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  1. Marc Silvestri and Rob Liefeld are interchangeable. To be clear, you're allowed to vote however you want. You're also allowed to express your opinions. However, don't be surprised if you ever express an uninformed or unpopular opinion, that people will disagree with you. In this case, hating garbage created by Image founders and their buddies is a pretty safe bet.
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rasa_Sayang
  3. I'm thinking of creating a central element of FPL mythology based off this ...I think someone might have beaten me to the punch though...
  4. It's never about powers. Powers don't matter. Ever. I would vote for Tom Strong in a match against The Sentry, because Sentry is a joke of a character, and Tom Strong is flipping awesome. I don't care who is stronger. Don't. Care. Hehe.
  5. Savage Dragon creator Erik Larsen is a douchebag of the highest order. He described Dragon- typical mindless Image fare complete with bait-and-switch storytelling and "kewl" artwork- as "more Mature than Marvel, less pretensious than Vertigo." Go away, Erik Larsen. You haven't ever written a noteworthy comic, and your major hateboner for Neil Gaiman is predicated entirely on the fact that your buddy Todd spent two decades trying to screw him over. Larsen's unpublished screed that was supposed to accompany his Nova comic throws everyone from Marv Wolfman to Tom DeFalco under the bus. The guy, like every Image creator, is a huge tool without the talent to back it up. (John Byrne and Peter David are tools too, but the difference is those guys created some epic comics.) Tangled Web's "Flowers for Rhino" arc was a far better story than anything that has ever appeared on the pages of Savage Dragon in the two decades it's been published. Argue powers all you like, but voting for Savage Dragon is morally reprehensible.
  6. So, just to be clear, if I'd like to create a custom scenario for one of my Global level characters, what day and time do I need to be online?
  7. First of all, let me say that THIS is the kind of thread we should be seeing on CBUB more often- it's a valid question and everyone so far has made a good case for their respective answers. Good show all around. In my opinion, even though MJ technically came first, Gwen belongs with High School/College age Spider Man. Gwen only really works when Peter is younger, she mirrors his nerdy side and is a better foil for the balancing home/work/school/superhero dynamic. Mary Jane is the better choice for a Spider Man who has been allowed to grow up and become an adult. She is both his soul mate and the mother of his children. MJ works best with a Spidey who has grown-up problems, one who has come into his own as a capable, popular hero. (Marvel Comics writers seem to hate this version of Spiderman and have consistently engineered excuses to return him to a less mature version of himself.)
  8. (In My Humble Opinion...) The one thing Grudge Match did absolutely right was its system of fight responses. Allowing users one comment apiece, not letting anyone see what anyone else was writing, and having an administrator post only the best comments at the end of the week, these all boosted the average quality of the dialogue. It was a system that rewarded creativity, a sense of humor, and genuine nerd knowledge. CBUB's democratic approach of allowing users to endlessly comment on fights levels the playing field for the less articulate users (and trolls,) but that comes at the cost of average fight quality. Back when the CBUB ran a Grudge Match style system, we got some stunningly funny, insightful, and entertaining responses. Nowadays it's all scans and feats, which is not fun for anyone. Grudge Match was about entertaining people who share your interests. CBUB has become about winning pointless arguments with strangers on the internet.
  9. That's Sophia Martel for you. Honestly, this is just fun suplemental material, which I never actually planned to write. Sophia is passionate about every aspect of her philosophy, but for my purposes I am only interested in it as far as it influences other characters' decisions and actoins. This one page came about after reading Updatedude's Story Stuff post in the KALI thread, involving his characters' constructed philosophy of "the Seven Elements of Everything." This intrigued me, because Sophia had constructed her own Philosophy and I knew she'd find The Seven Elements particularly flawed (you don't start writing philosophy without a massive ego.) I felt like I could have gone on for another couple paragraphs, but I wasn't trying to write the full text of Parva. I had just finished a very dry biography on Samuel Taylor Coleridge (prompted by a re-reading of Douglas Adams' Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.) In typically understated English fashion, the bio used the phrase "reconcilliation of opposites" to address the utter inferno of conflicting forces and ideals which came to dominate Coleridge's writing (as well as his personal life.) I thought of Kubla Khan (pivotal to the plot of Dirk Gently) and how Lord Byron managed to convince Coleridge to publish it as a fragment, and how that decision lent to, rather than detracted from, the poem's mystique. Also I was tired of writing after four paragraphs.
