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  1. Phil won this last time but Mick will be a challenge. I think both these guys could pull some last minute victory out of their guy or team or whatever. Hard one.
  2. Sargent Slaughter- "Look maggots! You're gonna win this game! And you're gonna win it big! If you don't, I'm gonna put you through a training regiment that will leave you in a body bag! Now get out there and win you bunch of girls!"
  3. Ethan is the kind of guy they'd send after Carmen. Let's say he went evil. He would do a thorough job. Carmen, as far as I know, is not a big job person. She snatches and grabs big items but not on a large scale. I say Ethan wins.
  4. The Mummy vs. the Vampire for... whatever.
  5. In Gill's defense, he had a lot of distance attacks that Siegfried isn't used to as far as game opponents go. If Gill uses his power strategically he can kill and take that sword.
  6. For the record Rakai, I LOVE battle recaps. That's what got me excited about the site when I first joined. And it gives characters a record so that's always a good thing.
  7. This is a good one for them. Splinter would be nicer but you'd know your stuff when he was done with you. Wildcat you may fantasize about decking but you'd appreciate him when you're the last one standing in a bar fight. Seems like Wildcat would make it less pleasant so I'll vote for him.
  8. This is like a Shinobi game. And this Mikey couldn't do it on his own.
  9. I agree. As long as he's not making trouble. An intruder would be detained an 'interrogated'. Wouldn't be fun but Ron would survive.
  10. I agree. Carlton isn't a threat. They would more likely put him up for the night and have a pair of ninja escort him to a nearby town the next morning.
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