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  1. Nothing I hated every one oh and since this is the end I was Dragix and Crazykid and Pyrostryker So *vulgarity* you and peace.
  2. My little cousin did GL mostly but I tried to find a ring. There was none.
  3. Oh no I have to post comments like that because I have freedom of speach. 'murica *vulgarity* yeah
  4. Did nova post something about humanity and maybe having faith restored in it?
  5. Wow If i didn't know any better I would think EF has become more of a social website.

    1. Fox


      Er... is that bad?

  6. Two more Green Lantern was done by my cousin with only a little help from me.
  7. Slenderman looked at the "Vampire" then without even a motion Cullen had his head broken off. No one would know because he lived alone in the woods.
  8. Because some Coba comander became an animal rights activist after years of not beating the joes.
  9. I've noticed that I haven't done a match in a while that's mostly because I've been cheating on cbub with creepypasta. So I also just saw the ending of Twilight Breaking Dawn pt 2 (forced may I add). I decided to create this match. It was late Edward woke up with Bella not with him. She left 4 days ago now that her daughter left 3 months before she left. Left alone, the sad Edward could only cry and mope around like a zombie. He tried the same thing that he did with Bella looking like a weirdo to each girl. His only choice was to move. He moved out of Forks and to somewhere in South Dakota. He of course had to find a place in the woods since well his "Vampire" powers makes him like a freak. Edward now sat and waited, why he chose to move in during summer he could never know. Soon it was night and Edward needed to eat. His eyes have always been used to the dim light but for some reason the light this night was even darker then ever. Edward picked up his flashlight walked into to woods. If he saw the animal's eyes every thing would turn off and the "vampire" would kill it. Soon Edward was deep in the forest looking for a meal. He then saw a piece of paper. On the paper it read in sloppy hand writing, "LEAVE ME ALONE!" Edward looked at this with astonishment. He was surprised when he then heard some sort of noise come from the north. Edward thought it sounded like a deer he smiled and the hunt was on. Edward ran through the forest. He sometimes saw something that looked like a white orb in mid flight he automatically thought that it was just the moon or a fire fly. Then Edward saw another note this one had no words but a picture of a tall man in black he was surrounded by trees Edward again took it then he turned around. All he saw when he turned was pitch black and he looked up to see another white orb this time it though he knew that this was no moon. His first reaction was to push it away and run but as soon as the black thing with the orb on top came close to a tree it just dissipated. Edward now was a little more afraid but he still had the hunger. Edward ran faster this time near top speed. Again another note Edward thought about just leaving it alone and even maybe put up the other two notes so he could be left alone by what ever that thing was. No, for some unknown messed up reason Edward had to pick it up. This time Edward saw a note with a picture and some words the picture was of what looked like a human with that same tall man from the last picture following him. It read "Always watching, no eyes." This time the words scared him. This was not some beast that just is a cryptid but a demon, a demon that now was really pissed. Edward turned around to face the monster again. "What do you want?" Edward said to the tall figure. It said nothing but soon something protruded from the monster's back they looked like tree branches but weren't one went forward to Edward's throat. Edward ripped off the tentacal and threw it. It only grew back. Now Edward knew that he had to either kill this thing or his hunger would kill him. In 3 hours if Edward cannot take down the Slender man and eat he shall die. Slender man can kill Edward before that and vise versa.
  10. wait this isn't youtube yet this is the weird part. Yeah EF has gone down hill like yamcha http://global3.memecdn.com/team-four-star-is-funny_o_1602295.webp
  11. I had a doctor suess book so I changed it to page four looks like I get every girl then she hops on pop.
  12. So i'm going to be really quick about this me and a friend are having a big debate about who would win a fight he said that the Zero Cannon from SSBB is a canon and was used in one of the Metroid Prime's cut scenes even though I showed him on the metroid wiki that it is only used in SSBB he didn't believe me because our school says that Wiki has useless info and should not be trusted. Anyways so that started the debate now he says that Vader has a snowball's chance in hell fighting Samus. I on the other hand side with Vader who knowing that he is a Skywalker and the Chosen one (Well technically he is because Luke didn't defeat the emperor.) so now it's up to you my fellow CBUBers you tell me who wins this fight and if the Zero laser is in any of the games. Samus is at her peak so is Vader.
  13. I SAW THE WHOLE THING I Demand my 4 minutes of my life back
  14. I kinda tried to make it look like the anime but let's just say I totally messed up, big time.
  15. This one was a little hard to get on to the hard drive but I don't quit. Don't ask about the eyes JUST DON'T ASK.
  16. Oh god I totally forgot about this thread. here we go. I had one of my little cousins over and he loves DC *Even though I try to make him love Marvel* So I gave him what he wanted and made Batman Robin and Nightwing We kinda had to compromise on this one He gets DC I get bad ass characters
  17. I might as well tell you who Jeff is. Just go to Creepypasta to read his story.
  18. Ok for this fight Slender man is immortal but Jeff's knife can kill him. Jeff is a mortal and if Slender man can kill him with any thing he can find then great job Slendy.
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