files on her computer, trying to remember how temperamental child actors could be. “Miss…um…Ka-Boom? I’m sorry but there was no mix up with your contract. There is no record of you being sent one. Or any record of discussion to consider sending you one.” Katie starting inhaling and exhaling faster, desperately trying to keep her temper in check. “But that can’t be right! Please! You’ve got to let me see Mr. Plotz now! The Warners’ can’t do the show without me!” Clara rose behind the desk. “I’m sorry, Miss Ka-Boom, but even if you had an appointment you wouldn’t be able to see Mr. Plotz. He’s…um…dealing with a…uh…personal issue.” Before Katie could reply, she was distracted by the sound of wolf whistles and cat calls from outside the door to the office. The door swung open, and there, with a line of enraptured males behind her, stood Minerva Mink. She was wearing a strapless, red dress, sunglasses and white sun hat. She turned to gaze at the men behind her, with their eyes bugging out, tongues dragging on the floor, and hearts pounding out of their chests. She smiled and waved with her hand and tail to the crowd. “Thanks for helping me find the CEO’s office, boys. See you around the lot!” She turned back into the office as the crowd collectively fainted to the ground with dumbstruck expressions of joy on their faces. Katie looked to the ceiling in disgust. “Great. Just what I needed today.” Minerva closed the door with her tail, breezed past Katie, and sat on the edge of Clara’s desk. “Minerva Mink. Here for my meeting with Mr. Plotz.” Katie stomped her foot. “You can’t meet Mr. Plotz! I need to meet Mr. Plotz!” Clara sat down again and turned her attention to Minerva. “I’m sorry, Miss Mink, but as I was trying to explain to this young lady, Mr. Plotz is not in. To be honest, he is at the hospital under observation. He was found this morning trying to eat his telephone and wrapped up in the cord.” Minerva gave a coy smile and waved her hand dismissively. “Yes, that was probably my bad. It always seems to happen when I’m talking to a boy on the phone.” “You don’t say,” muttered Katie. Minerva turned around, finally noticing Katie was in the room. “I’m sorry? Have we met before?” Katie counted to 10 in her head before putting on her biggest smile. “Minerva, don’t tell me you don’t remember me? It’s me! Katie!” Minerva peeked over the rims of her sunglasses at Katie, then gave a squeal of recognition as she rushed to embrace her. “Oh! Katie! Katie Ka-Boing! It’s so charming to see you after all these years.” Katie grinded her teeth as Minerva kissed her on both cheeks. “Ka-Boom. Not Ka-Boing. Ka-Boom.” Minerva took off her hat, allowing her blonde hair to fall perfectly to her shoulders as she continued. “Well, I’d love to chat over old times, Katie, dear, but I’m going to be talking to Mr. Plotz. Well, maybe not Mr. Plotz since he’s, heh, out of order at the moment. But I simply must talk to somebody at Warner Bros about my job in the new Animaniacs.” “But I’m here for a job!” Katie cried. Minerva tucked her sunglasses in her dress and looked Katie up and down. “A job? As what? Are they finally hiring new janitors around here? The lot certainly could use it.” Katie could feel her blood boiling as she valiantly tried to hold on to her composure. “I’m not here to be a janitor,” she said through clenched teeth. “I’m here to be on the show! Like I did before.” Minerva looked confused for a moment, then laughed as she put her sunglasses back on. “Oh, Katie, dear, I’m sorry. But, um, do you really think modern audiences want to see, um, whatever is you do?” Katie spluttered in disbelief as Clara looked through her desk and pulled out a black folder. “Like they would want to watch what you do?! Just do short after short of men falling on their faces over you?” Minerva gave a cheeky smile. “Doesn’t have be just men, dear.” She looked over her shoulder with a smoldering glance at Clara. Clara’s eyes began to bulge and her jaw started to head toward the desk before she shook herself out of it and cleared her throat. “Er ahem. Excuse me, ladies, but I think I have the answer to your problem.” Katie and Minerva crowded to the desk as Clara removed a piece a paper from the black folder. On the paper was a list of names, with Katie and Minerva’s names on top. “As you can see,” explained Clara, “the executives at Hulu made a list of individuals they did not want on the Animaniacs revival. Both of you were on top of the list over concerns that your cartoons were too violent, and…um…explicit.” Minerva gave her most innocent look. “But there wasn’t any violence in