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  1. Rick and his son, Carl, were all that was left. Once the prison was over run, they had nothing else to do. They both knew that hope for a cure was foolish. They only had one goal now. And it is to simply survive ... To find others. ******** The two eventually found their way to, what appeared to be, an adavanced Medical Center. Rick remembered the last place like this he entered. He quickly reassured himself that whatever's in there can't be as bad as what's out here. He told Carl to draw his gun, and they moved inside. The place was dark. And there appeared to be no survivors. The two started to search the facility to find anything that might help them. That's when Carl stumbled upon a tape recorder. Next to it was a small puddle of blood. Carl quietly called Rick over to examine it. "Do I play it?" Carl asked, tape recorder still in hand. Rick began to wonder whether he cared what it said or not. "Just play it, son." Rick decided. ******** "This is Dr. Richard Stovall ... This will be my final entry." "We thought we found a cure. Everything was running so smoothly. Not only did it CURE this 'phenomena', it also healed the wounds ... even the more devastating ones." "Unfortunately, the effects only lasted a short while. It appears instead of curing whatever this is, we only made it more ferocious. These things were not only faster than what they were before ... they were stronger ... And in a way, smarter." "At the moment these 'things' are banging on the door. Patient Zero qucikly infected the rest of the staff ... I'm all that's left." "They'll be in here soon ... If anyone finds this ... Please ... Get away ... Get away as quickly as you can ..." There's a loud cracking sound in the background, followed by hissing. The Doctor screamed and the tape abruptly ended. ******** Rick looked at his son. "We should probably get out of here then." Carl nodded. As they were about to pack up what they could and get out, they heard a hissing. The same as what they heard in the recording. Before they could react one of these 'infected' charged Rick. "Dad!" Carl yelled. "I ... got this!" Rick grunted. Rick jammed the crowbar he had through its eye, and brought it to the ground. He yanked the crowbar out of its face. The thing still twitched a bit. This hadn't happened before. Usually after one blow to the brain, these things usually died. As in, didn't get up again. Rick jammed the crowbar in its face again, this time effectively killing it. Rick turned around to see Carl was missing. "Carl? Carl!?" Rick cried out. "No, no, no, no. He was just here!" More hissing noises were heard. Rick checked his gun. Fully loaded. "He couldn't have gone far ... I'll find him." *************** Rick Grimes in a large Medical Facility full of 28 Day Later Infected people. H His goal here is to find Carl, and take out as many of things as he can trying. Will Rick be able to find him or will the Infected get to him first.
  2. After Earl Hickey crossed out everyone on his list he finally felt relieved. That's when he noticed a smudge at the very bottom that read, "Adrian Monk". Earl goes into a flashback that reveals that Monk was a germaphobe because of Earl bullying him in Elementary School. Most of the bullying involved mud, dirt, bugs, and other gross things. He travels down to where Monk lives in hopes to cure (or at least better) Adrian Monk's fear of germs and crooked objects. Can Earl help Monk or will Monk be the one name Earl can't mark out. ********** I actually intended to write this as an actual match, but I guess I just don't have the desire to actually do full matches anymore. I will however write short (hopefully decent) set-ups for every Rumble though. Enjoy!
  3. Considering the fact Stewie is an evil genius baby, and Comic Book Guy is, well, a idiot (unless it has to do with comic books, of course), the win goes to Stewie.
  4. I haven't seen Fast Five or Six. Do they actually have things on par with Batman? Damn.
  5. Mayhem's mayhem, he's unavoidable. Potential for him is everywhere .. At any given time. Not even Stephen Colbert is safe
  6. They have about as much time as they did to prepare for Gozer & Vigo in the first and second movie.
  7. What year is this? 2013? Yeah ... And we're discussing if KISS jumped the shark.
  8. For those here that are wrestlers, what kind of things do you do to stay in shape? Is cardio the most important thing? Are you able to create your own gimmick? I have a few other questions, but I can't remember em' right now. I'm curious because Wrestling is something I've always wanted to do.
  9. I'm sure this Rumble has probably been done before, but oh well. It's Slenderman vs. The Ghostbusters. Pretty simple. If there's any questions don't be afraid to ask.
  10. If we're going by first game, then I'm Spider-Man!
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