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  1. I keep getting outvoted but I'm just going to stay with it. Benimaur should win this. His powers can disarm Raphael and then put him down.
  2. Wait isn't this the big gun catagory? No holds bar here right?
  3. I was kind of thinking that, but skillwise, Xanatos has got this. Scar could do it too just not as good.
  4. The Tenga Warriors fight the Power Rangers. Enhanced humans. Clearly they are powerful enough to manhandle some skilled French swordsmen.
  5. Ha! I actually did this match years ago! Different scenario though. Let's just assume a Romulan planet has the Flower of Life on it. The Invid overrun plantes with their numbers and power. I think a full scale battle with the Romulans would be very interesting but The Invid would eventually where the Romulans down like they do the Army of the Southern Cross in Robotech and the Robotch Masters galactic empire.
  6. I hated movie Yondu. I hated what they did with him.
  7. I gotta admit that's wha'sup right there. A person could do that pretty easily too.
  8. What book is this? I love seeing Doom throw down.
  9. I think Gaston would make a great Scooby Doo villain. He knows how to make a plan get people to follow him. And he would get away with it if it wasn't for those nosy kids and their maingy dog.
  10. Someone like Lex would take the red pill. And then the Agents will come and kill her.
  11. NO! Now that I know Spot is your character I'm not voting for him! 😜
  12. I'm doing better than I was last time. There's some characters I know my guys can take if I can get them in the ring.
  13. I want to say Guy but I think Ryo will in the votes.
  14. This picture of Kangaroo is Frank Oliver the first Kagaroo. There's a later one Brian Hibbs who uses more of a suit of powered armor. Still looks ridiculous but kind of menacing at the same time. If someone could pull Hibbs' armored version off, that would be quite impressive.
  15. Oh the good 'ol metallic armor. That feature was way too tough. They don't even use it in the comics probably because the writers understood that it was too powerful.
  16. Perhaps but Megatron isn't just some big animal. He's a very intelligent, skilled warrior. He's really not slow or anything and his plasma cannon is the end for anybody.
  17. Marduk is the patron god of ancient Babylon. Babylon economics was a debt-based system. Og Mandigo wrote a book called 'The Richest Man in Babylon' about a guy heavily in debt and how he got out (in Babylonian days). There's also a term called 'Babylonian money magic' that sounds frighteningly like our insurance plans. Marduk may not be directly associated with money but the society that worships him are really good and getting people to owe you money and giving them nothing in exchange.
  18. This would actually be a tough one. All these ladies are fiesty. Just going off of gut I'd say team 2.
  19. Never seen Sorcerere's Apprentice and I don't think wiki would do him justice. Seems like Megatron would be too big for him.
  20. You know? This would make and incredible 'toon war' arc.
  21. Whatever they're deal is these dudes look cool. I'm guessing Mindflayer is the psi so Rakshasa is the mage. I'll look at them and cast a vote.
  22. Ey, I can see a volcano spewing out different colored lava and the transitioning the message to awesome new ketchup.
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