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  1. Just pretend the USAF is Germany, the Covenant is the Soviet Union, and the invasion is Operation Barbarossa, and you get how the ground combat will be like.
  2. The UNSC is not even that impressive compared to modern earth in multiple areas. Of course the Imperium is light years ahead of them.
  3. And Space Marines can punch through tank armor and survive artillery hits and their armor is durable against even monomolecular weapons. W40k fluff outnumbers Halo fluff 10 to 1. Don't even try to argue the Spartan II has demonstrated can top the most impressive feats of the Space Marines.
  4. I did post a link to an analysis of a Gauss Rifle on the first page. It has quotes and calculations in it.
  5. Yes, because you can tell how powerful both are? A Gauss Rifle easily has momentum in the tens of kg-m/s. A shotgun has shown to have enough force to a send a Yautja of their feet. I find this unlikely considering both what they fight against and their appearance.
  6. These are from some novels. The Hydralisk one occurs after two psionic storms hit a battlecruiser... and I don't know about the Zerglings. Starcraft 2 also has the spines shatter pieces of stone.
  7. You do know that this doesn't mean anything until you quantify what you are using? The first apparently can cut tank armor and survive multiple hypersonic shells impacting them directly. The other one has spines capable of penetrating starship armor.
  8. Yes, and at a person with a vulnerable head. Do you know "at best" means? It means it's the upper limit of durability. *claims that Terran Marine can only survive small arms and then claims Spartan armor can survive heavy weapons despite being harmed by 7.62x51mm rounds* Lol. Spartans and Elites both go to down low kilojoule kinetic and thermal weapons all the time.
  9. Right, because you know that the Gauss Rifle is inferior, am I right? If you know nothing of their strength, you shouldn't make a comparison. I'd love to see that. I really would.
  10. Because we know Tank armor in Halo is known for durability... Wait. I've. Already. Told. You. They. Are. Not. Small. Arms. In. Any. Way. They fire long depleted uranium spikes at hypersonic velocities.
  11. Since we have no real feats... Why are you trying to make a comparison? Also, no, Terran Marines can effortlessly lift and throw people, too. I'd like to see the bit about the truck. No. Their weapons are comparable to small arms in any way. They use pistols that are .50 caliber. Their normal weapons are DU spikes that travel at hypersonic velocities, which is easily in the double digit or triple digit kilojoule range. Strange, I never saw a Yautja tanking .50 caliber hypersonic spikes being shot at them. The "armor" of the Yautja is less than nothing compared to a Terran Marines.
  12. Except we have no real feats of the Marine. Wrong. 7.62x51mm rounds can puncture both their armor and Elite armor and maybe even Spartan II armor. Their armor is not even approaching that of a Marine's armor.
  13. They fall behind in weapons. Minus anything special, their weapons are puny compared to a Marines. Also, what makes you think a Marine can't tank a direct hit from a sniper rifle?
  14. Spartan IIIs are dispensable and inferior to the IIs, and carry inferior equipment to the Terran Marines.
  15. I've debated about this, but I've never seen where this comes from myself. Also, it doesn't mean they can replicate this strength in CQC. In fact, the Marine would be able to inflict greater damage with a punch than the Predator even if it doesn't have a higher lifting capacity. Evidence. That. Does. Not. Prove. The. Predator. Can. Do. Any. Thing. To. Them. With. Its. Arsenal. Oh yes, and is the Yakuza sealed in power armor?
  16. Evidence these are weak points the predator can expose? No, that is not accurate at all. A Terran Marine obviously has control of CQC. Also, prove your damn claims of them being faster and stronger. When do they demonstrate this? 1) Yes, because the Marine won't be looking at him and won't notice the quite visible outline coming at him. Right? 2) No, he can dodge the spear. Do you know anything Terran Marines? Which you haven't proven thus far as being weakpoints the Yautja can use.
  17. Why yes I am. The Marine is larger and outmasses the alien significantly. The Yautja has no response to the power armor. Cloaking is just camouflage, and you can see the outline of the Predator, so it's not as good as you make it out to be. Minus the visor, what are you talking about? Can a Yautja take a spike to the head? Yes, I think we're done here. A spear is not a hypersonic weapon, either, so the Marine has the ability to keep it from hitting his visor.
  18. All of this is wrong. The plasma caster can't even kill a man wearing a vest, let alone a human in power armor centuries more advanced than what we have. A single Predator couldn't even kill a Marine with the majority of his equipment. Ha Ha Ha, no it wouldn't even slow it down. Here's a hint: Even a shotgun could knock a Yautja off its feet. Multiple Gauss Rifle Spikes would send it flying back, oh, and kill it. Stronger? They have lifted heavier objects, but they certainly won't survive close quarters combat with a Marine. Faster? I'd like to see the evidence. Smarter? But they can outsmart bullet? None of the weapons you mentioned have demonstrated anything that shows they can pierce it. The minute the Terran Marine knows where the Yautja is, the fight is over. The Yautja has no counter to the Gauss Rifle.
  19. Yet they don't have the durability or overall firepower (minus of course their little self destruct bomb) to be equivalent to the Marine.
  20. I wouldn't know. However, from what I've seen, a Yautja would be incredibly lucky to be up there with even a single Terran Marine.
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