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  1. Something to consider: Try to include your color into the feel of your writing. Landon's choice of turquoise, for example, connotes a lighter atmosphere than ThreeDark's choice of (whatever choice he's actually going with...)
  2. It's actually pretty straight-up All-Hallows Eve. Dia De Los Muertos focuses on solemn remembrance, and participants encourage the souls of the departed to visit. By contrast Halloween is more associated with a broad spectrum of specters and creatures, not just departed family members. I believe you'd be hard pressed to find a Dia De Los Muertos parade. To further clarify- all the character sheets are considered to be happening, if not exactly simultaneously, then at least all on the same night. It would be cool if we had ten entries, if we could string all the power descriptions together at the end to make one huge parade, but I don't want to kill someone's creativity if they have plans for an entire character sheet written from a specific perspective- maybe from the point of view of an eight year old boy looking out his window and praying for none of them to stop at his door. The dead and the damned are marching all over Khazan, all headed toward a particular graveyard outside an old country church, a few miles to the west, outside the city limits. Wholesale slaughter is not off-limits... (after all, this is a monthly character contest, not a cornerstone of FPL continuity,) but it should be noted that the actual goal of the parade is because these creatures/entities/characters feel compelled, urged, summoned, or otherwise inexplicably drawn to the area. Think more Flash Mob than Zombie Apocalypse.
  3. Each individual character's reason for joining the parade may be as different as the characters themselves. Some may feel compelled, irresistably drawn to the streets, some may do for personal, political, or religious reasons, some may just be enjoying participating. Some may not have a choice. It's all up to you, but yes they are all doing it en masse and interacting and reacting to one another. The characters don't need to know one another, any more than a marching band would know a giant balloon handler in a regular parade. On the other hand, your specific section of the parade might be a group of people who all happen to have a common theme- I imagine even undead friends would gravitate to one another in the usual fashion.
  4. More inspiration: The Goblin Market Christina Rossetti The Labyrinth
  5. October's character challenge is a little different. Instead of creating a single character, the character sheet will be used to represent a group of characters, with a common theme. Every entry- the bio, personality, and each power description, will all be different characters. What unites these characters? Halloween, of course! It is a parade of ghosts, ghouls, skeletons, goblins, demons, vampires, witches, mummies, werewolves, zombies, and more! The dead and the damned are streaming through the streets of Khazan on the spookiest night of the year. The goal is, of course, to have fun. I expect that means different things to different people, so don't be surprised if you see some goofy off the wall stuff rubbing elbows with truly dark epic grandeur. Mix gallows humor and slapstick, throw around buckets of blood and gore, or indulge in a single drawn-out personal nightmare, anything goes! This is a place where Asmodeus, Beatlejuice, Cenobites, Dracula, Eric Draven, Felix Faust, the Great Pumpkin, and Hellboy all not only coexist- they go marching through the streets with reckless abandon, reveling publicly for one night before returning to the darkness. The Rules: 200 word limit is in effect. Each individual bio, personality, or power description may not be more than 200 words on its own. All stats Standard (or lower) Characters will be Global level. This means the character point total is 24 points, powers may be taken at Supreme level, and the full powers list is fair game. Each Power will represent a single entry (either character or group of characters) in the Parade of the Damned. They don't necessarily need to be classical movie monsters, but they should find some way to connect to the overall theme. Please remember the theme is "March of the Damned" and NOT "Trick or Treat costumes." (Maybe next year.) CBUB characters are not allowed in this parade. You want your walking nightmare to be friends with Freddy Krueger and The Corinthian, that's totally fine, but don't actually put those guys in the parade. Deadline is Midnight Oct 31st, 2011! Oh! I didn't tell you what the winner gets! The winner gets a choice! I will announce the full range of options a bit later, but here are some ideas: *If they winner wishes to, they may design and administrate the November challenge. * If the winner hasn't unlocked global tier and is dying to create a global character, I will offer one of Ivan's global spots to that creator so they can get that character in the gallery. *If the winner wants to create a character anonymously I will allow them to create (but not vote) under the BlueDream name. Obviously, if the winner chooses this option, their name will not be announced as the tournament winner, and that creator's identity will only be known to Shilane and myself. *If the winner wishes to, they may kill off one of my FPL characters. That character will be permanently removed from the gallery. *There will be other options available as I think of them. *Important note* Please remember this is a parade! Powers may represent individuals, but they may also represent groups, animals, vehicles, etc. Parades travel. Parades are noisy. Parades typically have spectators. Mmmmm... spectators. Inspiration for October's challenge comes from several places. Here are three off the top of my head: Tam O Shanter by Robert Burns The Night on Bald Mountain segment of Fantasia Greenwich Village Halloween Parade I'd love to compile a list of other related inspirations that may help people develop ideas for this. Feel free to post them in this thread.
