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  1. Hopefully the Foot Ninja don't put up too much of a challenge. If they go down easily a team up should be enough to defeat Shredder.
  2. Had to research both these people. Both are pretty cool. I say Shroud wins.
  3. That's the idea. And these are both Zordon era Megazords so it applies here. The Shogun to me seems to be one of the most powerful (if not popular) Megazords of the era. The only things going against it are the fact that it's being piloted by a mixed team of Rangers most of whom have never worked together and they'll be holding back, trying to stop the Zeo Megazord rather that outright destroy it.
  4. Sorry for your loss. Love you Raph but you ain't getting out of this one.
  5. DeeJay is underrated but he's not match for Zasalamel.
  6. I'm voting Baiken as it pains me to see Sophitia defeated.
  7. Megastory 11.2 Previously: A disguised Terminator hired a group of super villains to break into a Power Rangers’ base. They succeeded and were later betrayed by the Terminators. Red X emerged from the mirror, a bit dazzled by the journey but otherwise unhurt. Mirror Master was another story. He had taken gunshots and had been conscious when they got out of the facility. Upon coming out on the other side, however, he had blacked out. None of the others made it. They had been betrayed that was for sure. In his line of work added with his affiliations, that wasn’t a surprise, but he didn’t understand why. Their attackers turned out to be robots, disguised under flesh coverings to make them pass for human. He assumed their employer ‘T’ was one too. That would explain his emotionless demeanor. Question was, what do they do now? He didn’t have any particular care for Mirror Master, but the guy got him out. He could at least get him to a doctor before he ditched him. But there was still a broader question of what to do. Those robots obviously wanted him dead and he wouldn’t be surprised if they hunted him down until they succeeded. He needed help. * Scott wasn’t used to working with mixed teams because his RPM Power Ranger team was a bit isolated. They operated out of the city Corinth, having saved it from a corrupt artificial intelligence called Venjix. The group was formed a while after the Super Human Registration Act when the Power Rangers shared a bit of their technology as a bargaining chip to stay independent. Per their right, the government sponsored a few Power Ranger teams, RPM being one of them. This created a natural divide between the independent Power Rangers and the government controlled teams. But overall, Power Rangers were Power Rangers and they worked together as much as they could. Justin, Cassie and Carlos had all served in the Turbo group. Wes and Eric were friends even before being Power Rangers- the rest of their Time Force team resided in the future. Wes had taken the defeat hard and clearly wasn’t up to leading any missions for a while. With the villains that had broken into their base identified, the Power Rangers were on the hunt. Cassie monitored the spy networks to see if any of them surfaced. In less than a day, Red X was spotted. The Power Rangers pounced but the villain surrendered without a fight. “We were burned.” The villain admitted. “What do you mean?” asked Scott. “The guy who hired us. I think he was a robot. “The rest of them were.” “Where are the others?” asked Scott. “The ones you broke into our base with?” “Dead.” Said Red X. “Mirror Master and I are the only ones who got out. He’s in the hospital.” “Why did these robots have you break into our base?” asked Cassie. “I think they wanted your technology. A job is a job and I don’t ask questions. But seeing how they did us. I don’t think their plans are going to be beneficial to anybody.” “Can you take us to them?” Red X agreed. He took the mixed team of Power Rangers, Red RPM Scott, Red Time Force- Wes, Blue Turbo- Justin, Pink Turbo- Cassie, Green Turbo- Carlos, to the place which he and Mirror Master had escaped from yesterday. “Why am I not surprised?” Wes complained. The place was empty. It was an office rental space. Companies used it for temporary space when they had test projects and one-time operations. “Actually,” Red X commented. “This is what it was like before. Only they cleaned up our fight. Some forensics could reveal something.” Even under their dorky helmets, Red X could see the Power Rangers exchanging questioning glances. He sighed heavily. “Amateurs…” Slipping an instrument out of the many compartments in his suit, the villain began to wave it around the room. “What is that?” Justin asked after everyone watched him for a minute. “Tech tracer. I lifted it from a conference in Seattle.” “What do you mean ‘lifted’?” Carlos wanted to know. “I’m a thief. You figure it out.” After a minute, Red X put his arm down. “Well whatever they did, they did a good job. I got nothing.” “Then it’s off to jail for you. Buddy.” Scott threatened. “You’re no good to us.” “Look you guys are cool.” Red X said completely unconcerned. “I’d hate to have to embarrass you.” Then he became interested in his tech tracer again. “Hold on. I got something.” “How convenient.” Wes sneered. “No really. They knew I’d escape. They knew I’d come after them. I think it’s a trap for me. Tell you what. Let me check it out. I find something useful, I’ll call you.” “That’s not gonna work pal.” Scott stepped forward. “That’s what’s going to happen.” Red X swiftly unleashed a smoke bomb and performed his get away. ****** Scott was the first Power Ranger to come and support the break in investigation but he wasn’t the only one. Rose- the Pink Operation Overdrive Ranger and Trini- the Yellow Morphin’ Ranger volunteered to re-secure the base. They hadn’t discovered why the villains had broken in in the first place. The girls took it as a challenge to uncover that mystery before Scott and the others found the culprits and got the answers the old fashioned way. Only the two of them were present. The villain Red X has surfaced and the others took off to apprehend him. Rose was a certified genius but Trini could keep up. They integrated new Bioscan software and adjusted the internal alarms so that all other Power Ranger bases would be notified of an incident in the Power Chamber. Unknown to them, someone was monitoring their activities. That observer didn’t mind their security upgrades. It already had what it wanted. But a distraction was needed. Trini’s mind was starting to wander when the upgraded security system activated. I wasn’t an intruder alert, though. The computer registered an unauthorized Zord activation. “The Zeo Zords!” Rose exclaimed knowing that her companion would know what she was talking about. Trini was already in contact with the other rangers. “Scott! The Zeo Zords just activated! They left the base and formed the Zeo Megazord!” Scott replied professionally. “Okay! Teleport us back to base and we’ll go after then in another zord!” The mixed team was brought back and they boarded the Shogun zords. The Zeo Megazord hadn’t reached the city yet and the Shogun Zords caught up to it to make sure that it never did. Fight Parameters: The Zeo Megazord under the control of a mysterious entity must by stomped by the Shogun Megazord piloted by a mixed team of Power Rangers. For the Zeo Megazord to win, it has to destroy the Shogun Megazord. For the Shogun Megazord to win it has to stop the Zeo Megazord from reaching the city.
  8. I like! Hmm. The Interesting Man always had people around him in his cermercials . But The smelling man was my dude. I think I'll go with interesting man. He seems to have more to offer long term. Smelling man will only get women and probably doesn't have a lot to offer beyond being a hot guy.
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