my cartoons.” Katie facepalmed in disbelief. “I’m the violent one! You’re the explicit one, you air-headed excuse for a fox!” Minerva gave an imperious look as she wrapped her tail around her arm like a stole. “That’s mink, sweetheart. And I’m not going to stand for this! This is going to be my big comeback. And I’m not going to let anyone get in my way. Not Hulu, not Plotz, and certainly not some second rate teenage bimbo!” “Now, ladies,” said Clara. “There must be some way we can…” She was cut off by Katie sticking her finger in Minerva’s face. “Listen up, Minerva! I earned my spot on Animaniacs before and I can do it again! There’s no way I’m going back to community theater when I’ve got this chance right here!” “Do you think it’s been easy for me?!” exclaimed Minerva, putting her hand to brow dramatically. “Do you think I’ve enjoyed going from job to job, posing on DeviantArt for money?!” “Yes,” Katie said flatly. Minerva thought for a moment, then shrugged. “Okay maybe a little. But the point is I belong here! On screen! A star!” “Ha! A star!” snorted Katie. “A star who only starred in TWO cartoons! After that you were lucky the censors let you on as an extra. I deserve to be here! I did twice as many shorts as you!” Minerva swished her tail as she gave poison-filled smile at Katie. “Uh huh, and not even half as many people cared about your cartoons as they did for mine. Just over 10 minutes of screen time and I became the biggest furry celebrity this side of Bugs Bunny. Just what did you do in your cartoons, little girl?” That did it. Katie had had enough. “LITTLE GIRL?!?!” Smoke started pouring out of her ears encircling her like a tornado, and the bright flashes of light returned to her eyes. All of this was ignored by Minerva, who turned back to face Clara at the desk. “Listen, dear, you get on the phone and call the Warners. Yakko, Wakko. Call Dot if you have to. I’m not leaving this office until I speak to someone in charge.” Minerva suddenly realized that Clara wasn’t paying attention. Her face was a picture of fright, and her eyes were focused on something behind Minerva. Minerva turned around and before her stood a being that used to look like a teenage girl. In her place was an 8 foot tall green monstrosity. It’s arms dragged on the floor, ending in long fingers and pointed talons. It’s mouth was a forest of fangs and it’s eyes flashed lightning. It also was wearing the remnants of Katie’s sweater and pants, as well as her hair. The creature roared in Minerva’s face, sending her hat and glasses flying and Clara ducking under the desk. Minerva gazed up at ‘Katie’ as her hair fell back into place. “Oh yeah,” Minerva said glumly. “You did that, didn’t you?” The next thing the people in the backlot heard was the sound of Minerva Mink crashing through the door to Mr. Plotz’ office. She hurtled through air and crashed through several backdrops as ‘Katie’ gave chase, her eyes shoot lasers that sent stagehands ducking for cover. “Please, Miss Ka-Boom!” shouted Clara from behind the desk. “Don’t you think you’re overreacting?” ‘Katie’ howled to the heavens. “I’M NOT OVERREACTING! I’M A TEENAGER!” Minerva’s flight continued as she crashed to a brick wall and into the studio gymnasium. Actors and stunt doubles jumped aside as Minerva slammed through a final wall and landed in the studio pool. She crawled out of the shallow end, trying to squeeze her dress dry as she ranted. “That does it! First she tries to steal my part! Then she insults me! Then she throws me across the lot! Now she’s ruined my dress?! That’s it! I don’t care how big she is! I’ll get that spoiled rotten little…” Minerva stopped herself. She always knew when she was being watched. She turned to see that all of the people in the gymnasium were looking at her with adoring eyes. “Hi, Minerva,” one of the actors asked shyly. “Is there anything we can do for you?” Minerva thought for a moment, then grinned deviously. She did her best to strike an alluring pose while standing soaking wet. “Hi, boys. I’ve got a little problem. Could you lend me a hand?” OK: Katie Ka-Boom: She stays in her monster form until she gets what she wants or until she goes ‘ka-boom’. She then returns to human until something gets her mad enough to transform again. Minerva Mink: She is able to use her Toon ability to drive anyone who is remotely attracted to her to do what she wants. She has access to every person on the Warner Bros backlot from Animaniacs, with the exception of Yakko, Wakko, and Dot. Winner is whoever immobilizes the other and gets their contract to be on the Animaniacs revival. Game On!