  6. And so it is Sunday. This is a damned hard decision, because there were so many good entries, including some from first time and/or relatively new creators. I'd like to say a little about each of the entries, before announcing the winner. Many Moons by Treach: This character has so much going on, and not all of it works but I'm a huge fan of experimentation. Treach tried a LOT of different things here, and I think the last two power descriptions work the best. Kudos for having the balls to really experiment with some things. Rhapsody by Landon: It almost goes without saying that Landon makes great characters, but what really got me was how consistent the tone is all the way through. That's something that is hard to do when you can only cut and paste someone else's words. Not to downplay anyone else's fanhood, but Landon is clearly VERY familiar with the music he chose, and it shows. Ugly Seed by M Bison: Ugly Seed is a very emotionally charged character- and although there are times when it is hard to follow (understandable given the format) there are some great lines which reveal desperation, denial, and bitterness in the lyrics. Would've loved to see a bit more cohesiveness. Darkness by bigballerju: Are you kidding me? This is a GREAT character for someone who, as far as I know, has never created anything for the FPL before. Bigballerju made one decision that really set this character apart- he followed the lyrics and let the powers be dictated by the story needs, rather than trying to force the story to fit the powers. Awesome job. Firefly by Hayesmeister: Another first time creator with a really solid effort. Hayesmeister and bigballerju- you guys need to create some FPL characters! I do wish Firefly had been finished, but what is there is a great start. Citizen Soldier by Nova Force Nova: Yet another really strong first character. I was surprised by the melancholy and regret in what appeared, at first glance, to be a pretty ordinary sniper character. My only complaint would be that this one in particular is all emotion and no narrative. Nova, same goes for you! Put something in the gallery! Nyan nyan by deojusto: Like treacherous, deo took full advantage of the things one can do on the board that aren't possible in an FPL character. I can't say I love it, but it does showcase several different ways a 100 word-limit power description can be formatted to stay visually interesting. Derezzed by Hugo Fowl: Another unfinished character, but one that shows how well certain songs work in the power description context without any alteration. Great potential, just didn't get it completed. On a side note- way to step outside your comfort zone in terms of picture selection! I know it's not your usual stuff, but that character pic is an awesome match. The White Recluse by Canis Minor: The White Recluse isn't as good as Canis Minor's regular FPL stuff (Incendia Os is easily the most underrated character in the FPL gallery,) but I do love Pain (Upright and Antidote were my jams in 2001) and the Bio/Personality section really works well. The power descriptions aren't bad, they just don't sync up perfectly with the first part. Yhuk, Frost Giant by MadBull: I was probably going to flip out if someone didn't choose Zeppelin, and dammit if this whole character doesn't just rock. Some great character building decisions here, and I don't recognize the creator name... is this yet another solid entry by a first-time creator? Damn, we need to do these things more often. Anna by Shilane: With this character I think I benefited from not being familiar with the band- the lyrics are seamless enough that I was wondering if the whole character wasn't just one song! This is what I was first imagining when I created the tournament- lyrics blended into a stream of consciousness telling a story. It wasn't until after I had tried it myself that I realized how hard it is to make it good. Excellent job, Shi. Never Named by Mr. Graves: There's something inexplicably nomadic about this character- I really get the sense he/she/it is a wanderer without that being overt. The way Berserk is framed as the center of the character also suggests a path of destruction which emphasizes that loneliness. Kinda makes me wish I hadn't imposed a word limit. Almost Human by Pseudonym: This is a very dark character, and would be perfect for the October theme. Loved it all except the last power description. I'm not too familiar with Voltaire, but it's clear Pseudonym picked lyrics that work well together to fit the theme. Would have really liked to see a picture for this one. Lover Boy by ThreeDark: It's one thing to do Queen. It's another thing entirely to do it this way, avoiding ALL the obvious choices and foregoing the easy line-pulls from songs like Flash, Princes of the Universe, and Killer Queen, and instead devoting yourself entirely to an internal sense of personality that absolutely pervades the whole piece. A really unexpected take. Awesome. As I said, this was a damned hard decision, and when it came right down to it, I had to just go with my gut. So, without further ado, the winner of the September character challenge is... Anna by Shilane. Congrats, Shilane! You are the grand marshal of the October Challenge! Shilane will be deciding the winner of October's challenge, as well as outlining one of the rules of the challenge!