  10. I agree with the crux of this, but I was wondering when the rules changed. I haven't personally read any of them, but I do think "History vs Classic Monsters" might make some interesting setups. I do think there's some truth to the idea, though, that generally historical figures and forces are not well equipped to take on most of the characters in modern fiction. A single Dalek, Decepticon, or Dreadnought could dominate any pre-WWII human civilzation with relative ease. However, equivalent fictional worlds with their heroes, monsters, and artifacts could provide interesting matches.
  11. I meant the whole concept of putting these two up against each other doesn't seem fair. They have virtually identical powers, but the Hulk is a complex and interesting character, whereas Loose Cannon is best known for being a poor ripoff of The Hulk. I'm saying that BECAUSE their powers are so similar, nobody except a rabid DC fanboy looking to hate on Marvel would vote for Loose Cannon. The match you're proposing requires erasing the Hulk's personality, history, and characterization, which are the only parts of the character anyone cares about! Proof for this statement can be found in Loose Cannon, actually- the two characters have the same powers, but one is a centerpiece of a major franchise, and the other is an "also-ran" from 1993.
  12. I would hope that, through the process of inference, it would at least be clear that The Sentry sucks major balls and that Kid Miracleman is one of the greatest contributions to the medium of comics in the last thirty years, and that they have similar powers.
  13. Loose Cannon is a Hulk ripoff who changes into all the colors of the rainbow. Jeph Loeb wrote "World War Hulks" which was about a rainbow of Hulks punching each other. Hmmm... I'm sensing a recurring theme. Are there any rainbows in Jeph's Batman work?
  14. "Give me some reasons in their abilities not their character." Absolutely not. You've reduced The Hulk, (who has occasionally been a spectacular character to read about,) to a list of powers. This tells me you think the Hulk is ABOUT having superpowers- that the major themes and motifs of The Hulk are "Super Strength" and "Invulnerability." I'm sorry, but I am incapable of seeing storytelling in those terms. Invariable, a "who could beat up who" speculation is only worthwhile to me if both characters are interesting to begin with. I do think people should use more obscure characters, as you've done here, I just wish they'd use good (or at least interesting) ones. How many Sentry fights has the CBUB hosted? Compare that to the number of Kid Miracleman fights. Do you understand the difference?
  15. Battle of the Babysitters. Pepper's certainly had some ups and downs dealing with Tony, but I agree that Misato has had far more sh*t to deal with.
  16. Comments galore? Loose Cannon is an awful character. He's the prototype for Jeph Loeb's actual Hulk run, which should tell you something right there. The best thing you can say about the character is that he was lucky enough to be briefly associated with Tommy Monaghan. Kudos for picking a seldom-used DC character from the 90's, but next time go for Jack Knight or Hitman or Thessaly or someone interesting.
  17. Saying "it's being done nonetheless" is equivalent to seeing your house on fire, shrugging, and updating your twitter status. Grab a hose, man! Heh. Seriously though, I'm looking for an answer from a mod. WHO LET THIS HAPPEN!? OH NOES!
  18. Dr. Strange's assistant Wong could solo Hogwarts. Yeah. Wong, who has no magical powers, but a lifetime of kicking the dark powers in the face without needing them. Look at the difference in their opponents. Compare a cheesecake like Voldemort to Dormammu or Mephisto. Now remember that Hogwarts barely survived a Voldemort attack, and that was with the assistance of luck, prophecy, and narrative convention. Dr. Strange regularly goes toe to toe with his villains and comes out no worse for the wear.
  19. A+ for concept. The idea for this fight is hilarious. Please make more fights. You have the Ivan stamp of approval.
  20. http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=25722 I'm not upset, it's just... when did this become what the CBUB is about? Historical figures? Extant human civilizations? I very strongly remember one of the only mandates Serge ever gave, which was that characters need to be fictional. I mean, I could dig a Reign the Conqueror vs Brath match, or the Lost Valley Tribe (Turok) vs those scary dudes from Eaters of the Dead. Sure, that works. But a rehash of Deadliest Warrior? When did that become acceptable? I'm not angry, I just want to know what was the reason behind changing one of the only rules this site has ever held? (I'd be less critical if there weren't literally dozens of other options for fictional characters/groups which could be used instead.)
  21. Wow. As much as Blackest Night was a shamelessly transparent grab for cash, playing to the lowest common denominator in storytelling, it will never touch the pure loathsome art prostitution of early 90's Image. (Plus, BN at least had the benefit of occasionally containing Larfleeze.) On the other hand you kind of have to feel sorry for Dale Keown, who made the choice to go from collaborating with Peter David on some of the best Hulk issues of all time straight to writing Pitt. Yeaaah... how'd that work out for you, Dale?
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