  4. “This had better be good, Keeper,” muttered Slappy. The dummy sat on an antique chair, gazing at the Crypt Keeper as he stood hunched over a table reading through one of his many books. “I’ve got better things to do with my nights than be cooped up here in your dump of a crypt.” The Crypt Keeper cackled as he shut the book, and turned his attention fully to Slappy. “Heh heh heh heh. Why, Slappy. You shouldn’t say things that aren’t true. You wouldn’t want your noise to start growing again. Heh heh!” “That was Pinocchio, you pile of bones and pus!” snapped Slappy. “I’ve been sitting here for an hour while you’ve just been reading that stupid book!” “Ah, but there’s nothing like burying yourself in a good story. Heh heh heh! “ The Crypt Keeper placed the book back on a shelf as voice grew more serious. “You should consider yourself lucky that the only threat to you has been dying of boredom. After your behavior at my last monster bash, I could have turned you into kindling the minute you set foot at my door again.” “You’re the one who invited Zeke the Plumber without telling anybody!” “That’s no reason for having a brawl that wrecked my haunted home!” “How could you tell it was wrecked? It always looks like this!” The two stood eye to eye glaring at each other. Then both cackled gleefully. “Heh heh heh! Oh, you really are a cut up, Slappy. I’ve always had a soft spot in my…er…guts for you. I’m willing to let die-gones be die-gones. And to make it up to you, I’ve arranged a special trick r treat for you.” The Crypt Keeper picked up an old remote, pressing a button and turning on a wall of televisions. Through the static, Slappy could see a surveillance camera view of each room in the Keeper’s mansion above them. But the cameras also revealed that they were not alone. Hurrying from room to room were young humans, carrying kegs, dancing and chatting excitedly together. “What are these brats doing here?” said Slappy. “These brats are from a community college near here,” explained the Crypt Keeper. “Apparently someone invited them all to a night of thrills and chills in my mansion.” Slappy looked back at the screens stunned. “Let me get this straight. These low rent co eds received anonymous invitations to a party in the most haunted looking house on Earth, and they all said yes?” The Crypt Keeper grinned and nodded. “I believe they thought it would be ‘lit’. Heh heh heh!” Slappy howled with laughter. “Hahahaha! Boy, I love humans!” The Crypt Keeper motioned to a book case. “Behind that shelf is a passage way. It will lead you up to the study. From there I’m sure you can find some way to make our young fiends feel…comfortable.” Slappy hurried to the book case, slipping a knife into his suit pocket. “Oh I’m sure I can. Thanks a lot, Crypty. Whenever anyone tells me you’re not a nice guy….I’ll be sure to believe ‘em! Hahahahahaha!” Slappy pulled out one of the books, and the shelf moved aside to reveal a stairwell. Slappy hurried up the steps as the book shelf swung back into place behind him. With the Living Dummy gone, the Crypt Keeper’s grin vanished. “That stupid pile of termite food! You really think I’d bring you here to bury the hatchet? Heh heh. Well you’re right. I’ll bury it right in your wooden head!” The Crypt Keeper hurried across the crypt to a blue Igloo cooler wrapped in chains and padlocked. He quickly undid the locks and lifted the lid of the cooler. Inside, laid out on pile of ice, was a very ugly doll. It was the size of a Cabbage Patch Kid, but it was purple, wrinkled, and hairless. It was dressed in a red turtle neck sweater, black pants, and a black leather trench coat. Carefully, the Crypt Keeper lifted the doll out of the cooler, brushing away the frost on it’s head. “Shh. There, there. I’m sorry you had to be kept on ice for a while, but we must keep you a surprise for that demented Muppet up there. Now, let’s see if you are still in good shirking order.” He pressed a button on the back of the doll’s head. The doll cycled through it’s pre-recorded catchphrases. “I’M BURNING MAD! I’M STEAMING MAD!” “YOU LAUGHING AT ME? YOU LAUGHING AT ME?!” “SLIME ANYONE?” After a final press of the button, a purple slime trickled out of the doll’s mouth. The Crypt Keeper stuck his finger in the slime and put it in his mouth. “Mmmm. Grape bubblegum. Heh heh! Ya gotta love those retro 90s toys. Although it would have been better if it was red scary or slaughter-melon flavored instead. But no matter. Now that I know you’re still functioning, why don’t you go warm yourself by the fire? Or rather….IN it?” The Crypt Keeper threw the