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  1. Darxeth


    I'm more excited for updates on another Batman series starring Ben rather than what Snyder has in store for himvin MoS2. Thoughts on who you guys would like to see in the next Batman movie? I'd personally like to see Riddler.
  2. Darxeth


    I think Ben will do great. If they allow him to bring some of directing prowess to the table for any future Batman movies he'll really shine. Hell, We may finally get to see Batman actually do some detective work instead of being outsmarted all the damn time. (like in the Nolan films) I'm excited for it. Maybe not so much for the Batman/Man of Steel movie, but for a new Batman series. One where Bruce isn't an aloof playboy/millionaire who sounds as if he swallows gravel everytime he talks in his Dark Knight persona and gets his shit kicked around mentally and physically by almost every single opponent he faces.
  3. Darxeth


    I've only seen Wolverine: Origins one time and it will probably stay that way. I didn't like First Class much either. Then again, I haven't really enjoyed any of the Xmen movies thus far. I'm always left feeling that they could be so much better.
  4. Recently held another set of tourneys. Fav part? playing Captain Falcon and three stocking almost everyone. *vulgarity*ing. win.
  5. Anyone see the Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman fight?
  6. Alright, so The best Robins, in my opinion.: 1. Grayson: -Allowing Grayson to be his sidekick was one of the wisest things Batman has ever done. In Grayson, he'd find a friend, a partner, a son, a brother, and last but not least: A teacher. That's right, I believe Bruce needed Grayson's company just as much as Grayson needed him. I mean, here was a kid who'd experienced a similar tragedy in his life and yet, didn't obsess over it. He didn't dwell on it like Batman. He took things in stride, and learned how to have fun, even against the terrors of Gotham. I honestly believe he was just what Batman needed to keep him sane, aside from Alfred; a refreshing personality. I can imagine that if you're a realistic, brooding, border-line OC, an optimistic partner who shares the same beliefs you do, but goes about them in a healthier manner, is quite uplifting. Grayson was someone he could take pride in. In my opinion, he was a reflection of the same hope that Batman had given the people of Gotham. This, I think, reinforced Batman's dream to keep fighting the good fight even further. The thing I love about Grayson is that, not only did he learn from Batman, he surpassed him in many ways. (Even though I still view Batman superior in most ways) For instance, he became what Batman never could: An inspiring and engaging leader., and developed the ability to see the good in peope, even more-so than Batman: A quality that was learned on his own, even before he came to be Nightwing. That's something you can't train. 2. Tim Drake: -In a time when Batman was hesitant to take up another sidekick, and perhaps one of the darker periods of his life, came young Mr. Drake. A kid who, up until his recent affiliations with Bruce, had lived a fairly normal life. (IIRC) He didn't share the same troubled childhood as past Robins, and yet, he seemed to have something they didnt: A drive. It wasn't the same determination that Grayson had, nor was it anything like Jason's angressive approach to crime fighting. It was much similar to Batman's own. And like Grayson, Drake kept Bruce's sanity intact. Hell, Drake's presence might have had an even larger impact on Batman's emotional well-being as Grayson did, due to allowing Batman to finally trust himself with a sidekick again. The thing I love about Tim is that he is always trying to better himself, which is a quality I like to think I share, and a quality in which Batman def. shares. I recall an issue of either Detective Comics, Nightwing, or Robin, when Grayson was teaching Drake how to become a better detective, schooling him on the importance of keen observation. Now look at Tim? He's a damn fine detective, and probably the most prodigous Robin ever, as far as wits go. It was a tough choice to put him second, because he was everything Robin should be, but I decided to list Grayson first, due to not only setting the standard for Robin, but also reflecting the core ideals of Batman in a more efficient way, all the while enjoying it. 3. Damian Wayne: (With Grayson's Batman) -Honestly, I disliked Damian even more than Todd as Robin. He came off as an arrogant, pessimistic, snobby little brat. After reading more of his adventures with Grayson, I came to like the little twerp. His presence to Grayson was similar to Grayson's to Batman in that the two were opposites, and yet connected to each other brilliantly. They leveled each other out so well, they would have given the first Dynamic duo a run for their money. 4. Jason Todd: -Jason's main flaw was that he was not ready to be Robin, and it costs him as it did Bruce. Reckless, angry, moody: everything that could have went wrong with Jason did. I remember in a scan I'd seen somewhere that Jason had allowed a man to fall to his death, an event that I think Batman has never forgiven himself for, just like the tragedy of Jason's death. He was Batman biggest mistake, though he wasn't all bad. The thing I love most about Jason (And hate) is that he was the most human Robin. All he ever had wanted was to make Batman proud and fight the good fight; he wanted compassion and love. (Which Batman delivered on for the most part, I guess) Ultimately, Jason allowed his fear and dissapointment to breed anger, hate and bitterness. Thus, making him the worst Robin. (Though, to be fair, most of the blame is on Batman, for even allowing him to roam the streets as Robin to begin with)
  7. Just wrote a list of my favorite Robins in great detail and accidently backed out right before it sent. FML. I'll just make the list and explain later. 1. Grayson. Always. 2. Drake. 3. Damian. 4. Jason Todd.
  8. The Last of Us is pretty great. I'd love to see a Resident Evil game with very similar gameplay mechanics.
  9. Darxeth


    I hope it doesn't bother Superman much. Zod was a scumbag. He deserved what he got.
  10. Darxeth


    Eh, maybe Superman was thinking "Well if I don't kill him, he'll just keep killing humans. Better to end it now."
  11. Darxeth


    Meh. I prefer Superman the way he was portrayed in the movie over the Boyscout in the comics. (Save New 52, that Superman gets shit done)
  12. Link was good in Brawl. It's just most of the other characters were much better..
  13. I was hoping for a larger roster but I can still dig it.
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