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  1. I don't know about the others, but J'onn won't alter Naruto's way of thinking. Ramen has been the only real constant in his life. He ate it with Iruka who was his only friend for his entire childhood, and connects with all of his friends through it. Basically it's his lifeline to everything.
  2. Lore dies. They're Masters of the Universe for a reason. Trap-Jaw has to compete with He-man and his compatriots on SOME level. That alone makes him out of context for poor lil Lore...
  3. What abilities does Knives Chau get in the game? I've read the comics & seen the movie.
  4. Chewbacca, armed with only the Blade of Bacca has been sent to the island. Raptors are hunting him. Does Chewbacca stand a chance against the raptors.
  5. What kind of swords? Specifically?
  6. Didn't Chun-Li kick a tank to death in the OP of the American cartoon?
  7. Maybe in reverse world, where people engage in confrontation first before posturing and attempting to reason with each other.
  8. J probably not. K however, likely already knows where/when he is, and how to get to him. But since The Doctor isn't really any kind of threat. K isn't in a particularly big hurry to catch him, and instead, keeps tabs on the Doctor just to stay sharp. The real question, is why would the MiB be after the Doctor? Given the number of times he's thwarted everything from the Daleks to Man-eating shadows. Chances are he'd have honorary MiB status, and/or was actually responsible some time in the past for getting MiB started. Does he owe Zed some money?
  9. Killjoy was the nerdy black kid who liked clowns, right?
  10. The Masked Mallard!!! And damn it, I thought the drake here was Ludwig Von Drake...the lost duck.
  11. Okay, anywho, are the wrestlers "in character" or just their regular selves? I mean there's difference between Steve Austin and Steven Williams ya know? Anyway, I'll assume they're in character (except Randy the Ram who's sole media appearence shows him as a down and out pro wrestler where it's "fake"). and are the boxers wearing gloves?
  12. I always thought Pumpkinhead was faking being hurt and playing with everyone like a cat does with mice. Still stood up to a flame thrower with a laugh.
  13. What about it? He could shoot Edward in his eyes and the piddly 9x19mm parabellum rounds would plink off like they're nothing. Twilight vampires are effectively flexible diamonds.
  14. Nothing Robocop has will even scratch Edward. Edward, meanwhile, is entirely able to rip Robocop limb from limb faster than the eye can follow.
  15. Been a while, but I recall Karnage as being pretty mild a threat, at least in person. It was mostly the Iron Vulture and a small army of pirates that made him trouble. Then again, Sly Cooper's better known for getting away than being a fighter. I'd say, if Karnage has to beat Sly, and Sly has to hold his own long enough to make off with the goods, the thief's got this easily.
  16. Cassandra, much as I hate to say it.
  17. Thanks for the birthday comment.

  18. Richards is the more recent Tatooed Man, yeah? Not that that's gonna likely prove a deciding factor, but still. Don't know who Shadow Thief is btw.
  19. How strong was Badrock anyway?
  20. Superman wins. I don't remember much about that movie since it was boring as shit, but didnt Superman lift and fly an island made out of kryptonite into orbit? He also took a full gatling gun barrage and even a bullet to the eye right? Abomination was avoiding the gatling gunfire, seemed like it bothered him much more.
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