doll across the crypt like a football, sending it flying into a stone fireplace. A burst of flames shot out of the fireplace, soon replaced by billowing clouds of purple smoke. Out the smoke, crawling out on it’s hands and knees, was the doll. It struggled to it’s feet, swaying to maintain it’s balance. The toy that was once the size of a normal doll now stood at a towering 6 feet tall. “I’M BURNING MAD! I’M STEAMING MAD!” it growled. The Crypt Keeper clapped his hands triumphantly. “Heh heh heh heh! It worked! The stories about Gooey Gus were true! Talk about getting hot under the collar! Heh heh heh!” Gooey Gus pointed a shriveled hand at the Crypt Keeper. “YOU LAUGHING AT ME? YOU LAUGHING AT ME?!” “Who? Me? Oh not at all, my fruity fiend. Don’t tell me you’re still feeling heated about me putting you in cold storage, are you?” Gooey Gus squinted at the Crypt Keeper. “SLIME ANYONE?” Gooey Gus reared back his head, and the Crypt Keeper jumped out the way behind a stone gargoyle. Gooey Gus unleashed a torrent of purple slime from his mouth on the chair that Slappy had been sitting in. Within seconds it was completely enveloped in slimy cocoon. The Crypt Keeper peeked out to look at his ruined furniture. “Oh boy. I always liked that armchair. I had it made of real arms. But I really think you should focus your rage on someone who really is laughing at you.” Gooey Gus lurched toward the Crypt Keeper. “I’M BURNING MAD! I’M STEAMING MAD!” “Yes, yes, my twisted pile of gum,” said the Crypt Keeper, pointing at the television screens which showed Slappy having taken the teenagers hostage in the study. “But that little man there is the one laughing at you, not me.” Gooey Gus cocked his head at the screen and stated as Slappy used his green breath to convert one the teenagers into a lifesized puppet. “YOU LAUGHING AT ME? YOU LAUGHING AT ME?!” “Yes, he is, Gus,” soothed the Crypt Keeper, patting his arm consolingly. “And he’s going to keep laughing at you unless you do something about it. So, my purple pal, what are you going to do about it?” Gooey Gus looked with his bloodshot eyes at the televisions, then sent them crashing to the floor, and turned to glare at the Crypt Keeper. “SLIME ANYONE?” “Perfect!” cried the Crypt Keeper, as he ushered Gooey Gus to the book case. “Secret passage is through there.” Gooey Gus looked confused at the briefcase, then melted himself into a slimy puddle and slid underneath to the other side. The Crypt Keeper rushed back to the television monitors, and set it on a desk to watch the fun. In the study Slappy had finished with his victim. On the floor was now a dummy with a painted face, and carved jaw, still wearing a varsity jacket. “Please,” sobbed a blonde girl. “Why are you doing this?” Slappy drew close her, and pointed the knife toward her face. “Because you are my slaves, sweetie. I can do what ever I want to you. You can either do as a say, or you can wind up like your friend over there.” Another boy in a varsity jacket leaned toward Slappy, stopping short only because of the knife. “Let us go, you psychotic little…” His blustering was interrupted as the bookcase burst out into the study, sending books flying and the teenagers screaming and ducking for cover. Slappy’s eyes widened as Gooey Gus entered the room. “What are you supposed to be? The Toxic Avenger?” Gooey Gus stepped over the fallen bookcase toward Slappy. “I’M BURNING MAD! I’M STEAMING MAD!” Slappy couldn’t believe his eyes. “Wait a minute. You’re that freak from that PBS show? Did Keeper put you up to this?” Gooey Gus stretched out his arms toward Slappy. “YOU LAUGHING AT ME? YOU LAUGHING AT ME?!” Slappy waved the knife dismissively at the lumbering slime monster. “Yeah, yeah. You weren’t much for conversation back in the day either, were you? As you can see I’m busy right now so why don’t you hop on the next Greyhound to Brooklyn and I’ll…” Suddenly the boy in the varsity rushed forward, knocking aside Slappy and charging toward Gooey Gus with fists raised. “Leave us alone, you freaks!” he cried swinging punch at Gus’ chest. The fist sunk into slime that made up Gooey Gus. The boy tried to pull back his fist, but it was stuck tight. Gooey Gus looked down at the arm stuck in his chest, then glared down at the foolish boy. “SLIME ANYONE?” The last sensations the boy experienced was the blast of slime dislodging him from the monster’s chest, the feeling of flying through air, crashing against a wall, then the world turning purple as the slime cocooned around him, attaching him to the wall. The other teenagers scattered, screaming and running to