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  1. happy birthday

  2. Happy Birthday

  3. Gluckliche Geburtstag

  4. Just pretend the USAF is Germany, the Covenant is the Soviet Union, and the invasion is Operation Barbarossa, and you get how the ground combat will be like.
  5. The UNSC is not even that impressive compared to modern earth in multiple areas. Of course the Imperium is light years ahead of them.
  6. And Space Marines can punch through tank armor and survive artillery hits and their armor is durable against even monomolecular weapons. W40k fluff outnumbers Halo fluff 10 to 1. Don't even try to argue the Spartan II has demonstrated can top the most impressive feats of the Space Marines.
  7. I did post a link to an analysis of a Gauss Rifle on the first page. It has quotes and calculations in it.
  8. Yes, because you can tell how powerful both are? A Gauss Rifle easily has momentum in the tens of kg-m/s. A shotgun has shown to have enough force to a send a Yautja of their feet. I find this unlikely considering both what they fight against and their appearance.
  9. These are from some novels. The Hydralisk one occurs after two psionic storms hit a battlecruiser... and I don't know about the Zerglings. Starcraft 2 also has the spines shatter pieces of stone.
  10. You do know that this doesn't mean anything until you quantify what you are using? The first apparently can cut tank armor and survive multiple hypersonic shells impacting them directly. The other one has spines capable of penetrating starship armor.
  11. Yes, and at a person with a vulnerable head. Do you know "at best" means? It means it's the upper limit of durability. *claims that Terran Marine can only survive small arms and then claims Spartan armor can survive heavy weapons despite being harmed by 7.62x51mm rounds* Lol. Spartans and Elites both go to down low kilojoule kinetic and thermal weapons all the time.
  12. Right, because you know that the Gauss Rifle is inferior, am I right? If you know nothing of their strength, you shouldn't make a comparison. I'd love to see that. I really would.
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