  7. The recap: Many Moons (and his love) by Treacherous Rhapsody by Landon Ugly Seed by M Bison Darkness by bigballerju Firefly by Hayesmeister5651 Citizen Soldier by Nova Force Nova Nyan nyan by deojusto Derezzed by Hugo Fowl The White Recluse by Canis Minor Yhuk, Frost Giant by Mad Bull Anna Naeshun by Shilane Never Named by Mr. Graves Almost Human by Pseudonym Lover Boy by ThreeDark Winner will be announced on Sunday!
  8. I had the exact same reaction today. Heh. I'll get to the entries over the weekend, so if y'all want to try and sneak one in on me before Saturday evening, I probably won't notice. Whatever creator I select as this month's winner will be named the grand marshal of next month's character challenge, meaning THAT creator will decide October's winner, not me. October's theme is Halloween related!
  9. The story I want to tell is a big Syndicate/SLJ/Angels of Mercy crossover that hopefully makes good use of all three teams. ThreeDark has helped me develop some of the basic plot points. It will be a story told in three parts, and I will be looking for writers to participate AND creators willing to let us use (and in one or two cases kill off) their FPL characters. Unlike tourney collabs or personal fic work, the plot of this will not really be kept secret, because I will share all the plot information of the story up-front with whoever is working on it, and we will (hopefully) all work together to build on that.
  10. I honestly never thought I'd see someone say that!
  11. I have a plan to use these characters in a large collaborative fic, likely starting around the end of October and running through the end of December.
  12. I'm joining too. I'll be playing as Jimmy Olsen from Superman Returns. Name: Jimmy Olsen Powers: None Equipment: Cell Phone, windbreaker, Canon Powershot XS230 digital camera (fully charged) Note: To make sure he's not overpowered, Jimmy hasn't slept or eaten anything in 24 hours, and he is suffering from a severe carpal tunnel flareup, which prevents him from taking more than one picture every 10 seconds.
  13. That looks like a problem, treach. The user who posted this contest doesn't seem to exist any more.
  14. The person who posted this topic isn't looking for an acutal answer. The song was not the subject of the post, bashing Carrie Underwood was. If you want to actually discuss which film themes I don't personally care for, I'd be happy to. Are we talking about just plain bad theme songs (anything by Nickelback) or so bad it's actually totally awesome (anything by Kenny Loggins.) The James Bond franchise is notorious for its awul theme songs (not counting the classic John Barry arrangment of the Dr. No theme, of course.) Can we count Leona Lewis? Her contribution to the Avatar soundtrack was possibly the worst part of that film, but as far as I know that was her only attempt. Should we include Dazed and Confused, which was a passable movie but ruined several previously awesome songs by pushing them back into the zeitgeist, which led to their inclusion in car commericals and a string of terrible movie trailers? Where do you draw the line?
  15. All fanboy wankery aside, in CBUB matches Marios abilities should be assumed to be no greater or less than those he posesses in Super Smash Brothers (your favorite version,) as that is the closest thing to a version of the character you'll ever see that is balanced for combat. Any claims of bullet timing, FTL, planet busting strength, etc etc do not belong in a "respect" thread. Lying about a character to make him seem super invincible is not respecting the character. In fact, it is the exact opposite- because a list of overpowering feats says that the character isn't "good" enough to just be enjoyed on its own merit. The other major problem with the stupidity claimed here is that video games are designed for a person to acchieve certain objectives, and gameplay is evaluated on an elastic scale based on fun and degree of challenge, rather than any adherence to logic, continuity, or physics. Claiming absurd feats for Mario is no different than stating that Captain America is physically superior to Blackheart and Thanos, because you were able to beat those characters using Cap in a video game, or attributing FTL feats to everyone from Samus to Sora to Link for "dodging" enemy lasers. Not only are these kinds of threads stupid, they're an insult to the basic spirit and nature of the character in question. Mario is a beloved icon with dozens of fun, popular, innovative games to his credit. To try and pair him with The Hulk and The Flash is a horrible bastardization of the spirit of what Mario is.
  16. Just for the record, it's not so much a cliche as it is the most classic example of purple prose. I, personally think it depends on the writer and the situation at hand. If Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams were to start a book with "It was a dark and stormy night," a person would be a fool not to read on and see where that was going. I think tongue in cheek purple prose, which indicate a fourth-wall breaking level of self awareness, can sometimes be hilarious if handled properly. However, you were right in that this piece of writing does not benefit from using such an obvious opening line. I just wanted to link to a particularly silly old piece of FPL fiction.
  17. Surprised nobody has powergamed with WoD Caine/Cain yet. Not that any vampire anywhere has a chance of beating him, but that seems like the kind of thing that would appeal to the CBUB crowd.
  18. One of my favorite pieces of FPL fiction begins this way...
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