various rooms in the mansion. Gooey Gus looked around the room. “Hey! Raisin Brain!” Gus turned around to see Slappy, flanked by two teenagers converted into dummies, and using his magic to grow to Gus’ height. “You’ve made the worst mistake of your life, gruesome. And after I’m done with you, I’m gonna make the Crypt Keeper pay!” Gooey Gus raised his arms above his head as he roared. “I’M BURNING MAD! I’M STEAMING MAD!” Slappy readied his knife and he charged forward with his puppets behind him. “Yeah? Join the club.” OK: Slappy: Has all his abilities from books/movies. I’ve added that he can use his magic to grow to human size, but it will wear down over time. He can ‘recharge’ but he must revert to dummy size while he does. The Crypt Keeper: Has all his abilities from his shows. Gooey Gus: Gus is essentially Clayface crossed with a zombie. He can project his slime to trap people and turn to slime himself to get passed locked doors. He can be weakened by cold or substances that soften his gum based body. If he gets too cold, he loses strength and returns to doll size. Slappy or Gus win by destroying the other, then taking out Crypt Keeper. The Crypt Keeper wins if the teenagers destroy Slappy and Gus (leaving them easy pickings for the Crypt Keeper), or if he destroys the winner of Slappy/Gus himself. Game On!
  5. In the ruins of Tartarus, Eris sat on a marble throne, gazing at a luminescent globe of the Earth. In one hand she held a glass of wine, the other petting the head of the constellation Leo. She grinned with satisfaction as she inspected the planet. “War? Disease? Political upheaval? Panic in the streets? Ha! What a year! I haven’t had this much fun since the Trojan War!” “Gotta love a goddess who appreciates the classics,” said a sly voice. Eris groaned, looking up at the figure that had appeared standing on the globe. Hades, Lord of the Dead, gave his best attempt at a friendly smile. Eris motioned to Leo, allowing it to ascend into the heavens, then addressed Hades as she poured herself another drink. “Lord Hades, how unexpected. What do you want?” Hades gave a hurt expression. “Seriously? What is it with people? Gods, mortals. They always have to assume that I want something. Is it so hard to believe that I would just like to drop in on a friend and say, ‘Hello, how are ya?” Eris took a sip from her glass and with a firm swipe of her hand caused the globe Hades was standing on to vanish. The god remained suspended in midair, gently lowering himself as he continued his diatribe. “I mean, come on, Eri, babe, sweetheart. I would think you wouldn’t mind having some company around here. Although you’ve done wonders with the place. Did you just dust?” Eris tossed aside her glass and rose from her throne to stand eye to eye with Hades. “Please. People think you want something because you always want something. So stop trying to sweet talk me like I’m some mortal mark. Get to the point.” Hades huffed a sigh and held out his arms. “Ok, ok, ok. Here’s the deal. You have been busy this year. Let’s face it, you’ve really been living up to the whole ‘Goddess of Discord’ thing. Bad news, that means you’ve been filling my Underworld with a lot of mortal souls.” “So what?” shrugged Eris. “Don’t tell me you came all this way because you’re feeling bad about a few mortals kicking the bucket?” Hades snorted. “Bad? Me? Come on, mortals dying? That’s all they do. But here’s the thing. I would really appreciate if you took a chill pill and took it easy for the next year or two. Just until we can take care of the backlog of dead you’ve given me. And while you’re taking a break from driving humans nuts, maybe we can find something else to pass the time.” Eris instantly felt uneasy. “We?” she said, trying to keep calm. Hades apparated to her side, putting his arm around her shoulder. “Sure, we. I mean, Eri, I always knew that we had a connection. We do have a lot in common. Making deals, thirsting for power.” He snapped his fingers, allowing a small blaze to appear in his hands. “We both like to smoke. Heh heh. Just a little pun there.” Eris knew that if she had a stomach she would be throwing up. Hades made the fire disperse and went on, apparating back in front of Eris. “But seriously, babe. Think of the possibilities. The Goddess of Discord and the God of the Underworld. Chaos and Death. Just think what we could do to those stuck up pricks on Olympus, huh? After that, you and I could do anything to the mortals we wanted without having to play by my dumb brother’s rules. Whadaya say?” Hades held out his hand, his smile showing his pointed