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  1. Darxeth


    I'm more excited for updates on another Batman series starring Ben rather than what Snyder has in store for himvin MoS2. Thoughts on who you guys would like to see in the next Batman movie? I'd personally like to see Riddler.
  2. Darxeth


    I think Ben will do great. If they allow him to bring some of directing prowess to the table for any future Batman movies he'll really shine. Hell, We may finally get to see Batman actually do some detective work instead of being outsmarted all the damn time. (like in the Nolan films) I'm excited for it. Maybe not so much for the Batman/Man of Steel movie, but for a new Batman series. One where Bruce isn't an aloof playboy/millionaire who sounds as if he swallows gravel everytime he talks in his Dark Knight persona and gets his shit kicked around mentally and physically by almost every si
  3. Darxeth


    I've only seen Wolverine: Origins one time and it will probably stay that way. I didn't like First Class much either. Then again, I haven't really enjoyed any of the Xmen movies thus far. I'm always left feeling that they could be so much better.
  4. Recently held another set of tourneys. Fav part? playing Captain Falcon and three stocking almost everyone. *vulgarity*ing. win.
  5. Anyone see the Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman fight?
  6. Alright, so The best Robins, in my opinion.: 1. Grayson: -Allowing Grayson to be his sidekick was one of the wisest things Batman has ever done. In Grayson, he'd find a friend, a partner, a son, a brother, and last but not least: A teacher. That's right, I believe Bruce needed Grayson's company just as much as Grayson needed him. I mean, here was a kid who'd experienced a similar tragedy in his life and yet, didn't obsess over it. He didn't dwell on it like Batman. He took things in stride, and learned how to have fun, even against the terrors of Gotham. I honestly believe he was just what
  7. Just wrote a list of my favorite Robins in great detail and accidently backed out right before it sent. FML. I'll just make the list and explain later. 1. Grayson. Always. 2. Drake. 3. Damian. 4. Jason Todd.
  8. The Last of Us is pretty great. I'd love to see a Resident Evil game with very similar gameplay mechanics.
  9. Darxeth


    I hope it doesn't bother Superman much. Zod was a scumbag. He deserved what he got.
  10. Darxeth


    Eh, maybe Superman was thinking "Well if I don't kill him, he'll just keep killing humans. Better to end it now."
  11. Darxeth


    Meh. I prefer Superman the way he was portrayed in the movie over the Boyscout in the comics. (Save New 52, that Superman gets shit done)
  12. Link was good in Brawl. It's just most of the other characters were much better..
  13. I was hoping for a larger roster but I can still dig it.
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