teeth. Eris looked down at the hand, then looked right at Hades and laughed in his face. She fell back into her throne and apparated away, her laughter echoing against the pillars of Tartarus. Hades remained standing with his hand outstretched, his smile now melting into a look of concern. “Um, Eri, sweetheart? Was that a yes or a no? You’re sending me mixed signals here…” A sudden shriek from above was all the warning Hades got. He looked up just in time the giant Roc come swooping down towards him, with Eris perched on his back. Hades was sent sprawling to avoid the talons of the great bird as it lashed out with it’s beak. “You foolish god,” Eris dangerously purred. “I already can do anything to the mortals I want. And I don’t have work with a deadbeat like you to do it. So why don’t you just go back to your Underworld before I use you for bird food?” Hades sent a blast of fire toward the Roc and apparated away. The Roc took to the air as Eris patted it’s head. “Don’t worry, dear. That creep would have given you indigestion anyway. Ha!” At the same moment, Hades apparated back into his court in the Underworld where Pain and Panic greeted him. “Hey, boss!” shouted Pain. “How did it go?” “Yeah,” said Panic. “Did she like your offer?” Hades said nothing. He unleashed his flames on Pain and Panic, his face twisted in rage. He turned his back on his henchmen as they reformed themselves. “Boys, spread the word. I want every monster I’ve got on the payroll. The next time I go to Tartarus, I’m going teach our little Eri a lesson in how to not TICK! ME! OFF!” Pain and Panic looked at each other. “Guess it didn’t go well” said Panic. “Sounds about right,” said Pain. OK: Eris: At full strength. Has all of her powers/monsters from the movie. Hades: At full strength. Has all of his powers/monsters from the movie. No Titans. Fight will take place in Tartarus. Who wins? Enjoy!
  6. Alright. Was a little disappointed. She was one of the few winners I had! XD But it's all good.
  7. When you say Alice is pre banned, is that Alice in Wonderland under Toon?
  8. First draft I wound up in the middle of the pack. Second draft I wound up getting kicked around like a soccer ball. Here's hoping for this one.
  9. All good. Don't want to miss the Black Friday rush to draft Codpiece. XD.
  10. The last draft went live at 12pm Pacific. Maybe check in then? Unless you want to be up 12 hours waiting.
  11. One of those five votes was mine. Have to stand by my team. XD But still, have to make Jason Vorhees my MVP. Without him I wouldn't have won 30 of my 50 points. Not bad for my first tournament.
  12. Tinkerbell soared through the darkening skies, a trail of pixie dust left in her wake. Her thoughts had not been focusing on where she was flying, only subconsciously changing direction to avoid trees or houses. Her mind was filled with the same thoughts. Never again! Never again! That stupid, silly ass! Never again! For years she had been there for Peter Pan, traveling with him around the world and back to Neverland with human children who wanted adventure. Some stayed to be Lost Boys, some asked to go home to their mothers, but Peter always had to find a mother. Or to be specific, a Wendy. Tinkerbell silently fumed, not evening noticing storm clouds forming. It was always Wendy. Oh, the girls may have not had the same voice or face, but Peter was always comparing them to Wendy! After being with him through all those adventures, she would always be second to Wendy. Well, not anymore. No more Neverland, no more Peter. Let him and those Lost Boys find their own way to fly. Tinkerbell’s daydreaming was interrupted by the rumble of thunder. Tinkerbell could feel the rain drops hitting her wings, throwing her off balance as the wind knocked her off course. She squinted her eyes to see if there was any shelter from the storm up ahead. Before her was the gloomiest house she had ever seen. The shutters banged open and shut, and a vulture was perched on the roof. Tinkerbell flew to a window that was open a crack and attempted to squeeze through. Unfortunately, she found herself stuck halfway. Cursing her hips, Tinkerbell heaved at the same time as the storm winds pushed the window open and sent her tumbling to the bear rug. Tinkerbell rose to her feet, flapping her wings to dry them faster. She walked across the rug, and looked around the room. Mounted animal heads hung from the walls, a harpsichord was sat in the corner, and the room was only lit by two candelabras dripping wax on the floor. Tinkerbell made her way over to the fireplace, and turned to allow the heat to dry off her wings. She had just turned back to warm her hands, when she felt a sudden rush of air and heard the sound of glass slamming down around her. Tinkerbell was trapped in an upturned fish bowl. Tinkerbell looked up and saw a girl in a blue dress and pig tails. Her hands were firmly pressed on the sides of the bowl, and she wore the most serious expression Tinkerbell had ever seen on a child. “Well? What have you to say for yourself?” the girl said. Tinkerbell pounded on the walls of bowl, her voice jingling furiously. The girl raised her finger to her lips to shush her. “Now, there’s no need for language like that. Grandmama had told me stories about people like you. You’re a fairy, aren’t you?” Tinkerbell continued kicking and hitting the bowl. The girl leaned in closer. “Well, that is unfortunate. Because I don’t believe in…” Tinkerbell froze. She could feel her heart tightening in her chest. “…Trespassers,” finished the girl. Tinkerbell gave a sigh of relief, sinking down to the floor. The girl looked down with a smug look at Tinkerbell. “I had wondered what it would look like to see a fairy die. But, luckily for you, I must admit to being bored here by myself. Mother, Father, and the rest all went to California to watch the wildfires. It all seemed a little to cheery for me. So they let me stay behind. But now, I wouldn’t mind having Pugsley around to play with.” Tinkerbell’s ears pricked up. Perhaps she could get on the good side of this human, and she would let her go. She jumped to her feet, waving and pointing to herself. The girl cocked her head. “You would like to play?” Tinkerbell nodded excitedly. “Do you know how to play tag?” Tinkerbell gave a friendly smile, and ‘tagged’ the inside of the bowl. “Very well. We will play tag. I’ll let you out of the bowl. If you can evade me for one hour, I’ll let you leave unharmed. And I will be trying to tag you, with that.” The girl pointed across the room to a wicker chair. On it, sat a crossbow and a quiver of arrows. Tinkerbell’s smile died on her lips. “I have been meaning to practice my archery,” the girl explained. “And it is better with a moving target.” Tinkerbell scooted to the far side of fishbowl, as far as she could get from the girl. She gave an impatient look. “Now don’t back out now. You can either agree and have a chance to leave, or be difficult and force me to express my beliefs on fairies.” Tinkerbell glared up through the glass, then motioned across her heart. The girl sighed. “Promises? Oh very well. I, Wednesday Addams, solemnly swear to only attempt to kill you by items in this house, not by expressing disbelief of any kind. You have my word as an Addams. Do we have a deal?” Tinkerbell gave a moments thought, as she did, feeling how her wings had dried out. She nodded up at Wednesday. “Very well, fairy, let the game begin…now!” Wednesday lifted the fishbowl off the ground, but Tinkerbell stayed sat on the floor. Still holding the bowl, Wednesday leaned over. “Didn’t you hear? I said the game had begu….” Before Wednesday could finish Tinkerbell took flight, buzzing past her head and grabbing her by the pigtails. Wednesday gave a cry and threw the fishbowl to the ground shattering it. Tinkerbell yanked on Wednesday’s hair and sent her spiraling around the living room. Giving one last tug, Tinkerbell let go and Wednesday slammed into a wall, causing a mounted moose head to fall on top of her. Tinkerbell took a moment to laugh at the girl with the head of moose, until Wednesday moved it aside. She gave a look that could barely pass for a smile. “Well, this will be more fun than I thought.” Wednesday lunged for the wicker chair, grabbed the crossbow, notched an arrow, and fired. Tinkerbell dodged left, and the arrow embedded itself in the wall. Tinkerbell flew to the window she got in by, only to find it latched shut. Another arrow narrowly missed her, ricocheting off the window and into a suit of armor. As Tinkerbell sprinted up the stairwell, with the sounds of the mad girl readying another arrow right behind her, she promised herself that if she survived the next hour she would be heading straight back to Neverland. Peter might be tiresome with his ‘Wendy’s’, but at least none of them used her for target practice! So….. Tinkerbell: Wins by evading Wednesday for one hour. Wednesday Addams: Wins by shooting/capturing Tinkerbell The mansion is locked shut. Wednesday and Tinkerbell can use anything inside the mansion, but Wednesday cannot simply say, “I don’t believe fairies” and kill Tinkerbell. Game On!
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